Note: almost all details below are taken from the "Granada" edition of TV Times which covered the programme's home region. Exceptions are from the “National” or “London” editions when there was a printing dispute which affected the “Granada” edition.


Issue dated Title Content
24th January to 30th JanuaryTV Talk: Launched with a bottle of stoutA new mobile control room with five cameras costing £250,000 has just gone into service. It will be used for taping the outdoor scenes of Coronation Street among other things. It was “launched” by Violet Carson who smashed a bottle of stout across the front bumper.
Same issueTV Talk: Street star plays a new roleBill Kenwright returned for a charity soccer match with Coronation Street stars among the players and supporters.
28th February to 6th MarchTV Talk: Harry Kershaw takes a break to writeH.V. Kershaw is handing the producer’s role over to June Howson for a short while to write an episode of A Family at War.
Same issueTV Talk: How's your Greek?Short piece on the sale of the programme to Greece.
14th March to 20th MarchTV Talk: Another wedding in the StreetNigel Humphreys is marrying dancer Michele Barrie on 14th March.
Same issueViolet Carson is changing her tune…and Ena’s letting her hair downInterview with the actress as she prepares to appear on Stars on Sunday, not appearing as Ena Sharples for the first time in nine years, aside from the play When We Were Married.
28th March to 3rd AprilWeddings that were and brides that might bePhotofeature on star’s weddings including William Roache’s to Anna Cropper in 1961, admitting that he’d had flu and he couldn’t remember a thing about it!
2nd May to 8th MayTV Talk: Ena’s song goes into the record shopsThe record of Dreaming Time with music by Derek Hilton and lyrics by Joan Squillino (a 24-year old song-writing housewife from Sheffield) that featured in the programme as a composition of Ena’s has gone on sale.
9th May to 15th MayTV Talk: It’s out! The Street’s twin secretNew “twins” have been introduced into the programme to play Peter and Susan Barlow. Christopher Dormer and Wendy Jane Walker have taken over the part as the (unnamed) originals have moved away from Manchester.
23rd May to 29th MayTV Talk: Pat put Julie on the road to the ‘Street’The story of how Patricia Phoenix took Julie Goodyear to Oldham Rep in 1966 to build up her experience after he had spotted her potential.
6th June to 12th JuneTV Talk: Sunshine follows a Street punch-up!William Moore on leaving the show and going on holiday to Majorca
Same issueTV Talk: The Rover Returns…Photo of Julie Goodyear on a bench outside the Rovers Return to mark her return to the programme.
11th July to 17th JulyEditorialThis feature contains a short tribute to Arthur Leslie who died two weeks before.
Same issueTV Talk: Whenever will the summer end?Sandra Gough’s wedding to Miguel Mayor
Same issueThe programme’s over but the telefilm lingers onThe British Film Institute has extracts of Coronation Street to hire out.
18th July to 24th JulyTV Talk: What price a wedding in the Street this week?Preview of the wedding of Elsie Tanner and Alan Howard with a hint that Patricia Phoenix and Alan Browning are an item in real life.
1st August to 7th AugustTV Talk: Coronation Street goes into the stately homes businessArticle on the opening of the Grape Street set for charity on the forthcoming August Bank Holiday weekend
Same issueTV Talk: The Street helps out with people’s problemsCoronation Street has been named as a programme that helps people solved their problems in a religious survey published about television.
Same issueLetters: The real man in the streetLetters from viewers in tribute to Arthur Leslie
15th August to 21st AugustCover
Cover 1970 (1a)
Same issueTV Talk: David continues to practise in the StreetA piano has been made available in the studio to David Hill, the 13-year old musician schoolboy who plays Tony Parsons so that he can continue practicing.
Same issueThe face that launched a thousand scriptsA major feature to celebrate the programme’s 1000th episode. The “face” refers to Ena Sharples but the article covers the launch and success of the overall programme
Same issueLen Thurston portraitsStart of six portraits commissioned from artist Len Thurston. This week: Ena Sharples
Same issueOur Irma was never like thisFashion shoot pictures of Sandra Gough
Same issueRovers Return FareKathie Webber’s recipes for up-market food that Annie Walker would like to serve in the Rovers
22nd August to 28th AugustLen Thurston portraitsElsie Tanner - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
29th August to 4th SeptemberLen Thurston portraitsKen and Valerie Barlow
5th September to 11th SeptemberTV Talk: Peter Adamson to take a short break from the StreetThe actor is to appear in Emlyn Williams’ play Someone Waiting in Wimbledon from 14th September then on tour in Manchester, Bradford, St. Anne's, Swansea, St. Helens and Wolverhampton. Alan Rothwell also appears in the play which is a David Gordon production (the company owned by Reginald Marsh and Bill Kenwright). It is the first time in ten years that Adamson has appeared on stage.
Same issueLen Thurston portraitsLen Fairclough
Same issueThe Doctor’s wife who made it as a top TV writerInterview with Adele Rose
12th September to 18th SeptemberTV Talk: Alan takes up golf and holes in oneBernard Youens has introduced Alan Browning to golf and he shot a hole in one in one of his first games
Same issueLen Thurston portraitsAnnie Walker, Minnie Caldwell and Albert Tatlock
19th September to 25th SeptemberTV Talk: Kenneth Farrington’s secret life in the StreetArticle on the actor, revealing that he was considered for the role of Dennis Tanner back in 1960
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 21st SeptemberMention in programme listing of the success of the open weekend of the Grape Street set on the August Bank Holiday weekend.
26th September to 2nd OctoberTV Talk: When Elsie meets Elsie82 year-old fan Elsie Freak came from Australia and met Patricia Phoenix. Whilst in the UK she also bought copy of the 1000th Episode TV Times Souvenir which has now sold over one million copies
10th October to 16th OctoberCover
Cover 1970 (2)
Same issueKen Barlow couldn’t get away with this in the Street“Fashion” photos of William Roache in some very dubious outfits
Same issueTerrified TommyInterview with Tommy Boyle on his nerves on being on the programme playing Frank Bradley
24th October to 30th OctoberBoyle goes boomThe impact of Tommy Boyle on female viewers and actor considering acting lessons as he got the part on the programme on the same day as his audition for RADA
7th November to 13th NovemberA tinker’s cart full of prejudices in the StreetA short article on Shane Connaughton and Margaret Steed
28th November to 4th DecemberBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 30th NovemberShort article on Shane Rimmer
5th December to 11th DecemberTV Talk: Many Happy Rovers ReturnsArticle on the programme’s tenth birthday


Issue dated Title Content
23rd January to 29th JanuaryTV Talk: Why Val is leaving the StreetInterview with Anne Reid on her decision to leave the show saying, “Awful as this sounds, I hope they’ll kill me off”
30th January to 5th FebruaryTV Talk: A rover returns…Daphne Oxenford’s return to the programme. Each time the actress comes back to Granada to do voice-overs for What The Papers Say she pops in to have a cup of tea with the cast. She sometimes regrets asking to be written out in 1963 which she did as she thought that the do-gooding friend of the Barlows was a bit dull. Granada are being cagey about the reason for her return saying no more than it’s a sad occasion.
6th February to 12th FebruaryTV Talk: Ena presentsDavid Hill on his return to the programme and his record but he answers “emphatically not” when asked if he wants to become a pop star.
13th February to 19th FebruaryFrom Coronation Street to a mansion and a villa in MajorcaThe houses that Peter Adamson has lived in
27th February to 5th MarchTV Talk: One of the familyArticle on the return of Edith Tatlock to the programme
6th March to 12th MarchCover
1971 6 to 12 March
Same issueA luxury lounge to laze inPhoto feature on Patricia Phoenix’s home above the Navigation Inn, Buxworth in the High Peak.
20th March to 26th MarchTV Talk: Notes from the TV worldPeter Adamson to compere a charity gala in Manchester for Save the Children in front of Princess Anne
24th April to 30th AprilA talent for telling others what to sayInterview with Peter Eckersley, Head of Drama at Granada since 1969, on television writers such as Jim Allen, Arthur Hopcraft and Jack Rosenthal
1st May to 7th MayStars in line: Queen of the StreetShort article on Violet Carson
Same issueTV Talk: A Street star for the teamKenneth Farrington joining Manchester City players for football training
8th May to 14th MayThe Bet that just has to be a winnerInterview with Julie Goodyear
Same issueTV Talk: The Street goes golfingAlan Browning, William Roache and Bernard Youens off on a golf tour of the UK playing matches for charity
15th May to 21st MayTV Talk: Will Miss Nugent leap off the shelf?Short article on character’s hopes of marriage and interview with Eileen Derbyshire together with a photograph of her with her husband and son
22nd May to 28th MayTV Talk: Real beer at the RoversThe Rovers is being rebuilt for the “Enterprise 71” exhibition in Nottingham in July and Doris Speed and Pat Phoenix will be there to pull real pints of beer.
5th June to 11th JuneTV Talk: TellygramsClare Kelly on opening a restaurant and guest house in Devon when acting work dried up
12th June to 18th JuneTV Talk: No titleMargot Bryant on visiting New York and travelling world-wide
19th June to 25th JuneTV Talk: A master of disguiseProfile of William Lucas (Dennis Maxwell)
Same issueThe art of coarse actingActresses who have success despite not having classical looks - includes Violet Carson and Doris Hare
26th June to 2nd JulyThe sober truth…the ‘Rovers’ just doesn’t give a good returnArticle on running a pub and the small profits that most of them make
10th July to 16th JulyTV Talk: No titleNeville Buswell acts as fashion photographer for his wife Sue who has just finished a modelling course
28th August to 3rd SeptemberIt all began at the RoversThe stars of the programme pictured on a picnic with food made by Kathie Webber
Same issueReginald Marsh returns to the StreetInterview with the actor a week before Dave Smith returns. The article focuses on his playwriting.
4th September to 10th September Billings page for the episode shown on Monday 6th SeptemberShort item on Derek Newark (Bill Sharp)
18th September to 24th SeptemberThe actor who keeps Dennis Tanner out of the StreetInterview with Philip Lowrie on his dislike of the character of Dennis: “Dennis was a piece of cardboard who was never allowed to grow up”
25th September to 1st OctoberBorn to be a double actStars with twins for children including Reginald Marsh
2nd October to 8th OctoberStay young with the starsTips to keep youthful from TV stars including Pat Phoenix
Same issueTV Talk: Con-men of the StreetHarry Kershaw on being impersonated by men going into pubs “location scouting” for Coronation Street and conning free drinks and meals
16th October to 22nd OctoberA - Z of TelevisionThis multi-part feature this week includes Coronation Street in ‘C’
30th October to 5th NovemberTV Talk: Swot up for a Street quizPreview of a competition to mark Coronation Street's 11th anniversary
13th November to 19th November Billings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 17th NovemberShort piece on Clive Cazes (Juan Arrabal)
27th November to 3rd DecemberBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 20th NovemberShort article on Del Henney (Eddie Duncan)
4th December to 10th DecemberCover
Cover 1971 (2a)
Same issueThe Terry O’Neil Coronation Street portfolioA series of portraits by the famous photographer
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 8th DecemberA short piece on Sandra Gough which makes no mention of her leaving the programme
18th December to 31st DecemberWe’re looking for the Coronation Street championsCompetition in two parts to win a colour TV set to celebrate show’s 11th birthday


Issue dated Title Content
1st January to 7th JanuaryWe’re looking for the Coronation Street championsThe second part of the competition to win a colour television set
8th January to 14th JanuaryTV Talk: Growing up the hard wayJennifer Moss on her daughter, Naomi, and her divorce
5th February to 11th FebruaryTV Talk: John - acting for a fareJohn Barratt (Terry Bates) on using his acting money to pay for his parents to go to Australia to visit his brother and a note that pupils of St Thomas’ Primary School in Manchester were used for the Bessie Street School choir in a recent episode
12th February to 18th FebruaryBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 16th FebruaryA short piece mentioning the influence of Coronation Street in devising the US series Peyton Place
26th February to 3rd MarchTV Talk: William Moore - back with two wivesArticle on the actor and wives Betty Driver (screen) and Mollie Sugden (real-life)
11th March to 17th MarchCover
Cover 1972 (1)
Same issueViolet Carson let her hair down and stole the showThe acctress on starting her career in radio. She has also won the most compulsive TV character in the TV Times awards, voted for by viewers
Same issueAfter all the years of drinking and pain…we need each otherInterview with Peter Adamson and wife Jean
18th March to 24th MarchSue and Neville are first with the winning linesFashion shoot with Neville Buswell and his wife
Same issueTV Talk: Winners of the Street competitionThe winners of the two-part Christmas competition are shown visiting the studios and collecting their prizes
25th March to 31st MarchCoronation Street Quiz: Even Violet Carson was stumpedThe answers to the two-part Christmas competition
1st April to 7th AprilTV Talk: No titleArticle on Emily and Ernest Bishop’s wedding, hinting it might not happen and covering past jiltings and failed ceremonies in the programme
15th April to 21st AprilTV Talk: A Street pub for MajorcaA pub has opened on the island called The Rovers Return
29th April to 5th MayTV Talk: Lynne gets clicking on the StreetLynne Perrie’s crochet skills in between rehearsals.
13th May to 19th MayTV Talk: No titleMiss Australian Sportsgirl collects her prize of a walk down the Coronation Street set and a small feature about the popularity of the programme in Australia, including a picture from the 1966 tour
20th May to 26th MayBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 24th MayPraise for Coronation Street from film star Robert Wagner
27th May to 2nd JuneTV Talk: Albert tells ‘em the scoreJack Howarth, Rochdale football club player, meets his namesake on the Grape Street set
Same issue Billings page for the episode shown on Monday 29th MayA description of fan mail to Diana Davies from A Family at War fan in Sweden which mentions that Coronation Street has just started there, unaware that it will be featuring her soon.
3rd June to 9th JuneTV Talk: Hilda’s pinny is back againJean Alexander’s original costume pinny, which had previously disappeared, was spotted on a Nearest and Dearest extra and has been returned to her.
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 7th JuneTrevor Bannister (Ritchie Levitt) on his lack of footballing skills, despite playing in charity matches with Kenneth Farrington, Alan Browning and Graham Haberfield
17th June to 23rd JuneTV Talk: A Street cat that talks all the timeArthur the cat, who now plays Bobby, is owned by Granada engineer Robin McDonnell
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 21st JuneA short article on Robert Keegan (Jacko Ford)
8th July to 14th JulyTV Talk: Keegan in a double changeRobert Keegan on playing a villain in Coronation Street after years of Sergeant Blackitt in Z Cars
Same issueTV Talk: Pat Phoenix inspired himSinger John Hanson on the encouragement Pat Phoenix gave him to write his own songs as he opens his first West End musical
15th July to 21st JulyBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 19th JulyA short article on Jeremy Young (Benny Lewis)
29th July to 4th AugustBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 31st JulyPaul Moriarty returns as Colin Harvey after directing Doreen Keogh, Alan Rothwell and Bill Maynard in a touring play
12th August to 18th AugustTV Talk: He’s Young and most arrestingA short article on Jeremy Young’s past acting career
19th August to 25th AugustBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 23rd AugustA short article on Barbara Lott (Ethne Willoughby), who was married to Coronation Street’s first producer Stuart Latham
26th August to 1st SeptemberTV Talk: Ted settled into a jobTed Morris on having a job while “resting” in a betting shop, only to be asked to appear in the Street as a betting shop clerk
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 30th AugustEric Lander in Coronation Street after years of being best known for his regular role in No Hiding Place
2nd September to 8th SeptemberTurn on with our Olympic star gazersTV stars on the Olympic events they will be watching including Kenneth Farrington and Neville Buswell
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 6th SeptemberA short piece on filming at the Preston Guild
9th September to 15th SeptemberBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 13th SeptemberA short article on Jason Lomax being played by Samantha Jane Ferguson, daughter of director Eugene Ferguson
16th September to 22nd SeptemberTV Talk: ‘When that coat goes - I go’ - EnaViolet Carson on her refusal to change the coat that she wears in the series
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 18th SeptemberTimmy the Donkey (who plays Dolores) was almost put down but a viewer recognised him and alerted Granada TV who bought him.
23rd September to 29th SeptemberTV Talk: No titleViewers requests to buy “Key” brand goods as seen in the corner shop, not realising that the brand is made up
Same issueSecret of Love They NeighbourAn article about the famous comedy series mentions the popularity of Coronation Street among the UK’s black population despite not having a regular black character in the cast
30th September to 6th OctoberTV Talk: Sgt Conway the constant copperColin Edwynn on his recurring street role
7th October to 13th OctoberTV Talk: Ena…knocking back the yearsShort article on Violet Carson who recently celebrated her birthday but who refuses to reveal her age
21st October to 27th OctoberBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 23rd OctoberDoreen Keogh’s return to the programme and her stage work in recent years
28th October to 3rd NovemberBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 1st NovemberA short article on Tony Doyle (Sean Regan)
11th November to 17th NovemberTV Talk: Jogging along with the king of the Coughin’ CasualsJeremy Young on jogging to keep fit and his football playing
18th November to 24th NovemberTV Talk: Fly away FaircloughPeter Adamson is off to New Zealand to play a gangster in a television version of Harold Pinter’s play The Dumb Waiter
Same issueWhy is TV a world without women?Article on women scriptwriters in television including Adele Rose
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 20th NovemberDanni Marks on playing a barmaid in two roles - Coronation Street and a film
9th December to 15th DecemberCover
Cover 1972 (3)
Same issueCoronation Street 1984Coronation Street stars on the pressures of the show and how long they will remain in their roles. In contrast to much of the “spin-doctoring” nature of articles in the magazine, this one appears to be very truthful in its nature: Patricia Phoenix admits to long periods of boredom and hating the show sometimes, William Roache says he can’t keep going on despite the financial security and Violet Carson says the bite has gone out of the character of Ena.
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 13th DecemberShort article on Jean Alexander
16th December to 29th DecemberTV Talk: no titleA short preview of the Christmas episodes
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 18th DecemberA short piece on the critic’s favourable views of Coronation Street in New York where the programme started a month before
30th December to 5th JanuaryBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 1st JanuaryA look ahead to what might happen in the world of TV in 1973 including a prediction that now that Coronation Street is on in the USA, it could start in the USSR or China


For the first time since 1967, the programme did not feature on the cover this year.

Issue dated Title Content
6th January to 12th JanuaryBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 10th JanuaryShort article on Eileen Derbyshire
13th January to 19th JanuaryBillings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 17th JanuaryShort article on Alan Browning and Pat Phoenix’s marriage, stating that it’s mirroring Coronation Street in real life
17th March to 23rd MarchTV Talk: No titlePeter Adamson provided a singing voice in recent programme The Case of the Missing Mummy
Same issueBillings page for the episode shown on Monday 19th MarchActor John Barratt is returning to the programme under the name of Steve Barratt to avoid clash with another actor of same name
24th March to 30th MarchTry putting your feet upInterview and photo essay on Pat Phoenix and Alan Browning at home and how she relaxes
31st March to 6th April Billings page for the episode shown on Monday 2nd AprilShort preview of the episode
14th April to 20th AprilTV Talk: No titleViolet Carson has received an Honorary MA from Manchester University
28th April to 4th MayTV Talk: No titleCharles Pemberton (Johnny Mann) is working in Moss Bros after Coronation Street and is currently “between engagements”
5th May to 11th MayTV Talk: Open day and musical night for Street fansThe set is to open to the public on 17th May for the Manchester Festival
Same issueTV Talk: The long and short of itGabrielle Daye (Beattie Pearson) is shorter than Jennifer Moss who therefore loses her title “The Titch of Coronation Street”
19th May to 25th MayJust a quiet weekend at Woburn Abbey…then Stan bumped into the DukeA photo essay on the programme at Woburn Abbey
17th July to 13th JulyI could grow a rose called PatActor Jack Watson (Bill Gregory), a keen gardener, grows “Violet Carson” roses and wants to grow one called “Pat Phoenix”
21st July to 27th JulyTV Talk: In a class of their ownJoanna Lumley (Elaine Perkins) joins the cast of Coronation Street
28th July to 3rd AugustTV Talk: The end for Elsie?Preview of storyline of Elsie getting knocked down in London and the expectation of viewers’ calls to say “Get well soon”.
11th August to 17th AugustTV Talk: Len takes a breakPeter Adamson is to appear in A Thousand Clowns in Westcliffe Essex and will be absent from the programme for five weeks
Same issueGone fishin’ with the man from the StreetGraham Haberfield on his angling hobby
8th September to 14th SeptemberTV Talk: Thelma hurts her helping handThelma Barlow on her bad luck with accidents when helping people out.
Same issueTV Talk: Remember the face of many parts?Warren Clarke on his acting roles including three parts in Coronation Street
15th September to 21st SeptemberTV Talk: Inside informationA fan letter has been sent to Coronation Street from inside the Isle of Wight jail
22nd September to 28th SeptemberTV Talk: Arresting concertBernard Youens was trapped in handcuffs for a sketch in a charity concert he was presenting and the key broke in the lock
6th October to 12th OctoberTV Talk: No titlePat Phoenix is currently in a stage production of Subway in the Sky
24th November to 30th NovemberTV Talk: Tatlock - you’re tapedA short feature on the programme’s archivist Eric Rosser which details his records and claims that there have been over 1000 actors in the programme and some 20,000 characters seen or mentioned
15th December to 21st DecemberTV Talk: No titleShort piece on Mary Tamm joining the programme


There was a four month gap this year - between April and August - when, billings aside, the programme didn’t get a single mention.

Issue dated Title Content
12th January to 18th JanuaryTV Talk: No titlePhotograph and small caption of the “five original stars” from 1960 left in the show (Annie Walker, Albert Tatlock, Ken Barlow, Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell)
26th January to 1st FebruaryIs that a fish net you’re wearing, Ena?One of Ena’s hairnets is used to cover a fish tank in Anne Kirkbride’s dressing room and stop the fish leaping out.
2nd February to 8th FebruaryMargot, Minnie…and a marmalade gentleman

Margot Bryant on her love of cats

9th February to 15th FebruaryJulie lets her hair downJulie Goodyear on Bet Lynch’s changing hairstyles
16th February to 22nd FebruaryCover
Cover 1974
Same issueThey’re mixing it in Coronation StreetFeature on the mix of old and new cast members in Coronation Street with photo gallery
23rd February to 1st MarchFrom Harry Driver to us allArticle on the recently deceased writer
Same issueThe bribe that led Ken Farrington to Coronation StreetInterview with actor and the bribe of a bottle of beer that a teacher gave him to join the drama group at school
9th March to 15th MarchThe 10 words that changed Anne’s lifeInterview with the actress. The “10 words” refers to her first line in the programme
6th April to 12th AprilSuccess, failure and a telly-product called SusanFeature on Susan Pleat who has now moved on to the children’s programme Pipkins
17th August to 23rd August Around by Alan Kennaugh: Ena and Helen are the toast of Holland…in British beerFeature on British TV in Holland where it accounts for 30% of programmes transmitted including Coronation Street and Helen, a Woman of Today ("Around by Alan Kennaugh" was a short-lived successor to "TV Talk")
14th September to 20th SeptemberAround by Alan Kennaugh: No titlePicture with write-up of Kathy Jones visiting the submarine HMS Andrew
21st September to 27th SeptemberOff the Street where they liveShort feature on the holidays taken by the cast together with mention of return of Sheila Crossley
30th November to 6th DecemberThe Bishops face the facts of fosteringShort article on the arrival of Vernon and Lucy Foyle and fostering in the UK
7th December to 13th DecemberWhere was Ena in 1899? Ask Eric Rosser

Feature on the Coronation Street archivist

14th December to 20th DecemberHairnet and tongue - Ena the Rovers returnsFeature on the return of the character to the programme for the first time since February. There is no mention of the Violet Carson’s illness, only that she has been “taking a breather from the role”
21st December to 1st JanuaryThe Peter Adamson story - Part 1The actor’s life story including frank talk of his alcoholism and suicide attempts


Issue dated Title Content
4th January to 10th JanuaryBill Kenwright’s West End storySmall feature on the actor’s impressario work which started due his desire to play Billy Liar and, since no one would cast him in the part, he produced and starred in a version himself
Same issueThe Peter Adamson story - part 2: The hard trek back from an alcoholic hellThe second part of the actor's frank memoirs
11th January to 17th JanuaryJerry is out for a flutter with the birdsArticle on pigeon racing
1st February to 7th FebruaryStreet of suspicionShort feature on the Lynn Johnson murder storyline
15th February to 21st FebruaryWill she, won’t she?Short article on the storyline of Blanche Hunt considering taking over the Corner Shop and an interview with Maggie Jones
Same issueWell, would YOU take over a corner shop?Article on the survival of corner shops across the country
22nd March to 28th MarchHandyman? He’s a do-it-yourself disaster

Neville Buswell on his lack of DIY skills and his love of greyhound racing

26th April to 2nd MayNo titleA photo with a short write-up on ten-year old Linus Roache’s ambitions
3rd May to 9th MayA shaggy dog storyFeature on how Fury the dog was transformed from a show dog to a mangy mutt for his appearance in the programme.
10th May to 16th MayCover
1975 10 to 16 May
Same issueRita re-lights the torchBarbara Mullaney on her singing career in cabaret following the success of her LP On The Street Where I Live
Same issueKnit your way into Coronation StreetKnitting patterns modelled by William Roache, Eileen Derbyshire, Barbara Mullaney, Stephen Hancock and Anne Kirkbride
24th May to 30th MayAll things brightPart of a photospread on blondes v brunettes including Julie Goodyear as one of the examples
Same issueBarry Lowe is high on HollywoodThe actor who plays Harry Goulden on his liking for the glamour of Hollywood
7th June to 13th JuneWeek in View: No titleJack Howarth on his annual visit to the Montreaux television festival ("Week in View" was the successor column to "Around by Alan Kennaugh")
28th June to 4th JulyTake a letter, Miss HuntShort interview with Anne Kirkbride
5th July to 11th JulyDeirdre joins the wedding marchPreview of the wedding episode
Same issue...and the footsteps she followsFour past weddings in the programme (Elsie Tanner in 1970, Emily Nugent in 1972, Ken Barlow in 1973 and Maggie Clegg in 1974)
26th July to 1st AugustAnne’s so happy on a haunted hillFeature on Anne Kirkbride’s parents' house: a farmhouse in the edge of the Yorkshire Moors
2nd August to 8th AugustWeek in View: Street treat for 80-year-old Albert TatlockFeature on Albert’s Birthday in which Jack Howarthis quoted as saying "I find Albert Tatlock very difficult to play because he’s 80 and I’m 79. I never could play old men."
27th September to 3rd SeptemberYoung Sam lets his hair downKevin Moreton interview. The schooboy previously played the title role in the first series of John Finch's 39-episode drama in 1973. He appears in Coronation Street as tearaway Kevin Marsh
25th October to 31st OctoberMiss Kwee-see-kay is a pronounced success

Feature on Diana Quiseekay (Sophie Edwards)

6th December to 12th DecemberCover
1975 6 to 12 December
Same issueRemember that very first night of Coronation Street?To tie in with the programme's fifteenth anniversary, a feature on Britain in 1960 and what Julie Goodyear, Neville Buswell, Anne Kirkbride, Helen Worth, Kathy Jones and Betty Driver were doing at the time before they found fame in the Street.
Same issueLynne finds laughter is the best medicineLynne Perrie, presently appearing in The Cuckoo Waltz for Granada, on her acting roles including Ivy Tilsley and her recent hospitalisation.


The programme was not featured on the cover in this year.

Issue dated Title Content
14th February to 20th FebruaryWeek in View: Happy birthday, JackJack Howarth’s 80th birthday and his promise never to retire. He is pictured being toasted by the rest of the cast on the set of the Rovers Return
21st February to 27th FebruaryLetters pageA viewer writes in with mention of Patricia Phoenix’s return and letters editor and feature writer Leslie Salisbury previews a forthcoming major series of interviews with the star
6th March to 12th MarchBox chatterA minor mention of Patricia Phoenix and one of her Pekes
Same issueCould romance be knocking on Ken Barlow’s door?A preview of the Wendy Nightingale storyline
20th March to 26th MarchThat first night of Coronation StreetAfter the issue of 6th to 12th December 1975, Viewers’ memories of the night the first episode was shown are printed
Same issueFred’s called back to the barInterview with Fred Feast
27th March to 2nd AprilThe rebel’s road back to Coronation StreetFirst of a two-part interview with Patricia Phoenix by Leslie Salisbury - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
3rd April to 9th AprilThe mad fighter in me, by Patricia PhoenixThe second part of the Leslie Salisbury interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueElsie the Rover makes her returnShort preview on the programme page for the Monday episode of Elsie’s return
1st May to 7th MayChatterboxMention of H.V. Kershaw’s book Early Days being published on 10th June (“Chatterbox” was short-lived column of news snippets)
24th July to 30th JulyChatterboxRichard O’Hara, an Australian fan who saw first Coronation Street in the UK in 1960, became a fan of show and emigrated to Australia a few years later where he saw the episodes all over again when they were transmitted there
31st July to 6th AugustNo titleSmall feature on Bernard Youens, Helen Worth, Bryan Mosley and Geoffrey Hughes taking part in Reports Summer Challenge, a celebrity quiz show in which team from Coronation Street face an “All Stars” team (which includes Mollie Sugden)
Same issueFinding fashion with Betty DriverFashion photoshoot of the star
Same issueWhen the Treasury wanted 50p from Coronation StreetInterview with H.V.Kershaw after the publication of Early Days. For an explanation of the headline, see the note to Episode 919 (15th October 1969)
14th August to 20th AugustChatterboxWilliam Roache has bought a Honda 200 Motor bike
28th August to 3rd SeptemberStar pupil KathyShort article on Kathy Jones schooldays (the article says that she is a member of the regular cast however the character of Tricia Hopkins had departed two months before)
4th September to 10th SeptemberIn View (Letters): Hilda hangs on to that macViewer’s letters asking how long Hilda Ogden is going to keep her scruffy red mac for. The reply is that the mac is Jean Alexander’s own and she brought it to the show with her in 1964
18th September to 24th SeptemberTV Times 21In a souvenir supplement to mark twenty-one years of TV Times, the cover of the issue dated 15th to 21st August 1970 is reprinted along with twenty others from the history of the magazine.
25th September to 1st OctoberMr Fixit’s shopping listBert Harrison, props buyer for the show since 1960, on his work on the programme
16th October to 22nd OctoberDid Stan lose Hilda in the raspberry bushes?The letters sent to the production office from viewers ranging from suggestions to complaints. The hardest to reply to are those from viewers who think the characters are real.
Same issueThe man who knows Annie Walker better than she knows herselfFeature on the programme’s archivist Eric Rosser who was in hospital in December 1960 when he saw the first episode. He sent in a script when he retired from the civil service in 1970 and, although that was rejected, he was taken on as the first Coronation Street historian. H.V. Kershaw gave him a pile of scripts to take home and make notes from to précis, a process which took him six months
6th November to 12th NovemberHow the backroom boys kept Stan Ogden out of jailTV Times is given unique access to the storylining conference for Episode 1650 (8th November 1976) to Episode 1655 (24th November 1976). Suggestions such as scenes being set in Norman Crabtree’s living room are vetoed by Bill Podmore as the budget won’t stretch to the building of both that set and Norman’s chip shop. The original intention was that actor John Stratton was going to return as Hilda’s other brother Archie Crabtree but a quick phone call revealed he wasn’t going to be available for the rehearsal and recording dates, hence the change.
13th November to 19th NovemberChatterboxA mention of Stan Stennett appearing as Norman Crabtree
20th November to 26th NovemberChatterboxA mention of Ena Sharple’s 77th birthday along with Violet Carson’s refusal to state her own age
4th December to 10th DecemberThe other side of the StreetA photo essay of the Street actors at work in the rehearsal rooms and Dave Smith’s drawing of Weatherfield based on Geoff Bentley’s notes. There are mistakes such as Jackson’s Chip Shop being on Albert Road and Arkwright Street being on the other side of the factory instead of Victoria Street. Len Fairclough’s yard is shown as being behind Trafalgar Street and not Mawdsley Street
Same issueChatterboxA quick mention of Hilda Ogden’s new mac
24th December to 7th JanuaryIn View: No titleA short mention of Annie Walker being breathalysed (“In view” was the slightly renamed “Week in View” column. For a period of time prior to this it was the name of the magazine's letters column)


The magazine did not feature the programme on its cover during this year, however they did produce the special There’s a Wedding in the Street to mark the nuptials of Len Fairclough and Rita Littlewood.

Issue dated Title Content
8th January to 14th JanuaryIn view: “Time” barrier brokenFred Feast pictured in the Guinness Book of Records with landlady Margaret Featherstone who is the world’s shouting champion
Same issueChatterboxPeter Adamson is appearing in the pantomime Robin Hood in Blackburn as The Sheriff of Nottingham
29th January to 4th FebruaryChatterboxEsther Rose recently completed her 1000th episode as storyliner
16th April to 22nd AprilWedding day for Rita and Len - but how many bells ring for you?Short feature on the wedding and a quiz on Coronation Street’s previous weddings
28th May to 3rd JuneNo titleA mention of Annie Walker as Queen Elizabeth I in the Silver Jubilee pageant calling it “mind-boggling casting”
30th July to 5th AugustChatterboxWilliam Roache is appearing on stage in Say Who You are in Newfoundland
27th August to 2nd SeptemberChatterboxMention of the RAF, helicopters and mountain rescue in this week’s episodes
3rd September to 9th SeptemberA bitter arrival for the new girl at the RoversFeature on Dawn Perks and some of her predecessors at the bar of the Rovers Return
17th September to 23rd SeptemberNo titleJoseph McKenna is a fan of Marc Bolan and found out that the signer is a fan of Coronation Street when he visited him on the set of Marc which was also being taped at the Granada studios at the same that that Joe was playing Peter Barlow
29th October to 4th NovemberOn Granada this week by Neville BuswellThe actor previews what he’ll be watching this week
3rd December to 9th December…down the street behind the StreetThe homes of Madge Hindle, Johnny Briggs, Neville Buswell, Anne Kirkbride, Thelma Barlow, William Roache as well as Jack Howarth’s second home at the Midland Hotel in Manchester when he’s working at the studios
10th December to 16th DecemberIn view: Sir John’s street of famePoet Laureate Sir John Betjeman on his love for the show


Issue dated Title Content
7th January to 13th JanuaryChatterboxPeter Baldwin has his own toy exhibition on show at the Camden Arts Centre
18th February to 24th FebruaryChatterboxWilliam Roache is producing and starring in Blithe Spirit at the Charter Theatre in Preston with Diana Davies. Peter Adamson is producing and directing The Axe’s Edge at Salford Playhouse
11th March to 17th MarchIn view: No titleSmall feature on Cheryl Murray
18th March to 24th MarchChatterboxJohnny Brigg’s wife is expecting a baby in July
29th April to 5th MayThe revelation of Renee RobertsMadge Hindle undergoes a makeover
Same issueLose weight with the stars - and gain pounds for charityWilliam Roache, Lawrence Mullin, Geoffrey Hughes and Johnny Briggs lose weight on sponsored diets for charities of their choice
27th May to 2nd JuneIn view: The Street’s new presidentLawrence Mullin has been made president of the Leigh Silver Band (a brass band)
10th June to 16th JuneIn view: The Sultan who raises his glass to Hilda OgdenNigeria is the latest of 57 countries to buy Coronation Street and it is already a favourite of the Sultan of Brunei
17th June to 23rd JuneIn view: The day Sir John met Stan Ogden in the StreetSir John Betjeman visits the street set and meet the cast including Jean Alexander and Bernard Youens who came in specially from their holidays to meet him.
2nd September to 8th SeptemberIn view: No titleGeoffrey Hughes has been cheerleading a rugby crowd at Wigan for scenes in the new Granada series Fallen Hero (which stars Del Henney)
16th September to 22nd SeptemberIn view: Elsie Tanner and the moving spiritStars who have seen ghosts including Patricia Phoenix whose house in Sale was haunted by an old lady named Madame Muelier
23rd September to 29th SeptemberPeople walk all over me because I feel guiltyInterview with Patricia Phoenix’s who discusses her personal issued that lead from her bigamist father and her feelings of rejection in childhood - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
30th September to 6th OctoberMy fashion secrets by Pat PhoenixPhotospread of clothes modelled by the star
7th October to 13th OctoberMove over Travolta - our Eddie’s learnt to hustleThelma Barlow and Geoffrey Hughes learn to do the Hustle dance in the wake of the success of Saturday Night Fever
14th October to 20th OctoberThe letter that changed my lifeInterview with William Roache wrote a letter to Laurence Olivier asking his advice on how to get into acting after leaving the army and the reply told him never to give up. He saw Olivier in 1977 at the Granada studios who told how much he enjoyed his performances in Coronation Street. He also peaks of his phobias, marriage to Sara and producing on his own theatre productions
21st October to 27th OctoberIn view: When Ray Langton fought the Saint - and wonNeville Buswell on staging a swordfight with Ian Ogilvy at RADA in 1962 when they were both students there
4th November to 10th NovemberOther side of the StreetInterview with Johnny Briggs
18th November to 24th NovemberBehind the lines of the Western FrontInterview with Cheryl Murray and Helen Worth and their personal choice of clothes
2nd December to 8th DecemberCover
TVT 1978
Same issueFamily Scene celebrates a very special birthdayJoanna Seaby (pictured on the cover), born at 7.20pm on 9th December 1960, joins the cast for a celebration of the programme’s 18th birthday. They visit the Grape Street set and the studios. Roger Elliot, TV Times astrologer, reads the programme’s stars (none of his predictions came true).
Same issueEna at 80A Violet Carson interview in which she is very honest about the part saying it’s destroyed her as an actress, and she prefers the programme to be in black and white to colour but she likes the newer characters such as Mike Baldwin. She works part-time now (two weeks on, two weeks off) but doesn’t like the way they have softened the character of Ena. In an unusual statement, the magazine gives the actress's age as 80.
Same issueCome on, Albert - admit it - you’re well off nowAn article which compares income and prices since 1960
Same issueChanging fortunes of the StreetDavid Case illustration of the houses and explanation of who had lived where since 1960
Same issueFashion that’s right up their streetThe characters’ changing clothes over the years.
Same issueCounting the cost of the Corner ShopPrices for the same basket of articles compared between 1960 and 1978. The total came to £1, 8s, 7d in 1960 and £5, 50 and 1/2p in 1978.
Same issueBake our birthday cakeVarious recipes including birthday cake, Faggots, Manchester Pudding and Lancashire Hotpot
22nd December to 5th JanuaryOur Christmas CrackerPreview pages with photo of Elsie as Father Christmas and a short write-up on the programme


The magazine was affected by three union disputes this year: in January a "slimmed-down" version was produced due to “paper transport” problems; in April a slimmed-down version again appeared for several weeks which had no production credits in the billings and no features due to the journalists being on strike for a 30% pay claim; and finally, due to the 1979 ITV strike, the issue of 25th to 31st August was the last to appear for almost two months until the week of 27th October to 2nd November in a special national edition, again with no production credits and with generic synopsis for the episodes. Multi-region editions covering broad expanses of the country appeared in the week of 10th to 16th November and the following week the magazine settled down its normal regional pattern. Production credits resumed in the week of 17th to 23rd November and non-generic synopsis the week after that. The programme did not feature on the cover in this year.

Issue dated Title Content
6th January to 12th JanuaryAlan Kennaugh’s walkaboutThe writer visits the Grape Street set and is one of the first to notice that the Rover’s toilet leads into Albert’s house (or his kitchen as he erroneously states it). Denis Parkin, the programme’s first designer is consulted and says that should be a short deliveries passage between the two. He also speaks of vandals visiting the set and Parkin says that one time he thought they would have put up a plaque to him as architect “but I suppose that would have been pinched too”. Also in the same article, short profiles of Bert and Brian Tilsley and the actors who play them.
17th March to 23rd MarchInside Television: How they wrecked the RoversPhotos of the lorry being winched over the wall and into the set for the crash scenes in last week's episodes.
17th July to 13th JulySoap operas or mirrors of our life and times?Article on real-life situations in serials such as Coronation Street and Crossroads and how they are “a long running commentary on the British way of life”
21st July to 27th JulyInside Television: Why the Tatlocks spent their wedding night with DraculaArticle on Jack Howarth’s 50th wedding anniversary to Betty Murgatroyd and them spending their wedding night in repertory in a production of Dracula in Hull
11th August to 17th AugustThe sunnier side of Ivy’s streetLynne Perrie on her long career in clubland together with her brother Duggie Brown (this edition came out even though the ITV strike had started by this time)
22nd October to 2nd NovemberInside Television: One day soon you could dial-the-dialogueArticle on the research being done for Oracle subtitles at Southampton University. It is illustrated by photos of a Coronation Street scene between Ken and Karen Barnes shown in January used to test the system
Same issueInside Television: It was off, but Coronation Street got to Australia via IrelandArticle on the foreign sales of television programmes. Coronation Street sales overseas were affected by the ITV strike as engineers weren’t available to make copies for despatch so countries which had already screened the episodes were asked to send them on. The article gave the example of one Australian station that was just in front of Ireland in transmission order so they sent their tapes on there when they had screened them themselves.
Same issueInside Television: What you missed most - a good laughWhile the newspapers said that the soaps were missed most during the strike, a survey of 1000 viewers in all ITV areas showed that comedy was missed most (44%), films (40%), news (39%), sport (38%), soaps (34%). Women missed serials the most with 49% but only 19% of men
Same issueAt the end of the StreetA synopsis of the last episode to be shown before the strike (Episode 1935 (8th August 1979)). (The page also details where Crossroads was up to in the same fashion)
10th November to 16th NovemberBeauty secrets of the starsIncluding Patricia Phoenix
24th November to 30th NovemberWhy Ena and Albert are made for each otherArticle on computer dating which concludes that the two characters are a perfect match for each other
15th December to 21st DecemberThe cards the honeymoon couple sent to the StreetPostcards written from Brian and Gail Tilsley on their honeymoon on the Isle of Man together with photos of the characters on the island.
Same issueInside Television: No titleA cartoon reprint from Mad Magazine “a couple of years ago” as the Rovers regulars wait impatiently as a customer (wrongly identified as Minnie Caldwell) reads an order as long as her arm.
22nd December to 4th JanuaryProgramme page for Christmas EveAn uncredited cartoon of Albert, Ena, Bet and Len with an episode preview
Same issueEna's Brief EncounterA short story by Leslie Duxbury with illustrations by Jeff Cummings - part 1

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