Susan (Episode 6087)
First appearance 7th August 2005
Number of appearances 1
Played by Meryl Hampton

Susan and her husband were friends of Bob, one of Liz McDonald's boyfriends. They met when Bob took Liz to the Clock Restaurant for a meal to introduce her to his friends for the first time in August 2005.

Also at the table were another couple, Geoff and Margaret who joked that she hadn't forgiven her husband for getting her pregnant in her forties. Although making an effort to impress Bob's friends, they fell into an awkward silence as Liz recounted how her mother was an older parent and for the first four months of her pregnancy, thought she had a tumour. Margaret explained how Susan had just been given the all clear.

Liz was quick to apologise, however Susan didn't take offence and said that her friends had no sense of humour on such matters.

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