Surgeon (Episode 8068)
Occupation Surgeon
First appearance 22nd February 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robin Simpson

The Surgeon based at Weatherfield General performed an emergency operation on a pregnant Kylie Platt in February 2013.

Already on tenterhooks and worried that mother-in-law Gail McIntyre would tell David that she'd confessed to having had a one-night stand and her unborn baby might not be his, Kylie's day went from bad to worse after walking out of her job at Nick's Bistro following an altercation with a customer. Despite her pregnancy, Kylie headed straight for the Rovers and proceeded to get drunk. Ignoring words of advice from landlady Stella Price, Kylie clambered up onto a table but quickly lost her balance and fell.

Kylie was rushed to hospital where a Consultant confirmed that Kylie was suffering from internal bleeding and would need emergency surgery. Having regained consciousness after the operation, the surgeon explained that she had suffered a ruptured spleen but that he'd been able to control and stop the bleeding without the removal of the organ. With the condition of the baby still unknown at this stage, the surgeon gave sonographer Marcus Dent authorisation to perform an ultrasound scan. Kylie and husband David cried with relief when Marcus gave them news of a positive result.

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