Susie Proctor
Occupation Secretary
First appearance 3rd May 1971
Last appearance 12th May 1971
Number of appearances 4
Played by Jill Pearson

Susie Proctor was the secretary for the personnel managers at the Mark Brittain Warehouse. He first boss, the brusque M.J. Pollard was on a short secondment to the Weatherfield branch in the weeks before its opening with the specific task of recruiting a workforce. He was succeeded by the far more genial Dennis Maxwell although he startled her by reversing Mr Pollard's decision and employing Elsie Howard despite her having a dubious reference from Miami Modes following an allegation of shop-lifting in 1969. Susie questioned Mr Maxwell over his decision but was soon put in her place. even though, she treated Elsie with more than a hint of cold disdain when she came to see Mr Maxwell about his job offer.

List of appearancesEdit


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