Note: Almost all details below are taken from the "Granada" edition of TV Times which covered the programme's home region.


Issue dated Title Content
13th January to 19th JanuaryActing keeps me active - and healthy says Sally WhittakerLifestyle interview with the actress - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
20th January to 26th JanuaryHighlights page: the night the superstars came outResults of the TV Times top ten awards including Barbara Knox for Best Actress
3rd February to 9th FebruaryWatt a feastKevin Kennedy's recipes for quick meals - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
10th February to 16th FebruaryWhat I watchHelen Worth in a regular feature on what TV stars themselves watch - her choices include Boys from the Blackstuff which features her boyfriend Michael Angelis - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
17th February to 23rd FebruaryInside story of No 11Feature on the history of No 11. The article states that the Wormold Brothers bought the seven houses in the 1920s for £100 each and that Elsie Tanner bought No 11 in 1976 for £10,000 (although this storyline did not feature in the programme at the time) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueThe way we watched - 1966A regular small feature which in this issue looks back at the debut of Bet Lynch in 1966.
24th February to 2nd MarchWhat I watchThis issue features Roy Barraclough's choices
10th March to 16th MarchCover
1990 (1)
Same issueLook what Ken's missing!Interview with Anne Kirkbride who confesses that she's a reluctant interviewee as she likes to keep herself well apart from the characters
24th March to 30th MarchHighlights page: Day in the life of a TV marriageMichael Le Vell and wife Janette Beverley of Children's Ward on their different days at the Granada Television studios
14th April to 20th AprilBaby, you're a star!Feature on TV babies and the rapport that their fictional parents try to establish. William Ivory tells of his attempts to feed Alexander Graham and the way in which he steals every scene he's in.
21st April to 27th AprilBest of enemies!Interview with William Roache and Johnny Briggs about their characters' feud
28th April to 4th MayWhat a Carry On in the Street!Interview and feature on the career of Amanda Barrie
5th May to 11th MayHighlights page: Right up her StreetMichelle Holmes on turning down a part in Bread to star in Rita, Sue and Bob Too.
12th May to 18th MayCover
1990 (2)
Same issueJulie Goodyear unmasked!The actress is interviewed as she spends time at a health farm
19th May to 25th MaySave our Rovers!Feature to tie in with storyline about change in the Rovers - viewers are invited to phone in to a voteline with their verdict on the magazine's suggestions - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
26th May to 1st JuneCover
1990 (3)
Same issueHilda's back! (and isn't she posh!)Interview with Jean Alexander to tie in with her return for the 1990 ITV Telethon
9th June to 15th JuneYeehah! It's Rhinestone Curly!Country & Western fan Kevin Kennedy on a trip to Nashville
7th July to 13th JulyThe new (look!) kids on the blockSimon Gregory and Nicholas Cochrane in a fashion shoot
14th July to 20th JulyWho's who down at the Rovers ReturnShort feature on the pub's staff over the years
21st July to 27th JulyOh boy! Oh baby!Interview with Kevin Kennedy on fatherhood - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
28th July to 3rd AugustWill Deirdre go for a Barton?Interview with David Beckett (Dave Barton) and look back at the men in Deirdre's life
4th August to 10th AugustMavis mucks in!A reader's promotion for membership to the Organic Gardening Association with Thelma Barlow
Same issueOops! There goes another flashpotIn an article on TV special effects, mention is made of the Rovers Return beer being weak shandy
18th August to 24th AugustCover
1990 (4)
Same issueTrue love is Jack and VeraThe Duckworths give advice on how to stay happily married for 33 years. Typical "helpful" hints include, from Jack, "Train 'em right. Give her a book on pigeons for a wedding present"
Same issueStreets aheadAdvertisting promotion for the Granada Studios Tour
1st September to 7th SeptemberGreat TV days outArticle on visiting TV location sites throughout the UK including the Granada Studios Tour
6th October to 12th OctoberWhat I watch: I'm a double telly addict… Johnny Briggs's choice of viewing
Same issueJust look at her nowPhoto of Anne Kirkbride as a schoolchild and a short interview with the actress
13th October to 19th OctoberSoaps Update: Deirdre's new man ("Soaps Update" was a new regular feature in the magazine much in the style of "The Soaps Page" of the 1980s)Profile of Phil Jennings and Tommy Boyle
20th October to 26th OctoberWin a gala night out!A competition in which readers can win a prize of attending the recording of Happy Birthday Coronation Street on 8th December
27th October to 2nd NovemberCover
1990 27 October
Same issueHas Deirdre gone too far?A "debate" page with a (premium rate) phone line for readers to cast vote. This debate on whether Deirdre is a man-eater or a lonely heart. Miriam Stoppard gives her case for the latter, Derek Jameson the former.
Same issueWatch out for the ghoulies!Ghost stories from the stars including Bill Waddington who was given a prediction of stardom shortly before gaining the role of Percy Sugden by an actor who had no recollection of the conversation afterwards
3rd November to 9th NovemberSoaps Update: Derek's not trilled!Short interview with Peter Baldwin and Thelma Barlow on their holidays to tie in with storyline of the Wilton's ruined holiday. The title of the article ties in with the Wilton's budgie
10th November to 16th NovemberMy first time on TV: Oh what a slip-up Amanda Barrie on her first television appearance on the Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise show Running Wild and her subsequent career
24th November to 30th NovemberSally makes a capital moveSally Whittaker on her move to Hampstead
Same issueSoaps Update: It's heart-throb Percy!Interview with Bill Waddington and Jill Summers
Same issueGreat TV TimesStars choose TV Times from the past to look back on. This feature ran prior to major changes in 1991 when the magazine went multi-channel. Dennis Waterman chooses the 1963 Jack and Annie Walker cover saying "In our house everything came to a standstill for Coronation Street. Even the tap stopped dripping."
1st December to 7th DecemberHow did they keep Ken?Highlights of Ken Barlow's 30 years in the show and an interview with William Roache where he admits his only close friend on the programme was Graham Haberfield and his only row was with Patricia Phoenix
8th December to 14th DecemberWe're having a street party!A series of articles to celebrate 30th anniversary - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueCome on in! At home with No 13The history of the house and its tenants from Lizzie and Enid Harrison onwards and Lloyd Grossman of Through the Keyhole appraises its internal appearance over the years
Same issueYes you can! Be a Coronation Street scholarA quiz with fifty questions on the programme's history
Same issueCelebrity birthdayThe astrological chart for the programme
Same issueWhy it's their favourite… Cilla Black, Mike Yarwood, Frazer Hines, Arthur Pentelow and Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach say why like the programme
Same issueMany Happy ReturnsVarious small features: Recipes for Betty's Hotpot and The Wilton Warmer (Mulled port), Women behind bars (four Rovers barmaids), In 30 years at the Rovers… (Rovers facts over the years), Remember, remember (five famous faces who have been in Coronation Street - Diana Coupland, Mollie Sugden, Gorden Kaye, Stan Stennett and Martin Shaw)
Same issueVisit the Street!Competition to win tickets for the Granada Studios Tour
Same issueHow they'll look in the year 2020Eight Coronation Street characters and how they'll look in 30 years time. The characters are Sally Webster, Kevin Webster, Deirdre Barlow, Tracy Barlow, Mark Casey, Mike Baldwin, Gail Tilsley and Martin Platt with illustrations by Paul Cemmick
Same issueA flighty song birdBarbara Knox on her start in the programme in 1964 and her return in 1972.
15th December to 21st DecemberVote for your top 10 TVReaders get chance to vote for their choices with Julie Goodyear being strongly promoted by the magazine.
22nd December to 4th January 1991Cover
1990 (6)
Same issueIn the Christmas pudding club"Interviews" with Gail and Sally as they expect their babies


Issue dated Title Content
5th January to 11th JanuaryThe talk of the StreetMartin & Gail and Kevin & Sally pictured with their new babies
12th January to 18th JanuaryMoney makes the world go wrong!Bet on finding out that Alec has left £20,000 to Vicky but nothing to her
Same issueMy top ten top tensKevin Kennedy picks his top ten places to be, records, TV programmes, foods, people, drinks, actors, movies, actresses, and dreams/ambitions
19th January to 25th JanuaryYes you can! Be a ski whizzJohnny Briggs and his wife Christine on a skiing holiday in Breckenridge, Colorado in a holiday promotion.
26th January to 1st FebruaryCover
1991 (1)
Same issueWhy Rita needs a new manInterview with Barbara Knox, mostly about her work as she refuses to speak about her private life, plus a recap of parts she's played over the years
16th February to 22nd FebruaryCover
1991 (2)
Same issueThe man I love…and why I waited 12 years to marry himInterview with Helen Worth following her recent marriage to Michael Angelis
Same issueSoaps Update: What's up, chuck?Profile of the Duckworths and the storyline involving Vera's mother, Amy Burton.
2nd March to 8th MarchGirls get Curly in a whirlyPreview of Curly Watts/Angie Freeman/Raquel Wolstenhulme storyline and short interview with Sarah Lancashire
9th March to 15th MarchWhat I watch - by Sally WhittakerThe actress chooses her favourite television programmes
6th April to 12th AprilDesert Island DreamersPhotos of Helen Worth and Michael Angelis on honeymoon in the Caribbean - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
13th April to 19th AprilToo many black and white films on TV?Dr Hilary Jones and Peter Baldwin present both sides of the argument with Baldwin against showing fewer such films. Viewers can phone in to vote on a premium phone line
20th April to 26th AprilLook at him now!William Roache pictured as a baby and the actor's comments on his weight problems
27th April to 3rd MaySoaps Update: Alf's got a winning lookPreview of the council vote storyline
18th May to 24th MayCover
1991 (2a)
Same issueWill he fall for her parsnips?Small feature on the health benefits of eating parsnips to tie in with the present storyline of Mavis and Derek
Same issueHere's to you, Bet!A photo feature looking back on Bet's twenty-one years in the programme (The article neither counts nor mentions the character's appearances in 1966)
25th May to 31st MayWhat a saucy dish, Mavis!Parsnip surprise recipe to tie in with the present storyline
15th June to 21st JuneSoaps Update: It's a Street triangleSue Nicholls contrasts Alf and Audrey Roberts with herself and Mark Eden
29th June to 5th JulyCover
1991 (3)
Same issueCan Jackie trust Mike?Interview with Johnny Briggs on the Mike Baldwin/Jackie Ingram storyline and a look back at Mike's women
17th August to 23rd AugustSoaps Special: Alec's young princess VictoriaProfiles of Victoria Arden and Chloe Newsome
24th August to 30th AugustSoap Suds: It's Reg the Greek God!Interview with Ken Morley and the storyline of the Bettabuy's carnival float ("Soap Suds" was a smaller item of news and gossip within the large "Soaps" pages)
31st August to 6th SeptemberStep back into the Street's golden yearsTV Times promotion to buy the 30th anniversary videos
28th September to 4th OctoberSoap Suds: No titleMention of Roy Barraclough taking a break to star in Arthur Miller's The Price at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre. His Coronation Street contract allows time off each year for theatre work
5th October to 11th OctoberSoap Suds: No titleShort mention of Lynne Perrie's past singing career
12th October to 18th OctoberSoap Suds: A tough team to tackleMichael Le Vell and Sean Wilson's Sunday charity football playing
19th October to 25th OctoberSoap Suds: Cheers to the odd couples Opposites attract in soap romances, including Alma & Ken, Gail & Martin and Audrey & Alf
26th October to 1st NovemberSoap Suds: "Give Ken the elbow"Advice from columnist Derek Jameson to Alma
2nd November to 8th NovemberSoap Suds: No titleShort piece on Peter Baldwin's interest in antique toys
9th November to 15th NovemberSoap Suds: Poison Ivy is a real painInterview with Lynne Perrie
23rd November to 29th NovemberSoaps: Ghost from Bet's pastInterview with Neil Phillips (Des Foster)
30th November to 6th DecemberDid we really look like that?To tie in with the Channel 4 programme snapshots, stars look back at early photos of themselves. Included are Gorden Kaye looking back on his time as Bernard Butler and Johnny Briggs as a 25-year old in the 1960s programme The Younger Generation
7th December to 13th DecemberSoap Suds: No titleWarren Jackson on his dislike of football
21st December to 3rd January 1992Soaps: Look out, Rita, Alan's back! Interview with Mark Eden who appears in the Judy Finnegan-hosted Classic Coronation Street on 29th December


Issue dated Title Content
4th January to 10th JanuarySoap suds: No titleBeverley Callard's past soaps career including June Dewhurst in Coronation Street
18th January to 24th JanuaryJust the job?Short preview of Sally's new job storyline on the contents page
Same issueShe gets betta and betta!Fashion shoot with Sarah Lancashire
1st February to 7th FebruaryCover
1992 (1)
Same issueWho is Alma's ideal man?Feature on Alma Sedgewick. Celebrities Jimmy Greaves, Cynthia Payne, Don Henderson, Tony Blackburn and Lizzie Webb say who they think would suit her well.
8th February to 14th FebruaryElsie's Big DayShort preview on the contents page for TV Heaven's repeats of Episodes 701 and 702 from September 1967
Same issueSoap Suds: No titlePractical joke played on Nicholas Cochrane when told he had a storyline where he falls in love with a cleaner and was asked to pose for publicity photographs with a 55-year old char
Same issueLove is...Romances between stars - includes Sue Nicholls and Mark Eden
15th February to 21st FebruarySoaps: Acting? It's child's playInterview with Judy Brooke
22nd February to 28th FebruaryWhere did Ken Barlow come from?Tony Warren on how he created Coronation Street and the character of Ken
29th February to 6th MarchA bright new Dawn!Fashion shoot with Dawn Acton
7th March to 13th MarchSwitch on…: Flushed! ("Switch on..." was a weekly page page of highlights near the start of the magazine)Mention that 30 years ago, Ken became first character to have indoor loo installed in his house
14th March to 20th MarchSoaps: Soldier of misfortuneShort interview with Charles Lawson on his career and the character of Jim McDonald
28th March to 3rd AprilSoaps: I'm not really grumpy says PercyShort interview with Bill Waddington
4th April to 10th AprilSwitch on…: Street tailsShort mention of the animals that have appeared in Coronation Street over the years. On same page, a mention is made of Paul Maxwell's recent death
Same issueShould the Grand National be banned?Opposing views with Bill Waddington saying yes and Nigel Davenport, no, with preimum rate line for viewers to vote
11th April to 17th AprilCover
1992 (2)
Same issueTed and Rita name the day - But what's in store for Mike and Alma?Interviews with Barbara Knox, William Russell, Johnny Briggs and Amanda Barrie who comment on their respective storylines
Same issueSoaps: Now for the good newsInterview with Peter Baldwin
17th April to 24th AprilSwitch on…: No title Short quote from William Tarmey about Jack Duckworth - "He'd like to live life in the fast lane, but he never gets off the hard shoulder!"
Same issueSoaps: Showdown!Interview with Peter Gowen (Simon Beatty)
25th April to 1st MaySwitch on…: No titleMention of Bryan Mosley's stuntman career
Same issueDes hasn’t a clue about women!Interview with Philip Middlemiss on the character and his own success with the opposite sex
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleSimon Gregson on his joy at leaving school
2nd May to 8th MayTrouble for VeraShort preview on the return of Terry Duckworth on the contents page
Same issueSoap Suds: No titlePeter Baldwin and Thelma Barlow both writing books, his on toy theatres and hers on organic farming
9th May to 15th MaySoap Suds: No titleNigel Pivaro on taking French lessons and Alec Gilroy's whisky is revealed as being apple juice
16th May to 22nd MaySwitch on…Short mention that Johnny Briggs made his debut as a boy soprano in 1947
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleBetty Driver on her refusal to retire as she reaches her 72nd birthday
23rd May to 29th MaySwitch on…: Favourite memoriesSue Nicholls on the day she lost enough weight that her trousers didn't feel tight
Same issueSoaps: Terry's jail breakPreview of storyline and Nigel Pivaro and Caroline Milmoe interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
30th May to 5th JuneCover
1992 30 May
Same issueTV wedding of the year!Preview of the storyline of Rita Fairclough and Ted Sullivan's wedding which was filmed at the Charterhouse Hotel in Manchester plus a competition to win a slice of the cake
6th June to 12th JuneSoaps: Remember, rememberJoanne Whalley-Kilmer's past in Coronation Street recalled
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleBill Waddington wished a Happy Birthday as he reaches 76
13th June to 19th JuneSoaps: Mike and Alma together at last!Photo essay of the wedding - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleThelma Barlow wished a Happy Birthday as she reaches 55 on 19th June
20th June to 26th JuneSoaps: Things look grim for Don!Short interview with Geoff Hinsliff
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleKathy Staff's past in Coronation Street, Johnny Briggs on once dancing with Audrey Hepburn in the review Sauce Tartare and a Happy Birthday to Anne Kirkbride who is 38 on 21st June
27th June to 3rd JulySoaps: "Audrey's like a naughty twin sister"Interview with Sue Nicholls
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleMention of Michael Ball's appearance on Coronation Street in 1985
4th July to 10th JulyCover (A unique appearance on the cover by Eileen Derbyshire)
1992 4 to 10 July
Same issuePerhaps now they'll take Emily seriouslyA rare Eileen Derbyshire interview which she granted because she believes the issue of depression, recently suffered by Emily in the storyline, is an important one. She says of the character that "underneath that slightly dull exterior, I think there's always been a sensuous woman trying to get out."
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleMENSA have voted Coronation Street their favourite programme
Same issueMonday highlights pagePreview of hour-long episode as it goes head to head with the launch of Eldorado
11th July to 17th JulySoap Suds: No titleMention of Betty Driver once owning a pub and Martin Shaw appearing in Coronation Street in 1968
22nd August to 28th AugustCover
1992 (5)
Same issueSwitch on…: Ducking and divingMention of Jack Duckworth meeting Vera at a travelling fairground
Same issueIt's goodbye to AlecInterview with Roy Barraclough as he leaves the programme to return to the theatre
Same issue…but what about Bet?Storyline feature about Bet and Alec Gilroy's history
Same issueSoap Suds: No titlePromotion for publication of Weatherfield Life
Same issueVisit the Coronation Street set for the weekendPromotion for the Granada Studios Tour
29th August to 4th SeptemberSwitch on…: No titleElizabeth Dawn on once holding down three different jobs
5th September to 11th SeptemberSoaps: Street-wise CatherineInterview with actress Catherine Cusack (Carmel Finnan)
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleBest-selling souvenirs on the Coronation Street section of the Granada Studios Tour - mugs are in first place, followed by tea towels and then Reg Holdsworth key rings
12th September to 18th SeptemberSoap Suds: No titleEileen Derbyshire confesses that if she'd realised how long the role of Emily Bishop would last, she might not have taken it.
Same issueSoaps: competition50 copies of The Ogdens of No 13 and The Life and Loves of Elsie Tanner books to be won
19th September to 25th SeptemberSoaps: It's grandad Jack!William Tarmey and Elizabeth Dawn on their own grandchildren - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap Suds: No titleSimon Gregson on buying a speedboat
Same issueSoaps: competition50 copies of The Importance of Being Percy to be won
17th October to 23rd OctoberSoap Suds: No titleMention that Ena Sharples's hat and Hilda Ogden's pinny are still kept at the Granada studio's costume store
24th October to 30th OctoberSoap Suds: No titleJanette Beverly on being married to Michael Le Vell
Same issueSoaps: competition50 copies of The Coronation Street Cookbook to be won
31st October to 6th NovemberSwitch on… :My treasured possessionsSally Whittaker's is her passport
7th November to 13th NovemberSwitch on… :No titleCoronation Street is to be copied by the Dutch in a series possibly to be called De Straat. Similar deals are possibly soon to take place in Germany and Italy
Same issueSoap Suds: No title(Incorrect) statement that the highest-ever Coronation Street audience was 29 million for the Ken/Deirdre/Mike episodes in 1983
14th November to 20th NovemberSoap Suds: No titleLetter sent to "Percy Sugden, England" from New Zealand reached Bill Waddington in just four days and mention that Tony Warren's 13th episode for the programme in which the street is bulldozed was never made
21st November to 27th NovemberCover
1992 (6)
Same issueSoaps: D-Day for CurlyInterview with Kevin Kennedy and his thoughts on the Curly Watts/Kimberley Taylor storyline
28th November to 4th DecemberSoap Suds: No titleJohnny Briggs on his time at the Windmill Theatre and Brian Hibbard on shaving off his sideburns to play Doug Murray
12th December to 18th DecemberSwitch on… : No titleMention that Coronation Street has been sold to Thailand and Norway
Same issueSoaps: Can Maggie keep her secret?William Roache on the storyline and his personal life including writing his autobiography - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
19th December to 1st January 1993GranadalandA preview of the BBC2 night of programmes to celebrate Granada Television including a repeat of Episode 95 (8th November 1961)
Same issueThe first stars of TV TimesFeature on 25 years of TV Times as a national magazine which includes a profile of Anne Reid in her time on the programme


Issue dated Title Content
2nd January to 8th JanuarySoaps: Soap SudsGeoff Hinsliff on being recognised in the street
Same issueHow well do you know the street?Quiz to tie in with Classic Coronation Street on Sunday 3rd January
16th January to 22nd JanuarySoaps: Tracy lets her hair downInterview with Dawn Acton
23rd January to 29th January25 years of TV TimesThe second of four-part "cut out and keep" guide to 200 stars of past quarter century. While no one from Coronation Street featured in the first instalment, William Tarmey represents the programme this week. Note: The "25 years" tag refers to 1968 when the magazine became a national publication and not the first London-only issue in 1955.
30th January to 5th FebruaryCover
1993 - 30 January to 5 February
Same issueBaldwin & Son!Interview with Johnny Briggs and Chris Cook
6th February to 12th February25 years of TV TimesIn the fourth and final part of this series, William Roache is featured (No Coronation Street stars appeared in the third instalment)
13th February to 19th FebruaryMonday highlights page: Wish You Were Here…?The Coronation Street set and Granada Studios Tours are reviewed on the holiday programme programme.
20th February to 26th FebruaryCover
1993 - 20 to 26 February
Same issueSoaps: What now for little Tom?Feature on the Tommy Duckworth storyline with interviews with Elizabeth Dawn and William Tarmey
27th February to 5th MarchSoaps: The nanny from hell!Small feature on the return of Carmel Finnan and quotes from Catherine Cusack
6th March to 12th MarchSoaps: The women in Reg's lifeInterview with Ken Morley on the character's "love life"
13th March to 19th MarchSoaps: Gail warns Carmel… 'Leave my man alone!'Feature on the storyline with Catherine Cusack interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueEnjoy a Krypton Factor weekendWeekend break offer from the magazine to take part on the assault course used in the programme and visit the Coronation Street set on the Granada Studios Tour
20th March to 26th MarchSwitch on…25 TV years agoArticle on TV Times from 1968 with Violet Carson quote from her trip to Australia
Same issueSoaps: Meet Reg's old flameArticle introducing Maureen Naylor with Sherrie Hewson interview
27th March to 2nd AprilSoaps: Liz rules the Rovers!Beverley Callard interview as Liz McDonald becomes the Rovers relief manager
3rd April to 9th AprilSwitch on…25 TV years agoA look back to when the Clegg family were introduced in 1968
9th April to 16th AprilHere come the brides!Feature on past Coronation Street weddings to tie in with the Sunday Classic Coronation Street special
24th April to 30th AprilSwitch on…: Go for it, son!Small mention of Tony Broughton being Arthur Leslie's son
Same issueSoaps: Another romance for Denise?Feature on Denise Osbourne and interview with Denise Black
Same issueFirst ladies of the StreetAn eight-page pullout with one page features on Elsie, Hilda, Vera, Rita, Bet and Alma with smaller features on Deirdre, Gail, Liz, Sally, Denise and Raquel - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
1st May to 7th MaySoaps: Decision time for AlfFeature on Alf's history at the Corner Shop and an interview with Bryan Mosley
22nd May to 28th MaySwitch on…25 TV years ago A look back to Dennis and Jenny's 1968 wedding
29th May to 4th JuneSwitch on…Name dropper!Mention of Bryan Mosley's career as a stuntman and his alternative stage names of Buddy Windrush and Dexter Burke
Same issueCome to our birthday partyA reader offer to celebrate TV Times 25th anniversary as a national magazine with a visit to the North of England and the Granada Studios Tour
5th June to 11th JuneSoaps: Is Don falling for Denise?Feature on storyline and an interview with Geoff Hinsliff
12th June to 18th JuneCover
12th June 1993
Same issueSoaps: Twins face up to a family crisisInterviews with Simon Gregson and Nicholas Cochrane
19th June to 25th June25 years of soapsViewers requested to name their favourite soap, actor and actress for special TV Times awards
26th June to 2nd JulySoaps: As Alf and Audrey retire…will they cope?Short interview with Sue Nicholls
17th July to 23rd JulySoaps: Will Liz fall for Colin?Ian Embleton interview
31st July to 6th AugustSoaps: Liz's love triangle - will it be Jim or Colin?Beverley Callard interview on the storyline - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
14th August to 20th AugustLovely jubbly!The viewers' responses to the request in 19th June issue. Coronation Street is the favourite soap, Julie Goodyear is the favourite actress (With Jean Alexander 2nd, Barbara Knox 4th and Sarah Lancashire 5th) and Ken Morley is the favourite actor (Johnny Briggs is 4th). The article mistakenly says that Coronation Street began in 1960 as Florizel Street.
Same issueSoaps: Joe's in love with SallyInterview with John Wheatley and Sally Whittaker
28th August to 3rd SeptemberSoaps: Will Raquel make the catwalk?Sarah Lancashire interview
4th September to 10th SeptemberHappy birthday Tommy!A look back at character's storylines with the loss of his mother and a short interview with Elizabeth Dawn - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
11th September to 17th SeptemberSoaps: Jenny's backInterview with Sally Ann Matthews as Jenny Bradley returns to the programme and mention of Mitzi the dog whose breed is a Bradeezi Akita - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
18th September to 24th SeptemberTV Times Birthday Special: 25 glorious years of TVCentre pages supplement looking back at television from 1968 to 1993. Pictured among the cover stars is Hilda Ogden. Within, the Coronation Street storylines from September 1968 and the top 25 programmes of the last quarter century. On a page about soaps in general, the stories about the Ken/Deirdre/Mike triangle are rehashed.
25th September to 1st OctoberSoaps: Sparks fly between Deirdre and TracyWilliam Roache interview on the storyline about mother/daughter conflict
9th October to 15th OctoberSoaps: Bishop and the vicarInterview with Roland MacLeod
16th October to 22nd OctoberSoaps: More trouble for Sally…in the shape of Joe's wife HazelFeature and interview on Fiona McArthur
Same issueMy day: William TarmeyNew feature in a relaunch of the magazine. Stars gives a run down on their typical day.
27th November to 3rd DecemberCover
TVT 27th Nov 1993
Same issueYou've gone too far this time, Tracy!Interviews with Anne Kirkbride, Dawn Acton and Kieran O'Brien
4th December to 10th DecemberSoaps: Why the world loves the StreetAs the programme celebrates 33 years, a look back at its success - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
11th December to 17th DecemberSoaps: Denise's tormentDenise Black interview on the storyline - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issue My day: William RoacheAnother star's typical day in which he is pictured with James Roache
18th December to 1st January 1994Soaps: Vera's dreaming of a bright ChristmasElizabeth Dawn interview
Same issuePick of the day: New Year's EvePreview of Episode 3640 (31st December 1993) with a cartoon of Curly by John Ireland


Issue dated Title Content
1st January to 7th JanuarySoaps: Jim or the pub: Liz's dilemmaCharles Lawson interview
8th January to 14th JanuarySoaps: Is Charlie the man for Bet?John St. Ryan interview
22nd January to 28th JanuarySoaps: Maureen's fairytale weddingSherrie Hewson interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
29th January to 4th FebruarySoaps: Can Ivy forgive and forget?Geoff Hinsliff interview
12th February to 18th FebruarySoaps: Will Bernard be husband No.3?Roland MacLeod interview
19th February to 25th FebruaryI gave it all up for love' Christopher Quinten interview as he appears on television for the first time since 1989 and how he can't get work as he's too well known as Brian Tilsley
26th February to 4th MarchSoaps: 'I hope it will be third time lucky'Sarah Lancashire interview
5th March to 11th MarchChampagne, candlelight…and KenDenise Black interview on the storyline
Same issueMy day: Sarah LancashireThe actress on her typical day
26th March to 1st April Cover
1994 26 March to 1 April
Same issueI’ve been a trouble-maker all my life'Eva Pope interview who talks of being expelled from college and her tomboy childhood
Same issueFriends!Josie Lawrence interview in which she talks of her friendship with Denise Black and her wish to join Coronation Street
30th April to 6th May Cover
1994 (2)
Same issueShe's a little starEmma Collinge feature and a look back at Coronation Street's other child stars
21st May to 27th MaySoaps: Deirdre's back and in for a shock…Preview of the return of Deirdre after Anne Kirkbride's cancer treatment - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
4th June to 10th JuneDeeply dippy!Major interview with Sherrie Hewson in which she talks of her career and her similarities to Maureen.
Same issueSoaps: After Denise's baby bombshell, what now Ken?William Roache interview on the Ken/Denise storyline - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
11th June to 17th JuneSoaps: Wacko Jacko!William Tarmey interview
18th June to 24th June Cover
1994 (3)
Same issueMe, marry Ken?Major interview with Denise Black on the character and her enjoyment of being in the programme
Same issueKen's many other womenLook back at Ken's previous girlfriends and wives on the show
25th June to 1st JulySoaps: Hot loveEva Pope interview and her thoughts on the character of Tanya Pooley
Same issueTV Talk: no titleBetty Driver celebrated twenty five years on the programme with a cake in the shape of a pub bar complete with two hotpots
9th July to 15th JulySoaps: Bingo! Vera's in lovePreview of the Lester Fontayne storyline
23rd July to 29th JulySoaps: The Street's new hunkShort feature on Jon Welch and actor David Michaels
30th July to 5th AugustSoaps: Deirdre's sexy shockerPreview of the Samir Rachid storyline - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
6th August to 12th AugustTV Talk: no titleA new range of Coronation Street teapots for sale - the first is of Ena Sharples
13th August to 19th AugustTV Talk: no titleMention that Jill Summers will return later this year following an illness (In the event, she wasn't seen until Episode 3795 (25th December 1994)
Same issue"I grew it my way!"Thelma Barlow on her organic garden
20th August to 26th AugustPick of the day: Friday episodePreview of the France storyline illustrated by a John Ireland cartoon
27th August to 2nd September Cover
1994 (4)
Same issueSoaps: Deirdre's dreamboatIntroduction of Samir and interview with Al Nedjari
Same issueMeet the bad ladsThe trouble-causing teens of soap including Warren Jackson
10th September to 16th SeptemberSoaps: Bet to the rescuePreview of storyline of Bet finding Raquel in Croydon - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
17th September to 23rd SeptemberSoaps: Tracy's back - stand by for fireworksDawn Acton interview as Tracy returns to the programme
24th September to 30th SeptemberSoaps: Grow up, StevePreview of Steve McDonald/Fiona Middleton storyline with comments from Angela Griffin - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
1st October to 7th OctoberTake a trip to Coronation StreetGranada Studio Tours offer
8th October to 14th OctoberTV Talk: no titleGranada are considering building replica Rovers on Blackpool's Golden Mile
Same issue"I don't want to be like dad"Linus Roache interview in which William Roache's son on their previously distant relationship and how he would never want to commit to a series for as long as his father has
Same issueSoaps: Artful RogerThelma Barlow on the Mavis/Derek/Roger Crompton storyline
15th October to 21st OctoberMy favourite TV character by Bill TarmeyThe actor chooses Fitz in Cracker
29th October to 4th NovemberTV Talk: no titleEva Pope has been named Britain's sexiest soap star in a men's magazine survey
5th November to 11th NovemberSoaps: It’s little Miss Webster!Sally Whittaker on the birth of Sophie - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
12th November to 18th NovemberSoaps: What will Tracy say?Preview of storyline of Deirdre and Samir breaking the news of their engagement to Tracy
19th November to 25th NovemberSoaps: Third time lucky for Deirdre?Anne Kirkbride and Al Nedjari on the wedding episode - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
26th November to 2nd DecemberSoaps: Curly's indecent proposalKevin Kennedy on his latest storyline - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
3rd December to 9th December Cover
1994 (5)
Same issueBlonde bimbo? Not me!Major interview with Sarah Lancashire
Same issueSoaps: Alf puts his foot downSue Nicholls on the Alf/Audrey storyline
Same issueTake a walk down Bet's memory lane for only £5.99Start of the Time Life Releases of tapes
10th December to 16th DecemberTV Talk: no titleDenise Black taking time off to appear in a new musical Mad and her Dad…
17th December to 30th DecemberSoaps: Curly's Christmas CrackerKevin Kennedy on the Curly/Raquel storyline


Issue dated Title Content
7th January to 13th JanuarySoaps: Dirty Des does it again!Kevin Kennedy on the Curly/Raquel/Des storyline
Same issueSoaps: United!Denise/Ken storyline with comments by Denise Black - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueCollect our great Coronation Street carsFirst voucher for money off collection of five die cast cars based on Coronation Street: Leonard Swindley's election car, Fairclough and Booth van, Newton & Ridley dray cart, Gamma Garments van and bus with Miami Modes advert on side
14th January to 20th JanuaryCollect our great Coronation Street carsSecond voucher for money off collection of five die cast cars based on Coronation Street
21st January to 27th JanuaryGambling: when the stakes are too highBeverley Callard’s view of the storyline of Steve's gambling addiction and an article on two parents whose son is fixated in real life - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
28th January to 3rd FebruaryAre you a soap star?Quiz on the soaps
11th February to 17th FebruarySoaps: Rich kidShort piece on the storyline of Vicky's inheritance
Same issueMy weekendSue Nicholls on her typical weekend
18th February to 24th FebruaryTV Talk: no titleShort mention that protests in New Zealand have stopped TV bosses cutting down transmissions of Coronation Street from 90 to 60 minutes a week
25th February to 3rd MarchMum's a starInterview with Rebecca Callard, star of September Song, about her mother
Same issueSoaps: Tricia and Curly - is it romance?Short piece on the storyline with comments by Tracy Brabin
4th March to 10th MarchHighlights pageMention of William Roache taking part in That's Showbusiness quiz on BBC1 on Monday
Same issueSoaps: That kiss!Short piece on the storyline of Alf confronting Martin about him kissing a nurse at Christmas
18th March to 24th MarchI'll never be Hilda againJean Alexander, appearing in Harry on BBC1, on why she won't return to Coronation Street
25th March to 31st MarchSoaps: You've broken my heartHelen Worth on the Martin/Gail storyline
1st April to 7th AprilSoaps: Tracy's drugs hellWilliam Roache on the storyline of Tracy hospitalised after taking ecstasy
8th April to 14th AprilSoaps: So lonely!Denise Black on her character's storyline
15th April to 21st AprilCover
1995 15 to 21 April
Same issueSoaps: Is this Denise's new love?Interview with Denise Black on the Denise/Jon storyline
22nd April to 28th AprilMy weekendJohnny Briggs on his typical weekend
29th April to 5th MaySoaps: Samir's the only hopeStoryline of Samir donating a kidney with comments by Al Nedjari
Same issueParty AnimalsFood for a children's party suggested by storyline of Vera hosting one for Tommy this week
Same issueFinding the perfect matchArticle on kidney donor matching and the processes involved
6th May to 12th MayTV Talk: no titleMention that Coronation Street is to be screened five times a week in Australia
13th May to 19th MaySoaps: 'What have I done?'Comments by Al Nedjari on Samir's reluctance to proceed with the kidney donation
27th May to 2nd JuneSoaps: Samir proves his loveFurther comments by Al Nedjari on the developing storyline
Same issueBetty's veggie feastVegetarian recipes from Betty Driver
17th June to 23rd JuneSoaps: Vicky's fatal attractionChloe Newsome on the Steve/Vicky storyline
24th June to 30th JuneCover
1995 24 to 30 June
Same issueSoaps: For love…or money?Simon Gregson and Chloe Newsome on the Steve/Vicky storyline
1st July to 7th JulySoaps: Don't do it, Vicky!Short item on Steve and Vicky's wedding with comments by Julie Goodyear
8th July to 14th JulyMy perfect summer dayDawn Acton on her ideal day out in summer
22nd July to 28th JulySoaps: Vicky puts her foot downShort article on Vicky's determination to marry Steve
29th July to 4th AugustCover
1995 29 July to 4 August
Same issueCan £5000 buy Steve off?Chloe Newsome on the wedding storyline
5th August to 11th AugustSoaps: 'It's all mine, Vera'William Tarmey on the choices facing Jack and Vera with their windfall
12th August to 18th AugustTracy's a long way from the StreetFeature on Tracy Brabin's north London home she shares with husband Richard Platt - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
19th August to 25th AugustI'm sorry, I can’t marry you'Soap jiltings including Emily in 1964 and Mavis in 1984
Same issueSoaps: New shock for DonShort feature on Don's news about Ivy
26th August to 1st SeptemberTV Talk: no titleJulie Goodyear has had a rose named after her
Same issueSoaps: Go for it, Maxine!Short article on Maxine keeping her eye on Des Barnes
2nd September to 8th SeptemberSoaps: Love shocks for DesShort feature on Des's reunion with Steph
Same issue'It was all over in five minutes'Article on men who have had a vasectomy to tie in with the Jim McDonald storyline
9th September to 15th SeptemberSoaps: Is it love again?Phil Middlemiss and Amelia Bullmore on Steph's return - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueCoronation Street - in your kitchen!Fridge magnet offer
16th September to 22nd SeptemberThe best TV in the world40 years of ITV including Coronation Street's debut in 1960
Same issueSoaps: Raquel's Mr SmoothieShort article on Leo Firman with comments from Sarah Lancashire
23rd September to 29th SeptemberSoaps: 'I'll always be there for you'Kevin Kennedy on the romance between Curly and Raquel
30th September to 6th OctoberSoaps: 'I want you, Maxine'Amelia Bullmore on Des's complicated love life
7th October to 13th OctoberTeenage sex…are the soaps going too far?Viewers concerns with teenage sex in the soaps including Steve and Vicky. Readers are invited to contribute their views
Same issueSoaps: Bet wages her biggest battle yetBet's fight to save the Rovers
14th October to 20th OctoberCelebrate 35 years of Coronation StreetPainted plate offer
Same issueSoaps: It's bene grand, chuckMajor photofeature on Julie Goodyear and Bet's life in the street - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps: Wedding bells for BettySmall feature on Betty's nuptuals
Same issueMonday highlights pagePromotion for the episode with Bet's departure storyline illustrated with cartoon by John Ireland
28th October to 3rd NovemberTV Talk: no titleCoronation Street will be part of Channel 4's soap weekend later in the year and the programme's stars are getting together with Cliff Richard and Michael Ball to release an album
Same issueOur job is to disappearExtras on the soaps including Chris Canavan in Coronation Street
Same issueSoaps: Will Liz's pub risk pay off?Beverley Callard on Liz's push to run the Rovers
4th November to 10th NovemberDon't miss!Preview of The South Bank Show on Coronation Street
Same issue"With every breath I get more like Ena Sharples"Interview with Tony Warren to tie in with The South Bank Show
Same issueTwins under the skin?Characters in Coronation Street who conform to a classic type - Hilda/Vera, Annie/Bet, Elsie/Denise and Emily/Mavis
Same issueSoaps: The new Rovers dynastyArticle on Jack and Vera as they take over the Rovers
Same issueSunday Highlights pageThe South Bank Show producer Melissa Raimes on being allowed to film behind the scenes of Coronation Street
11th November to 17th NovemberSexy soaps turn you off!Viewer's responses to 7th October issue article. Coronation Street producer Sue Pritchard is quoted as saying "We do not and will not depend on explicit or sensationalist storylines to attract an audience".
Same issueSoaps: Meet the Street's wild onesArticle introducing the Malletts
18th November to 24th NovemberCover
1995 18 to 24 November
Same issueTV Talk: no titleWilliam Hill are offering strong odds on Bet returning before end of 1996
Same issueSoaps: They wouldn't…would they?Beverley Callard on the potential of Liz and Des becoming an item
2nd December to 8th DecemberCover
1995 2 to 8 December
Same issueEditor's letterConcentrates of Coronation Street's 35th birthday
Same issueDon't miss!Preview of Friday's one-hour special
Same issueUnforgettable moments!Photoessay on births, weddings and deaths in Coronation Street
Same issueThe houses that Chris builds again…and again!Feature on designer Christopher Walker and his sixteen-strong team who build and decorate the interiors. The props for the programme are stored above numbers 6 and 8 but the Ogdens' flying ducks have gone, given to Jean Alexander when she left the show
Same issueThe making of RaquelSarah Lancashire in make-up as she is transferred into Raquel
Same issueThe making of a Coronation Street starSue Pritchard on the process of devising new characters and introducing them to the show
Same issueBrew up with Ena!Mugs offer
Same issueThe cars the star!Toy car offer
Same issue"I watched 14 episodes a day for three years!"Interview with archivist Daran Little who reveals that he inherited a card index system but has replaced it with a computer and persuaded Granada Television to invest in transferring the telerecordings and videos of past episodes onto VHS for him to watch and note down the show's full history
Same issueThe Liz FileLiz's history in the show from Daran's files
Same issueThought that face was familiar?Present regulars in their past guest spots in Coronation Street: Geoff Hinsliff, Jill Summers, Bill Waddington and Michael Le Vell
Same issueTV Talk: no titleA giant birthday cake in the shape of the street has been donated to the Royal Manchester Children's hospital
Same issueSoaps: Raquel's big decisionPreview of the anniversary one-hour special with a Sarah Lancashire interview
Same issueFriday Highlight's PageFacts and stats from 35 years: 3945 eps, 3236 speaking characters and 94 writers
9th December to 15th DecemberTV Talk: no titleCoronation Street being launched on the internet
Same issueSoaps page: Win a Coronation Street videoCompetition to win one of 35 copies of the Cruise video
Same issueVideos to buyCruise video highlighted
Same issueCelebration StampsOffer to buy specially minted stamps commissioned by Granada
16th December to 29th DecemberSoaps: Let's celebrate!Kevin Kennedy and Sarah Lancashire on Curly and Raquel's marriage
30th December to 5th January 1996Passion, shocks…and the patter of tiny feet!Soap predictions for 1996 from astrologer Sally Kirkman including Curly, Vera, Jack and Raquel.


Issue dated Title Content
6th January to 12th JanuarySoaps: PassionDenise Black on the storyline of her romance with brother-in-law Brian Dunkley
13th January to 19th JanuaryCover
1996 13 to 19 January
Same issueSoaps: I can't risk losing DanielDenise Black on the storyline of not wanting Ken to find out about Brian Dunkley
20th January to 26th JanuarySoaps: Audrey's shock newsSue Nicholls on the storyline of Audrey discovering Stephen Reid is coming to the UK
27th January to 2nd FebruaryCover
1996 27 January to 2 February
Same issueSoaps: Danger!Charles Lawson on Jim McDonald finding out about Liz and Des's fling
3rd February to 9th FebruaryMarilyn…? No, it's Maxine!Major interview with Tracy Shaw - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueIvy's back - or is she?Preview of Ivy's ghost storyline
10th February to 16th FebruaryScreen lovers!Quiz on soap romances including Coronation Street
Same issueSoaps: Nanny knows best!Sarah Moffett on playing nanny Kelly Thomson
17th February to 23rd FebruarySoaps: Alma's smitten!Amanda on the Alma/Stephen Reid romance
24th February to 1st MarchSoaps: "Yes, I've been having an affair"Preview of the Jim/Liz storyline with comments from Beverley Callard
2nd March to 8th MarchSoaps: It's all over Jim!Further comments from Beverley Callard - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
16th March to 22nd MarchI couldn't find a writing partner so I grew my own!Interview with Adele Rose and daughter Carrie as they write together for the first time for the series Island (which stars Matthew Marsden)
Same issueSoaps: "I want some answers, Dad!"Nicholas Cochrane on the McDonald storyline
Same issueMum's favourite - Curry & Chips!Cooking tips from Angela Griffin
23rd March to 29th MarchSunday Highlights pageCoronation Street - The Cruise is shown in an edited version
30th March to 5th AprilSoaps: "It's got to stop, Reg!"Sherrie Hewson on the breakdown of the Holdsworth's marriage
Same issueMy weekendGeoff Hinsliff on his typical weekend
6th April to 12th AprilSoaps: Look who's back!Short feature on the return of Alec Gilroy
20th April to 26th AprilCover
1996 20 to 26 April
Same issueSoaps: Vicky's new terrorChloe Newsome on the Malcolm Fox storyline (mistakenly called Michael Fox in the feature)
Same issueWin! The behind closed doors video of Coronation StreetCompetition to win 35 copies of video of South Bank Show special
4th May to 10th MayMore Corrie…more Emmerdale…but is it good news for viewers?Concerns from viewers that going out four nights a week (and in Emmerdale's case three nights a week) will dilute quality. Readers are invited to ring a phone line to cast their vote
Same issueSoaps: Has Des found a new love?Philip Middlemiss on Des Barnes's love life
11th May to 17th MayTV Talk: no titleSherrie Hewson has found out that she is distantly related to Cliff Richard
Same issueSoaps: Maureen fights backSherrie Hewson on the end of Maureen's marriage
18th May to 24th MayI loved him, but I had to turn him inInterview with a women who had to turn her boyfriend in for a criminal offence, mirroring Vicky's dilemma
Same issueSoaps: Will Vicky take the blame?Simon Gregson on the Steve/Vicky storyline
25th May to 31st MayWednesday highlights pageCompetition to win Daran Little's The Coronation Street Story plus a mug
1st June to 7th JuneSoaps: "I'll always love you"Angela Griffin on the Fiona/Steve storyline
Same issueMy weekendBetty Driver on her typical weekend
15th June to 21st JuneTwo-timers we've lovedA look at soap "love rats" including Des Barnes
Same issueMore soaps on TV? You say no!Reader's views on the story in the 4th May issue. 69% don't want an increased numbers of episodes
Same issueSoaps: Terry's back but what's he up to now?Nigel Pivaro on his return to the programme
22nd June to 28th JuneSoaps: Don't trust him, VeraMore comments from Nigel Pivaro
Same issueMy weekendSherrie Hewson on a typical weekend
29th June to 5th JulySoaps: 'I will survive!'Sherrie Hewson on Maureen's storyline
6th July to 12th JulySoaps: Sally goes her own waySally Whittaker on her storyline
Same issueYou can have a flat tummy in 10 weeks - I'll show you howPart 1 of Beverley Callard's exercise plan - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
13th July to 19th JulyCover
1996 13 to 19 July
Same issueSoaps: Traitors!Tracy Shaw on her storyline
Same issueA shapely bottom in ten weeksPart 2 of Beverley Callard's exercise tips
20th July to 26th JulySay hello to slender thighsPart 3 - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
27th July to 2nd AugustWhere did you get that dress?Costume design and choice for soap characters including Raquel, Bet, Jack, Maxine and Vicky
Same issueSoaps: Tricia's shattered dreamsTracy Brabin
Same issueFirm up your bust the Beverley Callard wayPart 3
3rd August to 9th AugustSoaps: Where are you, Nick?Helen Worth interview
10th August to 16th AugustSoaps: Becky barges in!Maggie Norris interview
17th August to 23rd AugustBaby, I can make you a soap starSoap babies including Emma Collinge, Warren Jackson, Leah & Lynsay King
31st August to 6th SeptemberSoaps (now increased pages with a re-launch of the magazine and at least one story per soap in each issue): Runaway Nick spills the beans!Nick's life in London
Same issueSoaps: gossipSimon Gregson is a guest presenter on The Big Breakfast
Same issueLife after the pillHealth article to tie in with Gary and Judy Mallett storyline
7th September to 13th SeptemberSoaps: gossipKen Barlow is the only left-handed resident of the street
Same issueSoaps: soapfileProfile of Angela Griffin
14th September to 20th SeptemberSoaps: Is Tricia safe from her past?Tracy Brabin on her storyline
Same issueSoaps: gossipSamantha Failsworth worked as a barmaid in Ireland during a break from drama college
21st September to 27th SeptemberTV Talk: no titleSarah Lancashire is quitting Coronation Street but she will return in Where The Heart Is
Same issueSoaps: gossipThe Coronation Street cricket team, including Charles Lawson, Philip Middlemiss and Kevin Kennedy have raised £10,000 in just one match
28th September to 4th OctoberTV Talk: no titleBeverley Callard is making an exercise video
Same issueDon't missGranada Plus launches with classic episodes of Coronation Street and a preview of The Life and Loves of Ken Barlow
Same issueSoaps: gossipTracy Brabin and Ian Mercer once appeared together in Peak Practice and Eve Steele once auditioned for the part of Maxine
5th October to 11th OctoberSoaps: soapfileJoseph Gilgun profile
Same issueSoaps: gossipSherrie Hewson has had a makeover and Eve Steele's real name is Emma
Same issueSaturday Highlight's page: The Ghost of Ivy TilsleyPreview of profile of Lynne Perrie
12th October to 18th OctoberSoaps: Claire's secret is out!Maggie Norris on her storyline
Same issueSoaps: gossipJohn Savident used to be a Manchester policeman
Same issueSecrets of the soap starsEight page pullout on soap stars
  • Tracy Shaw, Angela Griffin and Philip Middlemiss on their nights out
  • Michael Le Vell, Helen Worth, Sally Whittaker, Nicholas Cochrane, Beverley Callard on what they would change in their looks
  • Tracy Brabin on her home
  • Philip Middlemiss on dating model and "wannabe actress" Alison King (later to be Carla Connor) and Kevin Kennedy and Sally Whittaker on their real-life weddings
  • Tracy Brabin on her daredevil antics including bungee jumping and parachuting and Johnny Briggs and Geoff Hinsliff on golf
19th October to 25th OctoberSoaps: gossipSherrie Hewson and Elizabeth Bradley are the best of friends in real life and even spent New Year's Eve together
Same issueI just want what's fair, JimBeverley Callard on the storyline
Same issueUnforgettable: 100 TV electrifying momentsIncludes Mike/Deirdre/Ken in 1983, the Rovers fire in 1986, Tanya/Des/Raquel love triangle, Brian Tilsley's death and Alan Bradley's death
Same issueDivorce…but who gets what?Feature to tie in with storyline of the McDonalds' split
26th October to 1st NovemberTV Talk: no titleA Coronation Street trivial pursuit game with video clips is being released at Christmas
Same issueSoaps: gossipBryan Mosley has celebrated his ruby wedding
Same issueSoaps: Nothing will stand in my way!Sherrie Hewson on the Bill/Maureen/Maud storyline
Same issueSoaps: soapfileSarah Lancashire profile
Same issueWhen falling asleep can be deadlyAn article with a tenuous link to Coronation Street with storyline of Alf Roberts worrying about passing his driving test at 70 and narcolepsy
2nd November to 8th NovemberSoaps: Tracy springs a surpriseDawn Acton on the storyline
Same issueSoaps: gossipSamantha Beckinsale in Coronation Street and Anne Kirkbride on not being recognised when out shopping
9th November to 15th NovemberDon’t missRaquel leaves the street
Same issueSoaps: Tracy says 'I do…'in Doc MartinsDawn Acton on her storyline
Same issueSoaps: goodbye, Angel, farewell, Raquel…Two soap departures this week including Raquel - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWednesday highlights pagePreview of wedding episode
Same issueFriday Highlight's PagePreview of Raquel departure episode
16th November to 22nd NovemberSoaps: Another chance for Ken and DeirdreWilliam Roache on the storyline
Same issueSoaps: gossipTracy Shaw on being a workaholic and not being fazed by the addition of a fourth weekly episode
Same issueFriday Highlight's PageDenise's return
23rd November to 29th NovemberCover
1996 23 to 29 November
Same issueSoaps: 'I want Daniel back!Denise Black on her storyline
Same issueSunday Highlights pageThe programme now on four nights a week
30th November to 6th DecemberSoaps: gossipAngie Freeman returns and Sherrie Hewson on her birthday
Same issueSoaps: Will Ken put passion on hold?William Roache on his storyline
7th December to 13th DecemberSoaps: soapfileBeverley Callard profile
14th December to 20th DecemberSoaps: gossipSally Whittaker is expecting her second child
Same issueSoaps: soapfilePhilip Middlemiss profile
Same issueCindy in panto? Oh yes she is!Soap stars in panto including Chloe Newsome
Same issueWednesday highlights pageKen and Denise in court
21st December to 3rd January 1997Soaps: This what I call a Happy Christmas!Curly's Christmas with Kevin Kennedy
Same issueSoaps: gossipGlenn Hugill on not being like Alan McKenna, set designers on stopping pine needles falling from Christmas trees on set and the Mallett's "Santa's Nookie Nest" sign being specially made for the show
Same issueChristmas Day highlights pagePreview of the Christmas day episode


Note: From this year onwards, many of the soap page articles became more generically focused on the storylines and contained little additional information from the actors or anyone else concerned by way of opinion and usually just repeated information concerning what was going to happen within the episodes. A comparison between the headline of the articles and the episodes shown that week will usually illustrate what the article refers to and no further explanation below is necessary. Where the headline is not explicit enough, the information in brackets contains additional information.

Issue dated Title Content
4th January to 10th JanuarySoaps: Sorry, Curly, but we didn't mean itEve Steele on Curly/Anne Malone storyline
Same issueSoaps: gossipElizabeth Dawn would like to retire in three years when she reaches 60 years of age
11th January to 17th JanuarySoapsTruce! But can Ken trust Denise?
18th January to 24th JanuarySoaps'You're going to pay, Curly' (Anne Malone)
Same issueSoaps: gossipTracy Brabin is expecting her second baby
25th January to 31st JanuarySoaps: gossipJack Kirkbride, father of Anne, is the new official cartoonist of Coronation Street's official magazine
Same issueSoapsNew passion - and old flames (Sam/Sean Skinner and Ken/Deirdre storylines)
1st February to 7th FebruarySoapsIs Sam leading a double life?
Same issueSoaps: soapfileTracy Shaw profile
8th February to 14th FebruarySoapsIt's TOO early' (Brad Armstrong's birth and Tracy Brabin's own pregnancy)
15th February to 21st FebruaryCover
1997 15 to 21 February
Same issueSoaps'I'll do anything to nail Fraser' (Alan McKenna)
Same issueSoaps: soapfileTracy Brabin profile
Same issueSoaps: gossipMaggie Norris's new hair
22nd February to 28th FebruarySoaps: gossipDenise Welch joins the programme this week and Terry Duckworth might be returning
Same issueSoaps'Mum's dead and it's all my fault'
1st March to 7th MarchSoaps: gossipMatthew Marsden joins the show
Same issueSoaps: soapfileTina Hobley profile
Same issue'How Grant nearly got me arrested'Article on female soap writers including Jan McVerry and Patrea Smallacombe
Same issueWednesday highlights pagePreview of Liz/Fraser Henderson storyline illustrated with a cartoon of Beverley Callard by John Ireland
8th March to 14th MarchTV Talk: no titlePreview of Red Nose day spoof of University Challenge with Coronation Street (Gail, Vera, Jim and Curly in match against St Lukes college, Cambridge)
Same issueSoapsIs Des for the high jump?
15th March to 21st MarchSoapsNow Tricia wants to have fun
Same issueSoaps: soapfileSally Whittaker profile
Same issueSoaps: gossipGeoff Hinsliff is happy about his exit storyline
22nd March to 28th MarchSoaps'Prove you love me, Alan' (Fiona), Will he never learn? (Des)
Same issueWednesday highlights pagePreview of Don/Mike storyline
29th March to 4th AprilSoaps: soapfileGaynor Faye profile
5th April to 11th AprilSoaps: Goodbye DerekFeature on Derek's departure from the programme - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps: Dopey Derek's daftest momentsFive classic Derek comedy moments
Same issueMonday highlights pagePreview of Derek's exit
Same issueWednesday highlights pagePreview of episode in which Mavis finds out she is a widow
Same issueFriday highlight's PagePreview of Mike/Don storyline with John Ireland cartoon
12th April to 18th AprilSoaps'I'll get revenge for you, Derek' (Derek's funeral) / 'Don't kill me, Don' (Alma)
Same issueMonday highlights pagePreview of Derek's funeral (which mentions it was filmed at St Mary's Prestwich and the new producer is stated as being Brian Cox, not Brian Park)
Same issueFriday highlight's PagePreview of Alma/Don cab ride storyline
19th April to 25th AprilDon't missPreview of Alma/Don cab ride storyline and Terry's return
Same issueAxemenArticle on new soap producers including Brian Park together with suggestions as to which characters could go next - Mike and Alma are the Coronation Street suggestions
Same issueSoapsThe rat returns (Terry)
Same issueSoaps: gossipVera's new sleeker hairdo
Same issueFriday highlight's PagePreview of Kevin/Natalie Horrocks storyline
26th April to 2nd MaySoapsCome home quickly, Sally!
Same issueFriday highlight's PagePreview of Tricia leaving the street
3rd May to 9th MayCover
1997 3 to 9 May
Same issueSoaps'He's putty in my hands' (Natalie/Kevin)
Same issueAlan? Here's what Fiona really fancies!Angela Griffin's cookery choices
10th May to 16th MayCover
1997 10 to 16 May
Same issueSoaps: Who's man enough for Sam?Tina Hobley on Sam's male choices - contenders suggested are Curly, Ken, Andy, Fred, Ashley and - the winner - Chris Collins
Same issueWhat really went on at the BAFTAsPhotospread of BAFTA awards including Coronation Street cast.
Same issueFriday highlight's PagePreview of Jack and Vera off to Las Vegas and other storylines wit a John Ireland cartoon
17th May to 23rd May Tina Baker’s soap gossip Short gossip mentions of Tina Hobley and Matthew Marsden
Same issueSoapsMaureen's love disaster
Same issueMake-up, meditation and Maureen…They're right up my Street!Feature on Matthew Marsden on the Kids Zone page
24th May to 30th MayTina Baker’s soap gossipMatthew Marsden
31st May to 6th JuneThis time I'll save my bad boy act for the screenSimon Gregson on his return to the programme after his suspension for drug use
Same issueSoapsFound out! But Kevin still can't say no
Same issueTina Baker’s soap gossipTracy Shaw, Amanda Barrie and Johnny Briggs
Same issueFriday highlight's PagePreview of Natalie/Kevin storyline
7th June to 13th JuneCover
1997 7 to 13 June
Same issueHow wrong can the TV watchdogs be?Article refuting the ITC's recent statement that there is too much drama and soaps on ITV at the expense of documentaries and arts programmes. Coronation Street's success in the ratings is used as proof that the watchdogs have got it wrong
Same issueSoapsWhat's wrong, Kevin? (Sally's return)
Same issueTina Baker’s soap gossipGeoff Hinsliff
Same issueSunday highlights pagePreview of Sally's return
14th June to 20th JuneTina Baker’s soap gossipDenise Welch
Same issueSoaps: soapfileMichael Le Vell
21st June to 27th JuneHe's the boy who can say no!Matthew Marsden interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueTina Baker’s soap gossipTina Hobley
Same issueFriday highlight's PageKevin/Sally storyline preview
28th June to 4th JulyCover
1997 28 June to 4 July
Same issueSoapsHow could you, Kevin?
Same issueSoapsCorrie's new family from hell (preview of the Battersbys)
Same issueTina Baker’s soap gossipBeverley Callard and Bryan Mosley
Same issueMonday highlights pageKevin/Sally/Denise with John Ireland cartoon
5th July to 11th JulySoapsWill Maxine own up?
12th July to 18th July Cover
1997 12 to 18 July
Same issueI'd kill anyone who tried to take MY husband!Denise Welch interview in which she speaks about her recurring bouts of depression
Same issueSoaps: gossipAngela Griffin and Tina Hobley
Same issueNew kids on the box!As part of the National Television Awards (NTA's), short profiles of Tina Hobley and Matthew Marsden
Same issueMonday highlights pageCurly attacking the Battersbys' music is in the spotlight
19th July to 25th JulyCover
1997 19 to 25 July
Same issueSoapsJudy hits back at the gossips
Same issueSoaps: gossipSally Whittaker
Same issueFiona and Jim? You must be joking!Article on seemingly mis-matched couples in soaps, questioning if the storyliners are being realistic. For Coronation Street, aside from Fiona and Jim, also Ashley & Maxine, Natalie & Kevin, Maureen & Fred, Rita & Fred, Deirdre & Samir and Curly & Maxine, Maureen and Anne Malone are all questioned, seemingly on the basis of looks, not their characters
26th July to 1st AugustSoaps"You're a stranger, daddy"' (Daniel Osbourne)
Same issueSoaps: gossipMatthew Marsden
Same issueWhat a gripping soap year!As part of the promotion of the NTA's, the soaps's past year are put under the spotlight: for Coronation Street, the arrival of Brian Park and the subsequent axings, Ken's Barlow's fling with Sue Jeffers and Kevin and Natalie's affair are highlighted
Same issueFriday highlight's PageShort profile of Sally Webster's year with comments from Sally Whittaker
2nd August to 8th AugustSoapsThree proposals and a blessing! (Ashley/Maxine, Ashley/Fred and a "third street man" Jim/Fiona - the blessing refers to a ceremony in Neighbours)
Same issueSoaps: gossipSteven Arnold and Michael Le Vell
Same issueSaturday highlights page: Bet Lynch - Blondes have more funSix classic Coronation Street episodes on Granada Plus highlighted
Same issueSunday highlights pageThe three proposals are mentioned as well as stating that "Hundreds of disgruntled fans have written to TV Times protesting against recent storylines and some might say these proposals again push the Street's credibility beyond the limit."
9th August to 15th AugustSoaps'Help me through the pain, Des' - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps: gossipBryan Mosley
Same issueSoapfileSherrie Hewson is profiled
Same issueSaturday highlights page: There's a party in the streetSix classic Coronation Street episodes on Granada Plus highlighted
16th August to 22nd AugustSoaps"You've got Kevin - but you're not getting his money"
23rd August to 29th AugustSoaps"Come home, Kevin"
Same issueSoaps: gossipJane Danson
Same issueWednesday highlights pageZoe Tattersall/Judy Mallett surrogacy storyline is highlighted
30th August to 5th SeptemberSoaps"Who cares if Deirdre gets hurt" (Owen Aaronovitch interview)
Same issueSoaps: The plot thickens…Upcoming soap storylines. Coronation Street's is Don Brennan's reign of terror
6th September to 12th September Cover
1997 6 to 12 September
Same issueAssault and BattersbyInterview with Brian Park who is delighted at the viewer reaction to the new family, saying "Much as we love and cherish our older viewers, if you want this soap to go on beyond the millennium, then you've got to bring in the younger generation". Jane Danson and Georgia Taylor are also interviewed.
Same issueSoaps: This week's big storiesMavis and Rita, Sally, Ken and Jon Lindsay, Fiona and her mum, Pam Middleton, and Sam and Des's storylines are briefly profiled
Same issueSoapsShe's crazy for Katy
Same issueSoap suds (takes over from "Soaps: gossip")Beverly Callard and Gaynor Faye
13th September to 19th SeptemberSoaps: This week's big storiesFiona, Des, Mavis, Sally and Alan
Same issueSoapsWill Des lose Sam after all?
Same issueTina on TVThe writer pokes fun at Nicky "The incredible Sulk" Tilsley returning to the programme "with a new head"
20th September to 26th SeptemberCover
1997 20 to 26 September
Same issueCaught on CorrieSmall feature on Warren Clarke being in Coronation Street previously with a picture of his 1968 appearance as Elsie's nephew Gary Bailey
Same issueSoaps: This week's big storiesSally, Chris, Maureen and Fred, Fiona, Martin, Mavis
Same issueSoaps: "We're the best of friends"Sally Whittaker on her friendship with Denise Welch
Same issueSoaps"I've wed Maureen, I say, I've wed Maureen"
Same issueSoap sudsWilliam Tarmey's new record, Down home
Same issueTina on TVMention of potential ban on showing characters smoking on TV, saying that the sight of Alec and Jack lighting up is enough to put anyone off
27th September to 3rd OctoberSoaps: This week's big storiesMaureen, Maud, Fred, Don, Sally, Natalie, Mavis and Rita
Same issueSoaps"We should never have married" (Maureen/Fred and a list of "Maureen's magic moments")
Same issueTina on TVBryan Mosley's return to the programme after having shed four stone with suggestion he should do his own exercise video "Alfie's Aerobics"
4th October to 10th OctoberCover
1997 4 to 10 October
Same issueHot topicsMention of Germany wanting to make its own version of Coronation Street
Same issueDon't missCoronation Street stars pictured at the NTA's
Same issueThe Insider: QuittingMention of Glen Hugill quitting to prevent himself being typecast
Same issueWho'll win the battle of the soaps?Coronation Street against its competitors at the NTA's
Same issueSoaps: This week's big storiesDon, Mavis, Rita, Ken, Jon, Deirdre, Fred and Maud
Same issueSoaps: "It's the right time to go"Short interview with Thelma Barlow in which she says she's been thinking of quitting for two years and "Mave's Magic Moments" looks back at the character's past
Same issueSoapsDanger man! Don's gunning for Mike
Same issueSoap sudsJoan Collins makes a cameo appearance in new (unnamed) video and a mention of a "jazzed-up" version of the theme for the video. Also, Adam Rickitt joining the show
Same issueSaturday highlight's page: Baldwin's CasualsSix classic Coronation Street episodes on Granada Plus highlighted
Same issueWednesday highlights pageNTA's highlighted with Tracy Shaw, Tina Hobley and Angela Griffin pictured
11th October to 17th OctoberThe InsiderShort mention that Ray Langton could return to the programme after 19 years (no mention of his return in the Viva Las Vegas! video)
Same issueThe InsiderWilliam Tarmey, Elizabeth Dawn, Tracy Shaw and Angela Griffin pictured in Las Vegas
Same issueSoaps: This week's big storiesEmily, Gary, Martin, Maud and Fred
Same issueSoapsNick's back to see Don off
Same issueSoapsJon's bumpy landing
Same issueSoap sudsMatthew Marsden and Jane Danson are both up for record deals
18th October to 24th OctoberCover
18 to 24 Oct 1997
Same issueEvery one a winner!Matthew Marsden, winner of Best Newcomer award at the NTA's, pictured
Same issueSo where did you get that dress?Thelma Barlow, Gaynor Faye, Denise Welch and Tina Hobley pictured at the NTA’s
Same issueThe InsiderSally Whittaker pictured getting her new hairstyle from top crimper Nicky Clarke
Same issueSoaps: This week's big storiesNick and Leanne, Gail, Rita, Emily, Judy, Sally, Chris, Kevin
Same issueSoap sudsAnother mention of the possible German version of Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsNow Sally's feeling raunchy
Same issueTina on TVTongue in cheek suggestions for Brian Park as to how to further change the programme
25th October to 31st OctoberThe Insider: Sticky moment!Sneak preview of Fiona's wedding
Same issueSoaps: This week's big storiesKen, Leanne, Nick, Sally, Chris, Gail, Natalie, Kevin, Jon, Deirdre
Same issueSoap sudsDawn Acton is expecting a baby
Same issueSoaps: The vixens of soaplandNatalie Horrocks is one of those featured
Same issueSoapsThey're together again - so they are! (Jim and Liz)
1st November to 7th NovemberThe InsiderMatthew Marsden has signed a record deal with Columbia
Same issueSoaps: This week's big storiesVera, Betty, Natalie, Chris, Lorraine Brownlow, Sally, Fiona, Jim, Liz
Same issueSoap sudsSarah Lancashire still watches Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsSo where do they go from here? (Sally and Chris)
Same issueSoapsHappy ever after? (Fiona and Alan's wedding)
8th November to 14th NovemberSoap sudsVicky Entwistle and Matthew Marsden
Same issueSoapsIn love…and in trouble (Nick and Leanne)
Same issueThe InsiderTracy Shaw is releasing a Christmas record
15th November to 21st NovemberSoap suds…reveals that the scenes in Mavis's Cartmel B&B were filmed at a house just outside Manchester
Same issueSoaps: Come back soonCharacters in soaps who the magazine thinks should return including Bet Gilroy and Tanya Pooley
Same issueSoapsLeanne puts her foot in it!
Same issueSoapsFloored Escort (Ken)
Same issueWin the latest Coronation Street videoTen copies of Viva Las Vegas! to be won
Same issueTina on TV: So who'd you have soap-napped?Article on recent spate of kidnapping storylines in Coronation Street with request for reader's suggestions as to who they would like to see taken
Same issueThe InsiderMention of Matthew Marsden stripping to his underwear on Zoe Ball's Radio 1 Breakfast Show
22nd November to 28th NovemberSoap sudsFurther mentions of the recording deals of William Tarmey, Matthew Marsden and Tracy Shaw
Same issueSoapsBaby snatcher (Judy Mallett)
Same issueThe InsiderMention of Sean Wilson and his wife expecting a baby
29th November to 5th DecemberThose wonderful TV TimesCover of 4th to 10th December 1971 reprinted with profile of Patricia Phoenix
Same issueSoapsShock for Judy
Same issueSaturday highlight's page: The dilemmas of DeirdreSix Granada Plus episodes
Same issueThe InsiderQuote from Jean Alexander on her virginity
6th December to 12th DecemberSoap sudsAdam Rickitt dealing with sudden fame
Same issueSoapsLook who knows Sally's secret! (Natalie)
Same issueSoapsVera's blind date shock - and it's not Cilla!
Same issueSoapsOffer to buy teapots in shape of soap pubs including the Rovers
Same issueWhat's in the stars for 98?Simon Gregson's horoscope
Same issueJack on the BoxJack Lillie's barbed comments on TV news including statement that he wonders how Ken Barlow has "walked among the living for the past 30 years"
13th December to 19th DecemberCover
1997 13 to 19 December
Same issueThe InsiderReaders can get Coronation Street news sent to their mobile phones
Same issueThe best - and the rest - in '97Spoof TV Times awards - includes Liz McDonald's hair and Sally and Natalie for best punch-up. The magazine says Thelma Barlow will be missed
Same issueSoapsHands off my baby! (Zoe/Judy)
Same issueSoapsHands off my wife! (Kevin/Chris)
Same issue10 Unmissable Christmas treatsThe editor's choice includes Coronation Street
20th December to 2nd January 1998SoapsWill cheating Kev be home for the holidays? (Sally Whittaker and Adam Rickitt on their Christmas storylines)
Same issueSoap sudsSarah Lancashire on watching Coronation Street on Christmas Day and a mention of Les's Christmas turkey
Same issueSoapsYou rat! Deirdre's had enough of Jon


Issue dated Title Content
3rd January to 9th JanuarySoapsPassion…and pain (General round up but mention of Coronation Street's Nick and Leanne storyline)
Same issueSoaps"How could I have been so stupid?" (Deirdre)
10th January to 16th JanuarySoapsNicked! For loving the wrong man (Deirdre)
17th January to 23rd JanuarySoap sudsSuggestion that Adam Rickett could be the next James Bond
Same issueAin't Life GrandInterview with Tim Healy (star of The Grand) about the difficulties of his wife Denise Welch being recognised wherever they go
24th January to 30th JanuarySoaps: Mr and Mrs?Jane Danson interview in her Leanne and Nick storyline
Same issueSoap sudsElizabeth Dawn is to receive honorary degree from Leeds University in April
31st January to 6th FebruaryJack on the BoxMention of the Cadbury's £10m sponsorship of Coronation Street
Same issueSoap sudsAngela Griffin's thoughts on what Fiona will be like in twenty years’ time
Same issueSoapsDesperate Sam
Same issueTina on TV: I'm washed outThe writer on the rumours that Coronation Street is to go out five times a week
7th February to 13th FebruarySoap sudsAdam Rickett and Tina Hobley on Valentine's Day
Same issueSoapsA Gail-force mum
14th February to 20th FebruarySoapsOh boy! I cut that fine (Fiona's baby)
21st February to 27th FebruarySoapsMen…who needs them (Fiona and Sam)
28th February to 6th MarchCoverTo be added
Same issueI've snogged him too, Sam!Comments from editor Liz Murphy on Matthew Marsden
Same issueThe Insider: CelebratingDawn Acton and husband Stuart West have had a baby - a boy, 7lb, 10oz named Thomas Kyle
Same issueSoapsSam likes it hot!
Same issueSoaps: Has the Street broken the last taboo?Article on ground-breaking stories in soaps following the revelation that Hayley Patterson is a transsexual. Past Coronation Street stories that fall into the "taboo" category are Gordon Clegg's illegitimacy in 1975, Janet Barlow's suicide in 1977 and Emily's bigamist marriage in 1980
7th March to 13th MarchBefore they were famousPhoto of Johnny Briggs as a young man and a profile of his career
Same issueSoaps: Ding ding round twoKen and Mike's feud continues with a cartoon illustration by John Ireland
Same issueSoapsGotcha now, Chris!
Same issueWicKID!Profile of Adam Rickett on the kids page
14th March to 20th MarchThe Insider: QuittingShort mention of Tina Hobley leaving Coronation Street "to spend more time with her fiance"
Same issueSoap sudsJoanne Froggatt's make-up to make her hair greasy and Spider Nugent to stay in Coronation Street "for some time"
Same issueSoapsChris pines for Sally
Same issueSoaps: Why I really love a ratMention that soap "rats" are usually typecast when they leave their roles with focus on Owen Aaronovitch and updates of the careers of John St. Ryan, Ken Morley, Mark Eden and Nigel Pivaro
21st March to 27th MarchTV's Top 100Article on the top 100 television shows ever by audience. 49 of the places are episodes of Coronation Street with Episode 2479 (2nd January 1985) correctly placed with 21.40 million at number 13. EastEnders figures are excluded due to the repeat being added to the number. The top programme ever is To The Manor Born with 23.95 million on 11th November 1979
Same issueSoapsWho will the jury believe?
Same issueSoaps: Other storylines that left us dangling to the endOther episodes of soaps where two endings were filmed - includes Coronation Street's with Curly and Raquel's wedding in 1995
Same issueWin a VIP trip for two to Coronation StreetCompetition with Cadburys with prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Manchester for the Granada Studios tours
28th March to 3rd AprilCover
1998 28 March to 3 April
Same issueSend Deirdre to jail - I would!Editorial by Liz Murphy in which she tells the programme-makers to hold their nerve and send Deirdre down
Same issueThe Insider: SuingShort piece about William Roache suing Carter-Ruck and Partners for negligence
Same issueThe Insider: BuyingDarren Day has bought a £500k mansion for him and Tracy Shaw to live in
Same issueThe Insider: Does Hayley lack street cred?Short piece on the criticism from the transsexual lobby groups for not giving the role to a real transsexual
Same issueSoaps: Chris him goodbyeMatthew Marsden is leaving the show and starting his recording career
Same issueSoapsWill Deirdre go down?
Same issueSoaps: Twenty years of traumaDeirdre's problem-ridden past is detailed
4th April to 10th AprilSoap sudsJane Danson on being crowned Rosebud Queen of her morris dancing team when she was ten
Same issueSoapsYou've got it all wrong, Alma
11th April to 17th AprilEditor's choiceThe Things You Do For Love
Same issueEee, chuck…can this be our Pat?Interviews with Denise Black and Sue Johnstone as they play Patricia Phoenix in The Things You Do For Love
Same issueThe real life loves of the Queen of SoapsPat Phoenix's love life and her three husbands
Same issueSoap sudsTina Hobley on looking forward to leaving the show to spend more time with her fiancé
Same issueSoaps: Too sexy to be a BattersbyInterview with Stephen Billington as he joins the programme
Same issueSoapsIt gets brutal behind bars
18th April to 24th AprilSoap sudsAdam Rickett on his boxing lessons at school proving useful when yobs pester him
Same issueSoaps"I blame you, Zoe" (Judy and Zoe)
Same issueSoapsJim battles it out
25th April to 1st MaySoap sudsJohnny Briggs on Mike Baldwin's character
Same issueSoapsDesperate Zoe turns on Judy
Same issueWin a night with the StarsCompetition to win tickets to this year’s BAFTA awards. The Coronation Street cast is pictured at the previous year's event for winning a special award for "enduring contribution to TV
2nd May to 8th MayThe Insider: Wake and shake with BeverleyBeverley Callard and her sister Stephanie are to present a new four-week slot Shape up for Summer on GMTV
Same issueGoing out with a bang: shock tacticsA look back at famous TV deaths includes Val Barlow
Same issueSoap sudsJane Danson on her fame frightening men off and Gaynor Faye is in no hurry to be a mum yet
Same issueSoapsWill Natalie delight Des?
Same issueSoapsZoe goes over the edge
9th May to 15th MaySoap sudsBrian Park claims he is avoiding his home town of Peterborough for fear of what lynch mobs will do to him for putting Deirdre through her jail ordeal
Same issueSoapsHas Zoe given up on life?
Same issueSoapsSam goes for revenge
16th May to 22nd MaySoapsThe future's looking grim for Jim
Same issueSoap sudsPeter Baldwin's ambitions
23rd May to 29th MaySoapsIs Sam really pregnant?
Same issueSoap sudsTracy Shaw on her love of pigs
Same issueTina on TV: Our Vera fits the billViewer's suggestion that Vera and Big Bird from Sesame Street are lookalikes
30th May to 5th JuneHave we got secrets for you!Snippets from the BAFTA awards on Adam Rickitt and Sarah Lancashire
Same issueThe Insider: From the Cradle to the GraveSally Whittaker has banned 3-year old daughter Phoebe Dynevor from watching Coronation Street because it's become "too adult"
Same issueI've learned what love really meansInterview with Angela Griffin
Same issueSoapsWill Sally give Kevin the boot after this?
Same issueSoap sudsDenise Welch on Natalie NOT being a man-eater
6th June to 12th JuneThe InsiderMention that Laburnum Street in Salford in the titles is to be demolished because of vandalism and drug-related crime
Same issueThe Insider: From the Cradle to the GraveCharles Lawson is to marry make-up girl Ellie Bond
Same issueSoapsMaxine's mad passion - includes a general interview with Tracy Shaw
Same issueSoapsSam's got evil in mind
Same issueSoap sudsTina Hobley is marrying Steve Wallington this month
13th June to 19th JuneThe InsiderBeverley Callard on her decision to quit, saying that she wants to play someone who wears longer skirts
Same issueSoapsSam zooms out of the Street…
Same issueSoaps…while Sal zooms in on Greg
20th June to 26th JuneCoverTo be added
Same issueA real triumph for the young onesEditor Liz Murphy highlights the cover feature
Same issueThe Insider: From the Cradle to the GraveMention of Angela Griffin leaving the show in October to pursue a film career
Same issueStreet smartArticle on the youngsters who have started to appear in the programme including Steven Arnold, Joanne Froggatt, Jane Danson, Adam Rickitt, Georgia Taylor and Martin Hancock with comments by Brian Park
Same issueSoapsTell the truth Nick!
Same issueSoapsWill Roy follow his heart?
27th June to 3rd JulyThe InsiderVicky Entwistle on being asked back to work in a factory by a boss who didn't know she was in Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsJim's desperate action
Same issueSoapsDutch courage
Same issueSoap sudsFight scene between Les and Janice in which Bruce Jones really was hurt
Same issueSoap sudsBryan Mosley on being married for forty-two years
4th July to 10th JulyThe InsiderPhilip Middlemiss selling the pub he co-owns with Gary Webster (of Minder fame) - the Grant Arms Hotel in Ramsbottom
Same issueSoapsWill Roy speak his mind?
Same issueSoapsHeartbreaker! (Greg Kelly)
Same issueSoap sudsSpeculation that Tracy Shaw might be recording a duet with fiancée Darren Day and Georgia Taylor on storylines she'd like for Toyah
Same issueRevealed! The Secret World of the StreetBehind the scenes photo essay on Brian Park's day as a producer
Same issueTina on TVThe journalist has a strange vision of William Tarmey, Roy Barraclough, Bryan Mosley, John Savident and David Neilson appearing on Stars In Your Eyes as Take That!
11th July to 17th JulyCover
1998 11 to 17 July
Same issueSoapsThe heat is on! (Greg/Sally)
Same issueSoapsCan Jim rekindle love?
Same issueSoap sudsSally Whittaker on her marriage to Tim Dynevor
Same issueUnforgettable!In a centre-spread section for the National Television Awards, the "Weatherfield One" storyline is highlighted as an unforgettable moment from the past year's viewing
18th July to 24th JulyInsider: I'd rather tangle with Fred Elliott!Tracy Shaw on The Zig and Zag Show
Same issueSoapsSexy eyes! (Sally/Greg/Maxine)
Same issueSoap sudsHolly Newman on disliking Lorraine Brownlow's costume choices
Same issueSoap sudsSue Nicholls on wanting to do her own comedy show
25th July to 31st JulyThe InsiderQuote from Sally Whittaker that in Coronation Street a shared bottle of red wine leads to bed
Same issueHayley, is that really you?Julie Hesmondhalgh features at No 31st in a list of TV's 50 coolest stars - major interview with the actress
Same issueSoapsSpider's new web of love
Same issueSoap sudsWilliam Roache predicts that Ken and Deirdre will get back together
Same issueSoap sudsNatalie Welch on being called Natalie by fans rather than her real name
Same issueWhat's in a soaps name?Small article on giving characters their names - Natalie Horrocks was originally going to be called Nadine
Same issueTina on TV: Dog-gone!Scamper the missing dog is living in Newcastle with Gary's brother Shane Mallett
Same issueTina on TV: Send in the clonesMore lookalikes - this time Vera is compared to Fleur Pompidou from Cartoon Critters
1st August to 7th AugustSoapsSpider leaves Toyah in a spin
Same issueSoap suds: Gran's gay ideasHolly Newman on her gran suggesting Lorraine's character would be a lesbian as "they've not had one yet"
Same issueSoap suds: Love's bustin' outComments about Tracy Shaw's cleavage
8th August to 14th AugustCover
1998 8 to 14 August
Same issueNow it's sexy Sally…Editor Liz Murphy highlights the cover feature
Same issueThe mouse that phwoarred!Major interview with Sally Whittaker
Same issueSoapsHayley can't hide her secret any longer…
Same issueSoaps…and the truth hits Maxine
15th August to 21st AugustSoapsOpen your eyes Sally!
Same issueTina on TV: Give us a flash!The writer wants warnings before certain scenes in television including Jim and Liz McDonald kissing
22nd August to 28th AugustCover
1998 22 to 28 August
Same issueSally's mum is a record breaker!Editor Liz Murphy highlights the cover feature - the headline refers to Brenda Elder playing the most parts on the show (at that time)
Same issueTV's all-time record breakersCoronation Street entries are: Longest-surviving soap actor (William Roache), Longest-surviving soap actress (Eileen Derbyshire), Longest-running soap, Most single mums in a soap (14 since Vicki Bright in 1972 but omits Sheila Birtles in 1966), Most soap characters played by one actress (Brenda Elder with 8), Most soap characters played by one actor (John Pickles with 8)
Same issueSoapsCautious Kev leaps into action…at last!
Same issueSoapsToyah's had enough!
Same issueSoapvine (replaces Soap suds) Will she, won't she?Speculation that Angela Griffin will marry actor Will Mellor
Same issueDonna Hay column beginsThe writer previously presented short summaries of the week's events
29th August to 4th SeptemberSoapsSparks fly as Sally and Greg pay the price…
Same issueSoaps: Can the wrinklies find the path to true romance?Small feature on romance among the older characters in soaps including Rita and Alec
5th September to 11th SeptemberSoaps: Donna Hay columnThe fight for custody of Rosie and Sophie
Same issueSoapsNaughty…but nice (Steve McDonald)
Same issueSoapsCurly wants a woman but not this one!
Same issueSoapvine: A friend in needEve Steele promises to help Kevin Kennedy in his fight with alcoholism
12th September to 18th SeptemberSoapsFiona gets her revenge
Same issueSoapvine: Curly's sweet 16Kevin Kennedy on vow not to leave after 16 years on the programme
Same issueSoapvine: Dogged fanRoy Hattersley on watching the programme with his dog Buster
Same issueSoapvine: Otherwise engagedDale Winton on his love of Coronation Street and EastEnders, saying friends know better than to ring him when they're on
19th September to 25th SeptemberCover
1998 18 to 25 September
Same issueAll this… and a brain too!Editor Liz Murphy highlights the cover feature mention of Adam Rickitt
Same issueSoaps: Fireworks as hair-raiser Fiona comes to the end of the StreetAngela Griffin interview as she leaves the programme
Same issueSoaps: Donna Hay columnThe week's article covers exits from soaps including Fiona and suggests that all of the McDonalds should be ditched from Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsGreg's ready for the showdown
Same issueOlder women, bulimia and my biggest fearAdam Rickitt interview
Same issueWickid!Children's page prints picture of Georgia Taylor in response to viewer's request
26th September to 2nd OctoberDon't call me featherbrainGeorgia Taylor interview
Same issueSoapsCan Hayley and Roy make true love work?
Same issueSoapsOur unfair fight (The Websters)
Same issueSoaps: Donna Hay columnTangled love lives in the soaps including Des Barnes
Same issueSoapvine: Awfully goodThe love/hate reaction Stephen Billington gets from female fans
Same issueTina on TVMentions of Coronation Street clothing line available and summary of present plotlines
3rd October to 9th OctoberSoapsHeartbreaker (Toyah and Dobber)
Same issueSoapsSpider creeps up on evil Anne
Same issueSoapsFriend or foe? (Michael Wall/Jim)
Same issueSoapvine: Bonking MadStephen Billington has only had two roles where he didn't have love scenes
10th October to 16th OctoberCover
1998 4 to 10 October
Same issueSoapsLove therapy for cheat Liz
Same issueSoapsSpider's surprise
Same issueSoapsQuote from Kevin Kennedy on Spike Milligan, his hero of comedy
Same issueSoapsNo Kevin! Des is the man of my dreams
Same issueTina on TVShort list of cocktails linked to soap stars including the "Bloody Vera" and the "Heavey Wallbanger"
Same issueInsider: Cradle to graveTracy Shaw and Darren Day's engagement called off
17th October to 23rd OctoberSoapsIt's a champagne corker for Natalie
Same issueSoapsHayley's secret is out
Same issueSoapvine: Hilda's backThe return of Hilda Ogden in The Women of Coronation Street
Same issueSoapvine: Stateside MikeJohnny Briggs says he wants to live in the United States when he retires
Same issueInsider: Cradle to graveShort snippets about Beverley Callard's car broken into at traffic lights and Tina Hobley is expecting
24th October to 30th OctoberSoapsCan anything put a smile on Zoe's face?
Same issueSoaps'I don't want to hurt Jim'
Same issueSoapsTrouble at the double (Tony Horrocks and Dobber with emphasis on the latter)
Same issueSecrets of the stars' big nightAdam Rickitt and Jane Danson nominated for best newcomer in the National Television Awards
Same issueLeanne lights up LondonPhoto spread of Jane Danson's day in London preparing for the National Television Awards at the Albert Hall
Same issueSoapsSally's slip up brings out the beast in Greg
31st October to 6th NovemberSoapsDon't be shy, Nick!
Same issueSoapsCan Jim bear the truth?
Same issueSoaps: I'm going to set fire to all those mini-skirtsInterview with Beverley Callard as she leaves the programme
7th November to 13th NovemberSoapsQuote from Dominic Rickhards on his nerves on joining the programme
Same issueCome on and party with the starsPhoto spread of National Television Awards where Coronation Street won best soap
Same issueTina on TV: Dear TinaJoke problem page letter from Sally to Tina
Same issueSoapsLast kiss for lover boy Des?
14th November to 20th NovemberSoapsQuote from Jean Alexander that Coronation Street is now almost as depressing as EastEnders
Same issueSoapvineAlison King on wanting to work with her boyfriend Philip Middlemiss
Same issueSoapsCult-ivating Zoe
Same issueSoapsLook who's here, Deirdre (Jackie Dobbs)
21st November to 27th NovemberSoapsQuote from Sally Whittaker on how she now gets told she's a terrible mother by people in the street
Same issueIt's simply SantasticChristmas preview of programme's including Sally's ordeal with Greg and the Mallett twins being born
Same issueTina on TV: Dear TinaJoke problem page letter from Nick Tilsley
Same issueThe awful moment of truth…Editor Liz Murphy highlights the cover feature story
28th November to 4th DecemberCover
1998 28 November to 4 December
Same issueSoapsThe last straw (Sally)
Same issueTina on TV: The eyes have it, AmandaViewer's letter pointing out similarity between the eyes of the Furby toy and Alma Halliwell
Same issueInsider: Cradle to graveSimon Gregson had his driving ban reduced from 12 to 6 months after appealing on the grounds that taking public transport is difficult because he gets recognised.
5th December to 11th DecemberSoapsZoe drops a bombshell
Same issueSoapvineThelma Barlow still gets fan mail for Mavis
Same issueWickid!: Revealing allAdam Rickitt on Linford's Record Breakers this week giving a tour of the studio
Same issueMy wife loves Roy…and so do IMajor interview with David Neilson
Same issuePlaying a strong woman made me strongMajor interview with Margi Clarke
12th December to 18th DecemberTV Times AwardsSpoof page of "awards" for the year including "The Life After Soap Award" for Anne Reid, "The Most Likely to Change Award" for Julie Hesmondhalgh, "The Victor Meldrew 'I don't belieeeeve it' award for the most implausible storyline" (Michael Wall falling for Liz McDonald), "The Community Service award" for Deirdre Rachid and "The most tragic character award" for Zoe Tattersall (with an interview with Joanne Froggatt)
Same issueSoapsAshley snaps into action
Same issueSoapsSally picks up the pieces
Same issueSoapsSherrie Hewson quote on being horrified at the thought of Roy and Hayley sleeping together
Same issueSoapvine: On-the-wall humourRecent in-joke that picture of Nirab was that of Brian Park
Same issueTina on TV: You can say that again!Quotes that stars might regret including Darren Day's statements of his engagement to Tracy Shaw
Same issueSoapsThe best present ever (the Mallett twins)
19th December to 1st January 1999Soapvine: One-hit wonderJohnny Brigg's desire for a hole in one at golf
Same issueSoapsWe'll miss you (Preview of Alf's departure on New Year's Day)


Issue dated Title Content
2nd January to 8th JanuarySoapsNaughty Nat's now Queen of the Rovers
Same issueSoapsThe Pub's Hall of Fame (Past landlords and landladies of the Rovers Return)
Same issueSoapsA new shock for Audrey
Same issueSoapvine: Spicing up JaneJane Danson reveals that Leanne was originally going to be a Goth
9th January to 15th JanuaryKnockout!Major interview with Jacqueline Pirie
Same issueSoapsIs Alison the one for Kevin?
Same issueSoapsNew Year, New Faces (in soaps including Sharon Gaskell)
Same issueSoapvine: All right?Sue Nicholls on her inability to gauge left from right
16th January to 22nd JanuarySoapsNatalie gets tough
Same issueSoapsKev dashes Sally's hopes
Same issueSoapsQuote from Michael Crawford who says he once auditioned as Elsie Tanner's boyfriend and would love to be Natalie's new man
23rd January to 29th JanuarySoapsQuote from Adam Rickitt that his biggest fear in life is that he won't meet his soulmate
Same issueStuck in a Street time warpReturning characters from the past - Eunice Gee, Vicky Arden, Blanche Hunt and Sharon Gaskell
30th January to 5th FebruaryFrom Cradle to Grave: ApplyingBryan Mosley has asked for a part in The World is Not Enough
Same issueIt's all mine - and I’m not sharing with any man!Major interview with Vicky Entwistle
Same issueSoapsQuote from Julie Goodyear that you can never have enough wardrobe space
Same issueSoapsNaughty Natalie?
Same issueSoapvineBruce Jones on his hope not to have to go to hospital after Les's treatment of Martin
Same issueI followed my Denise onto the Street…Interview with actor Vin Welch who appeared as Des Barnes's father Bob Barnes
6th February to 12th FebruarySoapsIan is tempted
Same issueSoapsCould Roy be a love cheat?
Same issueSoapvine: Love matchNaomi Radcliffe promises to be a match for Sally Webster
Same issueTina on TV: Wish 'em wellThe writer wishes for Ken and Deirdre to get back together
13th February to 19th FebruarySoapsWowie, it's Bowie (the 70's night)
Same issueSoapsRoy's Love Bombshell
Same issueSoapvine: Peek StreetNew video coming out in which Lloyd Grossman goes Through the Keyhole on the Street set
20th February to 26th FebruaryThe InsiderSally Whittaker supporting Daffodil Day on behalf of Marie Curie cancer care
Same issueSoapsWill Kevin lose the girls?
Same issueSoapvine: Fingertip controlDenise Welch says that Natalie's mark as a landlady will be her nails
Same issueSoapsQuote from Adam Rickitt about how he'd attract girls at a party
Same issueTina on TV: Give us a flushTV Polska has bought 150 episodes of Coronation Street
Same issueTina on TV: Chin chin Bet!Comments about recent press pics of Julie Goodyear's weight
27th February to 5th MarchThe InsiderHe came, he sword, he conquered (Tribute to Bryan Mosley, featuring his past work as a stuntman)
Same issueThe XXXXX FilesFamous kisses on television including Mike and Deirdre in 1983
Same issueSoapsWill Betty blab on love-rat Ian?
Same issueSoapvine: Tribute to AlfA statue of Bryan Mosley may be erected in his home town of Shipley
6th March to 12th MarchSoapsWill Sharon find out the truth too late?
Same issueSoapsA bit more of a do (Billy and Becky Mallett's christening)
Same issueSoapvine: Bev's mini horrorBeverley Callard admits she couldn't bear watching herself but has not ruled out a return to the programme
13th March to 19th MarchSoapsWe're having a baby…But how will we cope? (Nick/Leanne)
Same issueSoapsPull the other one - isn't that the girl from the Street? (Dawn Acton interview)
Same issueSoapsQuote from Michael Le Vell on not doing specialised research for storyline of Kevin losing the girls
20th March to 26th MarchSoapsWill Tracie stay in the Street - Tracie Bennett interview
Same issueSoapvine: Trouble's brewingBrian Park on never offering actors who he's sacking a cup of tea to avoid embarrassing waits
Same issueSoapsQuote from Adam Rickitt on his impending pop career
27th March to 2nd AprilCover
1999 27 March to 2 April
Same issue'He was there in the bushes. I looked the Ripper straight in the eye'Bruce Jones interview - incident was 22nd years before when he and a workmate found one of the Yorkshire Ripper's victims
Same issueSoapsYou're the love of my life - feature on Ken and Deirdre's past loves and flings
3rd April to 9th AprilSoapsThis baby is wrong for us (Nick/Leanne)
Same issueSoapsWill Jessica give her blessing?
Same issueSoapvine: Cut and driedTom Wisdom's girlfriend is Emma Linley of Family Affairs
Same issueSoapvine: Denise's top tipsDenise Welch on not feeling the cold in Natalie's skimpy tops
Same issueSoapvine: Femme FayetaleA "Raunchy" film with Gaynor Faye, Fanny and Elvis, is due out in the Autumn
Same issueWin Lunch with a Soap StarCompetition to win lunch with star of Coronation Street or Emmerdale
10th April to 16th AprilSoapsWill Julia have her wicked way with Mike?
Same issueSoapsSmiles and fury as Kevin returns
17th April to 23rd AprilSoapsLousy Les turns the big day into a circus
Same issueSoapsIt all ends in tear for Nick
Same issueSoapvine: Fine FiguresOrnaments of Coronation Street characters are to be created
Same issueSoapvine: Shaggy Dog TailMore on the missing Scamper - Daran Little admits that they forgot to add a line in about the dog when Shane Mallett recently visited his brother
Same issueTina of TV: Nice Trunk, shame about the woodwork!Viewers nominate wooden actors including Adam Rickitt
24th April to 30th AprilSoapsLove-rat Mike faces blackmail
Same issueSoapvine: On the soap trailThe Winged Fellowship, a charity for disabled people and their carers, recently visited the set and raised funds by an auction of soap memorabilia including one of Emily's dresses
Same issueSoapsQuote from David Neilson on Monica Lewinsky and her supposed similarity to Marilyn Monroe!
1st May to 7th MaySoapsWatch out Sally! Bad boy Greg's back on the Street (Stephen Billington interview)
Same issueSoapvine: Nick's big ideasJane Danson on why Nick and Leanne would never have worked out.
8th May to 14th MayCoverTo be added
Same issueThere's never been a story like it!Editor Peter Genower on the Greg/Sally storyline and the two part cover
Same issueSoapsRevenge! Greg's gunning for Mike
Same issueSoapvine: Really steamyBetty's hotpot is real, unlike the Rovers drinks, but just before a take, hot water is poured over it to make it steam
Same issueSoapsQuote from Adam Rickitt on how he is not the next Bob Marley
Same issueTina on TV: He's one hot dogRoy Hattersley's dog, Buster, made a lunge for one of Betty's hot pots when he recently visited the set to film "soap secrets"
15th May to 21st MayCoverTo be added
Same issueSoaps uncoveredTV Times writer Donna Hay discusses the nominations for awards at the soap awards including David Neilson as best actor, Jane Danson as sexiest female, Barbara Knox as best actress, Bruce Jones for best comedy performance, Sally Whittaker for best dramatic performance, Roy & Hayley for best couple, Les and Greg for best villains. She also gives her best awards including Bruce Jones and Adam Rickitt for overacting
Same issueSoapsSally's hostage terror
Same issueSoapvine: Tom's TemptressesTom Wisdom on his liking for older women
Same issueSoapvine: Never in the looJulie Hesmondhalgh on being starstruck herself - the title refers to her once asking someone for an autograph in the toilet
22nd May to 28th MayThe Insider: From the Kabin to HollywoodTracie Bennett presents "Tracie goes to Hollywood" on GMTV this week
Same issueInsider: From the cradle to the graveTracy Shaw is going out with a Habitat manager after her broken engagement to Darren Day
Same issueIt's the Great Bafta Bashta!Tracy Shaw and Denise Welch pictured at the BAFTA's
Same issueSoapsCarry on Camping
Same issueSoapvineFiona Allen has blasted reports that she is to be a Coronation Street regular as rubbish and hates her age being quoted incorrectly
Same issueSoapsYou're my son, I say son (Fred/Ashley)
Same issueWe've got designs on LesBruce Jones in a fashion shoot for suits
29th May to 4th JuneCradle to grave: ChargingJohnny Briggs to appear on drink-driving charges later this month
Same issueSoapsQuote from Elizabeth Dawn that he favourite part in life is that of a grandma
Same issueSoapvineJulie Hedmondhalgh's mum saw she had "Hayley's mum" on her dental record on a visit recently
5th June to 11th JuneSoapsAlma's shock move
Same issueSoapvine: Loveless matchJane Danson quashes speculation that Leanne and Ashley could get together
12th June to 18th JuneThe Insider: FactFiona Allen's grandfather was Harry Allen, executioner of Derek Bentley, James Hanratty and Ruth Ellis
Same issueSoapsLinda's set for sexy overtime with Mike
Same issueSoapsAshley paints with passion
19th June to 25th JuneCoverTo be added
Same issueCradle to grave: WalkingJohnny Briggs received a 14-month driving ban
Same issueCradle to grave: SplittingSimon Gregson has split up with his publicist girlfriend
Same issueHeartbreak has made me so strongMajor interview with Tracy Shaw
Same issueSoapsRomeo father and son propose to have a ball (Ashley/Fred)
26th June to 2nd JulySoapsCan Les fight off love rival Owen?
Same issueSoapsI will for love, not money (Ashley/Maxine)
Same issueSoapsQuote from Tracie Bennett on her fight to remain slim
3rd July to 9th JulyThe InsiderResponse to viewer's letters about dress worn by Tracy Shaw on recent cover
Same issueSoapsI'm the mumbling wreck, not Alison (Naomi Radcliffe interview)
Same issueTina on TV: Tongue-tied turn-offsKissing scenes that the writer dislikes including Mike Baldwin and Julia Stone's recent scenes
10th July to 16th JulyCoverTo be added
Same issueSoapsLeanne's a rebel woman (Jane Danson interview)
Same issueIsn't television just great!Voting centre pull-out for National Television Awards including Naomi Radcliffe (Best newcomer), and Coronation Street for most popular serial drama
Same issueTina on TV: The one that awayDaran Little states that in the storylines Elsie is still living it up in Portugal
17th July to 23rd JulyCradle to grave: PassingMention of Fred Feast's death at the age of 69
Same issueSoapvine: no titleBruce Jones almost took car at Manchester Airport meant for Toyah Wilcox that she thought was for his on-screen daughter
Same issueSoapsGlam bam, that's Mike's ma'am (Linda)
24th July to 30th JulyThe Insider: Street Nay-boursPreview of the storyline of the Coronation Street residents at Haydock Racecourse
Same issueSoapsNow Alma can hit Mike where it really hurts
Same issueSoapvine: no titleGary Mallett isn't being axed when Gaynor Faye leaves and she is hoping the character isn't being killed off
31st July to 6th AugustSoapsFatal attraction for Maud?
Same issueSoapsHe'll wow 'em in the aisles (Ken Barlow)
7th August to 13th AugustCoverTo be added
Same issueSummer Soap Specialeight-page special: Mad, bad and dangerous to know (Bitches including Linda Sykes, Baddies including Terry Duckworth), The Famous Five (five memorable soap storylines - Coronation Street's is Deirdre in prison), How Brian makes the soaps sizzle (Brian Park interview), Links between soap stars, Soap Holidays Uncovered (including Majorca in 1974 and Blackpool in 1989),
Same issueSoaps: No titleBruce Jones on his attempts to cut down smoking
Same issueSoapsWill it be a total eclipse of the heart? (Martin Hancock interview)
Same issueSoapsDouble trouble (Return of Terry Duckworth)
14th August to 20th AugustCradle to Grave: DatingMartin Hancock is seeing ex-lap dancer Gaynor Britt Royle
Same issueCradle to grave: ReaffirmingKevin Kennedy and wife Clare have renewed their vows in Mexico three years after their Caribbean wedding
Same issueThe big quiz£1000 prize, includes questions on soap locations
Same issueSoapsLove dilemmas for the girls (Kevin/Alison)
Same issueSoapvine: No titlePreview of James Gaddas joining show
21st August to 27th AugustInsider: SnapshotsDenise Welch at premiere of Wild Wild West
Same issueInsider: From cradle to grave: ReturningJulie Goodyear returning in Brighton Special
Same issueSoapsWhat's so bad about Alison?
Same issueTina on TV: Burble and squeakCharacter's voices who annoy viewers including Ashley Peacock
28th August to 3rd SeptemberInsider: From cradle to grave: FightingBill Waddington's wish to return to Coronation Street even though he's battling Parkinsons
Same issueSoapsVinnie's tempted by Natalie
Same issue50 of the dumbest things TV's doneIncluding Deirdre's "saucer-shaped" specs, allowing Tracie Bennett to take over Lorraine Kelly's holiday spot on TV-AM and Linda and Mike never kissing
4th September to 10th SeptemberSoapsKevin's fears for his girls
Same issueWhat’s in store for soapsPreview of upcoming storylines
11th September to 17th SeptemberSoapsThey can't resist each other (Sally/Danny Hargreaves)
Same issueSoapsTyrone's flat out for fame (Alan Halsall interview)
Same issueSoapsA matter of (bad) taste - photo essay as Alan Halsall shows off the sets of the Park Road B&B
Same issueSoapvineAdam Rickitt on working at a posh golf club where he was treated badly by the players
18th September to 24th SeptemberCover
1999 18 to 24 Sep
Same issueSoapsLoser-in-love Sharon wants to end it all
Same issueSoapsSo happy I cried real tears (Tracy Shaw)
Same issueSoapsJudy's shock departure
Same issueSoapsQuote from Martin Hancock that an agent told him that his looks meant that he could only be cast as a junkie
25th September to 1st OctoberSoapsWhat the blazes are you doing, Ian?
Same issueSoapsIt's my fault she's dead (Gary Mallett)
2nd October to 8th OctoberInsider: From cradle to grave - returningNews that Dawn Acton is returning for Ken's 60th birthday
Same issueSoapsHas Terry got away with it?
Same issueSoapsBaby sparks a Gail warning
9th October to 15th OctoberInsider: Corrie stars are up India's streetIndia Farmer, a six-year old who has overcome leukaemia, on a visit to the street set
Same issueTonight Matthew I'm going to be Petula ClarkInterview with Denise Welch as she appears on Star in their Eyes - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsSaloon brawl sparked by salon squall (Tom and Duggie Ferguson)
Same issueSoapsThe icing on the cake for Ken
16th October to 22nd OctoberInsider: From cradle to grave - engagingIan Mercer is to marry partner Susan Fenwick next year
Same issuePromising start to 2000The stars pledges for millennium charity work including Elizabeth Dawn and Sally Whittaker
Same issueSoapsWill mum bond with newlyweds (Doreen Heavey)
23rd October to 29th OctoberCover
1999 23 to 29 October
Same issueSoapsLove rat Ian gets a second chance
Same issueSoapsIt's Corrie 2000 (offer for Coronation Street calendar)
Same issueSoapvineGeorgia Taylor on the studio lights making the actor's hair look so shiny
Same issueCan the young guns triumph?Article on National Television Awards with spotlight on young soap stars including Alan Halsall, Naomi Radlciffe, Steven Arnold, Julie Hesmondhalgh
30th October to 5th NovemberSoapsSharon's whacko wedding
Same issueSoapvineTracy Shaw on having to really cut a man's hair when doing a public appearance
Same issueMonday highlights pageFeatures Our Vera
6th November to 12th NovemberCoverTo be added
Same issueWe'll party like it's 1999National Television Awards with small feature on Coronation Street winning most popular drama serial
Same issueBacks are the new frontsDresses at the National Television Awards with Tracy Shaw featured
Same issueJules shows how to dress for lessJulie Hesmondhalgh at the National Television Awards with a dress that cost her £10 in 2nd hand shop
Same issueIt's a wrap for TV's hot starsMore dresses including Naomi Radcliffe
Same issueWhere on earth did they go?TV characters who have moved abroad in their storylines including Nick Tilsley to Canada and Raquel Watts to Kuala Lumpur
Same issueSoapsThree Rovers Return - article on forthcoming spin-off. Julie Goodyear says she spent time in Spain on research on ex-pats
Same issueSoapvineTracy Shaw on missing Jill Summers
13th November to 19th NovemberSoapsA wolf in sheep's clothing (Paul Fox interview and feature on Mark Redman)
Same issueSoapvineSteven Arnold on being a boxing fan
Same issueMake a streetdateReader's offer for calendar
20th November to 26th NovemberInsiderAdam Rickitt on his supposed excitement at buying his first hoover and Tracy Shaw on buying her first digital television package
Same issueSoapsRetail Attraction (Nita Desai/James Kitching)
Same issueTina Baker: Blank it out with MatthewViewer's suggestions for soap merchandise including "Changing rooms the Spider Nugent way" and "Vegetarian Recipes" by Fred Elliot
27th November to 3rd DecemberSoapsThe over sex-ties club - feature on older romances in soaps including Ken and Deirdre and Gail and Martin
Same issueSoapvineCarolyn Reynolds on her hope for more spin-offs after the Brighton special
Same issueSoapsMike's sobering night in jail
Same issueTina Baker: Oh deer, oh deer!The writer's favourite comedy talents are in Coronation Street - Ashley and Tyrone
4th December to 10th DecemberSoapsGive us a smile, Ashley - Donna Kay on the lack of humour from some soap characters including Ashley (in contrast to Tina Baker last week!)
Same issueSoapsAre the nurses carrying on? (Martin and Rebecca)
11th December to 17th DecemberThe very best TV shows in the world, ever!The last of countdown which has been appearing in the magazine for several months linked to the millennium as decided by the editors. As the top ten is reached, Coronation Street is in at No 8. (Blackadder is No. 1)
Same issueSoapsLeanne takes Mark for a dope
18th December to 31st DecemberWelcome to ChristmasOn the editor's page, Tracy Shaw welcomes readers dressed as an angel
Same issueSoapsIs it nookie for afters, Natalie? (Coronation Street's Christmas storylines)
Same issueSoapsThe festering season - famous Christmas storylines from the past including births, deaths and weddings
31st December to 7th JanuarySoapsWell, look who's back! (Raquel)
Same issueSoapsLike father, like son (Mark Redman)
Same issue SoapvineDenise Welch is looking to buy a family home near Manchester
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