Schoolgirl 1281
First appearance 26th April 1972
Last appearance 25th April 1973
Number of appearances 2
Played by Deborah Bowers

Susan was a pupil at Bessie Street School during the early 1970s. Susan was present in the classroom when deputy head Ken Barlow warned the students about pollution by recounting an incident where he told off a cab driver for emptying the contents of an ashtray outside the school. Susan asked Ken if he got hit, to which he replied that he didn't as the driver was very little.

When Mark Hillkirk was caught later by headmaster Wilfred Perkins writing on the blackboard about Ken fancying Rita Bates, Terry Bates's mother, Mark blamed Susan for egging him on.

The following April she bought a bag of sweets in the Corner Shop and Norma Ford counted out her change in the traditional shepherd's system of Yan tan tethera using the Borrowdale variation from the Lake District rather than any from parts of Lancashire. Norma and the girl also incorrectly stated that they were counting systems used by witches.

The character was credited as "Schoolgirl" in her second appearance.

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