Note: all details below are taken from the "Northern" edition of TV Times which covered the programme's home region. It was renamed the "Granada" edition from the issue of 27th July to 2nd August 1968 to reflect the changes to the ITV franchises. There were sometimes variants in other editions (e.g. The article "Coronation Street's MP speaks up" which appeared in the issue of 28th May to 3rd June 1961 appeared in the Anglia edition dated 4th to 10th June).


Issue dated Title Content
4th to 10th DecemberThe Street Where They LiveFeature on Tony Warren by Ray Chapman and his researches on the programme. Coronation Street is described as being "four miles from Manchester in any direction". Warren states that, "Northerners have an enormous curiosity about everything. They'll also tell their life story - as long as the listener is prepared to do the same." Ena Sharples is described as 70 years old and the houses as all having three bedrooms, one converted into a bathroom.

Cast lists begin with the billing for Episode 2 (14th December 1960).
The first drawing of Street is in the issue of 11th to 17th December although it is cropped in the edition for Southern Television.
The first cast pictures appear in the issue of 18th to 24th December with photographs of William Roache and Noel Dyson.


Issue dated Title Content
1st to 7th JanuaryCome down Coronation Street A double-page guide with a schematic plan of Coronation Street and short biographies of each character and the actors who play them with accompanying photographs. Note: May Hardman is included but Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst are not as non-residents are excluded. Also, for the one-and-only time in the former case, TV Times gives an age for Doris Speed and Violet Carson but generously states that they are 43 and 55 respectively. Albert Tatlock is described as being a "retired schoolmaster"!
29th January to 4th FebruaryI'm no Dragon, says the terror of Coronation Street.Interview with Violet Carson in which she said she had already been recognised on a train from Blackpool to Manchester and had also been surrounded in a shop in Manchester a few days before by viewers.
12th February to 18th FebruaryLooking Around: So true-to-life StreetPatricia Phoenix tells of how she had been on a trip to Archie Street a few days before when a man passed her and said, "Morning, Mrs Tanner" as if she was a real-life resident. (Looking Around was a two-page regular weekly article, almost always appearing on pages 4 and 5 until 1963 and credited to John Gough. It featured short pieces of news and gossip of a few paragraphs in length per piece)
19th February to 25th FebruaryCoronation Street v Coronation StreetCast members accept a darts match challenge from the Travellers Rest in Coronation Street, Macclesfield. Attending and photographed are Ivan Beavis, William Roache, Patricia Phoenix, Christine Hargreaves, Jack Howarth and Arthur Leslie. Also stated to be there are Doreen Keogh and H.V. Kershaw. The visiting cast members lost the challenge.
5th March to 11th MarchLooking Around: Feeding the familyErnst Walder is interviewed about his experiences going between the British and Russian zones in post-war Austria
Same issueCoronation StreetIn the Midlands edition only, to publicise the programme beginning on ATV, Ray Chapman "interviews" Jack and Annie Walker.
Note: There is no specific mention in the other editions alerting viewers to the change in transmission slots and times from this week onwards
12th March to 18th MarchLooking Around: The Rover’s Return team in demandFollow up story to 19th to 25th February issue in which the cast are having to refuse offers to play darts with various pub teams as they don’t have the time.
Same issueThe Barlow boys didn't tell mum...Half-page article on William Roache's and Alan Rothwell's recent weddings.
19th March to 25th MarchLooking Around: Full marks for the 'barmaid'Doreen Keogh on being told she pulled a good pint on a visit to a Salford pub
9th April to 15th AprilLooking Around: TV double mean girl troubleShort interview with Brian Rawlinson
23rd April to 29th AprilCover
Same issueLooking Around: Getting in on the actLynne Carol on being carried on stage at 9 days old
28th May to 3rd JuneLooking Around: Gifts for Anne’s TV 'baby'Short interview with Anne Cunningham
Same issueCoronation Street's MP speaks upSalford East MP Frank Allaun praises the programme's realism and tells of its growing popularity. He is pictured with Doris Speed, Betty Alberge and Tony Warren on Archie Street. (This two-page article prompted a letter in the issue of 18th to 24th June issue from from J A Clarke of Croston Street in Old Trafford who lived in Archie Street from 1896 to 1919 at the Corner Shop which was run by his mother and his aunt.)
9th July to 15th JulyIda's ideal homeInterview with Noel Dyson with picture spread of her cottage in Saffron Walden
16th July to 2nd JulyLooking Around: 'Continental’ cafe in Coronation StreetSmall feature on guest cast Steve Plytas and Frank Coda
23rd July to 29th JulyLooking around:Harry Hewitt to try singingIvan Beavis thinking of starting singing lessons
6th August to 12th AugustLooking AroundPhotographs of Lynne Carol in and out of costume
Same issueLooking Around:Ena Sharples breaks into songViolet Carson appears as Widow Corney on record of “Oliver!” - the first record she’s ever made.
20th August to 26th AugustLooking Around: Ena to switch on miles of lightsViolet Carson to switch on half a million pounds worth of illuminations in Blackpool on 8th September
27th August to 2nd SeptemberLooking Around: From Coronation Street to MajorcaPatricia Phoenix and Jennifer Moss going on holiday together
Same issuePopping the question in Coronation StreetInterview with Ivan Beavis and Doreen Keogh (written by Brian Finch, future programme scriptwriter)
3rd September to 9th SeptemberLooking Around: Coronation Street sees “the lights”Small item outlining preparations for the entire cast going to see Violet Carson switch on the Blackpool illuminations
10th September to 16th SeptemberLooking Around: Why Penny makes father feel smallFrank Pemberton on how his two-year old daughter is becoming bi-lingual in Spanish
24th September to 30th SeptemberShocks in the snug at the Rovers ReturnInterview with Eileen Derbyshire and Anne Reid
1st October to 7th OctoberLooking Around: Concepta’s wedding causes a stirDoreen Keogh on her character’s wedding and how public confuse fiction for reality
Same issueLooking Around: That driver flees the countryBernard Kay going off on motoring tour of Europe to escape comments from people about his character killing Ida Barlow
Same IssueMinnie and Martha meet their matchInterview and photospread with the "characters" as they join a keep-fit class (written by Brian Finch)
29th October to 4th NovemberEna of Coronation Street - part 1Start of major three-part series on Violet Carson. First instalment written by Nellie Kelly (her sister) detailing her early life
5th November to 11th NovemberEna of Coronation Street - part 2BBC producer Barney Colehan on Violet Carson’s career prior to Coronation Street
12th November to 18th NovemberEna of Coronation Street is bornTony Warren on casting the character
19th November to 25th NovemberLooking Around: Brains-truster GrangerProducer Derek Granger is joining a brains trust night at Manchester University
Same issueLooking Around: Christine follows throughChristine Hargreaves on golfing
Same issueHis face fits Coronation StreetInterview with Frank Pemberton by Brian Finch
10th December to 16th DecemberLooking Around: The Street comes out topSchoolboys in Miles Platting have named Coronation Street the UK’s best known programme
24th December to 30th DecemberLooking Around: Wards with StreetsPictures of the cast are hung up in hospital wards
Same issuePart one of a pull-out eight-page guide to Coronation Street
  • Introduction by Tony Warren
  • Guide to inside of No. 13
  • Illustrated flashback from December 1960 to May 1961
  • What the street was like 25 years ago (1936) part 1
  • Illustration of street and its environs by designer Peter Caldwell
December 1961 TVT 1
31st December to 6th JanuaryPart two of a pull-out eight-page guide to Coronation Street
  • Elsie Tanner's guide to northern dialect
  • What the stars hold for the residents of the street
  • Illustrated flashback from June 1961 to November 1961
  • What the street was like 25 years ago (1936) part 2
  • Full page photograph of the residents on the street set.
December 1961 TVT 2

"The Times" in its issue of 6th January 1962 described this pull-out as being part of ITV's "frenzied attempt to build their one major surviving serial [from the Equity actors' strike] into a national institution."


Issue dated Title Content
14th January to 20th JanuaryLooking Around: Stout drinkers’ cakeBirthday cake made by Lynne Carol for Doreen Keogh with inedible figures of Ena, Minnie and Martha on top
21st January to 27th JanuaryLooking Around: As practical as FlorrieBetty Alberge takes car maintenance classes
4th February to 10th FebruaryLooking Around: Harry Hewitt goes to the dogsIvan Beavis learns about greyhound racing
Same issueCats…Minnie Caldwell loves them allThe actress’s love of cats is outlined (written by Brian Finch)
18th February to 24th FebruaryLooking Around: Coronation Street comes out topsCoronation Street is the most popular programme with Granada staff directors
25th February to 3rd MarchLooking Around: (no title)Lucky Lolita (real name Black Star) and Doreen Keogh are pictured together
4th March to 10th MarchTry Ena's Coronation Street special for pancake dayRecipe
11th March to 17th MarchLooking Around: But no Picassos, please, says ViDrawings of Ena sent in to Violet Carson
Same issueSame name, different streetCoronation Street actors meet people with the same name as the characters they play (written by James Bryant, future programme scriptwriter)
18th March to 24th MarchLooking Around: Pat kept her promisePatricia Phoenix writes to soldiers of the King’s Own Shropshire Light Infantry on their tour abroad about goings on in the programme after they write fan letters to her
25th March to 31st MarchLooking Around: Two real-life Ena SharplesAfter the “same name, different street article of 11th to 17th March in which it was stated that they had been unable to find anyone with the name Ena Sharples, a Southport reader writes in who has both an aunt and a cousin with that name
1st April to 7th AprilLooking Around: Now two real-life Elsie TannersFurther to the previous articles on people with Coronation Street character names, two people come forward who are called Elsie Tanner and one reader whose parents are named Frank and Ida Barlow
Same issueTo Coronation Street - via an oasisInterview with William Roache (written by Brian Finch)
8th April to 14th AprilLooking Around: Now Minnie’s the Navy’s pin-upMargot Bryant chosen as a pin-up girl by sailors on HMS Petard as she reminds them of their mums
15th April to 21st AprilLooking Around: InterludeJack Howarth on an escape artist interrupting his performance in a play many years ago
22nd April to 28th AprilLooking Around: Route to success via Coronation StreetFeature on Harry Kershaw as the programme’s new producer
Same issueGet well Ena!Feature on how the public believes in the characters, writes to them and approaches actors as the characters (written by Brian Finch)
29th April to 5th MayLetters PageLetter from Violet Carson thanking people who gifts and get well cards when "Ena" was ill.
Same issueLooking Around: He aims to play a good gamePeter Adamson on playing darts on and off set
13th May to 19th MayLooking Around: – Striking momentThe writer meets a man called Pat Phoenix who threatens to hit him if he calls him Elsie Tanner!
Same issueElsie Tanner and Me (1) - Patricia Phoenix's life storyThe article concentrates on her childhood and states she was born in Portumna, County Galway and not Manchester as she later claimed.
20th May to 26th MayLooking Around: Jacqueline goes homesickShort piece on Jacqueline Jones
Same issueLooking Around: Florrie talks shopBetty Alberge opens the annual conference of National Union of Small Shopkeepers in Morecambe
Same issueElsie Tanner and Me (2) - Turning the corner to Coronation StreetPatricia’s early acting career
27th May to 2nd JuneLooking Around: Jack's all rightSmall feature on Jack Grieve
Same issueElsie Tanner and Me (3) - I lost my temper - and got the jobPatricia Phoenix on her audition and start in Coronation Street
10th June to 16th JuneLooking Around: An old problemJennifer Moss on being treated as younger than she is
Same issueTeacher was wrong about those two!Interview with Christine Hargreaves, part of which is about her schooldays with Shelagh Delaney (written by Brian Finch)
17th June to 23rd JuneLooking Around: No titlePhotograph of the cast's eye view from the bar of the Rovers Return looking through the snug set at the cameras
1st July to 7th JulyPoor Minnie was proper bowled overPhoto feature on the cast (in character) trying ten-pin bowling (written by Brian Finch)
18th July to 14th JulyLooking Around: The cat's whiskersMargot Bryant on cats
15th July to 21st JulyLooking Around: Martha's golden ruleLynne Carol on a gold bracelet she wears to combat effects of rheumatic fever
22nd July to 28th JulyA new face in Coronation StreetGraham Haberfield interview
29th July to 4th AugustCover
Same issueLooking Around: No titleChoosing Valerie Tatlock’s wedding dress in Manchester with Anne Reid
5th August to 11th AugustLooking Around: More about that weddingArticle in which it was stated that the reception (unseen on screen) was for twenty-five guests at the Broadwood hotel. Pictured is Doreen Lostock showering Ken and Val with confetti as they board a train to go to London for their honeymoon
19th August to 25th AugustLooking Around: Wrong numberTwenty-four shop girls who have formed a Mr Papagopolous fan club
26th August to 1st SeptemberLooking Around: Cowboy at the Rover's ReturnShort interview with Frank Atkinson
9th September to 15th SeptemberLooking Around: Sailor stands Ena a drinkFan letter received by Violet Carson from sailor on an oil tanker
Same issueLunch with Caroline (not of Coronation Street)An interview with Eileen Mayers and Angela Crow at which Mayers’ four-year old daughter Caroline puts in several appearances (written by Brian Finch)
16th September to 22nd SeptemberLooking Around: No titleHelen Shapiro visits the set of Coronation Street
30th September to 6th OctoberLooking Around: New face in ‘’Coronation Street’’Anna Cropper appears in the programme
Same issueLooking Around: Jennifer Moss launches her cellar denShort piece on a club opened by Moss in her parent’s basement
14th October to 20th OctoberThat reminds me…Violet Carson on her tastes in music (written by Brian Finch)
21st October to 27th OctoberLooking Around: Meeting themselvesArthur Leslie, Margot Bryant and Violet Carson look at waxworks of Coronation Street characters at Belle Vue
28th October to 3rd NovemberLooking Around: – a mystery over ChristineShort piece asking why Christine Appleby has returned?
4th November to 10th NovemberLooking Around: Hewitt baby sets a recordRecord television viewing figures for the baby kidnapping episodes
Same issueSure-fire success on bonfire nightLynne Carol and Margot Bryant's recipes for Parkin and Treacle Toffee
11th November to 17th NovemberLooking Around: Ivan goes in for dogs!Ivan Beavis buys his own greyhound
Same issueIt's a (gay) dog’s life for Mr RobinsonFeature on Pat Phoenix's dogs, Mr Robinson and Mr Smith. (written by Brian Finch)
18th November to 24th NovemberLooking Around: TV warnings made them thinkShort piece on the success of Peter Adamson's television adverts promoting the safe use of fireworks
Same issueThe Monsters in Albert Tatlock’s pastJack Howarth on playing horror parts in repertory (written by Brian Finch)
25th November to 1st DecemberAn invitation to a partyA preview of next week's competition
Same issueLen Fairclough builds a £10 wardrobeDIY instructions for doing same
2nd December to 8th DecemberLooking around: Pint-sized 'Rover’s Return'A scaled-down model made for a London exhibition photographed with Arthur Leslie and Doris Speed
Same issueThere’s a welcome in Coronation StreetCompetition about Lady Lawson Loses in which the winners can travel to Manchester and watch a recording of the programme.
9th December to 15th DecemberStaff Problems? Try Coronation StreetArticle on actors in the programme who have gained recognition from professional bodies for the work their fictional counterparts do, such as Peter Adamson being an honorary member of the Master Builders’ Association
Same issueLooking Around: In the family!Short piece on Ernst Walder’s paintings being on exhibition in Munich
23rd December to 29th DecemberOur Coronation Street Party - These readers are invited…Lady Lawson Loses Competition answers and results.


Issue dated Title Content
13th January to 19th JanuaryLooking Around: Father makes a threatPeter Adamson on go-karting
20th January to 26th JanuaryLooking Around: Lucille to cut a discJennifer Moss signed up to cut her first single
Same issue'Fabulous' – that was TV Times' Coronation Street partyLady Lawson loses competition winners meet the cast
27th January to 2nd FebruaryLooking Around: Campaign spreads west!Arthur Lowe asked for a Leonard Swindley election poster for exhibiting in Fort Bragg, South Carolina
Same issueSnug O'War - or what happened to the husbands of Ena, Minnie and MarthaA short story by Jack Rosenthal and the first piece of Coronation Street fiction to appear in the magazine
3rd February to 9th FebruaryLooking Around: Bill goes back to schoolWilliam Roache returns to his old school in Colwyn Bay to judge a drama competition next Saturday
17th February to 23rd FebruaryLooking Around: To the manner bornKenneth Cope on his real life experiences as a salesman before he became an actor
24th February to 2nd MarchHow they got to the TV topSix people on television on how they started their careers, inc Peter Adamson (written by Brian Finch)
Same issueLet it go to your head"Len Fairclough" shows how to make a continental bedhead in a DIY feature
3rd March to 9th MarchEditorial sectionViolet Carson wins "ITV Personality of the Year award for 1962" from the Variety Club of Great Britain
Same issueLooking Around: The tough Miss NugentEileen Derbyshire takes driving lessons in the harsh winter of 1963
10th March to 16th MarchSix steps to EnaPhoto essay by Warwick Bedford of the transformation of Violet Carson to Ena Sharples before a studio recording
24th March to 30th MarchLettersA letter from A S Malin of Malcolm Avenue, Birmingham suggesting that although good the programme should be finished before it gets stale!
Same issueLooking Around: Pat’s place is closed!Patricia Phoenix’s growing collection of pets
31st March to 6th AprilOn the funny side of the StreetJennifer Moss, Christine Hargreaves, Lynne Carol, Pat Phoenix and Arthur Leslie on April Fool jokes played on them in the past
14th April to 20th AprilDennis Tanner returns home - to stay?Interview with the "character"
Same issueNo titlePhotostrip of the programme's characters as the background header to the Easter Monday page
19th May to 25th MayLooking Around: When Elsie lost DorothyPatricia Phoenix and Joan Francis shopping in Manchester
26th May to 1st JuneLooking Around: Children are traffic wardensJack Howarth in Switzerland meets a schoolboy lollypop man
9th June to 15th JuneLearning to live in Coronation StreetMargaret Morris on talent spotting the cast
16th June to 22nd JuneLooking Around: Jennifer cuts her first discJennifer Moss on the release of the single Hobbies and the film Live It Up in which she plays a part
23rd June to 29th JuneAll their yesterdaysChildhood pictures of five TV stars including Eileen Derbyshire
30th June to 6th JulyLooking Around: Now Elsie gets in the swimPatricia Phoenix on new pool in her Manchester garden, pictured using it with Jennifer Moss and Philip Lowrie
7th July to 13th JulyLooking Around: Minnie’s ‘Earl’ will be so angryMargot Bryant moving from London to Hove and the effect it will have on her landlord’s cat
14th July to 20th JulyLooking Around: Frank acts the partFrank Pemberton on liking DIY
Same issueWalter Potts – pop star!Preview of the character and short interview with Christopher Sandford
21st July to 27th JulyNo nerves for DorisInterview on her disrupted childhood following her parents, George Speed and Ada Worsley, on tour
28th July to 3rd AugustLooking Around: He glides through the airShort piece on Geoffrey Matthews's love of gliding
4th August to 10th AugustLooking Around: New cars at the studioAngela Crow’s new Jaguar car
11th August to 17th AugustLooking Around: Dead commonPatricia Phoenix on an encounter with two women in the street
Same issueHow to join the Top TenWalter Potts and Dennis Tanner meet Billy Fury, Frankie Vaughan, The Deep River Boys, John Lennon, The Springfields, Freddie Garratty and the Dreamers, Gerry Marsden and Karl Denver for advice on reaching the top of their profession
18th August to 24th AugustLooking Around: Call him IestynGraham Haberfield on the birth of his son Iestyn Marcus Haberfield
1st September to 7th SeptemberLooking Around: No titleViolet Carson on her birthday
Same issueLooking Around:The bar-room playwrightArthur Leslie on writing plays
15th September to 23rd SeptemberTanner’s Worth!Previewed the previous issue, a weekly column by Patricia Phoenix on her "own lively comments on people, places and everyday things"
22nd September to 28th SeptemberLooking Around: Quick quotesIncludes Susan Jameson on previously appearing in Emergency Ward 10
29th September to 5th OctoberLooking Around: Jack’s charityJack Howarth on his Stars Organisation for Spastics ball at the Midland Hotel in Manchester
Same issueAnybody here love Martha?Interview with Lynne Carol
6th October to 12th OctoberCover
Same issueHow Jack Walker was called to the bar!Arthur Leslie interview
13th October to 19th OctoberAll aboard the Coronation Street specialPhoto essay of Violet Carson, Lynne Carol and Arthur Leslie’s daily trip from Blackpool to Manchester
Same issueLooking Around: Ena’s girlShort interview with Ruth Holden
20th October to 26th OctoberLooking Around: No titlePreview of Jerry and Myra's wedding
27th October to 2nd NovemberThe Wedding AlbumThree pages of photographs of Jerry and Myra's wedding including one of the bride and groom in the church (not seen on screen). The article names the church used for the episode filming and the photographs as St. Clements in Ordsall and says that the vicar - Edward Forrester - gave his permission to use the church in view of the programme's close association with the district.
17th November to 23rd NovemberYour chance to groom a pop singerCompetition to win one of 500 autographed copies of Christopher Sandford’s new single by choosing suits, boots and guitars for the character of Walter Potts to wear. The competition will be judged by Sandford himself, Gerry Marsden and the editor of TV Times (Gerald Scheff)
Same issueFar cry from Coronation StreetWilliam Roache and Anna Cropper’s cottage in Rawtenstall (written by Brian Finch)
24th November to 30th NovemberThe £.s.d. of fameInterview with Susan Jameson by Brian Finch
Same issueLooking Around: Walter’s recordChristopher Sandford on "Walter's" new record, Not Too Little, Not Too Much
1st December to 7th DecemberLooking Around: Old un'sThe programme's third birthday and Gough organised himself a viewing of the first episode to remind himself how it started
Same issueLooking Around: A Winner for WalterThe results of the competition for Walter's clothes – the winning group name will be revealed next week
8th December to 14th DecemberLooking Around: Walter's Group"The Coronets" is revealed as the tie-breaking name of the group to win the competition
15th December to 21st DecemberCoronation Street's new tenantInterview with Jon Rollason
22nd December to 28th DecemberNo titleFirst colour cover for the magazine and on page 16 the first colour photograph for the Street - Elsie on the bar of the Rovers holding up a sherry in a toast.


Issue dated Title Content
26th January to 1st FebruaryAn actor how hates shop talkInterview with Stanley Meadows (written by Brian Finch)
16th February to 22nd FebruaryI’ve got a horse!Full page picture of Peter Adamson and his new racehorse. "Lane’s Gift", with preview of next week’s feature on setting up a home
Same issueLooking Around: No titleSmall item on Peter Adamson’s new horse
23rd February to 29th FebruaryPop into Peter’s - Welcome-to my dream homePeter Adamson’s new house and introduction to short-running weekly series named "Pop into Peter's" on moving into and decorating a new home.
Same issueLooking Around: Night manStanley Meadows on his father and uncle running night clubs in the West End
1st March to 7th MarchPop into Peter’s - Happiness HousMore tips on moving into your dream house
Same issueLooking Around: Home from (nearly) homeDoris Speed on holiday in Davos comes across Coronation Street fans where she didn't expect to find them
8th March to 14th MarchPop into Peter’s - Now there’s a warm welcomeFireplaces and central heating
Same issueLooking Around: So exclusive – for someMargot Bryant and other Hull-born entertainers on a club for them called the Hullabaloos
15th March to 21st MarchPop into Peter’s - Short cuts to comfortMore tips for moving in
22nd March to 28th MarchPop into Peter’s - Future outlook: RosyMore house tips
29th March to 4th AprilPop into Peter’s - Six months to find the snagsLast part
12th April to 18th AprilLooking Around: Digger in the StreetShort piece on Alister Williamson
Same issueOff duty thoughts of Len’s new ladInterview with Douglas Austin
26th April to 2nd MayLooking Around: No titlePhoto of Coronation Street stars collecting their costumes in wardrobe dept
Same issueLooking Around: Pat Phoenix’s Swiss ambitionsItem on the star in Montreux for Festival of Television Light Entertainment (later called the "Golden Rose")
3rd May to 9th MayLooking Around: New man for the StreetTim Aspinall becomes new producer
10th May to 16th MayLooking Around: I hear that...Coronation Street is now in the Australian top ten seven months after being sold there
17th May to 23rd MayLooking Around: Actor and playwrightHenry Livings on acting and play writing
24th May to 30th MayThe 'Street' goes down underAlister Williamson on his native Australia and how it is taking to Coronation Street (Written by Brian Finch)
31st May to 6th JuneLooking Around: Identikat steps inThe cat who played Bobby went missing and a substitute cat had to be found in time for a recording
Same issueLooking Around: Roses for VioletSmall mention of Violet Carson's passion for gardening
7th June to 13th JuneA bit of a gay dogArticle on Gordon Rollings and Sandy who plays Little Titch (Written by Brian Finch)
14th June to 27th JuneStories in stonesPeter Adamson’s hobby of grave rubbings to collect their old inscriptions
Same issueLooking Around: Arthur refuses a busman’s holidayArthur Leslie refuses to pulls pints in Cornish pubs while on holiday
28th June to 4th JulyPerfect - through practiceBetty Alberge on a day in a sub-post office on Hyde Road in Manchester learning the tricks of the trade
12th July to 18th JulyHitch! In the StreetPhotos of Alfred Hitchcock on the Street set while in Granada for an interview for the programme Cinema
Same issueLooking Around: Secret of a happy marriageJack Howarth on his 35th wedding anniversary
2nd August to 8th AugustStrangers in the StreetFeature on Stan and Hilda Ogden with a short interview with Bernard Youens and Jean Alexander
9th August to 15th AugustLooking Around: No titleSandra Gough on her family’s street market stall in Newton Heath
Same issueDressing the starsShort item on May Fraser, Granada wardrobe mistress who looks after costumes for Coronation Street
16th August to 22nd AugustUntitled photographPhilip Lowrie practices Dennis’s hairdressing skills on Elsie
23rd August to 29th AugustLooking Around: No titlePhotograph of Roger Adamson who plays art student David Graham
30th August to 5th SeptemberLooking Around: Sympathy for AnnieDoris Speed injured in a road accident in June and now the cast on her arm has finally come off
26th September to 2nd OctoberLooking Around: Different 'stage' IrishmanShort item on Patrick McAlinney
3rd October to 9th OctoberLooking Around: Fighting in 'the Street'Wrestling match between Ian Campbell and Stan Ogden
17th October to 23rd OctoberNo titleSandra Gough colour picture, and short piece on her ambition to be a comedienne
7th November to 13th NovemberCover (which the magazine stated was by popular request)
Cover 1964
Same issueLooking Around: Charity begins in the street...Jack Howarth and wife organising ball for the charity Stars Organisation for Spastics
Same issueLooking Around: ...which is in most homesRecord breaking viewing figures for edition Episode 398 (5th October 1964)
19th December to 25th DecemberPanto in the StreetColour picture of Irma, Albert, Lucille and Charlie for the pantomime Cinderella


Issue dated Title Content
9th January to 15th JanuaryNeighboursColour photos of Ena and Albert with short character profiles
30th January to 5th FebruaryTanner’s WorthExtended feature on Patricia Phoenix’s home - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same IssueStan Ogden - the artful golferBernard Youens on his hobby
Same issueLooking Around: Jerry’s back in town!Graeme Haberfield on his return to the programme
6th March to 12th MarchTo Valerie, wife of Kenneth Barlow…Colour photo and small feature on the expectant mother
13th March to 19th MarchA letter from my love…Interview with Jennifer Moss
27th March to 2nd AprilLooking Around: Property owner BarlowWilliam Roache on his move to a Queen Anne house in Islington
3rd April to 9th AprilWomen…behind the headlinesThree women in television who are in the news including Esther Rose and Anne Reid
10th April to 16th AprilCover
24th April to 30th AprilAll clear for Ena SharplesA new transmitter at Scarborough will mean clearer pictures for viewers in that area
Same issueFar away cup dreamJack Howarth on travelling to Switzerland for his annual break there from where he will watch the FA cup final
8th May to 14th MayLooking Around: Pin-ups for the twinsSmall item on the presents that viewers have sent in for the Barlow twins
15th May to 21st MayLooking Around: The nose has itJennifer Moss plans a nose job.
29th May to 6th JuneLooking Around: The week in focusShort mention of Pardon the Expression
Same issueA move in store - for Mr SwindleyIntroductory feature on Pardon the Expression
5th June to 11th JunePardon the Expression…that’s businessColour photos and small feature on the programme
19th June to 25th JuneLooking Around: Writing on the wallPaul Dawkins on decorating the hallway of his house with quotations from the Bible
Same issueMr Swindley goes it aloneInterview with Arthur Lowe
Same issueA proper CharlieGordon Rollings on his previous occupation of being a circus clown
26th June to 2nd JulyLooking Around: picture with no titleStatement that Violet Carson will be absent from Coronation Street for three months
Same issueLooking Around: Mr. Swindley on filmArthur Lowe cine-filming his holidays on boats
Same issueEating out of her handSandra Gough feeding dolphins at Morecambe’s Marine Land
3rd July to 9th JulyCover for Pardon the Expression
TV Times cover for Pardon the Expression
Same issueLooking Around: Vintage Patricia, 41Guest actress Patricia Clapton on her love of vintage wines
Same issueA-T-T-E-N-T-I-O-N! in the streetLionel and Sandra Petty join the programme and an interview with Edward Evans and Heather Moore
10th July to 16th JulyLooking Around: Like father, like daughterMervyn Johns in Pardon the Expression on the same night as a showing of Miranda starring his daughter Glynis Johns
17th July to 23rd JulyLooking Around: When the ogling has to stop Philip Lowrie on gardening at his cottage in Northamptonshire
Same issue10-year slog pays off Joy Stewart on her career in repertory prior to success on television
24th July to 30th JulyLooking Around: Mr. Swindley’s cellarArthur Lowe on collecting wines
Same issueHeather Moore’s double loveInterview with the actress
31st July to 6th AugustLooking Around: The schoolboy veteran13 year old Martin Cook appears in Pardon the Expression
7th August to 13th AugustLooking Around: Housing ProblemGraham Haberfield back in Coronation Street and house hunting
Same issueLooking Around: Set for laughterBetty Driver on how she is enjoying being in Pardon the Expression
14th August to 20th AugustLooking Around: With a camera into the sunArthur Lowe going on holiday in Barbados and the Windward Islands
Same issueMr Parbold can’t help itInterview with Paul Dawkins
21st August to 28th AugustCover
28th August to 3rd SeptemberLooking Around: Grasping landlordShort item on Robert Dorning
Same issueStar pools - William Roache tries numbersThe actor’s system for doing the pools
4th September to 10th SeptemberLooking Around: Their street of memoriesBert Palmer (husband of Lynne Carol) on working in the programme
Same issueSuccess storyPeter Noone on being reunited with his screen father Peter Adamson
11th September to 17th SeptemberLooking Around: An old mill for JenniferThe actress has moved into a renovated mill
Same issueMinnie and her scene stealerMargot Bryant and Toby who plays Bobby the cat
18th September to 24th SeptemberLooking Around: Minnie ousts MonaMargot Bryant on being besieged for autographs in The Louvre on a trip to Paris
25th September to 1st OctoberNo. 500 in Memory LaneItem on the 500th episode of Coronation Street
2nd October to 8th OctoberEna’s back! In Coronation StreetViolet Carson on her three-month break from the programme
Same issue£1000 must be won in Vi’s homeCompetition to choose the colour scheme for Violet Carson’s bungalow in Blackpool
16th October to 22nd OctoberCover
1965 16 October
Same issueMax Caulfied interviews Violet CarsonThe interview includes her OBE and her recent break after five continuous years in the programme
Same issueStreet of memoriesViewers’ memories of Coronation Street to mark 500 episodes of storylines that have resonated with their own lives
23rd October to 29th OctoberMemories of the StreetMore viewers’ letters
6th November to 12th NovemberLooking Around: Shy-high for charityJack Howarth on his annual charity ball for Stars for Spastics
Same issueStreet of memoriesThe third batch of letters from viewers
13th November to 19th NovemberPlain Speaking by “our Irma”Interview with Sandra Gough
Same issueStreet memoriesThe final batch of viewers’ letters
27th November to 3rd DecemberLooking Around: Musical footballerAlan Rothwell on his love of classical music and Chelsea FC
4th December to 10th DecemberCover
TVT 1965(4)
Same issueSend a toy for Pat’s Christmas treeThe annual NSPCC appeal
Same issueWedding bells in the StreetThe weddings of William Roache, Arthur Leslie, Peter Adamson, Graham Haberfield and Jack Howarth
Same issue…and a birthdayStatistics on the programme’s fifth birthday
Same issueLooking Around: Plane giftsNine wooden planes sent by two boys after the storyline of Len’s broken plane featured in the programme
11th December to 18th DecemberLooking Around: Len uncorks an ambitionPeter Adamson on his ambition to grow his own grapes for wine
18th December to 24th DecemberKind Hearts and Coronation StreetPatricia Phoenix on charity for old people in the north at Christmas


Issue dated Title Content
8th January to 14th JanuaryLooking Around: Dignified Rock ‘n’ roll Jennifer Moss’s birthday dance at ancestral hall near Wigan
Same issueMine hostsShort feature on Jack and Annie Walker with colour photo
Same issueSwindley’s back!Short feature on the return of Pardon the Expression
15th January to 21st JanuaryLooking Around: Price of luxuryPatricia Phoenix on buying a £1000 mink coat
22nd January to 28th JanuaryRomance or rumour?Interview with Pamela Craig
29th January to 5th FebruaryWacker Jed returns to the Street
Short interview with Kenneth Cope
5th February to 11th FebruaryLooking Around: Now there’s more DorningRobert Dorning on starting as a ballet dancer before the war and being 8stone at the time.
Same issueNext weekPreview of John Bratby painting
12th February to 18th FebruaryLooking Around: No Valentines for SandraNewly-wed Sandra Gough on never having received a Valentine’s card.
Same issueLooking Around: Pardon my dietJoy Stewart on keeping her working weight down to 7.5 stone
Same issueJohn Bratby painting - extended feature on the work of art and the cast’s reactions to their likenesses
(the cover of this issue mentions this feature)
19th February to 25th FebruaryYou must be joking!One page colour photo and feature on Mrs Edgeley’s cooking with short interview with Betty Driver who had just attended brewery training course.
26th February to 4th MarchLetter’s pageFull page of letters about the John Bratby painting – 49% against, 40% for, 11% don’t know
5th March to 11th MarchLooking Around: Valentines galoreSandra Gough returned from Tunisian holiday to find sixty cards waiting for her.
12th March to 18th MarchAustralia boundColour photo of Arthur Leslie, Doris Speed and Patricia Phoenix as they commence their round the world tour
Same issueLooking Around: Rush to viewVisitors to the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester to see the John Bratby painting with spokesman saying “The majority of the people who see it say the actual painting is much more attractive than they had been led to believe. (This was the final “Looking Around” column in the magazine)
19th March to 25th MarchSwindley all at sea!Feature on Arthur Lowe’s sailing holidays, sometimes being the passenger on cargo ships.
Same issueCoronation welcome for the Street!Feature on the welcome the stars of the programme can expect in Australia. Tim Hewat (Australian and ex-editor of World in Action) speaks of huge interest in the programme in his homeland.
2nd April to 8th AprilCoronation Street’s darlingsColour photo and short feature on Peter and Susan Barlow
Same issueBratby’s 'Coronation Street' painting on show in WakefieldShort feature stating that the picture is on show at the City Art Gallery from 30th March to 30th April.
Same issueRover Returns - but not for longJack Howarth on his holidays in Torremolinos, Tangier, Milan, Montreux and Nice in which he states he prefers spending money on holidays instead of on cars and swimming pools like some of his fellow cast members.
23rd April to 29th AprilLollipop man…Jack Howarth colour photo on roll of lollipop men and his praise for them.
30th April to 6th MayCover (As this was a special regional cover, it only appeared in the Northern edition of the magazine)
Cover 1966 (1)
7th May to 13th MayLet’s make friendsA visit in Australia by the visiting cast members to an animal sanctuary at Healesville, fifty miles north of Melbourne.
14th May to 20th MayTrouble in the Street?Interview and feature with Colette O'Neil
Same issuePardon my musicColour photofeature on Robert Dorning’s musical skills.
28th May to 3rd JuneSwindley joins the spy setArthur Lowe in judo training for the Thunderfinger two-part story.
Same issueNo titleColour photo and short feature on Colette O’Neil.
4th June to 10th JuneWhat a nerve!Margot Bryant to be out of the programme for four weeks to have operation on the nerves in her toes.
11th June to 17th JuneCover
Cover 1966 (2)
16th July to 22nd JulyMarriage is marvellousInterview with Kenneth Cope
Same issueCoronation Street jamboreecolour pictures of Sandra Gough in Montreux, Alan Rothwell motor racing and Ken Barlow, Jerry Booth, Stan Ogden and Jed Stone preparing for the World Cup.
23rd July to 29th JulyCalm mind behind a marathonInterview with Harry Kershaw in which he answers directly many of the criticisms ranged at the programme such as isn’t it time for the tired old faces to disappear and be replaced?
Same issueDoomedShort piece on the storyline of the Rovers Return being changed to The Masked Lady.
13th August to 19th AugustNo titleMock newspaper edition of Weatherfield Gazette (first ever use of the title) on Annie Walker standing in council election.
27th August to 2nd SeptemberNo titleAnother Gazette mock-up on election battle between Annie Walker and Len Fairclough. Another story in the paper speaks of the local football club being called the “Weatherfield Rovers” rather than Weatherfield County FC.
10th September to 16th SeptemberCover (Two variations)
1966 10 September
Cover 1966 (3)
15th October to 21st OctoberMiss sweet and sourInterview with Anne Cunningham on her return to the programme.
5th November to 11th NovemberAlbert Tatlock is having a ballJack Howarth on his two homes - a seaside home in North Wales and the Midland Hotel in Manchester when working. Also details his organisation for the year’s “Stars Organisation for Spastics” northern ball.
12th November to 18th NovemberCover (Two variations)
Cover 1966 (4)
1966 12 to 18 November
19th November to 25th NovemberRead all about it!Feature on the Weatherfield Gazette appearing in the programme for the first time after being in TV Times three months ago.
Same issueHow to bake a winnerThe recipe for barm cakes after reader JW Ferguson from Surrey wrote in to say that he got pangs of hunger every time he saw one. Accompanied by photo of Graham Haberfield.
26th November to 2nd DecemberPat’s Christmas TreePatricia Phoenix’s 3rd annual toy appeal
3rd December to 9th DecemberPints to paintFeature on Arthur Leslie’s painting hobby.
10th December to 16th DecemberCoronation Street for ever!Double page feature on the programme’s 6th birthday. A museum plan is underway in Salford for a reconstructed street which could be named Coronation Street. Also a competition in which readers are asked to name five things from the programme that would be in the museum with 625 winners getting a copy of the Singalong at the Rovers Return records which is released this week:
Same issueNot titleLetters to Bernard Youens about Stan’s efforts to diet.
Same issuePlay Santa NowPatricia Phoenix’s Christmas appeal
17th December to 23rd DecemberThere’s still time to helpThe Christmas Toy appeal
Same issueWhat the Dickens…!Jean Alexander, Alan Rothwell, Sandra Gough and Bernard Youens in Victorian costume on the Lark Hill Place street in Salford Museum
24th December to 30th DecemberEna’s daughter is back!Short Interview with Ruth Holden
31st December to 6th JanuaryIt’s Swindley - hunting SpooksPreview of Turn out the Lights
Same issueEna’s hairnet tops the pollResults of competition from 10 December issue: 1st: Hairnet, 2nd: Hilda Ogden’s curlers and 3rd: the Street’s nameplate. Other suggestions were Stan Ogden’s shirt, Dennis Tanner’s pyjamas, a barm cake and a chip buttie.
Same issueNo titleShort mention that the John Bratby painting is on show at the Granada TV Shop in Oldham Street, Manchester. Will then go to be exhibited in the West End.


For the first time since the programme started, the magazine did not feature a cover for Coronation Street during the entire run of the year although Turn out the Lights did merit a cover in some regions and the Coronation Street Wedding Souvenir was also published.

Issue dated Title Content
7th January to 13th JanuaryCover (This cover did not appear in all regions)
Turn out the Lights
Same issueScriptwriter in the streetShort piece on Kenneth Cope scripting Turn out the Lights
14th January to 20th JanuaryIt’s Commonwealth Street now!Two page feature on the programme’s appeal in Canada, Australia and New Zealand
21st January to 27th JanuaryDave Smith…troublemakerShort interview with Reginald Marsh on his return to the programme.
28th January to 3rd FebruaryBookie starts favouriteColour photo and short piece on Dave Smith
Same issueSwinging Miss Nugent!Interview with Eileen Derbyshire about Miss Nugent’s new role at the refurbished Gamma Garments, her year away from the programme and the reaction she gets from viewers.
18th February to 24th FebruaryCoronation Street albumSix colour pictures of the stars to cut out and keep - this week: Jack Walker, Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner, Stan Ogden, Jerry Booth, Minnie Caldwell
4th March to 10th MarchLove at last for Miss Nugent?Interview with Michael Blackham who plays Emily’s suitor Brian Thomas
11th March to 17th MarchCoronation Street album Six more colour pictures of the stars to cut out and keep - this week: Len Fairclough, Miss Nugent, Valerie and Ken Barlow, Irma Barlow, Annie Walker, Dennis Tanner
18th March to 24th MarchCoronation Street in a world without luvFeature on the programme’s debut on Dutch television with an interview with Ywan Von Dewall who produces the subtitles in which he says he has to cut down Ena Sharples’s lines as Violet Carson says them so quickly.
25th March to 31st MarchEaster by Violet CarsonShort piece on what the Easter festival means to the actress.
1st April to 7th AprilI say children owe their parents nothingInterview with Bernard Youens with his views on children and adults not being too reliant on each other.
15th April to 21st AprilPlaying for laughs…Feature on Northern TV all stars who play football for charity and have raised £25,000 for charity this season. Includes Les Chatfield, Ken Grieve who are cheered on by Sandra Gough, Bernard Youens and Peter Adamson
22nd April to 28th AprilBeware the strangers at your doorA link to this week’s storyline about Minnie Caldwell being fleeced by strangers calling on her and a description as to how these gangs operate.
27th May to 2nd JuneHeart-throbFull page colour photo of Steve Tanner
Same issueElsie Tanner meets the winnerPatricia Phoenix presents the winner with the TV Times National Hunt Trophy horse race
10th June to 16th JuneIs it love at last for Dennis too?Feature on Dennis’s past love affairs - Joyce Bond (incorrectly named Eunice), Mavis Fox, Rita Littlewood and Sandra Petty as Inga Olsen arrives in Weatherfield
5th August to 11th AugustDown Lovers’ LaneFull page colour photo of Elsie and Steve with details of the forthcoming wedding - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
19th August to 25th AugustProblems from Elsie Tanner’s pastArticle by Adele Rose on teenage marriages and the problems in all marriages that can ensue.
26th August to 1st SeptemberOnly two weeks now to the great day…Elsie Tanner’s trousseau

Short feature plugging the TV Times special Coronation Street Wedding Souvenir

2nd September to 8th SeptemberFor Paul Maxwell the gamble paid offInterview with the actor on moving his career to Britain in 1959 - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
9th September to 15th SeptemberPlanned by Toni Stoppani…for the happy couple - What a reception!Feature on the food for Elsie and Steve’s reception (as depicted in the TV Times souvenir magazine version and not on screen) together with an advert for souvenir, also mentioned on the cover of this issue
16th September to 22nd SeptemberNo titleOffer for readers to be able to buy a colour print of the John Bratby painting
18th November to 24th NovemberIt’s your toys I’m afterPatricia Phoenix’s annual Christmas toy appeal
15th November to 1st DecemberThe Girl behind Lucille Hewitt - Part 1 An interview with the actress at her Cheshire home, in which she complains of her bourgeois house as she reads the stock market news, looking after her shares in Northern Songs. The article speaks of her down-to-earth common sense (by James Bryant).
2nd December to 8th DecemberThe Girl behind Lucille Hewitt - Part 2The second part focusses on her friendship with Davy Jones which began after meeting when they were both in the BBC play June Evening in 1960 and her dislike of drugs
Same issueLet those toys come flooding inPatricia Phoenix’s toy appeal
9th December to 15th DecemberCan you ignore this cry for help?Further toy appeal article
16th December to 22nd DecemberIt’s my job to be glamorousInterview with Patricia Phoenix on her success, house, possessions, character and insecurities (by James Bryant). The cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueDon’t forget my Christmas tree - it’s your last chance!Toy appeal
23rd December to 29th December The Elsie Tanner Story, Part 1Three months after contributing his first script for the programme, the Christmas issue of the magazine prints the first instalment of a three part story about Elsie by James Bryant
30th December to 5th JanuaryThe Elsie Tanner Story: Part 2Second instalment


Issue dated Title Content
6th January to 12th January The Elsie Tanner Story: Part 3Third instalment
Same issueMagic MomentPhoto of children opening presents with a message of thanks for the toy appeal response from Patricia Phoenix
20th January to 26th JanuaryRomance for another TannerOne page photo and introductory article for Mitzi Rogers
27th January to 2nd FebruaryWhoops!Photos of Sandra Gough and Graham Haberfield ice-skating after the activity featured in the 24th January episode
10th February to 16th FebruaryCover
Cover 1968 (1)
Same issueWhat is going to happen to Ena?Column length article on Violet Carson’s departure from the programme “for the time being” and her trip to Australia.
17th February to 23rd FebruaryPat Phoenix at home - part 1Photo essay on Pat Phoenix’s house “on the Cheshire-Derbyshire boundary” - the cover of this issue mentions this feature. (The house was criticised in letters in the 16th to 23rd March issue by D Bray on Stanmore as an “ostentatious display of newly acquired wealth” and “her taste is appalling”. A follow-up letter in the 6th to 12th April issue from a friend of the actress - H. MacDonald Davidson of Ashton-under-Lyne - retorted that she has “exquisite taste”).
24th February to 1st March Pat Phoenix at home - part 2: Home is where the heart isFurther photographs
2nd March to 8th MarchFrom Coronation Street to Australia - part 1: Sailing awayViolet Carson’s departure on the Oriana on a 12,000 mile sea cruise to Melbourne to present the Australian National TV Awards. The article covers her welcome aboard the ship. The actress states she refused to fly after being in too many flimsy aircraft during the war - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
9th March to 15th March From Coronation Street to Australia - part 2: Let-down in Las PalmasViolet Carson speaks of her dislike of the Canary Islands but her continuing enjoyment of ship life.
16th March to 22nd March From Coronation Street to Australia - part 3: Party in the Pig and WhistleViolet Carson joins the crew in their on-ship bar and also sings and entertains the 2nd class passengers, many of them emigrants to Australia.
23rd March to 29th March From Coronation Street to Australia - part 4: So at home 12,000 miles awayThis fourth article covers her arrival at Fremantle and visits a real-life Coronation Street in Perth where she also watched Episode 349 (15th April 1964). The programme is transmitted five nights a week in the city, then on to Melbourne and Adelaide for an open-topped motorcade in front of 200,000 people.
6th April to 12th AprilAd lib column by Anthony Davis – no titleArticle on the defects and jerry building in new houses following the storyline of the maisonettes being built in the street
13th April to 19th AprilNew family in the StreetA photograph of the Clegg family and an introduction to the three characters
Same issueI’ve fallen for televisionThe writer and critic Neville Cardus on the Granada documentary on his life and career. He is pictured meeting again with Doris Speed who he watched in Frank Sladen-Smith’s repertory company The Unnamed Society when Speed was playing Madame Ranevsky in The Cherry Orchard
4th May to 10th MayStory of the dog that failedArticle on Bash the Labrador that failed to become a guide dog and became the Youens’ family pet. Also on Bernard’s work for the guide dogs. (This article generated donations of £250 to the charity though none were asked for - Bernard Youens later wrote a thank-you letter to viewers which appeared in the magazine)
11th May to 17th MayFriendliest bounder in captivityViolet Carson meets another television star - Skippy, the bush kangaroo when she visits the Waratah nature reserve
18th May to 24th MayEna’s back from down underTwo photographs of Violet Carson at Melbourne Zoo and a short piece on her return to Coronation Street next week
25th May to 31st MayAd Lib looks at Coronation Street’s newest weddingGeneral article looking at weddings in society with colour photos of Mitzi Rogers in her wedding outfit (Ad Lib was a short term successor to Looking Around)
Same issuePick a car for a starCompetition in which readers match eight Coronation Street stars with eight cars.
6th July to 12th JulyNo titleShort feature on Effie Spicer’s part in the “battle of the sexes” in Coronation Street
13th July to 19th JulyPaired for romanceOne page photo introduction for Dickie and Audrey Fleming
Same issueNew chapter in the Tony Warren storyInterview with writer on his new series The War of Darkie Pilbeam
10th August to 16th AugustThat wasn’t in the script…until Jed Stone started writingArticle about Kenneth Cope’s writing by Peter Eckersley, including his ad libs in Coronation Street
31st August to 6th SeptemberCoronation Street at home…and awayNigeria becomes the eighth country to show the series after New Zealand, Northern Nigeria and the following countries along with the stage in the storylines they have reached: Australia (Miss Nugent and Minnie Caldwell get drunk in Episode 487 (11th August 1965)), Canada (Walter Potts about to arrive - July 1963 - while in Newfoundland the story of bus conductor Johnny Alexander - January 1963 - is playing out), Singapore (Episode 14 (25th January 1961)), Gibraltar (Dennis Tanner unfreezes Minnie’s pipes - Episode 120 (5th February 1962)), Hong Kong (Harry Hewitt thumps Vince Plummer – Episode 59 (5th July 1961)), and Holland (Episode 93 (1st November 1961)).
7th September to 13th SeptemberAd Lib :TV and marriage go togetherEssay on marriage on television with a slight emphasis on the Flemings’ youthful nuptials.
21st September to 27th SeptemberFighting TalkPatricia Phoenix defends aspects of the North against attacks from Clement Freud, John Fraine, Sheelah Wilson, Tim Hewat and Lord Arran (written by James Bryant)
28th September to 4th OctoberThe shape of living to comeLife in 1988 and what the stars of television want to be then with Eileen Derbyshire quoted as saying “a gay, middle-aged Aunt Mame”
12th October to 18th OctoberTV Talk: No titleCoronation Street has sold 104 episodes to Thailand where it will be seen in English with subtitles (TV Talk was a successor to Looking Around and Ad Lib)
Same issueIt’s all hard luck on Joan…but Dot of Coronation Street comes up smilingInterview with actress on her habit of being accident prone
19th October to 25th OctoberThe continuing success storyShort article on soaps with a mention of Coronation Street still being No 1 in the charts in August
16th November to 22nd NovemberThey’re all backing BritainBritish television on the continent with some details of Coronation Street in Holland. The individual charged with writing the subtitles had some difficulty with matching Ena’s speed of delivery so a complicated sentence was reduced to “Abracadabra!”
Same issueKind hearts - but thin skins - in Coronation StreetSalford’s attempts to lose its Coronation Street image. The article mentions that residents are still living in Archie Street although demolition has been proposed
30th November to 6th DecemberCoronation Street SpecialThe magazine catches up with old stars of the programme: Christine Hargreaves, Kenneth Cope, Doreen Keogh, Betty Alberge, Philip Lowrie, Ivan Beavis, Arthur Lowe and Sandra Gough - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
7th December to 13th DecemberCover
Cover 1968 (2)
Same issueThe Amazing legend of Coronation Street - by John BraineThe famous writer of Room at the Top says what attracts him to the programme together with photographs of “moments that held millions spellbound”
Same issueThe Place, the people…to many fans it’s all so realLarge photograph of the cast on the Grape Street set and portraits of some of the characters (Elsie Tanner, Minnie Caldwell, Hilda Ogden, Annie Walker and Jack Walker) with an article on how public believes the Street is a real place
Same issueHow they’ve changed: the face and faces of Coronation StreetAn article claiming it is longest running serial in world – states inaccurately that As The World Turns started in 1966 with no mention of other US series such as The Guiding Light which began in 1937. Accompanied by an illustration of the street by Anthony Cobb with an explanation of who has lived in which houses
14th December to 20th DecemberNow…how certain is Coronation Street’s future?Anthony Cobb draws the Street as he thinks it will look in 1976 with sun shades and flowers outside the Rovers Return, Albert Tatlock having died, Audrey and Dickie still at No. 3, Minnie also dead with a West Indian family at living at No. 5, A pseudo-Georgian terrace at No. 7, No’s 9 and 11 rendered and the Corner Shop is a delicatessen. The article claims that Albert was 70 when the programme began and it ventures onto the tricky subject matter of the senior cast members’ ages and how long they can remain in their roles.
Same issueNo titleBarry Bucknell on DIY tips to improve the houses of the street
21st December to 27th DecemberNo titlePhotos of Stan Ogden as Widow Twankey in the Aladdin pantomime
28th December to 3rd JanuaryTV Times all-star albumPeter Adamson in a full-page colour portrait


Issue dated Title Content
4th January to 10th January TV Times all-star albumViolet Carson in a full-page colour portrait
18th January to 24th January TV Times all-star albumPatricia Phoenix in a full-page colour portrait
25th January to 31st JanuaryNo titleWilliam Roache on his plans to take flying lessons.
8th February to 14th FebruaryHilda - fortune tellerSmall preview of storyline of Hilda Ogden telling the Street residents fortunes at 10/6 a throw
15th March to 21st MarchAnne leaves Ena Sharples for ShakespeareInterview with Anne Dyson on her departure from the programme to join the Royal Shakespeare Company
22nd March to 28th MarchAway from the Street Ken Barlow finds room to STRETCHFeature on William Roache’s three homes in Islington, Manchester and Chichester plus a competition to suggest ways to redecorate the dining room of his London home - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
29th March to 4th AprilTV Talk: Living like a star on 12s 9dGordon Rollings on his small residual payments from foreign sales of Coronation Street including one from New Zealand for a guinea.
Same issueTV Talk: They’ve got the street tapedStudents in Utah asked for tapes of Coronation Street to get a correct northern accent for a production of Hobson’s Choice
19th April to 25th AprilLaughter-maker Doris has many happy memoriesInterview with Doris Hare on her career in showbusiness.
3rd May to 9th MayThe wuffs are winning in the cat-and-dog battle of show businessArticle on cat and dog owning stars including Jennifer Moss, Arthur Leslie, Bernard Youens and Patricia Phoenix
Same issueForget the sex - just give us a good laughArticle by Patricia Phoenix in which she argues for more comedy and laughs on television and in the theatre
24th May to 30th MayCover (This cover appeared in both colour and black and white as a printing dispute affected copies in some regions)
Cover 1969 (1)
Cover 1969 (2)
Same issueWhat’s your idea of the Perfect Pub Landlady?A competition suggested by a recent storyline in the programme to nominate a real-life landlady and win £100 for the landlady and £25 for the nominees as well as visiting the studios to meet Doris Speed and the rest of the cast
31st May to 6th JuneA friendly nudge gives Anne Reid a new roleInterview with Anne Reid who is taking five weeks from the programme to appear in a provincial tour of Come Laughing Home by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall, produced by Reginald Marsh and Bill Kenwright
7th June to 13th JuneActing is a landlady’s holiday for Betty DriverInterview with Betty Driver on her being the landlady of “The Cock” in Whaley Bridge as she joins the programme as Betty Turpin
14th June to 20th JunePatricia Phoenix picks her partners for a mule-ride to MongoliaInterview with actress on her travel ambitions.
6th September to 12th SeptemberThe Roache family breaks for lunchPart of the Kathie Webber’s summer eating with the stars articles. The family eats a lunch prepared by the cook
22nd November to 28th NovemberTV Talk: Mrs Fleming flies off to get marriedGillian McCann flying to Spain next week to get married to boyfriend Pedro Andres
Same issueTV Talk: Now a new look for the Rovers ReturnReport on the rebuilding of the Grape Street set for the colour cameras and the clearance of Archie Street prior to its demolition
6th December to 12th DecemberCover (Two variations)
Cover 1969 (3)
Cover 1969 (3a)
Same issueThere’s a stranger in the Street - but the face is familiarInterview with Alan Browning
Same issueMany Happy Returns at the Rover’s
1969 TVT
Double page colour photo of the cast on the set of the Rovers to celebrate the programme’s ninth birthday (From the cast present, this would seem to have been taken during the studio sessions for Episodes 924 and 925)
13th December to 19th December‘He can be violent, abusive, downright nasty, but I love him dearly’Interview with Peter Adamson - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSouvenir for a perfect landlady - a bottle of Ena’s stoutResults of competition earlier in year. The winner was Bessie Shield of The Sportsman’s Arms of Dipton. She met Doris Speed and Arthur Leslie and others with her nominator Billy Bolam. As well as the main prize, was given a bottle of Ena’s stout to display behind the bar
Same issueAre your good wishes giving you away this Christmas?A Graphologist analyses the handwriting of four stars including Patricia Phoenix
Same issueWhen it’s stalemate on set it’s checkmate in the studioStars who like playing chess, including William Roache

TV Times Coverage