Suresh Parekh
Suresh Parekh
Sibling(s) Grishma
Spouse(s) Mena Parekh
Children Sunita Parekh (1978)
Jayesh Parekh
First appearance 28th March 2001
Last appearance 22nd November 2004
Number of appearances 12
Played by Kaleem Janjua (2001)
Ash Varrez (2004)

Suresh Parekh the father of Sunita, first arrived on Coronation Street with wife Mena looking for their daughter when she had fled to Weatherfield to avoid the prospect of an arranged marriage with Deepak in India. After Sunita refused to return, her parents told her she was no longer a member of the family.

However, Mena forgave Sunita following an underhanded visit for a blessing from fiancé Dev Alahan, and her parents attended their wedding in October 2004.

List of appearancesEdit



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