Syreeta Kumar (born 14th September 1970 in Bournemouth, Dorset) appeared on Coronation Street between March and September 2013 as DC Leslie, investigating the blaze at the Rovers which killed firefighter Toni Griffiths and injured both Stella Price and Sunita Alahan.

With an acting CV spanning more than two decades, her credits include roles in Screen Two, The Buddha of Suburbia, McCallum, Kavanagh QC, The Bill, Torchwood, New Tricks, Silk, Hustle, EastEnders, The Royals, Doctors, Lewis and Stella, along with the feature films Notes on a Scandal and The Infidel.

On stage she has performed in productions of Vengeance, Beef No Chicken, Roundheads and Peakheads, Open All Hours, Cleaning Up, Necklaces, Romeo & Juliet, Camino Real, Hamlet, The White Devil, Midnight's Children, Red Ladies, Twelfth Night, The Husbands and Always Orange and the Fall of the Kingdom.

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