Suzie Forrester was the celebrant for Hayley Cropper's funeral when she died of terminal cancer in January 2014. She visited Hayley several weeks before she died to discuss the details of the service, silencing the chatter in Roy's Rolls when she introduced herself and breaking the taboo around open discussion of death. She chatted to Hayley and Roy upstairs in the flat to gain some idea of her character for when she would speak at the service. She told Hayley that she seemed accepting of death but warned her not to be hard on herself when that changed. Hayley agreed that although she found some moments hard, she counted her blessings overall, being upbeat and positive. Roy, listening on, found it hard to be of the same frame of mind.

After Hayley had died by suicide, Suzie returned to speak again with Roy about the funeral. He was in a negative and distracted mood, not happy about the fact that he had lost his soulmate and she had gone at a time of her choosing and not his. When Suzie spoke about how Hayley had always put others first, Roy exploded that everything that was being done was Hayley's choice and he hadn't been allowed a say. He even went so far as to say that he wouldn't be attending the service but Carla Barlow forced him to change his mind.

At the service, Suzie handed out daffodils to each of the arrivals and told Roy that although the day would be difficult, she hoped that it would be cathartic and then led the coffin bearers in to the music of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. After Carla read out the poem Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep, Suzie made a short speech and then invited Fiz Stape to read the eulogy. Roy interrupted this, wanting to tell everyone the truth about Hayley as he saw it but his moving words dried up and Suzie motioned to Tyrone Dobbs to help him back to his seat. Finally, Suzie invited the attendees to put their flowers on the coffin, each one being a symbol of their relationship with Hayley to the music of the second movement of Bach's Double Violin Concerto, a choice of Hayley's especially for Roy as he had always said that this piece was, for him, the perfect duet.

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