Susan Schofield was a pupil at Bessie Street School who suffered child abuse at the hands of her father Jim.

Susan befriended lollipop man Albert Tatlock in November 1962, but Albert began to notice the constant bruises on Susan and found out her alcoholic father Jim had been abusing her after school. Backed up by Harry Hewitt, Albert went to confront Jim and threatened him with the police if the violence didn't stop.

Two years later in January 1964, during the construction of a new roundabout, all of the town's traffic was diverted down Rosamund Street making the road more dangerous. On 27th January, Susan was knocked down by a bus outside the school and although rushed to hospital, died from her injuries. Teacher Dave Robbins blamed himself as he was looking after the children at the time. Colleague Ken Barlow took part in a television interview blaming the council for Susan's death, but without the school's permission.

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