Note: Almost all details below are taken from the "Granada" edition of TV Times which covered the programme's home region until 2005, thereafter the "England" edition is used.

Note: As per 1997 onwards, many of the soap page articles were generically focused on the storylines and contained little additional information from the actors or anyone else concerned by way of opinion and usually just repeated information concerning what was going to happen within the episodes. A comparison between the headline of the articles and the episodes shown that week will illustrate what the article refers to and no further explanation below is necessary. Where the headline is not explicit enough, the information in brackets contains additional information.


Issue dated Title Content
8th January to 14th JanuarySoapsOur winter of discontent - upcoming soap storylines including Gail Platt's travails.
Same issueSoapsI love dressing up with my lump (Naomi Radcliffe interview)
15th January to 21st JanuarySoapsJim pays the price of love for Gwen
22nd January to 28th JanuarySoapsKev's cheating heart
Same issueTina Baker: Better the devil you knowThe columnist comments on the more down-to-earth storylines that UK soaps have over their US counterparts saying that characters such as Ken Barlow and Rita Sullivan can be truly believed in.
29th January to 4th FebruaryWho hit the high notes when they waved goodbye?Linked to an interview with Sarah Lancashire, other soap stars who left their shows and their subsequent fate - includes Julie Goodyear and Adam Rickitt
Same issueSoaps: Will the soap bubble ever burst?An article which asks if the plots will become more outlandish as the soaps occupy more time in the schedules
Same issueSoapsCan Les stand?
5th February to 11th FebruarySoapsHands off my man, sister (Natalie Barnes/Debs Brownlow)
Same issueTina Baker: The eyes have itTina Baker makes a comparison between the eyes of Alison Webster and frog's eyes grown in a Japanese lab from embryo cells
12th February to 18th FebruarySoapvineJacqueline Pirie on holding her stomach in when she wears Linda Sykes's "skimpy" tops
19th February to 25th FebruarySoapsExpecting trouble… (Sarah Louise Platt)
Same issueSoapvinePaul Fox on his lack of success with women
26th February to 3rd MarchCoverTo be added
Same issueHaunted by Ena SharplesArticle on the programme's first ever official website
Same issueThe making of a superbitchInterview with Jacqueline Pirie
Same issueMayhem in the makingJacqueline Pirie's evolving "bitch" character in the soaps from Tina Dingle in Emmerdale to Linda Sykes in Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsGail's bizarre bid to help her girl
Same issueSoaps: The story so farWhy Ken's a man of mystery - the mysteries that the character has thrown up including his own children missing over the years
4th March to 10th MarchInsider: from cradle to graveRecovering (Bruce Jones is receiving counselling for stress) Passing (Louise Duprey has died)
Same issueSoapsFatal Attraction (Hayley Cropper/Stuart Leigh)
Same issueSoaps: The curse of mother superiorsSoap mothers who meddle including Blanche Hunt
11th March to 17th MarchSoaps: Men leap on the marriage-go-roundUpcoming soap marriages including Mike Baldwin and Linda Sykes
Same issueSoaps: The story so farLet's kiss goodbye to mismatches - includes Martin Platt and Rebecca Hopkins
18th March to 24th MarchSoapsMark's syked out again
Same issueSoaps: The story so far"Some mothers do have 'em" - article on troublesome kids including Sarah Louise
Same issueTina Baker - at least Woody does the gardeningA reader suggests Les Battersby and Woody Woodpecker are look-alikes
25th March to 31st MarchInsider: from cradle to graveDating: Jimmi Harkishin is dating "shopgirl" Caroline Jones
Same issueSoapsNo tears for Tony
Same issueSoapvineDavid Neilson and John Bowe's soccer rivalry
1st April to 7th AprilElsie Tanner made us quiverContents page has large picture of Patricia Phoenix from the 1960s to tie in with transmission of The Unforgettable Pat Phoenix
Same issueSoapsNatalie keeps her grief buried
Same issueSoapvineNaomi Russell on her new character of Bobbi Lewis
Same issueSoapvineMark Fox on being intimidated by his female fans
8th April to 14th AprilSoapsRebecca's sick of it all
Same issueSoapvineJacqueline Pirie looking for a house in Manchester
Same issueI'm tuned into thinking things work without alcoholMajor Q&A with Kevin Kennedy in an article in the series "In the chair with…". It concentrates on his successful battle with alcohol - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueTina Baker: a Pat on her backThe writer compares Pat Phoenix to today's soap stars and says "Eee, chuck, they don't make 'em like that any more"
15th April to 21st AprilSoapsDrug dealer puts Leanne in a fix
Same issueSoapvineSean Wilson has become a dad for the second time as his wife Gaynor has a girl called Maisie
22nd April to 28th AprilSoapsBig build up fizzles out (Debs Brownlow/Duggie Ferguson)
Same issueSoapvineRebecca Sarker on her plans to travel to India when she leaves Coronation Street
29th April to 5th MayInsider: from cradle to graveCelebrating: Elizabeth Dawn has been made Mayoress of Leeds
Same issueSoapsBlind Passion (Martin/Rebecca)
Same issueSoapvineITV's year of promise features Elizabeth Dawn, Alan Halsall and Sue Nicholls's pledges for charity
6th May to 12th MaySoapsJez is murder for Steve
Same issueSoapvineKevin Kennedy states Curly Watts's love life is starting to look up
13th May to 19th MayWater BabePosed picture of Tracy Shaw swimming and comments that she is on the fast track to becoming a lynchpin of the street
Same issueWhose faces will fit the BAFTA mask?Comments on the nominees including Coronation Street in the Best Soap category
Same issueSoapsRebecca wants to be in Nita's shoes
Same issueSoapsElizabeth Dawn comments on having wind on her first TV appearance in an advert
Same issueSoapvineNaomi Russell says she was an ugly duckling at school
Same issueTina BakerCaptions invited to a photo from a British Telecom advert of Ena Sharples with a photoshopped hairnet of gargantuan proportions
20th May to 26th MaySoapsCoffee break causes a stir (Martin Platt/Rebecca Hopkins/Sally Webster/Danny Hargreaves)
Same issueTina Baker: My soap flakesAhead of the Second British Soap awards, the writer gives her own winners including Les for the "Mouth Almighty Shield", and Jez for the "Pointy tail and horns award"
27th May to 2nd JuneInsider: Ant's a love bugJill Halfpenny interview with the admission that her first boyfriend was Ant of "Ant and Dec" fame
Same issueSoapsLinda drives Mark to distraction
Same issueSoapsJill Halfpenny on not being recognised
Same issueSoapvineSean Wilson's wife has banned their two-year old son Callum watching Coronation Street after he got confused seeing Martin kissing Rebecca
Same issueSoapsSal should look to her own affairs - writer Donna Hay gives her opinion that Sally shouldn't interfere in Martin's private matters
3rd June to 9th JuneCoverTo be added
Same issueOpening shotEditor Peter Genower writes a piece on the index page on Tina O'Brien to introduce the main article in the magazine
Same issueRising starsMajor feature on upcoming stars of TV - main focus is on Tina O'Brien with a two-page spread and interview
Same issueSoapsBaby snatch terror
Same issueSoapvineMartin Hancock's future plans after leaving Coronation Street and Jill Halfpenny on being pleased that her character isn't glamorous in looks
Same issueTina Baker: Beware! Street cleaners at work…As the media speculates on Coronation Street characters who are getting the chop, the writer comes up with her not-so-serious suggestions - Alma, Gail, Betty, Ken, Blanche, Deirdre, Duggie, Debs, Emily and Steve
10th June to 16th JuneI'm single and I'm great in bedJulie Hesmondhalgh interview in the series "In the chair with…"
Same issueSoapsRebecca takes flight
Same issueSoapvineChris Bisson on his love of spicy food
Same issueTina Baker: Now that's what I call moisturiserReader's suggestions for Ena Sharples picture captions
17th June to 23rd JuneSoapsJim's burning passion for Gwen
Same issueSoapvinePaul Fox won't be on Stars in their Eyes as he can't sing a note
24th June to 30th JuneSoapsLove-lorn Mark gives Linda an ultimatum
Same issueSoapvineKevin Kennedy is delighted that the writers have organised a girlfriend for Curly
Same issueSoaps: The girls will scare The Python out of his skinDonna Hay on the Rovers hen night
Same issueTina Baker: At 40, Corrie builds on its strengthsThe writer praises the programme's continued strengths as it nears its 40th birthday
1st July to 7th JulySoapsCan Mike's heart take any more?
Same issueSoapvineDenise Welch on resisting pressure from the writers to have Natalie face more tragedies
Same issueSoapvineNaomi Russell on not looking her best in the morning
Same issueSoaps: Life's a pleasure beach...Donna Hay previews the Blackpool storyline
Same issueSunday Highlights PageThe television transmission of Viva Las Vegas! is previewed. The programme is billed under the title Coronation Street special
8th July to 14th JulyCoverTo be added
Same issueInsider: From Cradle to grave - splittingVicky Entwistle has called off her marriage to Seth Gittins
Same issueSoapsTyrone's tower of love woos Maria
Same issueSoapvineJack P. Shepherd on enjoying working on Coronation Street
Same issueSoaps: Knicker king Mike's elastic managementDonna Hay on the non-working workforce at Underworld
Same issueWho's your television turn-on?National Television Awards voting form with nominations highlights Tina O'Brien as best newcomer and Coronation Street as most popular drama serial
15th July to 21st JulySoapsThe lie that makes Mark realise the truth about Linda
Same issueSoaps: New Spider's hard to swallowDonna Hay on the supposed character transformation of Spider into a conventional Ken Barlow-type person
22nd July to 28th JulySoapsIs Spider a lost cause?
Same issueSoapvineAlan Halsall on his delight at his on-screen romance with Maria "at least it means I'm not just kissing Monica the greyhound!"
Same issueSoaps: Age catches up with AudreyDonna Hay on Audrey's supposed 58th birthday celebrations
29th July to 4th AugustSoapsBorn under a bad sign (Bethany Platt's christening)
Same issueSoapvineNaomi Russell on not having to diet as she keeps naturally slim
Same issueSoaps: This war's lost its firepowerDonna Hay on the Ken/Mike feud running out of fuel
Same issueTina: Corrie, a closet case?Tina Baker makes a case for Coronation Street having its first gay character
5th August to 11th AugustCover
2000 5 to 11 August
Same issueSoaps: Even Jez is someone's little angelLee Boardman interviewed in which he says he gets no hate mail and his own favourite TV baddie was JR Ewing of Dallas
Same issueSoapvineTracy Shaw on buying a furby when she got broody
12th August to 18th AugustInsider gossip!: No soft soap for EstherPreview of Six Talk on Granada Breeze channel in which Esther McVey hosts a Coronation Street v EastEnders debate with stars of the shows about their rivalries
Same issueSoapsIs Jez guilty of sending passion flowers?
Same issueSoapvineJames Gaddas blames tiredness for a daft reply he gave on a charity version of Family Fortunes to be shown at Christmas
Same issue£5000 up for grabsCompetition on television which includes Coronation Street questions
19th August to 25th AugustStreet girl hits the roadThe contents page highlights the departure of Leanne Battersby
Same issueInsider gossip!: The sky's the limit for NaomiNaomi Russell on her ambitions to sky-dive and Jennifer James on her keep-sit routine
Same issueInsider news: Soap dragonsChinese TV is to start its own version of Coronation Street called Joy Luck Street with assistance from Granada International
Same issueSoapsLeanne's shock exit
Same issueSoapvineTina O'Brien on enjoying working with the twin babies who play Bethany
Same issueSoaps: Sex is a very grey areaDonna Hay on romance for the over-50's including Coronation Street characters such as Alma, Audrey, Rita, Anthony Stephens and Mike
26th August to 1st SeptemberSoapsWill grieving Kevin Sally forth?
Same issueSoapvineDenise Welch wants to expand her career as a TV presenter
2nd September to 8th SeptemberSoapsFor the love of Mike, what do I do? (Mark Redman)
Same issueSoapvineScott Wright on being mobbed by women who want him to do his python act
Same issueSoaps: School for scandalDonna Hay on soaps problem teenagers including Sarah and Candice Stowe
Same issueTina: In praise of controlTina Baker on soaps such as Coronation Street being more popular with teenagers than the programmes meant for their age-group
9th September to 15th SeptemberCover
2000 9 to 15 September
Same issueSoapsBehind the scenes pictures special on Mike and Linda's wedding including "From glad rags to glam rags" on the dress and "Grubby story" on the food
Same issueIn the chair: Jacqueline PirieInterview with the actress in which she praises Johnny Briggs (who has her name in his mobile phone under "Aggro") and Anne Kirkbride with whom they both got their belly buttons pierced at the same time.
Same issueSoapsJez's punchline
Same issueSoapvineGeorgia Taylor on having a photographic memory
16th September to 22nd SeptemberFrom Cradle to Grave: ExpectingDenise Welch is expecting second child
Same issueSoapsJim's a prisoner of conscience
23rd September to 29th SeptemberSoapsPlatts face marital blitz
Same issueTina: One-star motelIn a piece about the return of Crossroads, the writer reveals she was one of the judges of the BFI's top 100 television shows of all time in which Coronation Street was the only soap to gain a place - at No. 40.
30th September to 6th OctoberFrom cradle to grave: QuittingDenise Welch is promised an "explosive exit" when she leaves the show later in the year.
Same issueSoapsGary's heart belongs in Blackpool
Same issueSoapvineGeorgia Taylor on not being good at sports at school
Same issueSoaps: Mini ha-ha's backDonna Hay on the return of Liz McDonald and other soap characters who return
Same issueTina: Canonisation StreetThe writer on the feast day of St Bartholomew who refused to seduce any more people and St Rita who had a husband who was violent and unfaithful
7th October to 13th OctoberSoapsTerror as Street hostages face gunmen
Same issueSoapvineSuranne Jones on her agent playing a practical joke by telling her his phone call to say that she'd got the part of Karen Phillips was a dream
14th October to 20th OctoberWhat a way to goIn an article to tie in with the death of Victor Meldrew in the final episode of One Foot in the Grave, past TV deaths includes Des Barnes
Same issueSoapsLinda eats humble pie
Same issueSoapvineJulie Hesmondhalgh enjoying being "part of the furniture" for new cast members
21st October to 27th OctoberInsider: The right trousers for TinaTina O'Brien's trousers outfit at the National Television Awards where she won best newcomer
Same issueSoaps: Never a croissant word for Le StreetThe article incorrectly claims it’s the first time episodes have been based wholly outside Weatherfield, forgetting Episode 700 (30th August 1967)
Same issueSoaps: No titleBeverley Callard on crying when she left Coronation Street and crying when she came back!
28th October to 3rd NovemberInsider: Chris's smalls fortuneChris Bisson on his new-found wealth
Same issueSoapsCurly's love boat comes in
4th November to 10th NovemberInsider: Who's the best that ever walked the Street? It's your choiceTwenty-six street characters over the years are available for viewers to choose their favourites in a phone poll. No notable omissions from the "greats" with the possible exception of Minnie Caldwell - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsSmackers lead to a smack (Vinny Sorrell/Debs/Natalie)
Same issueSoapvineSuranne Jones on her tricks to nab a man
Same issueSoaps: Scriptwriters lead the way on baby talkDonna Hay on teenage mothers in soaps and the difficult time they have
Same issueCut out the deja-viewingIn an article on television aping its own successes with similar shows, Donna Hay castigates those soaps that tried to emulate the success of the "Brighton bubble" (Coronation Street - After Hours)
Same issueSaturday's highlights pageHighlights a 1990 evening on ITV2 which includes an episode of Coronation Street from that year
11th November to 17th NovemberSoapsGeena's all ears
Same issueSoapvineScott Wright on being a chocolate addict
Same issueIn my opinion - Tina Baker: Why does TV breed such awful families?The writer contrasts Roy and Hayley's efforts to adopt with some other TV families including the Platts
18th November to 24th NovemberCradle to Grave: PassingElizabeth Bradley has died of a stroke while on holiday in France
Same issueSoapsJack comes up trumps
25th November to 1st DecemberCoverSmall mention that the programme is on six nights this week
Same issueSoapsIs Jim free to marry Liz?
Same issueSoapsTerry gets a cash donation from Jack
Same issueSoapsNow there's a doctor in the house (Matt Ramsden)
Same issueSoapsDenise can't keep mum any more
Same issueSoaps: TV's Street party!Highlights of the 40th anniversary in Forty Years on Coronation Street, the repeat of Episode 1, the live episode with Prince Charles's visit, The Way They Were (Archive footage of Coronation Street stars from past appearances in other roles) and GMTV specials
Same issueTuesday Highlights pageForty Years on Coronation Street
2nd December to 8th DecemberCover
2000 2 to 8 December
Same issueA long time ago, in a dark, dark street….Accompanied by the classic 1966 photo of Ena Sharples on a balcony, Peter Genower, editor in chief, introduces this special issue with a list of notable episode numbers and dates (although the article incorrectly says Episode 930 (24th November 1969) was first colour episode)
Same issueCoronation Street Happy 40th birthday42 classic TV Times covers
Same issueThe Queen of SoapsInterview with Elizabeth Dawn on her history in the show and the differences between her and Vera Duckworth
Same issueWin a Corrie 40th anniversary book and videoCompetition to win 40th anniversary video and Daran Little's book 40 Years of Coronation Street.
Same issueIt's a crying shameTop ten deaths and violence in Coronation Street - May Hardman, Martha Longhurst, Valerie Barlow, Ernest Bishop, Brian Tilsley, Lisa Duckworth, Samir Rachid, Jim McDonald beating up Liz, Des Barnes and Alison Webster
Same issueIt's our Street too!TV Times special photoshoots over the years including behind the scenes in 1976, Belle Vue in 1970, Majorca in 1974, Woburn Abbey in 1973 (dated 1975 in article) and Blackpool with Bet Lynch, Rita and Mavis Riley in 1985.
Same issueDown our StreetVisitors to Coronation Street including the Queen and Dustin Hoffman in 1982
Same issueWedding bellesCoronation Street weddings including Len/Rita in 1977, Gail/Brian in 1979, Ken/Deirdre in 1981, Mike/Susan in 1986, Mike/Linda in 2000 and Stan and Hilda Ogden's 40th anniversary in 1983.
Same issueUp close and personalBehind the scenes photos that the magazine has taken of the stars including Violet Carson stripping off her costume down to her underwear in her dressing room in 1969!
Same issueWeatherfield womenInterview with Suranne Jones, Tracy Shaw, Jennifer Jones and Samia Ghadie - four new faces on Coronation Street
Same issueHilda gets your voteHilda wins the all-time favourite character phone poll with 25% of the votes cast. Deputy Editor Roger Fulton interviews the actress and presents her with a framed 1985 cover of herself on the front of the magazine
Same issueWin a signed 'street stars' printCompetition to win signed painting of characters, past and present
Same issueSaturday's highlights pageThe extra episode is previewed as well as All Star Family Fortunes with Coronation Street v Emmerdale stars
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe live and and first episode repeats are previewed
9th December to 15th DecemberReview of the yearIncludes top ten TV deaths with Jez Quigley at No. 4
Same issueSoapsPeter's passion explodes as Liz calls time on his advances
Same issueSoapvineSteven Arnold on his friendship with John Savident
Same issueSoaps: So we go no more a Rovering?Donna Hay speculates on who the next Rovers landlord will be
16th December to 22nd DecemberContents pageSpecial photo of Tracy Shaw coming out of a Christmas present as a lead-in to next week's double issue
Same issueSoapsThe icing on the Christmas cake (Martin/Rebecca)
Same issueIn my opinion - Tina Baker: Corrie - not waning, but drowning…The writer's predictions as to what Coronation Street will look like in forty years, including being on stilts due to floods caused by global warming
Same issueWednesday highlights pageThe Way They Were - Coronation Street is previewed. 8.00pm
23rd December to 5th January 2001Contents pageNaomi Russell and Suranne Jones in a further Christmas present picture
Same issueSoapsCop Emma gets her man
Same issueWednesday highlights pageKen and me, a documentary profile of William Roache is previewed


Issue dated Title Content
6th January to 12th JanuarySoapsLinda, the Iron Landlady
13th January to 19th JanuaryInsider: Magazine fit for a princePrince Charles visits the TV Times offices and receives special framed one-off cover of him visiting Coronation Street set
Same issueSoapsAdam gets the pip at being the apple of Ken's eye
Same issueSoapvineKevin Kennedy's wife Clare is counselling other alcoholics in gratitude after her husband kicked his own addiction
Same issueSoaps: a moving story of family breakdownsDonna Hay on soap storylines when family members return for one-off reasons - weddings - but don’t appear at other times of crisis. She refers specifically to return of Susan Barlow
20th January to 26th JanuaryInsider: Who are TV's most romantic couple?A phone poll includes Roy and Hayley, Curly & Raquel and Jack & Vera
Same issueSoapsPride and boy for the Street's big daddies (Mike/Adam and Roy & Hayley's successful adoption interview)
27th January to 2nd FebruarySoapsMike's mad about the boy
Same issueSoapvineSue Nicholls on how she will miss Amanda Barrie when she leaves the programme
Same issueSoaps: All the fun of the fare for budding cabbiesDonna Hay on the sudden appearance of cab firms in soaps including Street Cars
3rd February to 9th FebruaryInsider: We're happy to be hunksArticle introducing Jason and Todd Grimshaw and an interview with the actors
Same issueSoaps: Nothing but troubleSpecial feature on teens in soaps including Sarah Lou (spelt Sara) in Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsFighting talk (Kevin/Danny)
10th February to 16th FebruaryWe love to love yaResults of phone poll - 5th: Roy and Hayley, 12th: jack and Vera, joint 15th: Curly and Raquel (Homer and Marge Simpson were first)
Same issueSoapsOld rivalry won't be buried (Susan's funeral)
Same issueSoapvineTina O'Brien on the limitations of the programme's sets
Same issueSoapvineJacqueline Pirie on her ambition to sell one of her paintings
Same issueSoaps: More a massacre than a St Valentine's DayDonna Hay on the Valentine Day's storylines in soaps including Sam Kingston selling kisses in Coronation Street
17th February to 23rd FebruarySoapsWould you Adam and Eve it? (Ken's proposal of marriage)
Same issueSoapvineJohnny Briggs reckons he suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder
Same issueSoapvineSteven Arnold would like Ashley Peacock to have a raunchier screen image
24th February to 2nd MarchSoapsLinda says knickers to brotherly love
3rd March to 9th MarchSoapsWill copper come a cropper? (Emma Watts)
Same issueSoapvineNaomi Russell would love to appear on Graham Norton's show
Same issueSoaps: Deirdre's out to Dev-our our dishy shopkeeperDonna Hay on the Dev/Deirdre storyline
10th March to 16th MarchCover
2001 10 March
Same issueI dreamed of sexy nights with Ken BarlowInterview with Angela Lonsdale who says she and boyfriend Perry Fenwick predicted they'd be in EastEnders and Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsAdam is a daddy's boy
Same issueSunday Highlights Page5000th episode previewed and states ITV bosses have told producers that the storylines need to improve to help the lagging ratings
17th March to 23rd MarchWomen want to kiss me or smack me in the mouthInterview with Jimmi Harkishin who talks about the attention he gets from female fans
Same issueSoapsKen's Alma-geddon
24th March to 30th March She's my Mrs WrightMother's Day interviews with Scott Wright and his mother, Joan
Same issueSoapsDev's hidden bride is staying put
31st March to 6th AprilSoapsDrunken Kevin's a turn-off for Sally
7th April to 13th AprilSoapsIs drunken Kevin a marriage wrecker?
Same issueSoaps: Audrey's in poll positionDonna Hay on the Coronation Street election storyline
14th April to 20th AprilWho gets the Stamp of approvalThe character of PC Stamp in The Bill joins a dating agency and TV Times lines up prospective women for him including Gail Platt.
Same issueSoapsWill Sally's confession ruin her wedding day?
Same issueSoapsDid a Rovers man attack Toyah?
21st April to 27th AprilSoapsDanny can't afford to cry
Same issueSoapsThe finger points at Peter
Same issueSoapvineSally Whittaker is considering renewing her marriage vows to Tim Dynevor
Same issueSoaps: Bring on the subsDonna Hay again laments the absence of characters in soaps in situations when they should be there. For Coronation Street, it's the recent absence of Les and Janice Battersby
28th April to 4th MaySoapsThe silence is broken (Toyah)
Same issueSoapsAlma's bolt from the blue
5th May to 11th MayCover
2001 5 to 11 May
Same issueIt was terrible for my mum to see me like thatGeorgia Taylor interview in which she says her mother found the scenes of her battered very difficult to watch
Same issueSoapsAudrey must be Alma's rock
Same issueSoapvineMalcolm Hebden reveals he thought he'd never be in Coronation Street again after Derek and Mavis were written out
Same issueSaturday's highlights pagePreviews the 100 Greatest TV characters with a photograph of Hilda Ogden
12th May to 18th MayInsider: Georgia loves being browned offGeorgia Taylor on her recent hair colour change
Same issueBattle of the BAFTA'sCoronation Street is highlighted in category of best soap
Same issueSoapsGail's relief and grief
Same issueSoapvineCoronation Street stars are backing a government campaign to get more people to improve skills with adult education classes
Same issueSoaps: What Dev's beans meanDonna Hay on the storyline of the relationship between Dev and Geena
Same issueTV Times GoldPast covers and stories from the magazine. This week it's Mike and Susan's wedding from 1986 but wrongly labelled 1976!
19th May to 25th MaySoapsMarriage is a gamble for Steve
Same issueSoapvineJoan Kempson on her disastrous days on a real-life factory production line
Same issueSoaps: Flaming hell - David's at it againDonna Hay on the latest problems caused by "The Child We Love To Hate"
26th May to 1st JuneThe soaps that get us in a latherBritish Soap Awards article - Coronation Street is nominated in several categories and Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan discuss their soap favourites
Same issueSoapsWill Curly be left holding the baby?
Same issueSoapvineSamia Ghadie on how her mum won't let her become big-headed
Same issueSoapsLife's a drag for the Corrie guys
Same issueSoapsWill Steve and Karen really go all the way
Same issueSoapsSally Lindsay on her lack of obsession about her weight
2nd June to 8th JuneInsiderSally Lindsay on her trick of wearing comfortable trainers behind the Rovers bar to help her aching feet
Same issueSoapsEmma's baby is Maxine's despair
Same issueSoapvineJennifer James on the silly games she and Jimmi Harkishin play between takes
Same issueSoaps: Jason's a real problemDonna Hay on the problems the character is creating for those around him
Same issueTuesday Highlights pagePreview of Soap Secrets (8.30pm) which features Sally Lindsay and Doreen Keogh
9th June to 15th JuneSoapsJealous Linda flings away her marriage
Same issueSoapvineJulie Hesmondhalgh on her idea to make Ronnie Biggs work in an Oxfam shop where his fame would gain lots of custom
Same issueTuesday Highlights pageCoronation Street special episode is previewed
16th June to 22nd JuneSoaps: Inside story of Alma's shock exitInterview with Di Burrows on the research and initial hostile reaction to the storyline of Alma's cancer but the later response from hospitals regarding the number of women asking for cervical scans having ballooned - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueThe Alma yearsPhoto spread of Alma's time in Coronation Street
Same issueSoapvineShobna Gulati on her tears when her son was born
Same issueSoapvineNikki Sanderson on disliking people gossiping about her
Same issueSoaps: Plots go down the tubesDonna Hay on the unrealistic way that infertility treatment storylines in soaps are treated including Maxine/Ashley and the Malletts
Same issueThursday Highlights PageSoap Secrets on Simon Gregson and Suranne Jones's views of their wedding storyline
23rd June to 29th JuneSoapsLoneliness puts Sarah Louise's life online
Same issueSoapvineAngela Lonsdale looking forward to her pregnancy storyline as the padding will keep her warm
Same issueSoapsWilliam Tarmey dislikes the doom and gloom in soaps saying you want to cut your wrists after watching them
Same issueThursday Highlights PageSteven Arnold in Soap Secrets where he spends a day working in a real life butchers
30th June to 6th JulyHomes away from homeStars holiday homes including Beverley Callard's in Elviria, Spain
Same issueIt's Soap-on-seaHoliday destinations for characters in soaps. For Coronation Street, Blackpool and the Lake District but also Barbados for Mike and Susan in 1986 and Paris in 2000
Same issueSoapsWeb of danger? (Sarah)
Same issueSoapvineSamia Ghadie on Maria Sutherland getting a sexier image after a new wardrobe allowance
Same issueTV Times Gold1992 issue with Emily Bishop on the cover but the article concentrates on the start of Eldorado
7th July to 13th JulySoapsSam-pathy for Toyah
Same issueSoaps: Trust me, I'm a doctor!Donna Hay on doctor-storylines in soaps including Matt and Charlie Ramsden's dark secret in Coronation Street
14th July to 20th JulyThey’re devil womenTo accompany an interview with Charlie Brooks from EastEnders, a listing of femme fatale's from soaps - Coronation Street's contribution is Linda Baldwin
Same issue…and we love a bad boy too!Interview with Samuel Kane who reveals they wanted someone cast in the part who wasn't a stereotypical paedophile.
Same issueNo more Jack the CadAn "In the chair" interview with William Tarmey on his singing career, the mellowing of Jack and his health problems
Same issueSoapsDoc's marriage on danger list
Same issueSoapvineKevin Kennedy on his hopes of a record deal
Same issueSoapvine: Pet's cornerPeople's pets who like watching the soaps including a chicken who likes Coronation Street
Same issueSunday Highlights PageJack and Bill highlighted
21st July to 27th JulySoapsIn-tents relationship for Sally
Same issueSoapsAngela Lonsdale on her lack of broodiness for children
28th July to 3rd AugustThe 20 most beautiful people on TVIncludes Naomi Russell
Same issueSoapsRoy and Hayley run into problems
Same issueSoapvine Johnny Briggs says he has no intention to retire, saying last year was the best ever for him in terms of storylines and hours on screen
4th August to 10th AugustGirls behaving badlySuranne Jones and Naomi Russell featured. They share a flat in Manchester and the light-hearted article looks at their domestic life together
Same issueSoapsHayley puts her ex in a spot
Same issueSoapvineNaomi Russell on her £200pm expenditure on CD's.
Same issueSoaps: Divan intervention is just too muchDonna Hay on characters being found in bed together includes Gail Platt and Richard Hillman
11th August to 17th AugustCover
2001 11 to 17 August
Same issue10 shows you must watch this weekRoy and Hayley's ordeal is ranked at No 7
Same issueWhat a difference a year makesInterview with Julie Hedmondhalgh in which she speaks of her "whirlwind" romance with Ian Kershaw, her pregnancy and how much she's enjoyed working on the Wayne Hayes storyline
Same issueSoapsMeaty meetings (Gail introduces Richard to the Platts/Maxine and Eve Sykes call a truce)
Same issueSoapvineAngela Lonsdale on working away from boyfriend Perry Fenwick
18th August to 24th AugustSoapsWill Sally whip up a Gail storm?
25th August to 31st AugustSoapsHayley's freed in the nick of time
Same issueSoapvineSally Lindsay on the reaction she gets from male fans
Same issueSoapvineNaomi Russell on her change from being a "geeky kid"
1st September to 7th September10 shows you must watch this weekFred and Eve's wedding is included - the cover of this issue mentions this event
Same issueFlying too close to the sonFeature on the Fred/Eve wedding and the return of Mark Redman. A spokesman denies that the six-episode week is anything to do with stealing thunder from EastEnders as that programme goes to four episodes a week
Same issueSoapvineSally Whittaker on being pleased that she is not a single mum, like her screen counterpart
8th September to 14th SeptemberTop 10 softiesA list of the gentler men on TV includes Roy Cropper
Same issueWhy these fall-guys have got to goTina Baker on the trend showing men as weak on television. Included in her examples are Steve McDonald and Ashley Peacock
Same issueSoapsSal's affair is a wrench for Kev.
Same issueSoapsPunch-drunk - a list of fights in the Rovers
15th September to 21st SeptemberCover
2001 - 15 to 21 September
Same issue10 shows you must watch this weekCoronation Street at No 6 with Maxine and Matt
Same issueI will always stay faithful to my manInterview with Tracy Shaw on her marriage to husband Robert and her charity - The Tracy Shaw foundation - which aims to help anorexia sufferers
Same issueSoapsCarry on Doctor (Matt/Maxine)
Same issueSoapvineSean Wilson on his liking of cookery
22nd September to 28th SeptemberSoapsYou bet Peter is a marked man
Same issueSoapvineBruno Langley on his bad behaviour at school
29th September to 5th OctoberSoapsNo brotherly love for Charlie
6th October to 12th OctoberSoapsDev's brought to his knees - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapvineSteven Arnold on the raunchy letters he receives
Same issueBorn again mumsDonna Hay on mums in soaps who suddenly seem to show maternal feelings, including Eve Elliott
13th October to 19th OctoberI'd never marry anyone like MaxineSteven Arnold interview on his love of boxing, his friendship with John Savident and where he got Ashley's squeaky voice from (he chose it as a contrast to Fred's booming voice) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsMaxine can't keep a secret
Same issueThursday Highlights PageShort feature on this week's extra episode
20th October to 26th OctoberSoapsWe know you killed her, Mike
Same issueRough justice in soaplandDonna Hay on the Mike Baldwin murder storyline
27th October to 2nd NovemberSoapsFactfile on Jacqueline Kington
3rd November to 9th NovemberWhere did you get that dress?Dresses worn at the National Television Awards including Jennifer James
Same issueSoapsSet alight by passion
Same issueSoapvineTracy Shaw on being married
10th November to 16th NovemberSoapsSpider spins a web of love - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
17th November to 23rd November10 shows you must watch this weekMike Baldwin and Me is at No 3
Same issueJohnny tip-toed his way to the topAccompanied by the TV Times cover of 30th October to 5th November 1965 for No Hiding Place, the article states he wore built-up shoes for the role so that he wouldn't be dwarfed by his co-stars Raymond Francis and Eric Lander
Same issueI'm Corrie's Shirley ValentineVicky Entwistle interview in which talks about the differences between her and Janice. The Shirley Valentine reference is to the Janice/Dennis storyline - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsShocked Toyah gives illicit lovers an ultimatum
Same issueSoapsFactfile on Nigel Pivaro
Same issueFriday highlights pageMike Baldwin and Me is previewed
24th November to 30th November10 shows you must watch this weekStars In Their Eyes Coronation Street Special is at No 2
Same issueA virgin on the Street…Suranne Jones as Madonna in this week's Stars in their eyes Stars In Their Eyes Coronation Street Special
Same issueSoapsThe lovebirds fly off after causing a real flap (Janice/Dennis)
1st December to 7th December10 shows you must watch this weekLife after the Street is at No 8
Same issueSoapsConman Richard has beady eyes on Norris
Same issueFriday highlights pageLife after the Street is previewed
8th December to 14th DecemberSoapsBesieged lovers can't stand the heat (Janice/Dennis)
Same issueSoapsFactfile on the Rovers Return
Same issueSoapvineElizabeth Dawn states she has no plans to retire
15th December to 21st December10 shows you must watch this weekDeirdre and Me at No 7
Same issue2001 revisitedA look back at TV's year includes Coronation Street's baby storyline of Matt and Maxine and the returns of Terry Duckworth and Spider. In a top 10 of 2001's most memorable TV moments, Alma's death comes in fourth (1st was 9/11). In another look at 10 weddings of the year, Tracy Shaw's to Robert Ashworth in June features while Stephen Beckett is in the list of up and coming TV stars.
Same issueSoapsSam's given himself a full service
Same issueWednesday highlights pageDeirdre and Me is previewed
22nd December to 4th January 2015Contents pageTracy Shaw in a Christmas picture
Same issueSoapsMidwife Norris almost delivers the goods
Same issueSoapsKissing Dr Matt better
Same issueSoapvineSally Lindsay on her best hangover cure


Issue dated Title Content
5th January to 11th JanuarySoapsGeena's guilt trip
Same issueSoapvineClare McGlinn on her health consciousness
12th January to 18th JanuaryMy style: Tracy ShawThe actress on her dress and style
Same issueTracy's Salsa-shapedThe actress on her new Salsa video
Same issueSave our soapsTina Baker on how to keep the soaps going with the suggestion that four episodes a week are quite enough
Same issueSuccess came out of the blueInterview with Stephen Beckett on how he met his wife - Anna Brecon - and got the part in Coronation Street when he changed his agent - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsHas Dicky been too tricky?
Same issueSoapsFactfile on Brian Capron
19th January to 25th JanuaryI was brought up on Corrie and chipsInterview with Shobna Gulati who says her immigrant parents started watching Coronation Street forty years ago to find out what life in the UK was like.
Same issueSoapsThe Street's sauciest siren? (Karen)
26th January to 1st FebruaryThe Insider: Truth behind Corrie rumour millPress stories about Coronation Street are debunked, such as eleven characters are to be axed and The Flying Horse is to take a bigger part in the storylines, rivalling the Rovers Return for on-screen time
Same issueThe Insider: Great Scott!Scott Wright is to run the London marathon
Same issueAm I the most hated woman in Britain?Suranne Jones interview on her recent storylines playing "the Queen of mean"
Same issueSoapsEmbarrassing secret of the lady who lunches (Vikram/Hazel Wilding)
Same issueSoapsChris Bisson factfile
2nd February to 8th FebruaryCover
2002 2 to 8 February
Same issueThe soap reportThe state of each of the soaps are analysed by Tina Baker. For Coronation Street, she says the humour and characters such as Karen and Fiz are working but issue-led storylines such as Toyah's rape are not. Kieran Roberts answers the criticisms, denying that there will be a fifth regular episode soon. Viewers criticise the frequent death of characters and the frequency of episodes. Her overall rating is "B+" (EastEnders gets "A")
Same issueSoapsDuggie digs his own grave
Same issueSoapvineSuranne Jones on being proud of her photoshoot for a lad's magazine
Same issueTV Times GoldThe cover of 1st to 7th February 1986 is featured together with Bill Podmore's comments that the couple (Mike Baldwin and Susan Barlow) were incompatible
9th February to 15th FebruarySoaps: Nookie crannies!"An x-rated guide to soap's sauciest locations includes, for Coronation Street, the restaurant toilet used by Linda and Mark, the allotment by Fiz and Tyrone, Underworld by Janice and Dennis, the Red Rec for Toyah and Spider and Reg and Maureen on the waterbed
Same issueSoapsRichard can't bury his guilt
Same issueSoaps: Roy undertakes to bring back funRoy Hudd interview as he joins the programme as Archie Shuttleworth. He states that his intention is to try and bring humour back to the programme though his character.
Same issueSoapvineFrancesca Manning (Sandra Milligan) is a niece of comedian Bernard Manning
16th February to 22nd February10 TV shows you must watch this weekMike Baldwin's birthday puts Coronation Street at No. 5
Same issueSoaps: The life and loves of a he-devilA look back at Mike Baldwin's time in the show with sub-sections covering his fights, health scares, women, being on the "wrong side of the law" and times when there were "trouble at t'mill" - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapvineKevin Kennedy on his lack of chart success with his record Bulldog Nation the previous year (it reached No. 56)
23rd February to 1st MarchSoapsGrannies grab a gunman
Same issueSoapsMe and my girl (Les/Sandra)
Same issueSoapsFactfile: Betty Driver
Same issueStreet's no jokeDonna Hay on the lack of humour in the show, causing EastEnders to pass it in the charts
2nd March to 8th MarchThe Insider: 'I said au revoir, not goodbye'Julie Goodyear returning to the programme in May
Same issueSoapsPizza the action (Todd/Sarah)
Same issueSoapsWhat a cruel blow for Martin
9th March to 15th MarchSoaps: Women really get me madInterview with Chris Bisson
Same issueSoapsIs Sally having second thoughts about Martin?
16th March to 22nd MarchSoapsDisaster for meddling Max
Same issueTV Times GoldThe 6th March 1971 issue is highlighted. Patricia Phoenix’s comments about dropping cigarette ash everywhere is described as "a shadow across the scene" as she died of lung cancer in 1986
16th March to 22nd March2001: Thanks for the memoriesAlma's death is chosen by Michael Parkinson as his soap moment of the year
Same issueSoapsBaby news is unbearable for Charlie
Same issueSoapsMartin's home alone
23rd March to 29th MarchSoapsRichard has his day
30th March to 5th AprilSoapsDr Matt takes a turn for the worse
Same issueSoaps: Bring on the real womenDonna Hay on the departure of Bobbi and the hope they'll be less "glamour girls" and more real women
6th April to 12th April10 TV shows you must watch this weekCoronation Street is at 9th with Maxine’s baby storyline
Same issueSoapsTruth and consequences! (Ramsdens/Peacocks)
13th April to 19th April10 TV shows you must watch this weekThe fire puts Coronation Street at No 10
Same issueThe Insider: Corrie's right to sack meStephen Beckett and Clare McGlinn on leaving the show and their future plans
Same issueSoapsWill Sally be smoked out?
Same issueSoapsAshley keeps mum about being a dad
20th April to 26th AprilKelly's eye on the soapsIn an article on the forthcoming fourth British Soap awards - to be hosted by Matthew Kelly - Tracy Shaw is tipped for best actress and Jimmi Harkishin as sexiest male
Same issueSoapsFred's marriage is on the eve of destruction
Same issueSoapsAshley can't help feeling fatherly
Same issueVanished Linda loses her mysteryDonna Hay on the resolution of the missing Linda Baldwin
27th April to 3rd MayCoverTo be added
Same issue10 TV shows you must watch this weekAshley and the baby puts Coronation Street at 9th in the TV Times chart
Same issueIt's wonderful when people write and say, you saved my life'Interview with Anne Kirkbride which includes her previous health issues with depression and the public admission of this gaining a positive response from fellow sufferers
Same issueSoapsLove conquers all for noble Ashley
Same issueSaturday's highlights pageShows 2DTV which includes a cartoon Coronation Street skit
4th May to 10th MaySoapsDeirdre plays dirty
Same issueSoapsEve goes a'rovering
11th May to 17th MaySoapsWill Richard's ex-wife be his ruin?
Same issueSoapsMiffed Molly walks out
18th May to 24th May10 TV shows you must watch this weekRichard's murder of Patricia puts Coronation Street at No 3.
Same issueStreet fighterArticle on Soap Star Lives which profiles Kevin Kennedy
Same issueSoapsTrouble and strife (Richard/Patricia)
Same issueSoapsWill wedding bells be ringing for Toyah?
Same issueThey just don't travel wellAs Coronation Street goes to Blackpool, Donna Hay laments such trips saying "soap characters never seem to work out of their home environment"
Same issueTuesday Highlights pageSoap Star Lives
Same issueWednesday highlights pageThe British Soap Awards with cartoon by John Ireland of Fred and Jack
25th May to 31st MaySoapsMan of conviction can't be trusted (Joe Carter)
Same issueSoapsStop, thief! (Sarah/Aidan)
1st June to 7th JuneInsider: Razzle-dazzle soap starsDresses worn at the British Soap awards including Shobna Gulati and couples including Angela Lonsdale (with Perry Fenwick), Jennifer James & Lee Boardman, Jack Ryder and Kym Marsh
Same issueInsider: Departure of the pretty boysSpokesman's quotes on the departure of Scott Wright
Same issueSoapsFlying the flag – the soaps’ Golden Jubilee storylines
Same issueSoapsRoy in a rage
Same issueSoapsSarah's party piece
8th June to 14th JuneCover
2002 8 to 14 June
Same issue10 TV shows you must watch this weekCoronation Street is at No 7 for Bet Lynch's return
Same issueLeopard who hasn’t changed her spotsInterview with Julie Goodyear conducted before she went off with sickness that led to her short term return to be effectively shelved.
Same issueJulie's Street life…A look back at Bet's time on the programme
Same issueSoapsYou Bet trouble's brewing!
Same issueSoapsBye, Bet Betty…or is it? (includes a recipe for hotpot, served on the show since 1973)
15th June to 21st JuneSoapsToo young! (Sarah)
Same issueSoapsWar on the factory floor
22nd June to 28th JuneInsider: grapevineThe column reveals that Maureen Lipman is joining the show for eight episodes in July
Same issueSoapsThe Ex factor (Janice/Les)
Same issueSoapsYou have been warned! (Richard/Aidan)
Same issueSoaps: We can't take any more…After Julie Goodyear's health issues and the same with Michelle Ryan of EastEnders, the article looks at the pressure that the increasing film schedules of episodes of soaps are causing to their stars. Bruce Jones and Sarah Lancashire who suffered breakdowns in 2000 and 1993 respectively are mentioned.
29th June to 5th JulyInsider: Picking holes in MaureenMore on Maureen Lipman joining Coronation Street with a photo from the TV Times archives of her modelling a hand-knitted dress in 1976
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tBet's return is labelled a turn-off for viewers
Same issueSoapsSt George or the dragon? (Lillian Spencer)
6th July to 12th JulySoapsNorris lives dangerously
Same issueSoapsIt looks bad for Blanche
13th July to 19th JulyI'm in love with the soapsReal-life soap couples including Jennifer James and Lee Boardman and Angela Lonsdale and Perry Fenwick
Same issueSoapsKidnapped? (Norris/Richard)
Same issueGet your act together, Kev and SalDonna Hay on wanting the two characters to get back together
20th July to 26th July10 TV shows you must watch this weekThe list highlights Nick Tilsley's return to place the show at No 4.
Same issueFrom boy to manAdam Rickitt interview who says he cringes at his earlier appearances in Coronation Street, found his pop career soulless and would like to work on movies in Los Angeles - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsSurprise! (Nick)
27th July to 2nd AugustCover
2002 27 July to 2 August
Same issue10 TV shows you must watch this weekGail's wedding puts Coronation Street at No 7
Same issueSoaps can be good for your healthPlotlines in soaps that have raised awareness of health issues - includes Coronation Street's Alma's cancer plotline
Same issueSoapsJust married! (photospread for Gail's wedding)
Same issueSoapsNow Maria falls head over heels for Nick
3rd August to 9th AugustInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tArchie is placed in the "don't like" section
Same issueWhy Corrie will give me my identity backKeith Duffy interview in which he states he doesn't miss the music business but won't relocate his family from Ireland to join him in Manchester - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issuePassions in fashionAn article on showbusiness couples includes Tracy Shaw and Robert Ashworth
Same issueSoapsTop 10 soap comebacks includes Liz McDonald and Bet Lynch.
Same issueSoapsHello sailor!
Same issueSoapsFool for love (Maria/Nick)
Same issueFriday highlights pageSoap Star Lives with William Roache previewed
10th August to 16th AugustInsider: grapevineGeorgia Taylor is quitting Coronation Street in the new year
Same issueInsider: Fancy a bit of a do?Stars weddings in glamorous places includes Tracy Shaw at Knowsley Hall
Same issueSoapsPlease be mine!' (Nick/Maria)
17th August to 23rd AugustSoaps: Many Happy Returns!Double page special to mark 100 years of the Rovers. Separate sections include "Eeh, Annie luv", "Burning Bet", "Driven to despair" (1979 lorry crash), "Martha meets her maker", "Char's Ta-ra" (Hilda leaves) and "There must be something in the beer" (Mike/Ken fights). A "Did you know" section covers "Licenced to pull" (Landlords), "What's your poison?" (Barmaids), "Dry zone" (Drinks served on set are actually soft drinks or shandys), "It's not real!" (Viewers who think the pub is a real establishment), "Extras! Extras!" (Famous people seen in the pub over the years) and "A loo too far" (The long-standing joke of the toilets leading into Albert Tatlock's kitchen).
Same issueSoaps: Ins and OutsDonna Hay on the Rovers Return and pubs in soaps generally
Same issueSoaps"Don't go!" (Tyrone/Maria)For old time's sake (Kevin/Sally)
24th August to 30th AugustEx-appealIn an article for a programme called "Sex with your ex" about divorced couples who can't keep apart, Kevin and Sally are used as an example
Same issueSoapsRat in a corner (Richard) Sorry, love… (Kevin/Sally)
Same issueTuesday Highlights pageWhen Pat Phoenix met Tony Booth is highlighted
31st August to 6th SeptemberInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tNick and Maria's kissing scenes are labelled a turn-off
Same issueSoapsTold you (Joe/Dev)
7th September to 13th SeptemberTina on the box: Soap overkillTina Baker rails against the extra episode of Coronation Street and the overkill of soaps in the schedules
Same issueSoapsRisky business (Joe/Steve) You drive me crazy! (Audrey/Richard)
14th September to 20th September10 TV shows you must watch this weekFreddie Peacock's christening puts Coronation Street at No. 3
Same issueSoapsThat's my boy! (Ashley/Freddie), This means war (Joe/Dev)
21st September to 27th SeptemberSoapsRichard's bodyblow, Dangerous games! (Geena/Joe/Dev)
Same issueSoapsSoap quotes starts with occasional quotes from Coronation Street stars
28th September to 4th OctoberSoapsGetting away with murder! (Richard), Bad boy Peter finds Lucy irresistible
5th October to 11th OctoberKeep on movingAn article on movement of actors in soaps. For Coronation Street, Jennifer James, Georgia Taylor and Chris Bisson's are highlighted as departures while arrivals are Maria, Ciaran McCarthy, a new un-named family and Mr Woo, played by Teddy
Same issueBeyond our KenWilliam Roache's 1970 fashion shoot for TV Times is recalled
Same issueWhy I had to quit the StreetInterview with Julie Goodyear on her return and quick departure earlier in the year to coincide with the Channel 5 programme The Truth about Julie Goodyear. The reasons given are the press reaction and the pressure of the new schedules with no rehearsals and out of sequence filming - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps'I'm leaving for good!' (Geena) Murder in mind…again (Richard)
Same issueAll the froth: Corrie's back on top!All the froth is a new Tina Baker column - some like those of Donna Hay's are only asides - only firm Coronation Street articles are listed herein. This one concentrates on the show's recent rise back to the top of the ratings and has an aside on suggesting that Fiona could return by Angela Griffin
12th October to 18th OctoberGoing for a gongTips for the National Television Awards with mentions of Brian Capron's impact on Coronation Street
Same issueKen goes walkiesWilliam Roache on the street set with his three Jack Russell dogs to promote the “Take Your Dog to Work” campaign
Same issueSoapsAudrey fears the worst, Caught out! (Peter)
19th October to 25th OctoberInsider: Why Tracy's feeling perky and pinkyTracy Shaw's departure announced with rumours of her career plans
Same issueSoapsSarah's life hangs in the balance - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueAll the frothSamia Ghadie on her extensive collection of jeans
26th October to 1st NovemberInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tJulie Goodyear is given a thumb's up
Same issueInsider: In the pictureNikki Sanderson at the National Television Awards
Same issueSoapsKen lashes out, Sarah breaks Todd's heart
2nd November to 8th NovemberInsider: Who's next for Hillman the kill man?Speculation as to who Richard's next victim will be
Same issueSoapsSally's change of heart, Gambling away his future (Vikram)
9th November to 15th NovemberCover
2002 9 to 15 November
Same issueDawn of a new era?Announcement of Tracy Barlow's return with news that Dawn Acton was told she must audition for the part as Tracy's "changed"
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tNorris and Mr Woo given the thumbs up
Same issueMurder? That's a laugh!Interview with Sue Nicholls on her enjoyment of the Richard Hillman storyline. Also "Sue's past glories" in which the mag looks back at her previous TV roles and her previous work with Brian Capron in Up the Elephant and Round the Castle
Same issueSoapsHas he killed again?
Same issueAll the froth: Did you Know?Helen Worth on her first TV appearance as a 10-year old in Z Cars
16th November to 22nd NovemberBig Brother's secret placeSpeculation that Tracy Shaw is to appear in Celebrity Big Brother
Same issueSoapsSally's not so sure, Audrey gets wise to the killman
23rd November to 29th NovemberSoapsPeter the cheater proposes, Sally snogs the decorator
Same issueAll the froth: No titleKeith Duffy on being more famous in Ireland for Coronation Street than Boyzone
30th November to 6th DecemberInsider: Ford motors into the StreetAnnouncement of Kate Ford as Tracy Barlow
Same issueSoapsIn deep (Vikram), Can't get you out of my heart (Sally/Alex Jordan)
Same issueAll the froth: No titleShobna Gulati on wanting to be the next Laura Croft and Suranne Jones on a disastrous first date
7th December to 13th DecemberEditor's choiceKevin and Sally's wedding is highlighted on the content's page
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tKevin and Sally getting back together gets a thumbs down
Same issueI've enjoyed Sally's affairs'Interview with Sally Whittaker - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSally's verdict on her character's love lifeQuotes from the actress on the various storylines involving Sally Webster's love life
Same issueSoapsWill she or won't she? (Sally) Unwrapping a festive secret (Nelson family)
Same issueSunday highlights pageSeven Days that Shook Coronation Street highlighted. Included are Peter Adamson's arrest, Lynne Perrie's lip surgery, Brian Park's arrival, Julie Goodyear's marriage ending at her wedding reception and EastEnder's start
14th December to 20th DecemberInsider: remembering 2002Includes Julie Goodyear's aborted return to Coronation Street and Ken and Aidan's feud
Same issueSoapsSteve sinks Vikram's plan, Getting Tricky with Dicky
Same issueAll the froth: Plot to die forTina Baker says the Richard Hillman storyline has been the highlight of her soap year. Also, asides from Angela Lonsdale on once getting food poisoning and Malcolm Hebden's fanmail
Same issueTV Times GoldThe 1972 cover with Ena Sharples and baby Jason Lomax is highlighted. Samantha Ferguson is now a 1st assistant director and has a copy of the cover framed in her house. She reveals she was sick on Violet Carson's shoulder during the photoshoot.
21st December to 3rd January 2003SoapsTracy steals her mum's dream man, The bad boy returns (Peter), Will Emily be Tricky Dicky's next victim?


Issue dated Title Content
4th January to 10th JanuaryEditor's choiceKen's trial and Tracy's revelation are highlighted
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tThe Richard Hillman storyline and Coronation Street humour are given the thumbs up
Same issueSoaps’Ken, I've got something to tell you', Tracy moves in with Dev
Same issueAll the froth: Soap starletAngela Lonsdale on the non-acting side of her work such as award shows and photoshoots. Also again Shobna on wanting to be the next Laura Croft
11th January to 17th JanuaryCover
2003 11 to 17 January
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tRichard is given the thumbs up while Maxine leaving gets the thumbs down
Same issueSoapsThe Perfect murder? Also "Who is Richard's latest victim" covers a possible list of people including Maxine, Toyah (Both on the basis that they're leaving the show), Norris, Emily and Jack & Vera. Also "You're the one that I want" (Sarah/Todd)
18th January to 24th JanuarySoapsAshley's grief, Pregnant and Desperate (Maria)
Same issueAll the froth: No titleKeith Duffy on not liking shows such as Popstars
25th January to 31st JanuaryCoverTo be added
Same issueEditor's choiceMaxine's funeral
Same issueI want to get married, too!Brian Capron on how his Coronation Street filming schedule has prevented him arranging his marrying his long-term partner Jacqueline Bucknell
Same issueWhat Brian learned at Grange HillA look back at his part as Stuart Hopwood in Grange Hill
Same issueSoapsGoodbye, Maxine, Man in the middle (John Arnley/Toyah/Maria)
1st February to 7th FebruarySoapsHurt Toyah hits out and says goodbye, I'm just a jealous guy - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueAll the froth: Bed and boredTina Baker on Sarah and Todd sleeping together and a small item on how Simon Gregson views Beverley Callard as being "one of the sexiest soap stars of all time"
8th February to 14th FebruaryInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tTracy gets both the thumbs up and down while two Monday episodes of Coronation Street being interrupted by Tonight with Trevor McDonald gets the thumbs down
Same issueIn the pictureSamia Ghadie at the GMTV 10th anniversary celebrations
Same issueSoapsI could kiss you! (Karen/Joe), Love shock for Les
15th February to 21st FebruarySoapsLover come back to me! (Sunita/Ciaran), Who's the father (Ashley), Peter pops the question!
Same issueAll the froth: No titlePrunella Gee on wanting to host a holiday or home improvement programme
22nd February to 28th FebruaryEditor's choiceRichard's confession is a "not to miss" for the week
Same issueInsider: grapevineSuranne Jones is to marry Jim Phelan next summer
Same issueYou don't expect your husband to be a murderer'Helen Worth on the "gift" of a storyline and the hectic filming schedules - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueBirths, marriages and deathsA look back at Gail's time on the programme
Same issueSoapsGail's world crumbles, Shelley's in for a shock!
Same issueAll the froth: The truth is out thereTina Baker on Richard getting his comeuppance
1st March to 7th MarchSoapsGail's despair, Tracy gives Peter an ultimatum
Same issueAll the froth: No titleJonathan Wrather on being happy to be single
8th March to 14th MarchCoverTo be added
Same issueEditor's choiceRichard's death
Same issueInsider: Winners and losers of the weekCoronation Street's ratings for the Richard Hillman storyline is a winner
Same issueTo kill and hill againA photospread on the crimes of Richard Hillman
Same issueOne more thing…Brian Capron on playing "soap's greatest baddie"
Same issue10 greatest soap baddies everRichard Hillman is No 1 and Alan Bradley at No 7
Same issueSoapsDeath in the canal? Come clean, Peter
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street Special: Richard Hillman Exposed is featured
15th March to 21st MarchInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tThe Richard Hillman confession gets the viewer's thumbs up
Same issueSoapsWill Karen be seduced by Joe? Double-booked! (Peter)
Same issueTV Times GoldThe 12th March to 18th March 1983 Ken/Deirdre cover is featured
22nd March to 28th MarchSoapsWedding woe for love rat Peter, Gail's final goodbye
29th March to 4th AprilCoverTo be added
Same issueTV shows that really upset youThe Broadcasting Complaints Commission has upheld 21 complaints from viewers about the violence in the Richard Hillman storyline
Same issueMum's the word…for fun!Behind the scenes of the photoshoot of the cover with Helen, Sue, Tina and the twins who play Bethany
Same issueSoapsEmma risks everything, For the love of Lucy
5th April to 11th AprilInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tViewers dislike Sally's girls being so cheeky
Same issueThe top 10 unlikeliest sex symbolsIncludes Richard Hillman at No. 3
Same issueSoapsI'm leaving you (Karen/Steve), What Katy did next - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
12th April to 18th AprilEditor's choiceTommy Harris shot
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tKaren/Steve's fights get the thumbs up but Peter's lies get the thumbs down
Same issueSoapsTommy's life hangs in the balance, Get out - and I want the telly! (Steve/Karen/Joe)
19th April to 25th AprilCover
2003 19 to 25 April
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tPeter/Shelley/Lucy triangle gets the thumbs up
Same issueSoapsThat that! (Eileen/Jason) You're fired (Maria/Bev Unwin)
26th April to 2nd MaySoapsSteve blows his chances, A woman scorned (Tracy)
3rd May to 9th MayInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tPlot holes in the Peter and Shelley saga are disliked
Same issueRosie Webster: Terrible teenDenise Robertson gives advice to parents who suffer daughters such as Rosie Webster
Same issueSoapsDon't hurt my mum! (David), Kirk's plan isn't a knockout!
10th May to 16th MayCover
2003 10 to 16 May
Same issueWhy people love KarenSuranne Jones interview on being flattered that the next big storyline after Richard Hillman would involve her and also being nominated for sexiest female and best on-screen partnership at British Soap Awards
Same issueSoapsKaren's led astray, Angry Adam
Same issueWednesday highlights pageBritish Soap Awards is featured, stating that if Brian Capron doesn't get the best villain award, "There will no doubt be more carnage"
17th May to 23rd MaySoapsGuilty! (Les), Katy kisses Martin
24th May to 30th MayInsider: grapevineSally Whittaker expecting her third child in November
Same issueInsider: They wear it wellStars at the Soaps Awards including Sally Lindsay, Samia Ghadie and Nikki Sanderson
Same issueSoapsWally]]!
31st May to 6th JuneInsider: grapevineAnnouncement that Ashley is to be given a new lady in his life
Same issueInsider: The Rover will returnKevin Kennedy's departure from the programme is featured with the promise that he will return "next year" and what other stars who have left are doing now - Georgia Taylor and Katy Carmichael
Same issueSoapsPool fight! Robbing Mike blind
7th June to 13th JuneInsider: grapevineTracy Shaw has split from husband Robert Ashworth and Suranne Jones from fiancé Jim Phelan
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tCoronation Street "sweeping the boards" at the soap awards has pleased viewers
Same issueSoapsI'll give it all up for you (Todd/Sarah), An ex turns nasty (Ashley/Claire/Gary Jenkinson)
14th June to 20th JuneCover
2003 14 to 20 June
Same issueSoapsEnd of the road (Joe - also an interview with Jonathan Wrather on time in show and future plans), Dev's proposal is in ruins
21st June to 27th JuneMy inspirationLucy-Jo Hudson on her 10-year old cousin, Harley, and her struggle with diabetes
Same issueSoapsTracy gets another man, Kiss me Katy
Same issueAll the froth: Weak-willed in WeatherfieldSoap characters who "can't help their feelings" including Martin & Karen though Sally is given as an honourable exception
28th June to 4th JulyInsider: grapevineKevin Kennedy is expecting his first child in Feb
Same issueInsider: Some U like, Some U don'tRoy's driving lessons are liked
Same issueInsider: The power of the flowerStars pictured with flowers, including John Savident
Same issueSoapsHappy returns? (Curly/Emma) Shelley's hen night shocker - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
5th July to 11th JulyInsider: grapevineJulie Hesmondhalgh has married Ian Kershaw and Joe Carter is due to return next year
Same issueInsider: When TV made us flinchPast times that TV has caused controversy including Toyah's rape in Coronation Street
Same issueThe big quiz£1000 to be won in competition that includes Coronation Street questions
Same issueSoapsBack where she belongs (Karen), Now Peter's a dad - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
12th July to 18th JulyHot shotsStars pictured on holiday including Keith Duffy
Same issueSoapsHe's cheating on you, Shelley, Lovers not friends (Martin/Katy)
19th July to 25th JulyCover
2003 19 to 25 July
Same issueThe old ones are the bestOld hits are helping ITV win the ratings war with Coronation Street at No 1 for the year so far with 24th February episode
Same issueShelley, will you take this man…?"Photoshoot behind the scenes of Peter and Shelley's wedding
Same issueSo, will they or won't they?Continuation of the photoshoot with the three alternative endings (Lucy confronts Peter/Shelley gets cold feet/The wedding goes ahead)
Same issueSoapsWill Shelley say 'I do'?, Marry me, Sunita (Ciaran/Sunita)
Same issueAll the froth: Hearts and flowersTina Baker on romance in Coronation Street and the soaps in general
26th July to 1st AugustInsider: Some you like, Some you don't"Toxic Tracy" is both liked and disliked
Same issueSoapsLover's trail of deceit (Martin/Katy), Eileen's worst nightmare
2nd August to 8th AugustEditor's choiceCoronation Street for the Tracy/Roy storyline
Same issueInsider: Winners and losers of the weekPeter and Shelley storyline has proved a big hit in the ratings
Same issueInsider: Are our soaps too violent?Viewer's views. Most say EastEnders is the worst but one criticises the Maxine murder story
Same issueInsider: Prepare to be afraid5 top scary TV moments including Richard's attempt to murder Gail & family charting at No 5
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCoronation Street disappearing from its 7.30pm timeslot is disliked
Same issueTracy the temptressKate Ford interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWicked women of the StreetOther Coronation Street women who have tried feminine wiles: Suzie Birchall, Steph Barnes, Tanya Pooley and Linda Baldwin
Same issueSoapsLet's tell everyone (Martin/Katy), Getting married again? (Steve/Karen)
Same issueAll the froth: What will the neighbours think?Gossips in soaps, mainly Coronation Street with Hilda and Norris
9th August to 15th AugustInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tKaren is liked while on the other hand lots including Martin/Katy and Tracy/Roy are disliked
Same issueCould your mum choose your house?An article about a programme in which people's nearest and dearest choose their houses for them is illustrated by the strange idea of Jack and Vera's stone clad house being picked for Hyacinth Bucket of Keeping Up Appearances
Same issueSoapsWatch your back, Curly, Les wants revenge (also a Bruce Jones interview about his life and hobbies) Leave me alone, mum (Gail/Sarah)
16th August to 22nd AugustInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tPeter and Shelley's wedding is liked
Same issueSoapsI want the truth (Les/Mick), Mechanic Street preacher (Kevin/Martin/Katy)
23rd August to 29th AugustCoverTo be added
Same issueEditor's choiceSuranne Jones on Stars In Your Eyes
Same issueRoy is…Roy!David Neilson as Roy Orbison in Stars In Your Eyes soap stars special on 23rd August along with Suranne Jones in Chicago, Jonathan Wrather as Harry Connick Jnr and Richard Fleeshman as Will Young
Same issueInsider: The name gamePeople who have changed their names including Helen Worth from Cathryn Helen Wigglesworth
Same issueSoapsPay for your child! (Tracy/Roy) Gail's desperate move
30th August to 5th SeptemberEditor's choiceCoronation Street for Curly's departure
Same issueInsider: Bye, bye, Curly, we'll miss youTribute to Kevin Kennedy as he leaves the programme
Same issueSoapsLook who's back (Nick Tilsley), Audrey saves Candice
6th September to 12th SeptemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tTracy is disliked
Same issueSoapsBehind bars (Eileen), He's my child, too (Peter/Lucy/Dan Kelly)
Same issueSoaps: Corrie's greatest goodbyesTo tie-in with Sunday 7th September's special programme (Coronation Street's Greatest Exits). 1st Martha Longhurst 2: Alma Halliwell 3: Richard Hillman 4: Hilda Ogden 5: Teresa the Turkey, which received the most complaints in the programme's history. The programme also includes Alan Bradley and is hosted by Kevin Kennedy
Same issueSunday Highlights PageCoronation Street's Greatest Exits highlighted
13th September to 19th SeptemberInsider: Winners and losers of the weekCurly's last episode with 12.9m viewers is a winner
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tMartin and Katy's affair is a turn-off
Same issueSoapsCaught out at last! (Peter) Yes, I am carrying your child (Tracy/Roy) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderRoy Hudd refused to sign a year-long contract as he wanted to film a follow-up to the David Jason directed drama The Quest and Johnny Briggs has been involved in a near-fatal car accident in Florida
20th September to 26th SeptemberContents pageTommy's attack on Martin is given as a highlight of the TV week
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCoronation Street's Greatest Exits is a hit with viewers
Same issueSoapsI will kill you (Tommy/Martin) Coming after Peter (Lucy) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
27th September to 3rd OctoberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tViewers like David Neilson and Julie Hesmondhalgh "making some ridiculous Corrie plots believable as Roy and Hayley:
Same issueSoapsDivorce - Steve and Karen style, Katy moves in.
Same issueSoap InsiderCasting is taking place for a new character - a builder named David Mason, Ian McKellen has told Samia Ghadie that he wants to be in Coronation Street and Lucy Jo Hudson has no time for boyfriends with her work schedule
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street Secrets - Villains, is highlighted - Dennis Tanner, Terry Duckworth, Alan Bradley, Richard Hillman, Jez Quigley, Joe Carter and Greg Kelly
4th October to 10th OctoberSoapsRead my lips…NO! (Todd/Nick) Revenge is mine (Shelley/Lucy) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderKeith Duffy is planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and Shobna's eight-year old son Akshay hates her kissing scenes
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street Secrets - Deaths is highlighted - Derek Wilton, Alan Bradley, Richard Hillman and Alma Halliwell
11th October to 17th OctoberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCoronation Street is a "top quality soap in cracking form at the moment"
Same issueInsider: Bob and Sue are checkmatesBob Monkhouse and Sue Nicholls are pictured playing chess on the beach at Bournemouth back in 1969 when they were in the pier theatre show "Uproar in the House"
Same issueSoapsYou have to marry me (Roy/Tracy), Now Nick snares Candice
Same issueSoap InsiderAndrew Whyment is to quit the programme in January to appear in Carry On London and it's becoming increasingly difficult to hide Sally Whittaker's Baby bump
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street Secrets - Love Cheats Ken/Mike/Deirdre, Sally/Greg, Dev, Joe Carter, Tracy, Peter Barlow
18th October to 24th OctoberInsider: Shine on Alfie Moon!Nominations for the National Television Awards including Coronation Street
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe gay kiss is voted a winner and a loser as "cynical sensationalism"
Same issueIn the picture: The great TV love trianglesThis photofeature includes Lucy/Peter/Shelley
Same issueSoapsI can't do it, Lucy/I'm not ready (Ashley/Claire Casey)
25th October to 31st OctoberContents pageThe Halloween party is given as a highlight of the week
Same issueInsider: Jim wants to fix Liz's new manPreview of upcoming Blackpool storyline with news of Julie Goodyear's return
Same issueIn the picture; Corrie's Hallowe'en funPhotospread of the character’s costumes - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueOver the moonNational Television Awardsawards are previewed again
Same issueSoapsTracy comes clean to Peter, Can Fiz keep mum?
Same issueSoap InsiderRat catchers had to be called in recently to deal with an infestation on the set
1st November to 7th NovemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe "cheeky kids" in Coronation Street are a turn-off
Same issueSoapsTake that, love rat! (Shelley/Peter), Tracy falls for Steve - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderSuranne Jones would like a Posh/Becks style wedding for Steve and Karen
Same issueSaturday's highlights pageSeven Days that Shook Coronation Street is highlighted (a Channel Four documentary on 1st November at 9.00pm). Included are Julie Goodyear misbehaving at her own wedding reception, Lynne Perrie having her lips inflated, (Richard Hillman and the gay kiss are added to revised programme from last year)
8th November to 14th NovemberInsider: In the picturePhotos from the National Television Awards including Suranne Jones,
Same issueSoapsDon't tell Sunita! (Ciaran/Bev/Betty), Bad boy Peter makes his exit (Chris Gascoyne reveals his most memorable moment was just before his debut in the live episode with Noddy Holder in the Green room, both wondering what they were doing there)
15th November to 21st NovemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tLucy is given a negative reaction as being "scary"
Same issueSoapsRoy and Tracy say I do, Look who's back (Bet) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderCharles Lawson rescued couple of windsurfers from his boat while filming this week's Blackpool episodes
22nd November to 28th NovemberSoapsJim's on the run, Ashley and Claire bed down
Same issueSoap InsiderSean Wilson is leaving the show temporarily to star in TV pilot Celebrity Reality Bites in which he attempts to run a restaurant kitchen on a budget
29th November to 5th DecemberCoverTo be added
Same issueContents pageCoronation Street with Bethany missing and Sarah pregnant is a highlight of the week
Same issueMe sexy? Never!Interview with Tina O'Brien on how she sees herself, her split from Bruno Langley and how she's grown up on the show
Same issueSarah's most sensational storylinesthe six are: Finding out she's pregnant, Beth kidnapped by Alison Webster, the internet sex pervert, the car crash with Aidan, Richard Hillman's attempt to kill her and Todd's gay kiss
Same issueSoapsSunita's not sure , Sarah's week of hell
Same issueSoap InsiderBeverley Callard is pleased that she's not back permanently due to the hard schedules
6th December to 12th DecemberSoapsDon't leave me, Nick / Breaking up, Making up (David/Martin/Gail/Katy)
Same issueSoap InsiderBeverley Callard coming back to show in New Year
13th December to 19th DecemberContents pageTommy rescuing Martin from the car crash is one of the week's highlights
Same issueBest of worst of 2003A review of the year includes "Tricky Dicky" as a top TV moment and the hottest thing on TV, Kate Ford as a rising star, "That kidney was wasted on you" from Deirdre to Tracy as a memorable quote, Julie Hesmondhalgh and Brian Capron's marriages
Same issueInsider: Hold the front page!Presentation of framed covers of the year including 11th to 17th January cover to Brian Capron
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe baby storylines involving Amy Barlow are a hit while Angela calling Katy "Ka'y" is a miss
Same issueSoapsMartin's life hangs in the balance / Nick 'outs' Todd
20th December to 2nd January 2004Contents pageA Christmas photo of Maria, Sarah and Candice for the contents page
Same issueSoap InsiderSally Whittaker on getting back in shape after having her third child and Nikki Sanderson's love of a traditional Christmas
Same issueSoapsWill they, won't they? (Ciaran/Sunita), You're the dad, Steve, Tommy's lie
Same issueSaturday's highlights pageThe Christmas and New Year episodes on Granada Plus are previewed
Same issueMonday highlights pageCoronation Street Christmas Cracker is previewed
Same issueTV Times goldThe Christmas 1987 cover with Hilda and Bet is featured


Issue dated Title Content
3rd January to 9th JanuaryInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tFor 2003, "Tricky Dicky" is a viewer "like"
Same issueSoapsCan Emily stop Brenda from jumping? / I don't want you back (Cilla/Fiz/Kirk)
Same issueSoap InsiderKate Ford's preference for organic red wine
10th January to 16th JanuarySoap InsiderBill Ward on his meager salary in his first days in the business and Keith Duffy on his first job as a shelf stacker
Same issueSoapsRita's action leads to her arrest / Bev beds Charlie
17th January to 23rd JanuaryInsider: Didn't they do well!A review of the ratings war between the BBC and ITV in 2003 in which Coronation Street came tops with 19.4 million
Same issueInsider: Stars set to shine in 2004A review of up and coming faces includes Bill Ward
Same issueWho are the better drivers - men or women?Sean Wilson and Michael Le Vell represent the men in a test as to which sex is better on the road to tie in with the programme The Great British Driving Test
Same issueSoaps: I'd love it if Roy and Hayley were parentsInterview with Julie Hesmondhalgh and Ian Kershaw on their wedding day and the birth of their daughter Martha Mo - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsI love you, Steve / Tyrone or Kirk: who will Fiz choose?
Same issueSoap InsiderTina O'Brien's crush on Colin Farrell
24th January to 30th JanuaryInsider: Peter's Corrie dream comes truePeter Kay on his appearances as Eric Gartside and his "collaboration" with Daran Little on the scripts
Same issueSoapsHell-bent on revenge (Steve/Tracy) Unlucky in love (Shelley/Eric) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
31st January to 6th FebruaryContents pageRita's trial is a TV highlight of the week
Same issueTop 10 TV actressesA photospread includes Sarah Lancashire and Suranne Jones
Same issueSoapsWill Rita go to prison?/Secret tragedy (Harry Flagg/Janice)
Same issueSoap InsiderKeith Duffy hasn't ruled out a "Boyzone" reunion
Same issueSoaps:Doodles specialDoodles drawn by the stars to raise money for the Neurofibromatosis Association include contributions from Julie Goodyear and Elizabeth Dawn
7th February to 13th FebruaryCover
2004 7 to 13 February
Same issueContents pageAmy and Tracy are on the page as a highlight of the week
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCilla is a dislike for some viewers
Same issueSoapsTracy's torment / Don't be jealous - Karl's gay!
Same issueSoap InsiderWendi Peters on how different to Cilla she is
Same issueWednesday highlights pageCoronation Street - Tracy Barlow exposed is highlighted
14th February to 20th FebruaryCover
2004 14 to 20 Feb
Same issueContents pageSteve and Karen's wedding
Same issueSoapsBig day in ruins? / Losing Patience
Same issueSoaps: where did you get that wedding dress?Designer Yvonne Gillon on the dress she designed for Suranne Jones at a cost of £4,000
Same issueSoap InsiderSally Lindsay would like Hugh Grant to make a guest appearance on the show (she mistakenly says Laurence Olivier once appeared in Coronation Street)
Same issueWednesday highlights pageCoronation Street: When Karen met Steve is highlighted
21st February to 27th FebruaryInsider: Bradley's bound for WeatherfieldPreview of Bradley Walsh joining the programme
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tRita's verdict is disliked as many think it sends out the wrong message
Same issueSoapsMarry me - or else! (Dev/Maya Sharma) / Be very patient, Roy
Same issueWednesday highlights pageCoronation Street secrets - Hunks is highlighted
28th February to 5th MarchSoapsI love you, Claire / Karl's advice - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderShelley Unwin on the "flood of letters from the biggest weirdos" she received after Frank Skinner asked viewers on his show if they wanted a date with her and Simon Gregson once trained as a professional ice-skater
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street Secrets on "In-laws and out-laws" is highlighted
6th March to 12th MarchContents pageNick saving Janice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe wedding is liked with 15.2 million viewers while Tracy is disliked
Same issueSoapsNick to the rescue! / Mike does the dirty on Fred - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWednesday highlights pageCoronation Street secrets - Street fashion is highlighted
13th March to 19th March'I looked so young and innocent'Suranne interview on the press scrutiny after she and Jim Phelan spilt up, her relationship with Jonathan Wrather and her fight training for scenes with Kate Ford - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsTake that, Tracy! / Leave me alone, mum (Nick/Gail)
Same issueSoap InsiderKate Ford on Tracy's need for counselling
20th March to 26th MarchCover
2004 20 to 26 March
Same issueInsider: 'I'd love to be a mum - but not yet'Tina O'Brien on how the Bethany storyline has made her want a baby of her own but later on in life when she can give 100% of her time to them
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tClaire and Ashley getting together is liked while Blanche being horrible to Roy and Hayley is disliked
Same issueI'm Weatherfield's Bridget Jones!Sally Lindsay interview on her being happy to be single and her past in St. Winifred's School Choir and The Royle Family
Same issueSoapsFrom mum to daughter (Shelley/Charlie) / Liz warns Karen 'I'll be back' / Corrie catfight (Janice/Cilla)
Same issueSoap InsiderNikki Sanderson on her gratitude to her mum and Suranne Jones on her good relationship with her parents
27th March to 2nd AprilInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tGail is a turn-off for fast becoming a moaning nag like Ivy Brennan
Same issueSoapsLove conquers all - finally (Ashley/Claire) / Todd's web of lies
Same issueSoap InsiderChris Finch on his girlfriend not liking to see him kiss a man on TV
3rd April to 9th AprilInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tLiz McDonald's hair and clothes style are disliked
Same issueSoapsWill they be reunited (Shelley/Bev) / You should have told me (Matthew Young/Tracy)
Same issueSoap InsiderHelen Worth on her campaign for ovarian cancer
10th April to 16th AprilCover
2004 10 to 16 April
Same issueMy real-life romanceJulia Haworth interview on engagement in December in Paris to accountant Jon Wormald
Same issueSoapsTodd finally admits his feelings / You'll go into care (Cilla/Chesney)
Same issueSoap InsiderTommy and Angela Harris are leaving the show in January 2005 in a departure storyline that will take a year to develop and Kate Ford likens her own family to the Osbournes
17th April to 23rd AprilInsider: grapevineDebra Stephenson to join Coronation Street in June
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tShelley "cavorting" with Charlie is disliked
Same issueBAFTA's - a change for the betterCoronation Street is nominated in "Best continuing drama" spot but in a controversial move EastEnders isn't.
Same issueSoapsMum - I'm gay! (Todd) / Pushy mum (Sally)
Same issueSoap InsiderBill Ward has refused Stars in their Eyes slot as he's not a good enough singer
24th April to 30th AprilSoapsWill Todd tell Sarah? / Cilla sinks even lower / Sally slaps Rosie
Same issueSoap InsiderLucy-Jo Hudson hints that Martin and Katy's relationship will not end happily
1st May to 7th MayInsider: Welcome back, Jane!Photos of Jane Danson's return to the set
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tMad Maya is disliked as "she's barking!"
Same issueSoapsNick proposes / Bye,bye Cilla / Thai bride, Fred?
8th May to 14th MayCover
2004 8 to 14 May
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tChesney gets the "yes" vote due to Sam Aston's acting while Mad Maya being cruel to Monica is disliked
Same issueSuranne's looking goodA look back at Karen's storylines as Suranne Jones is up for Soap award
Same issueSoapsTodd's troubled heart / Back together again (Les/Janice)
Same issueSoap InsiderBruno Langley is leaving the show and Sally Lindsay on starting mischievous rumours about her own love life
15th May to 21st MayInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tChesney is liked again as is the new puppy (Schmeichel)
Same issueSoapsBev sinks to a new low / Fred pays up to thai the knot
Same issueSoap InsiderCilla is one of the most hated women in Britain but Wendi Peter's husband Kenny Linden has no worries about his "wife" having an affair at work
22nd May to 28th MayCover
2004 22 to 28 May
Same issueContents pageHighlight - Todd confesses to Sarah
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tChesney and Schmeichel are liked as "the cutest soap duo for years!"
Same issueInsider: soap styleFrocks at the British Soap Awards: Shobna Gulati, Suranne Jones, Tina O'Brien and Nikki Sanderson
Same issueSoapsThe truth: Sarah is devastated / Fred's broken heart
Same issueSoap InsiderJack and Vera won't be on screen as much in the future due to actors not being "100% healthwise"
29th May to 4th JuneContents pageSarah in hospital is a highlight
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tViewers dislike EastEnders getting best soap at British Soap awards - "a farce when it's been their worst year and Corrie's been so brilliant"
Same issueInsider: Charity ballCoronation Street stars sign two-metre wide football to be auctioned off for children's charities
Same issueI enjoy being a working mumSally Whittaker interview in which she disagrees with recent remarks made by Gwyneth Paltrow who said mums shouldn't work
Same issueThe changing face of Sally WebsterThe development of Sally's character since 1986
Same issueSoapsMove over, Mike - there's a new Baldwin in town / Sarah's despair - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderBruno Langley - from Norfolk - confesses to listening to Ryan Thomas to get his Manchester accent right
5th June to 11th JuneContents pageLeanne's return is highlight
Same issueInsider: Classic GailGail's two best quotes - "You’re Norman Bates with a briefcase." and "Oh here's the other one... the rest of The Village People!" - are described as "classic one-liners destined to live on in soap history"
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe Gail v Eileen fight is a winner while Orchid is a loser
Same issueSoapsFrankie goes to Weatherfield / Goodbye, Billy / Return of the prodigal daughter - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderSally Lindsay would like Chris Gascoyne to return to the show
12th June to 18th JuneInsider: Our Ken goes giddy upWilliam Roache's charitable work for Brooke Hospital - a charity to help horses and donkeys in Asia and Africa
Same issueBack to the 1980sCoronation Street is named as one of ten most important TV programmes in the 1980s
Same issueLet's talk bottoms!An article on bowel cancer to tie in with Dev's storyline
Same issueSoapsBev's final fling / Dev's shock diagnosis
Same issueSoap InsiderNorman Wisdom is joining the programme for a one-off appearance as an old mate of Jack Duckworth's / Ryan Thomas reveals he left home at sixteen when he joined Coronation Street
Same issueMonday highlights pageCoronation Street: Bad Girls is highlighted
19th June to 25th JuneContents pageLes wooing Janice is the editor’s choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tEileen is liked: "The most realistic soap character on TV"
Same issueSoapsI'm just a fool for love, Janice / How can Maya be so heartless
Same issueSoap InsiderDebra Stephenson says that walking on to the set for the first time is like going to Disneyland / Tina says Helen has helped her with all of her emotional scenes
26th June to 2nd JulyCover
2004 26 June to 2 July
Same issueContents pageLeanne interfering in Nick and Maria's relationship is the editor's choice
Same issueSoapsMaria v Leanne - the gloves are off! / Sunita's baby scare / Les's love triangle / Norman Wisdom as Ernie Crabbe
Same issueSoap InsiderDebra Stephenson on dying her hair blonde as Frankie and Neville Buswell is set to return to Coronation Street
3rd July to 9th JulyInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tBradley Walsh and Tina O'Brien are liked while Vera's attitude towards Todd gets the thumbs down
Same issueSoapsLeanne's honey trap! / Torn between two lovers (Frankie/Danny/Vinny Evans) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderSally Lindsey on being annoyed by TV barmaids who don't serve the drinks properly or take the right money / A young boy in a Werthers Original Sweets commercial is not Sam Aston despite looking similar
10th July to 16th JulyInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tNorris's séance is liked while Sally's moaning at Kevin isn't
Same issueSoapsNick's last goodbye / Cilla plays dirty plus a short look at Adam Rickitt's time in and out of the programme
17th July to 23rd JulyCover
2004 17 to 23 July
Same issueContents pageChesney and Schmeichel are highlighted as a reason to watch Coronation Street
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tHomophobic comments voiced by Vera are disliked
Same issueAin't they cute!A three page article on the cutest kids on TV including Sam Aston and Amy and Emily Walton
Same issueIt's a great life being a Great Dane"Everything you ever wanted to know" about Schmeichel including the fact that the dog is really called that so as not to confuse him
Same issueWhy soaps are compulsive TVFeature on "How soaps changed the world" which analyses facets of soaps including their events, soap wars, sensationalism and the birth of soap. Despite programmes in the 1950s like The Grove Family, Coronation Street is stated as being the progarmme that made soaps today so successful
Same issueSoapsA chip off the old block (Jamie/Danny), No sunshine for Sunita
Same issueSoap InsiderSuranne Jones would like to return to the programme one day
Same issueSaturday's highlights pageHow soaps changed the world: Coronation Street is highlighed
24th July to 30th JulyInsider: Guess who?Photo quiz of Anne Reid from 1968 as Valerie Barlow compared with a photo from Rose and Maloney role today
Same issueITV rules!The top 20 places in the charts for the last six months with ITV getting 13 of them including Coronation Street at No 4 for Tracy gatecrashing the wedding (16.33 m) and Coronation Street Christmas Crackers at 14 on 29th December 2003 with 9.78m
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCorrie comedy is liked but Norman Wisdom's cameo isn't: "Embarrassing" is used to describe it
Same issueInsider: Vote for your favourite soapCoronation Street is nominated in the National Television Awards
Same issueGreat TV catfightsIncludes Karen v Tracy in 2004 at the christening and Ena v Elsie in 1965
Same issueTina Baker: Made for each otherCouples who are "made for each other" on TV such as Sunita and Dev, Kevin and Sally and Jack and Vera
Same issueSoapsHands off! (Janice/ Cilla), Katy gets her man - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderHonor Blackman is to join the cast of Coronation Street in September and in a new poll Les Batterbsy is one of TV's dud dads while Ken Barlow is voted a good dad
31st July to 6th AugustSoapsCilla's in the driving seat / I won't marry you! (Claire/Ashley) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderSamia Ghadie on her skills at Thai boxing
7th August to 13th AugustCover
2004 7 to 13 August
Same issueContents pageTracy and Ciaran make Coronation Street an editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tSunita and Dev, and Chesney are a reason that people like Coronation Street while Cilla and Janice fighting over Les is given the thumbs down
Same issueWhy Keith can't help being a big softie!Interview with Keith Duffy on his loves for his children
Same issueSoapsMore than just a bit of fun? (Tracy/Ciaran), Together, at last? (Sunita/Dev)
Same issueSoap InsiderEileen is about to get a man in her life - plumber Joe Bloggs and "Ida Fagg" are previewed
14th August to 20th AugustInsider: Chesney's match of the daySam Aston's love of football (Bacup are his favourite team)
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tViewers dislike too many cockneys in Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsYou are the sunshine of my life, Sunita / Has Leanne met her match? - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps: I'm not into millionaires!Short interview with Kate Ford
Same issueSoap InsiderJane Danson's refusal to appear in lad's magazines and Sally Lindsay on her exercise regime
21st August to 27th AugustCover
2004 21 to 27 August
Same issueContents pageJack as Ida Fagg is an editor's choice for watching
Same issueInsider: Life's a dragAs Jack dresses up as Ida Fagg, other strange drag appearances on TV from the likes of Paul Merton, Gary Lineker, Graham Cole and Frank Skinner
Same issueStars in the sunStars pictured on holiday including Tina O'Brien with Ryan Thomas, and Nikki Sanderson
Same issueSoapsKaren's 'evil' past revealed / Let's get Frank about Leanne!
Same issueSoaps: Danny's boysAn explanation of the relationship between the Baldwins (stepmother etc)
28th August to 3rd SeptemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tMad Maya is supposedly disliked by viewers
Same issueSoapsA big cross for Karen to bear / Maya, oh, Maya, just what are you up to?
Same issueSoap InsiderJulia Haworth on being oblivious to the nearby presence of Justin Timberlake when in a café with her boyfriend and Rupert Hill on Bradley Walsh's attempts to "corpse" him
4th September to 10th SeptemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tSunita's unrealistic brain operation is given the thumbs down
Same issueInsider: a makeover for FizJennie McAlpine is given a make-over with hair straightening
Same issueYou can't keep a great soap moment downTo tie in with Greatest Soap Moments on Channel 5 on Thursday 9th September, Richard Hillman's attempt to kill his family is used for Coronation Street
Same issueUp close and personalCoronation Street Family Album on 8th September is previewed
Same issueSoapsKaren's game for a change / Sunita's family misfortunes
Same issueSoap InsiderDebra Stephenson on her talent for impressions
Same issueWednesday highlights pageCoronation Street Family Album is highlighted
Same issueThursday Highlights PageGreatest soap moments (Coronation Street's interviewees including Adam Rickitt and Lynne Perrie
11th September to 17th SeptemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tRita's make-up is liked even though the comment is made that Jack Duckworth in drag wore less!
Same issueThe Golden GirlsAs Honor Blackman joins Coronation Street and Barbara Windsor returns to EastEnders, a look back at their careers - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsTracy gets her comeuppance!
Same issueSoaps: mini profileSasha Behar is in the spotlight in a short interview
Same issueSoap InsiderBev Unwin to return to Coronation Street and Jane Danson on her hints to Robert Beck to propose
Same issueWednesday highlights pageCoronation Street Family Album on the Platts is highlighted
18th September to 24th SeptemberSoapsNow he's on his Todd / Dev's courting trouble
Same issueSoap InsiderJulia Haworth is writing a comedy series with a friend
25th September to 1st OctoberInsider: Pedigree chumsTV stars with their dogs including Malcolm Hebden with his lurcher Eddie - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tViewers dislike Coronation Street's finishing times clashing with the start of EastEnders
Same issueSoapsYou're a proper Charlie, Shelley! / How to solve a problem like Maria
Same issueSoap InsiderTupele Dorgu on her ambitions for Hollywood
2nd October to 8th OctoberContents pageCharlie's darker side makes Coronation Street an editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tSuranne Jones's performance is liked while all the "mad, bad women" in Coronation Street are disliked
Same issueInsider: Wedding BellesPhotospread behind the scenes at Dev and Sunita's wedding
Same issue’…Aisan on telly!'Shobna Gulati on her perceived lack on Asians on TV when she was growing up - to tie in with the Channel Four documentary "The Great British Asian Invasion" - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueCharlie is from the dark ages!'Bill Ward interview in which he speaks of taking up acting at thirty after a career in advertising
Same issueSoapsBattle of the barmaids! / No shrinking Violet
Same issueSoaps: Gone but not forgottenA quiz on past Rovers barmaids
9th October to 15th OctoberSoaps: 'I can't imagine what anyone would see in Tracy'Keith Duffy interview on his current storyline
Same issueSoapsLove is in the air - and Claire says yes!
Same issueSoap InsiderBradley Walsh on a nightmare trip back from Florida that left him with 2 hours sleep before coming to the studios
16th October to 22nd OctoberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe squirrel storyline is disliked
Same issueRun, rabbit, run, rabbit, run, run, run!Soaps "bunny boilers" including Maya Sharma, Carmel Finnan, Anne Malone and Amy Goskirke - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsAre you sleeping with my man? (Shelley/Gail/Charlie), Maya's nasty move
Same issueSoap InsiderJohnny Briggs discounts rumours he's been sacked
23rd October to 29th OctoberDressed for successTina O'Brien on what she is going to wear at the National Television Awards
Same issueSoapsStop the wedding…you're nicked / Why are we waiting, Ashley? - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderPeter Kay discounts rumours he'll be returning to Coronation Street as Eric Gartside / Beverley Callard is dating an ex-squaddie, Jon McEwan / Keith Duffy on his weekly commute back home to Ireland
Same issueFriday highlights pageNightmare on Coronation Street is highlighted
30th October to 5th NovemberSoap InsiderElizabeth Dawn and William Tarmey have signed new twelve-month contracts
Same issueSoapsThe end for Maya? / Flirting with danger (Danny/Kelly Crabtree
6th November to 12th NovemberCover
2004 6 to 12 November
Same issueDressed to thrillFrocks are the National Television Awards are pictured including Tina O'Brien, and Sam Aston is shown along with a list of the winners
Same issueSoapsSecrets and Lies (Steve/Karen/Tracy) / White wedding Christmas (Ashley/Claire)/ Snobby Sally's shame
Same issueSoap InsiderKeith Duffy would like Ciaran to return to his jack-the-lad ways
13th November to 19th NovemberCover
2004 13 to 19 Nov
Same issueContents pageSam Aston and Andrew Whyment in Children in Need
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCoronation Street getting best drama serial at National Television Awards is a winner
Same issueOliver! Down Coronation StreetPicture special of the Coronation Street cast doing Oliver! for Children in Need
Same issueSoapsLet battle commence (Tracy/Karen) / All change for Charlie?
Same issueSoap InsiderSue Cleaver is off to Lapland taking one hundred sick children there for charity / Suranne Jones was once described a "a bit fat and a bit nothing" by a casting agent / Julie Goodyear and Jean Alexander feature in an all-time best soap cast in a Woolworth's poll
20th November to 26th NovemberContents pageMaya's firestorm is an editor's choice
Same issueSoapsMaya's burning rage / We're having a baby (Steve/Karen) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderKate Ford on being wary of the press
27th November to 3rd DecemberContents pageThe Kids from Coronation Street is an editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tViewers dislike the Coronation Street omnibus being "shunted" over to ITV2
Same issueReturn of the Street kidsFeature on The Kids from Coronation Street including Warren Jackson, Joseph Gilgun, Dawn Acton, Davy Jones, Lynsay King, Sally Ann Matthews and Georgia Taylor - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsI want a baby! (Katy/Martin), Face the truth, Tracy (Tracy/Deirdre)
Same issueSoap InsiderSimon Cowell says Sam Aston has the "X factor" / Rumours that Chris Gascoyne is to return are discounted / Sasha Behar says that when her evil scenes had finished recording, engineers played a clip from The Wizard of Oz where the witch cackles "And your little dog, too!"
Same issueTuesday Highlights pageThe Kids from Coronation Street is previewed
4th December to 10th DecemberCover
2004 4 to 10 December
Same issueInsider awardsmoments from 2004 including Tracy gatecrashing the wedding is a top TV moment, Coronation Street is nominated for having "a hot year", Sam Aston wins the rising star category, Beverley Callard and Jane Danson nominated for comeback of the year,
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe spoof quiz show plot is given both the thumbs up and down
Same issueDreaming of a white ChristmasBehind the scenes of the cover shoot and the forthcoming wedding of Claire and Ashley
Same issueSoapsTyrone gets his girl / The mother of all problems (Yvonne Casey)
Same issueSoap InsiderTony Wood on why Dev and Sunita succeeded with viewers while the Ferreiras in EastEnders failed / Alan Halsall would love Tyrone to be a world superbike champion / Keith Duffy has dislocated his knee doing an Irish jig between scenes
11th December to 17th DecemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tEight episodes of Coronation Street in one week is given the thumbs down
Same issueSoapsShelley faces the music / Hands off my girl! (Martin/Katy/Warren Baldwin)
Same issueSoap InsiderAntony Cotton thinks that Maya, Blanche, Emily and Norris are camper than Sean
Same issueTV Times goldThe December 1968 cover story is revisited
18th December to 31st DecemberContents pageThe wedding makes Coronation Street the editor's choice
Same issueSoapsA wedding wish comes true / Karen's explosive exit! - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderSuranne Jones plans to watch Coronation Street on Christmas day / Kate Ford on the tradition now of not having a happy Christmas in soaps
Same issueComing SoonTracy and Steve are highlighted as a big soap storyline in the new year


Issue dated Title Content
1st January to 7th JanuaryCover
2005 1 to 7 January
Same issueContents pageCoronation Street is the editor's choice
Same issueSoapsControlling Charlie strikes again / I love you Sally
Same issueSoap InsiderBradley Walsh's diet and keep fit plans for 2005
8th January to 14th JanuaryInsider: Guess who?William Roache in a 1970 fashion shoot - readers are asked to guess who he is
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tA soaps special: Chesney and the Mad Maya storylines are liked, as are the comic characters but the abundance of cockneys isn't, nor are the "floozies of the street" and the loss of characters like Karen
Same issueSoapsShelley's temptation / Steve tells Tracy the truth
Same issueSoaps: Mini profilePhilip Bretherton
Same issueSoap InsiderThe return of Ray Langton is announced
15th January to 21st JanuaryCover
2005 15 to 21 January
Same issueContents pageSally's affair with Ian is an editor's choice
Same issueIt can happen to anyone'Jane Keeper, Director of Operations for “Refuge” on Coronation Street's domestic abuse storyline
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCoronation Street's Christmas Day viewing figures are given as a thumbs up while viewers dislike too many soaps at Christmas
Same issueI was like the exorcist girl!Tina O'Brien on her exercise regime to tie in with the release of Funk Fit DVD
Same issueSoapsSally gives in to temptation / I'm pregnant (Katy/Martin)
Same issueSoaps: Sally's saucy pastA look back at Sally's "conquests"
Same issueSoap InsiderWendi Peters on how professional Sam Aston is / Keith Duffy's purchase of a bar in Ireland / Samia Ghadie's wish that Tyrone and Maria have a happy ending / Julia Haworth's belief that Claire and Ashley will have a happy ending
22nd January to 28th JanuaryContents pageCharlie's abuse of Shelley makes Coronation Street an editor's choice
Same issueSoapsCharlie turns violent / Marry me! (Tyrone/Maria) -
Same issueSoap InsiderSamia Ghadie's engagement and Sally Lindsay's settled relationship with musician Steve Wight / Wendi Peters on her hopes that Cilla gets even more nasty
29th January to 4th FebruaryInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tRoy being bullied is praised while schoolgirls pregnancies in soaps (and the number of them) are criticised
Same issueSoap insiderBeverley Callard on not being bothered about the 8-year age gap between her and her boyfriend
Same issueSoapsThe final straw for Tommy / Charlie's sob story - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueIt's ironic that I play such a hateful mum'Interview with Wendi Peters on the differences between her and Cilla
5th February to 11th FebruaryContents pageChesney going missing makes editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tMartin and Katy's affair is disliked
Same issueSoapsIs Sally's secret out? / Searching for Schmeichel - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueIt's a dog's lifeBehind the scenes with the real-life Schmeichel
Same issueSoap InsiderSamia Ghadie doesn't predict a happy ever after for Maria and Tyrone
Same issueThose TV Times: Corrie? It'll never last…A weekly look at each year in the past 50 years as the magazine celebrates its golden jubilee reaches 1960 and highlights Coronation Street (but shows the January 1961 "Come down Coronation Street" article to illustrate it)
12th February to 18th FebruaryInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tITV1 dropping the omnibus is again criticised
Same issueThe Soap Insider valentine's specialIncludes Sally Lindsay
Same issueSoapsSecond time lucky? (Ken/Deirdre) / Sally meets the competition
Same issueKen & Deirdre - a Weatherfield love storyLooks back at the turbulent romances of the two characters
Same issueThose TV Times: Waxing lyrical over EnaLooks back at the “At Last a model Ena - in wax!” article from 1961 saying that she was a national icon and the "best -loved character on tv"
19th February to 25th FebruaryInsider: Guess who?Quizzes readers on Warren Clarke with a photo from his 1968 appearance in Coronation Street
Same issueSoap InsiderSally Whittaker hopes her current storyline will "run and run"… / Danny Young might take up professional football again / William Roache says learning lines is "the bane of his life"
Same issueSoapsKaty dumps Martin / Devious Charlie's at it again
Same issueThose TV Times: Short and to the pointHighlights a 1962 letter to the magazine which, among its anti-ITV diatribe, includes the statement "I hate….your barbaric northerners from Coronation Street"
26th February to 4th MarchContents pageKaty's murder of Tommy is an editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCoronation Street's goths, dog-napping and comic golden oldies "the soap really is on a roll"
Same issueBeauty's skin deep for ShobnaThe actress launches her own range of face and body treatments
Same issueSoapsKaty kills her dad / Stop the wedding! - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueInterview: Neville BuswellThe actor relates his career in the US in a casino and as a financial advisor to date. He also says nothing’s changed on Coronation Street - "William Roache doesn't look a day older!"
Same issueSoap InsiderAntony Cotton gets embarrassed by fan recognition / Sally Lindsay likes her character's heartaches
5th March to 11th MarchSoapsMartin's arrested for murder / Ray reveals his secret - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderNikki Sanderson on her mother being her best friend
12th March to 18th MarchInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCoronation Street spoiling the Katy storyline with trailers is disliked
Same issueSoapsGuilty secrets (Katy) / Tracy gives Ray a second chance
Same issueSoap InsiderAlan Halsall and Lucy-Jo Hudson are an item as are Nikki Sanderson and Danny Young and Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas
19th March to 25th MarchContents pageAngela's attempts to hide Katy's guilt is an editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCoronation Street's dark plots are disliked
Same issueSoapsAngela buries the evidence / The end of the affair (Sally/Ian Davenport)
Same issueSoap InsiderWendi Peters four-year old daughter - Grace - likes watching Coronation Street and meeting the cast
26th March to 1st AprilCover
2005 26 March to 1 April
Same issueInsider: Corrie GloryCoronation Street wins best soap at Royal Television Society awards and is also nominated for a BAFTA
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tLucy-Jo Hudson praised for her performance while the number of soap murders is criticised
Same issueTV's golden age?A week of BBC4 programmes tries to settle the argument about which decade was best. Coronation Street is picked as an example for the 1960s with a repeat of Episode 500 (27th September 1965).
Same issueSoapsAngela's arrested for murder / Romance for Steve and Tracy…but not with each other yet
Same issueSoap InsiderTony Wood's attempts to ensure Coronation Street keeps faith with its roots by regular meetings with Tony Warren
Same issueThose TV Times: Also in '67A look back at Elsie's wedding and the TV Times Coronation Street Wedding Souvenir which supposedly sold 650,000 copies
2nd April to 8th AprilCoverTo be added
Same issueContents pageKen and Deirdre's wedding
Same issueThe happy couplesPicture special on Ken and Deirdre's wedding together with a look back at their past weddings
Same issueSoapsIt was me! (Katy/Angela) / We do - again!
Same issueSoap InsiderKathryn Hunt is looking forward to a rest after all her weeping scenes
9th April to 15th AprilContents pageKaty's suicide
Same issueThe Queen's MenCoronation Street's male stars (Antony Cotton / Bruce Jones / Michael Le Vell and Alan Halsall) on their take of the Queen video I Want to Break Free for Queen Mania on Saturday - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsKaty's suicide bid / Last dance for Ray
Same issueSoap InsiderDebra Stephenson and Nikki Sanderson not quitting despite rumours / Bill Ward on his public reaction to Charlie
16th April to 22nd AprilInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tRay dying is disliked
Same issueSoapsAt long last, love (Steve/Tracy) / The end for Katy - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderCoronation Street is the favourite to win the "Best Soap" award at the British Soap Awards next month / Jim McDonald is returning for a couple of episodes
Same issueThose TV Times: Also that year1970 and Bet Lynch returns to Coronation Street after working in theatre and selling washing machines door to door
23rd April to 29th AprilCover
2005 23 April
Same issueInsider: Record breaker RoyRoy Barraclough won't return to Coronation Street because of the hard schedule and a look at his supposed five roles in the series
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tKen and Deirdre's wedding is a winner with 13 million viewers
Same issueSoapsTogether at last (Steve/Tracy) / Katy's final sad farewell
Same issueQ&A: Simon GregsonA short interview with the actor on the character of Steve and his own outside interests
Same issueSoap InsiderRupert Hill has set up his own band with his mates
30th April to 6th MayContents pageIan McKellen appears in Coronation Street
Same issueInsider: Bafta's big nightDebra Stephenson, Sue Cleaver, Tina O’Brien, Kate Ford and Ryan Thomas pictured at the BAFTA's
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tRay's death is admired while viewers dislike Scooter, the 'identical' twins and Ken's OTT admirer
Same issueTV Legends are made of this…A Channel 4 programme - Britain's most watched TV on Sunday 1st May. The article predicts Alan Bradley's death as one of the most watched TV programmes from the 1980s
Same issueSoapsIt's war! (Sally / Ian) / There's a celebrity in town (Mel Hutchwright) Look who's back! (Les and Cilla)
Same issueSir Ian's one of us'Malcolm Hebden on working with Ian McKellan - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderSally Lindsay and Bill Ward on some on the strange reactions they get from television viewers
7th May to 13th MayCoverTo be added
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tSteve getting together with Tracy is deemed unrealistic
Same issuePutting on the GlitzInterview with Sally Lindsay and Bill Ward
Same issueSoapsSally's secret is out / Let's get married (Les/Cilla)
Same issueSoap InsiderKate Ford on campaigning for Compassion in World Farming
14th May to 20th MayInsider: Quote, Unquote"Many many actually. Schmeichel - we have correspondence every day": Bruno Langley's answer to the question of how many of his former Coronation Street colleagues he keeps in touch with
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tChesney is liked while too many special extra episodes are disliked
Same issueVote for ITV's 50 greatest showsViewers choose to celebrate ITV's 50th anniversary in September. Coronation Street is a nomination
Same issueSoapsYou're no friend of mine!" (Shelley/Sunita) / While Jamie's away, Leanne and Danny play - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderAntony Cotton on the criticism Sean gets from the gay press / Wendi Peters on telling Bruce Jones off for swearing in front of Sam Aston
21st May to 27th MayInsider: A night at the soap awardsCoronation Street stars pictured at the British Soap Awards where the programme won best soap
Same issueSoapsGiving into passion (Danny/Leanne) / Charlie opens the door to trouble
Same issueSoaps: Me and my character - Kate FordA Q&A with the actress
Same issueFriday highlights pageTwo episodes of Coronation Street are given as an evening highlight as a result of Wednesday's football
28th May to 3rd JuneInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCilla is disliked as a "panto grotesque"
Same issueSoapsDisaster for Schmeichel and behind the scenes of the shoot - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderKathy Burke would like as part in Coronation Street - her favourite character is Emily / Antony Cotton previews Sean's boyfriend, Tim White, the vet
4th June to 10th JuneContents pageBev hitting Charlie for Shelley's black eye
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tRupert Hill's hairstyle is disliked
Same issueSoapsBev hits out / Mum's the word for Sunita
Same issueSoaps: The lowdown - Bradley WalshA Q&A with the actor
Same issueSoap InsiderSean Wilson says he can't wait to leave after being axed
11th June to 17th JuneInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tBlanche's withering one-liners are liked
Same issueTea is my biggest viceDebra Stephenson in a Q&A on her health and lifestyle
Same issueSoapsFeeling trapped (Tracy/Louise/Steve) / Charlie threatens Bev / Devious Danny
Same issueSoaps: Me and my character - Jane DansonInterview with the actress on the differences between her and Leanne: "She's a gobby cow"
18th June to 24th JuneInsider: grapevineFred, Ashley and Claire pictured with a huge £1 coin to publicise the National Lottery's “People's Millions” community projects giveaway
Same issueSoapsThe end for Tracy and Steve / Bev can't overcome cunning Charlie - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps: Q&A with Craig CharlesThe actor answers questions as he makes his debut and reveals he stumbled with nerves on his very first scene
Same issueSoap InsiderJane Danson would like fiancé Robert Beck to join the programme
25th June to 1st JulyInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tMore dislike for Cilla
Same issueThe people's choiceTo mark 50 years of ITV, a programme - The story of ITV: The People's Channel - is shown and the article looks back at ITV milestones including the first episode of Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsParty pooper (Carol Baldwin) / Sean's in love
Same issueSoaps: The lowdown - Antony CottonQ&A with the actor
Same issueSoap InsiderShobna Gulati dreads her forthcoming birth scene while Samai Ghadie has asked producers to keep Tyrone and Maria together as she likes working with Alan Halsall but "anything could happen"
2nd July to 8th JulyInsider: Guess who?Anne Kirkbride as a baby pictured for readers to guess who she is now
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe programme's scheduling moves are disliked
Same issueSoapsCheating Charlie / Live with me, Leanne (Jamie)
Same issueSoaps: Me and my characterJenny Platt
Same issueSoap InsiderElizabeth Dawn isn't leaving and has signed a new two year contract whereas Nikki Sanderson is leaving in the Autumn
9th July to 15th JulyVote for your favourite soap and win a night with the starsCoronation Street is one of the nominations in the National Television Awards
Same issueSoapsCharlie kisses Violet / Tracy plays her trump card
Same issueThose TV Times: Julie troops the colourThe look-back reaches 1982 and the Queen's visit to the new Coronation Street set where Julie Goodyear supposedly wore red knickers, a white suspender belt and a blue bra
16th July to 22nd JulyInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tThe stuffed cat storyline is slated as being silly and distasteful to animal lovers
Same issueSoapsBye, bye, Ciaran / Cilla takes the plunge
Same issueSoaps new signingsNew cast members who are joining the soaps. For Coronation Street, Ali Briggs, Ralph Ineson, Clive Russell and Vicky Binns
Same issueThose TV Times: Scandal in WeatherfieldThe Ken/Mike/Deirdre storyline revisited with the March 1983 cover
Same issueCVSue Nicholls is profiled
23rd July to 29th JulyThere's only one man for meInterview with Jane Danson on her forthcoming marriage to Robert Beck and her expectations for the character of Leanne - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWho are your all-time favourites?A revival of the TV Times awards. In the category of all-time favourite soap star Violet Carson and Jean Alexander are suggested
Same issueSoapsTracy's tricks get dirty / Tragic news for Danny
Same issueSoap InsiderSoap stars holidays including Jennie McAlpine who prefers cities to beaches, Kate Ford who likes holidays with girlfriends and Antony Cotton who rarely goes away
30th July to 5th AugustCoverTo be added
Same issueInsider: Guess who?Bradley Walsh pictured in his days as a professional footballer
Same issueOn the pullInterview with Antony Cotton
Same issueJust good friendsSally Lindsay on the development of her character
Same issueSoapsMike's secret son / Steve fights back (Tracy)
Same issueSoap InsiderYobs disturbed Coronation Street filming in Langworthy Park in Salford which was doubling as the Red Rec
6th August to 12th AugustCoverTo be added
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tCilla getting a dunking is liked as "nobody deserves it better" while the Shelley/Charlie storyline is disliked for going on too long
Same issueThe Big QuizQuiz for readers to win £1000 including many Coronation Street questions
Same issueSoapsPlaying with fire (Leanne/Frankie), Maria goes green (flirting with Nathan Cooper through jealousy for Tyrone and Fiz)
Same issueSoaps Q&AAli Briggs in a Q&A interview
Same issueSoap InsiderWilliam Roache has no plans to retire while Jane Danson, Samia Ghadie and Julia Howarth all have weddings booked
13th August to 19th AugustInsider: grapevineStatus Quo are to appear in Coronation Street on 23rd September. Rick Parfitt says it's like being at Disneyland
Same issueInsider: What do their clothes say about themCelebrities on the red carpet including Tina O'Brien
Same issueTina Baker: A soapy silly seasonThe writer cautions against too much "wackiness" in the storylines
Same issueSoapsIt's your fault, Shelley (Charlie), I'm hitting the road, Jack (Vera) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps: Me and my characterTupele Dorgu on herself and Kelly Crabtree
Same issueSoap InsiderAntony Cotton was attached in a nightclub, Debra Stephenson's record of The Sunshine is a hit in nightclubs while Sally Lindsay isn't bothered about weight loss
20th August to 26th AugustSoapsMarry me, Shelley! / Gail and Eileen fight over Phil / The blushing bride? (Cilla)
Same issueSoap InsiderThe upcoming storyline of the clean-up of the Red Rec in a volunteering storyline which has won the praise of Gordon Brown in the "Year of the Volunteer"
27th August to 2nd SeptemberInsider: Looks familiarMichael Le Vell and Colin Farrell are compared as supposed look-alikes
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tSean's romance with Tim is liked while plots involving Tracy and Charlie are disliked.
Same issueSoapsGuess who's coming to dinner (Jamie/Leanne/Carol) / Welcome home, Steve!
Same issueSoap InsiderSue Cleaver has no plans to leave but if she did she would like the sort of parts Caroline Quentin gets and "Fathers 4 Justice" unfurled a banner on a crane outside the Quay Street studios in support of Steve McDonald
3rd September to 9th SeptemberSoapsParents at war (Steve/Tracy), Zack does the trick
Same issueSoap InsiderCoronation Street has had a rose named after it while Clive Russell has received no advice at all on his part from his father who is a real-life chiropodist
10th September to 16th SeptemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tGail and Eileen's fights are liked while the "endless" Charlie/Shelley storyline is disliked
Same issueThe greatest shows on earthITV's 50th anniversary and in an article for the show ITV’s 50 Greatest Shows on Saturday, Coronation Street is highlighted - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsBev's mystery stalker / Just desserts for Fiz
Same issueSoap InsiderSally Lindsay is no fan of big white weddings and the arrival of Ronnie Clayton is previewed
Same issueSunday Highlights PageCoronation Street Family Album - The McDonalds is previewed
17th September to 23rd SeptemberContents pageCharlie and Shelley's wedding and Status Quo make Coronation Street an editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Quote, UnquoteKate Ford on her public reactions
Same issueInsider special: From star to starTV stars favourite TV shows: Helen Fraser likes Coronation Street and especially Sean and Chesney
Same issueSoapsDon't marry him / Shelley! / Rocking all over Weatherfield / Martin's foxy lady (Robyn)
Same issueSoap InsiderWendi Peter's real-life low-key wedding and Sally Lindsay on the cast of Desperate Housewives being too thin
Same issue50 Greatest ImagesTo tie in with ITV being fifty, fifty of the greatest images from the magazine over the years are re-printed. The selection includes Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell at Belle Vue in 1970, Alfred Hitchcock at the Rovers in 1964, a Terry O’Neil portrait of William Roache in 1971 (at the time appearing at the Liverpool Playhouse in Lighthearted Intercourse) and last year's Chesney/Schmeichel photo (though reversed from the version that appear on the cover) Also Patricia Phoenix as Santa.
24th September to 30th SeptemberContents pageJanice's blackmail of Danny is an editor's choice
Same issueSchmeichel's top dogAfter recent viewer votes, Schmeichel was voted all-time favourite animal star - unlike his fellow winners, he is pictured trying to eat his trophy
Same issueHilda would be so shocked by the street todayJean Alexander wins all-time favourite soap star and is interviewed in which she says it was the gift of a part but after Bernard Youens died they didn't know what to do with the character and although she still watches the show, she would never return.
Same issueSoapsThe affair is over (Danny/Leanne), Women at war (Eileen/Gail)
Same issueSoaps: Me and my charactersSue Cleaver
Same issueSoap InsiderNikki Sanderson hits back at critics who say she was wrong to leave and Jane Danson on a diet she's on to combat a condition that may affect her fertility
1st October to 7th OctoberCoverTo be added
Same issueInsider: grapevineVicky Entwistle, Shobna Gulati and Nailah Cumberpatch have all been written out of the show
Same issueSoapsThe truth is out (Leanne), Jason dumps poor Violet
Same issueSoaps: My first dayEmma Stansfield on her first day on the Coronation Street set
Same issueSoap InsiderWilliam Roache wonders how the Barlow family all fit inside No.1 while Elizabeth Dawn reveals she has emphysema
8th October to 14th OctoberContents pageJamie's discovery of Leanne and Danny's affair is an editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tShelley dumping Charlie is liked but viewers dislike the storylines involving the pig, the fox, Diggory Compton and the double-exposed photo
Same issueSoapsJamie learns the truth / Steve the hero?
Same issueSoaps: Me and my characterRupert Hill
Same issueSoap InsiderBeverley Callard is about to become a grandmother
15th October to 21st OctoberSoapsLove and second thoughts (Martin/Robyn and Gail/Phil) / Danny pays the price
Same issueSoaps: Me and my characterShobna Gulati
Same issueSoap InsiderCilla and Yana Lumb should have their own spin-off according to Wendi Peters
22nd October to 28th OctoberStarry, starry nightInterview with Bradley Walsh as he's nominated for the National Television Awards
Same issueSoapsI'm your dad' (Mike/Danny) / Claire's in danger
Same issueStraight talk: Johnny BriggsInterview with the actor who doesn’t think Mike will leave due to Alzheimers and that he would like a few more years on the show
29th October to 4th NovemberContents pageLes and Cilla's wedding is an editor's choice
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tGail's "older" romance is disliked
Same issueSoapsCarry on up the aisle / Sarah goes on the pull - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps: Q&A with Wendi PetersAnswers questions about Cilla's dubious taste
Same issueSoap InsiderSally Lindsey leaves next year while Sam Robertson gets "boxes" of fan mail
5th November to 11th NovemberSoapsFarewell, Martin / Dangerous times for Ronnie and Steve
Same issueSoaps: The great soap getawaySean Wilson and Nikki Sanderson featured as they leave Coronation Street
Same issueSoap InsiderTony Slattery is joining the show and Antony Cotton is the only actor on the Underworld set who can work a sewing machine
12th November to 18th NovemberSoapsDev's shocking secret / Passions run high for Jason and Sarah
Same issueSoaps: Me and my characterRyan Thomas
Same issueSoap InsiderGlenda McKay, formerly of Emmerdale, is currently in Coronation Street, while Kate Ford campaigns against fur
Same issueThose TV Times: Teen painTina O'Brien in 2000 on the 3rd to 9th June cover and her interview then
19th November to 25th NovemberInsider: Hello, Corrie!Tony Slattery pictured as he arrives at the studios
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tLes and Cilla's wedding is condemned as too OTT
Same issueSoapsI want that man! (Sarah / Jason / Violet) / Will Sunita lose her babies? - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderStatus Quos record sales have doubled after their recent Coronation Street appearance, Zoe Lucker is not joining the show despite rumours, Eccles is about to join the Barlows at No.1 and Jayne Tunnicliffe says Yaya and Cilla could lower the tone in a brothel
26th November to 2nd DecemberSoapsBlinding fury (Nathan/Ashley) Danny's caught out again! / Look who's here (Vernon Tomlin)
Same issueSoap InsiderBeverley Callard is the owner of the White Horse pub in Eccles
Same issueRoad to nowhereInterview with Bradley Walsh and Debra Stephenson
3rd December to 9th DecemberCover
2005 3 to 9 December
Same issueContents pageTracy and Charlie getting together is an editor's choice
Same issueA match made in hellKate Ford and Bill Ward interview
Same issueThose TV Times: 2003 - End of a serial killerA look back at Richard Hillman
Same issueInsider: 2005 on TVThe magazine claims that the Shelley/Charlie storyline was "soapland's best entertainment"
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tSteve, Ronnie and the cabwars are liked
Same issueSoapsTracy sleeps with Charlie / Danny moves in with Leanne
Same issueSoap InsiderTina O'Brien will no longer pose for lad's mags and Wendi Peters is a devoted mum to Gracie
10th December to 16th DecemberInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tDev's secret children is a disliked plot
Same issueSoapsAdam wins as Mike loses it / Audrey and Keith spend the night together
Same issueSoap InsiderJane Danson's wedding planning is making life hectic while Samia Smith likes getting dressed up for parties and Nikki Sanderson and Danny Young got together at the Coronation Street Christmas party
Same issueFood Glorious Food Sally Whittaker on Christmas food
17th December to 30th DecemberStars festive favouritesBradley Walsh's favourite Christmas tune is Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire by Mel Torme
Same issueSoapsClaire's special gift for Ashley / Happy families? Not for the Baldwins… / A flaming Christmas for Les and Cilla / Our story (Coronation Street Family Album - The Baldwins is previewed)
Same issueIt’s Panto Time!The cast who are in the production are interviewed
Same issueSoap InsiderWendi Peters, Jane Danson and Nikki Sanderson and Christmas memories
Same issueSunday Highlights PageCoronation Street Family Album - The Duckworths previewed
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street Family Album - The Battersbys previewed
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe Coronation Street Panto is previewed. "Let's face it, if the scriptwriters have their way, Prince Charming's probably having an affair with a transsexual Fairy Godmother, who's carrying his best mate's baby…". The Coronation Street Family Album is also previewed
Same issueChristmas quiz timeQuiz on 2005 television includes a Coronation Street question
31st December to 6th January 2006Cover
2005 31 December
Same issueEditor's choiceCoronation Street with Violet, Jason and Sarah and Soapstar Superstar
Same issueStar soap operaWendi Peters, Richard Fleeshman, Andrew Whyment and Shobna Gulati take part in a soap talent show which starts 6th January. Wendi Peters explains the concept
Same issueBest of the boxA look back at television in 2005 with Jonathan Ross includes the Coronation Street moment when Charlie ripped off Shelley's earrings
Same issueSoapsMarry me, Penny! / Jamie flees his feelings
Same issueSoap InsiderDebra Stephenson on her successful diet and keeping fit for Samia Smith and Julia Haworth


Issue dated Title Content
7th January to 13th JanuaryEditor's choiceSunita's twins
Same issueIt’s so lonely being a single mumShobna Gulati interview on her exit from the show - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsParents reunited? (Dev/Sunita) / Phil lashes out
Same issueSoap InsiderTina O'Brien and Debra Stephenson on their love of shopping
14th January to 20th JanuaryInsider: Christmas top 10Coronation Street was the second most-watched programme at Christmas
Same issueSoapsA lifeline for Sunita? / Devious Danny strikes again
Same issueSoap InsiderWendi Peters and Sally Lindsay on their holidays
21st January to 27th JanuaryInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tMike’s Alzheimer’s storyline is too harrowing for some
Same issueI need a visit from supernanny!A day in the life of Debra Stephenson (this article ties in with a new workout DVD by the actress)
Same issueSoaps’Marry me, Violet' / Desperate measures (Sally/Rosie) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderRumours that Sean is to take over the Rovers are untrue
28th January to 3rd FebruaryEditor's choiceSunita's departure
Same issueInsider: Double trouble for Ken from Eccles the dogScarlet and her mum Marina appear in Coronation Street as Eccles
Same issueInsider: Weatherfield warblers plan to stayRichard Fleeshman and Andrew Whyment's success on Soapstars Superstars won't affect their Coronation Street careers
Same issueInsider: Some you like, Some you don'tJack P. Shepherd is a viewer favourite
Same issueSoapsSunita leaves Weatherfield / All she wanted was her dream man (a look back at her storylines) / Fred meets his Thai bride - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap InsiderA short article on Rupert Hill's band - “Unlikely Heroes”
4th February to 10th FebruaryCover
2006 4 to 10 February
Same issueEditor's choiceThe Tracy and Charlie storyline is previewed
Same issueSoapstars SuperchequeRichard Fleeschman presents his winning cheque for £200,000 to Kirsty Howard
Same issueThe Street’s been the making of meKate Ford interview in which she says that being in the public eye has made her more careful about what she says in an environment like a restaurant.
Same issueSoapsTracy moves in with Charlie / Stacy's past catches up with her
Same issueSoap InsiderRichard Fleeshman has started a relationship with Emmerdale 's Roxanne Pallett
Same issueMonday highlights pageCoronation Street Secrets is previewed
11th February to 17th FebruaryNews: Behind the scenesBev and Fred on location but readers are told to watch next week to find out what’s going on).
Same issueSoap week (the new name for the soaps’ page)I killed your husband! (Emily/Ed) / Burning desire (Tyrone/Molly) / Tracy stoops to a new low / David's growing pains (cannabis storyline)
Same issueMonday highlights pageEd's reveal is previewed
Same issueWednesday billings page: On this dayBrian Tilsley dies in 1989
Same issueFriday highlights pageTracy moving in with Charlie is previewed
18th February to 24th FebruarySoap weekAre they doomed from the start? (Eileen/Ed) / Danny's death trap / Marry me, Bev! / Growing pains (cannabis storyline)
Same issueSaturday billings page: On this dayTracy gatecrashes Steve and Karen’s wedding in 2004
Same issueMonday highlights pageBev and Fred’ storyline is previewed
Same issueFriday highlights pageDeirdre's suspension is previewed
25th February to 3rd MarchWhat a week!Matt Ramsden turning up at nursery makes Coronation Street a highlight of the week
Same issueNews: Moor bad news for Sal – Corrie pair end up strandedA preview of next week's storyline
Same issueJosh is my little mateSteven Arnold interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap weekJanice leaves Weatherfield / Tracy shows who's boss! / Ashley's fear / Danny’s pining for Frankie
Same issueSaturday billings page: On this dayJulie Hesmondhalgh was born on this day in 1970
Same issueMonday highlights pageCoronation Street Secrets - Tracy Barlow is previewed
Same issueWednesday highlights pageMatt at the nursery to see Joshua is previewed
Same issueFriday highlights pageJanice leaving and her fight with Sally
4th March to 10th MarchNews: grapevineRumours that Bradley Walsh is to get his own talk show
Same issueSoap weekI want to see my son!' (Matt) / Emily makes her peace with Ed / Les begs for forgiveness / Breaking point (Sally/Rosie)
Same issueMonday highlights pageCoronation Street Secrets - Memorable duos is previewed
Same issueWednesday highlights pageMatt/Ashley
Same issueThose were the days: Barbara KnoxPhotoessay in which the actress looks back over her old Coronation Street photographs
11th March to 17th MarchSoap weekMike's sad decline / Ed's betrayal / Hands off my family! (Matt) / Audrey decides to retire
Same issueFriday highlights pageMike's decline
18th March to 24th MarchNews: Gone fishing CillaLes and Chesney fishing from a forthcoming episode
Same issueSoap weekAn unwanted guest (Matt) / Leanne's cruel trick on Mike / You're dumped (Sarah/Todd) / I'm pregnant (Tracy)
Same issueSunday highlights pageMatt’s arrival at Joshua’s party is previewed
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe Tracy/Charlie storyline is previewed
Same issueOn this dayAlf married Renee Monday
25th March to 31st MarchI’m innocent!David Platt denies masterminding the "Hillman Hoax" with a list of the other suspects in the case
Same issueSoap weekWho's the hoaxer? / A new low for Mike / Steve and Charlie square up / Marry me, Sarah!
Same issueSunday highlights pageHoax story
Same issueSunday billings page: Star of the dayRyan Thomas is profiled
1st April to 7th AprilCover
2006 1 to 7 April
Same issueWhat a week!Coronation Street and Farewell Mike are highlighted
Same issueNews: Vernon’s soap family showdownFamily Fortunes is to return with a soap special – the Battersby’s v the Hopes from Emmerdale
Same issueNews: Your chance to quiz the Corrie starsAn address for viewers to apply for tickets to watch the recording of An Audience with Coronation Street
Same issueFarewell, old friend, 30 years – and never a dull momentJohnny Briggs and William Roache interview plus a look back at Mike’s storylines over the years
Same issueSoap weekPlease be my dad (Chesney) / Meet Vernon's new singer (Michelle Connor) / Death of a legend / Kelly's freaked out
Same issueMonday highlights pageMichelle Connor’s returns as a regular is previewed
8th April to 14th AprilNews: grapevineGoodbye Lynne: TV Times is saddened to learn of death of Lynne Perrie
Same issueSoap weekLet's get physical (Tyrone/Molly) / Caught out (Les) / No home-from-home for Liz / Leanne's shock discovery
Same issueSunday billings page: On this dayThe deaths of David and Darren Barlow in 1970
Same issueFriday highlights pageMike's will-reading is previewed
15th April to 21st AprilCover
2006 15 to 21 April
Same issueTina’s EasterBehind the scenes of the photoshoot for cover
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tJohnny's Briggs acting is liked
Same issueSoap weekMother of all liars (Deirdre/Tracy) / The Hillman hoaxer strikes again / Les goes down fighting… / Mike's legacy of hate
Same issueSunday highlights pageThe Hillman hoaxer is previewed
Same issueMonday highlights pageMike's funeral is previewed
Same issueThursday billings page: On this dayRita marrying Len in 1977
22nd April to 28th AprilCover
2006 22 to 28 April
Same issueWhat a week!An Audience with Coronation Street, a programme of musical numbers and Q&A sessions with the cast is previewed
Same issueYour audience with the Corrie starsQ&A with Sally Whittaker, Richard Fleeshman, Jennie McAlpine, Wendi Peters, Antony Cotton, Andrew Whyment, and Beverley Callard)
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tMike's farewell is liked
Same issueSoap weekYou're the Hillman hoaxer! / Craig's agony / Charlie threatens Tracy / I'm in the money! (Danny)
Same issueSaturday's highlights pageAn Audience with Coronation Street is previewed
Same issueWednesday highlights pageThe Hillman hoaxer is previewed
29th April to 5th MaySoap weekToo close for comfort (Becky Granger/Lloyd/Kelly) / Craig's 'goth' a new look / Danny's floored / New life, new love (Frankie/Nathan)
Same issueThose were the days: Roy HuddPhotoessay in which the actor looks back over his previous work
6th May to 12th MayNews: quote, unquoteBeverley Callard on Anne Kirkbride's mouth organ skills
Same issueBattle of the BAFTA'sProgramme's nominated compared including Coronation Street and EastEnders
Same issueSoap weekNorris comes a cropper / Kevin gives Craig a job / Out with the old, in with the new… (Frankie/Nathan) / Kelly's stitched up
Same issueThose were the days: Kenneth FarringtonPhotoessay in which the actor looks back over his previous work
13th May to 19th MaySoap weekGail sets a trap / The ultimate betrayal (Becky/Kelly) / Norris comes out of the closet / How could you, Ashley?
Same issueFriday billings page: On this dayLes being sentenced to prison in 2003
20th May to 26th MayCover
2006 20 to 26 May
Same issueNews: Tina's little lambTina O'Brien's voluntary work for Animals in Distress
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tThe Baldwin feud is liked
Same issueIt's party time!"British Soap Award's with a "Our tips from the top" section - Bradley Walsh tipped for most popular actor
Same issueSoap weekI'm guilty (Kelly) / Celebrations for Frankie / Gotcha! (Gail) / Let me stay, Dad! (Amber Kalirai)
Same issueSunday highlights pageThe Hillman Hoaxer reveal is previewed
Same issueFriday billings pageSue Nicholls is profiled as a "Star of the Day"
Same issueThose were the days: Eileen DerbyshirePhotoessay in which the actress looks back over her time on the programme
27th May to 2nd JuneWednesday highlights pageSteve and Kelly
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tNorris is disliked
Same issueSoap weekAshley squares up to Matt / Fiddler on the roof (Charlie) / Dev gives in (to Amber) / Steve cheats - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWednesday highlights pageSteve and Kelly
3rd June to 9th JuneNews: Best friendsSoap celebs at the British Soap Awards including Helen Flanagan, Tina O’Brien and Richard Fleeshman
Same issueSoap weekSteve's in the slammer / Shelley has a date from hell / Hello, son (Sean/Brian Tully) / A reluctant proposal… (Danny/Leanne)
Same issueThursday billings page: On this dayRichard Fleeshman was born in 1989
10th June to 16th JuneSoap weekKelly's confession / Amber's home brew is a hit / What are you up to? (Danny/Leanne/Jamie) / Is Sean being deceived? - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSunday highlights pageLloyd's break with Steve is previewed
17th June to 23rd JuneNews: grapevineRichard Fleeshman is to leave the programme as he aims for pop stardom
Same issueI want to be the Rovers’ next landlady!Antony Cotton interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap weekI'm not your dad! (Sean/Brian) / End of the road for Streetcars / Goodbye, Rosie… / Out of control (David)
Same issueSunday highlights pageSean and Brian’s storyline is previewed
Same issueMonday billings page: On this dayMike and Alma's marriage in 1992
Same issueFriday highlights pageStreetcars licence is revoked
24th June to 30th JuneMy passion on wheelsSimon Gregson on his cars - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoap weekI want to know the truth (Sean/Maureen Tully) / Cool it, boys! (Steve/Lloyd) / Claire's in a baby panic / Will Shelley leave?
1st July to 7th JulyNews: grapevineCharlie exits - Bill Ward is to leave ‘‘Coronation Street’’ in January next year
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tAmber is liked
Same issueSoap weekI'm going nowhere! (Craig) / Claire's words hit home / The great escape (Leanne and the factory girls) / It's a set-up (Shelley/Steve)
8th July to 14th JulyWhat a week!Shelley/Charlie storyline is previewed
Same issueCheers for the memoriesSally Lindsay interview as she looks back on her five years in the show
Same issueSoap weekSleeping with the enemy (Shelley/Charlie) / He's your dad, too (Matt/Ashley/Joshua) / A date with Adam and Blanche / Sean's heartbreak - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageShelley/Charlie storyline is previewed
15th July to 21st JulyWhat a week!Freddie Peacock's birth is previewed
Same issueBaby boom!All the major Coronation Street births over the years in a photospread, together with off-screen births and those who died as infants - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueNews: grapevine: Kym's backKym Ryder is to return to Coronation Street this month
Same issueNews: Vote for your top soapReaders asked to vote for top soap at National Television Award's and could win tickets to the event
Same issueSoap weekShe's free at last! (Shelley) / I love you, Tyrone / Parting shot for Nathan / Special delivery (Freddie Peacock)
Same issueThose were the days: William RoachePhotoessay in which the actor looks back over his time on the programme - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
22nd July to 28th JulyCover
2006 22 to 28 July
Same issueI’m in the swimBradley Walsh interview in which he says he’d like his character to go out with a bang
Same issueSoap weekDown and out in Weatherfield (Craig) / Claire is supermum / The wedding's off (Sarah/Jason) / Danny dumps Leanne…
Same issueSunday highlights pageDanny dumping Leanne is previewed
Same issueThursday billings page: On this dayKen marries Deirdre in 1981
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tShelley getting back with Charlie is disliked
29th July to 4th AugustCover
2006 29 July to 4 August
Same issueFun in the sun!Sue Cleaver, Antony Cotton, Samia Smith, Ryan Thomas and Julia Haworth on their holiday choices
Same issueSoap weekMarry me, Sarah! / Craig turns shoplifter / Charlie charms Maria / Leanne's ill will
Same issueMonday billings page: Star of the dayWendi Peters is profiled
5th August to 11th AugustCover
2006 5 August
Same issueSoap Sizzlers!Forthcoming storylines in soaps revealed including for Coronation Street: The love triangle! (Maria/Charlie/Tracy) The Flirt (Michelle)
Same issueSoap weekSally's anguish / Where there's smoke (Cameron McIntyre/Chesney) / Fit for a bride (Sarah's dress fitting) / It's a deal… (Danny/Adam)
Same issueMonday highlights pageAdam/Danny and the 40% deal for Underworld is previewed
12th August to 18th AugustWhat a week!Jason and Sarah's wedding is previewed
Same issueSoap weekCheating Charlie / Perky new pint-puller (Michelle) / They do? (Sarah/Jason) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageJason/Sarah's wedding
Same issueMonday billings page: Star of the dayDebra Stephenson is profiled
19th August to 25th AugustNews: Postcards from KevMichael Le Vell and his family are pictured on holiday in Florida
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tAdam Baldwin's hair is liked by one viewer
Same issueNews: Guess Whoreaders invited to guess Betty Driver from an old picture of the star in her singing days
Same issueSoap weekPlease forgive me! (Jason) / Adam's in top at Underworld / I spy creepy Charlie / Ashley to the rescue
Same issueFriday highlights pageCharlie fits the camera
26th August to 1st SeptemberSoap weekHelp me, Charlie (Maria) / I'm not interested (Michelle/Vernon) / Is it over for Fiz and Kirk? / Liam aims for Frankie
Same issueMonday highlights pageCharlie trashes Maria's flat
Same issueThose were the days: Amanda BarriePhotoessay in which the actress looks back over her previous work
2nd September to 8th SeptemberNews: Some you like, Some you don'tJason jilting Sarah is disliked
Same issueNews: My secret battle: Corrie’s Kym tells of 11-year fight with panic attacks…Not so much a secret now?
Same issueSoap weekLiam makes his move / Claire lashes out / This Violet's blue (Jamie/Violet) / What did you say, Steve? (Michelle/Steve)
Same issueMonday billings page: On this dayElsie marries Steve in 1967. Mention is made of the souvenir magazine that was published at the time.
Same issueThose were the days: Anne ReidPhotoessay in which the actress looks back over his previous work
9th September to 15th SeptemberCover
2006 9 to 15 September
Same issueWhat a week!Claire's irrational behaviour
Same issueCorrie Rovers special: Family BusinessSimon Gregson, Beverley Callard and Kym Ryder on the sparks flying behind the bar of the Rovers
Same issueLord and LadiesPhotospread of past Rovers' licencees
Same issueSoap weekI want my real baby! (Claire) / Top-class liar? (David) / Especially for…Sean? (Jamie/Sean) / Liz wants the Rovers!
Same issueSaturday billings page: On this dayBet marries Alec in 1987
Same issueFriday billings page: On this dayJez tries to kill Steve in 2000
16th September to 22nd SeptemberSoap weekSparring partners (Danny/Liam) / Ashley's agony/ Two's company (Jamie/Sean) / The drinks are on Liz!
Same issueFriday highlights pageJamie/Sean’s storyline is previewed
Same issueFriday billings page: On this dayFred marries Maureen in 1997
23rd September to 29th SeptemberSoap weekNot my baby (Charlie/Shelley) / Liam, you're dumped / Is Jamie gay? / Fiz flies off the handle - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageShelley pregnancy storyline is previewed
Same issueWednesday billing page: On this dayGail marries Martin in 1991
30th September to 6th OctoberWhat a week!Jamie confesses he loves Frankie
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tClaire's post-natal depression storyline praised
Same issueSoap weekFred's in demand / Craig and Rosie plan to run away / Charlie is still Tracy's darling / Motherly love (Jamie/Frankie)
7th October to 13th OctoberWhat a week!Fred's death
Same issueI love a scandal!Rupert Hill interview on his storylines and his musical career)
Same issueSoap weekSealed with a kiss (Danny/Frankie) / Can Craig warm Rosie's cold feet / Fred's dying for love - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageFred's death is covered
14th October to 20th OctoberSoap weekI love you, Frankie' (Jamie) / Auf wiedersehen, pets? (Craig/Rosie) / Rest in peace (Fred) / Hands off! (Charlie/Liam)
Same issueSunday billings page: Star of the dayRichard Fleeshman is profiled
Same issueMonday highlights pageRosie and Craig in Paris
21st October to 27th OctoberCover
2006 21 to 27 October
Same issueIt’s a family affairDebra Stephenson and Bradley Walsh interview on their characters' storylines
Same issueSoap weekA kiss is just a kiss… (Frankie/Danny), Turning in his gravy (Bev) / Dear Charlie, I know your secret… (David)
Same issueTuesday billings page: On this daySunita and Dev's supposedly bigamous wedding in 2004
Same issueThose were the days: Betty DriverPhotoessay in which the actress looks back over his previous work
28th October to 3rd NovemberCover
2006 28 October to 3 November
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tRichard Fleeshman leaving is disliked by one viewer
Same issueCharlie’s angelsKate Ford and Samia Smith interview on how they are good friends off-screen
Same issueSoap weekLook who's stalking (Jamie) / Bill's back in town / Who's the problem (Gail and therapy) / Dunkin' David
4th November to 10th NovemberNews: Some you like, Some you don'tFred's death is disliked for not being a happy ending
Same issueSoap weekI want you back (Tracy/Charlie) / Happy birthday, Jack / Kiss me! (Bill/Audrey) / We're off, son! (Danny/Jamie)
11th November to 17th NovemberWhat a weekBaldwin love triangle on Friday
Same issueRed hot girlsTina O'Brien and Tupele Dorgu at the National Television Awards
Same issueSoap weekNo room at the Inn (Steve/Michelle/Vernon/Liz) / Tracy's cooking up trouble / Becky's back! / And so to bed… (Baldwins) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
18th November to 24th NovemberWhat a weekThe Danny/Jamie fight is previewed
Same issueSoap weekComing a Cropper over Becky / What's Cilla's secret? / Bullseye! (Underworld darts match) / I'll kill you! (Danny/Jamie) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe Danny/Jamie fight is previewed
25th November to 1st DecemberNews: Bye, bye BradleyShort item on Bradley Walsh’s forthcoming departure from the show
Same issueSympathy for CillaWendi Peters interview on her character’s storylines
Same issueSoap weekGet well, Cilla / Paul's Christmas Cracker (Carla Connor) / Peeping Norris / Goodbye Danny forever? - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSunday billings page: Star of the dayBradley Walsh is profiled
Same issueFriday billings page: Star of the dayAlison King is profiled
2nd December to 8th DecemberCover
2006 2 to 8 December
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tThe Frankie/Jamie storyline is described as “repulsive”
Same issueMr LovermanSimon Gregson interview on his character and his time in the programme
Same issueCorrie’s CasanovaPhoto feature on Steve McDonald’s women
Same issueSoap weekA proper Charlie / Audrey gets her Bill / Naughty Norris / A kiss for Christmas (Steve/Michelle)
Same issueThose were the days: Sue NichollsPhotoessay in which the actress looks back over his previous work
9th December to 15th DecemberWhat a weekViolet expecting is the storyline previewed
Same issueCelebrating a great TV yearEditor’s choice for the year in the TV Times awards is Coronation Street and the viewer’s choice for favourite soap star is Bradley Walsh. Coronation Street was nominated for favourite TV show but got 3rd place with Doctor Who being in 1st place
Same issueSoap weekTracy's iron will /Holy day for Eileen / Audrey and Bill play house / Violet's pregnant!
Same issueSaturday billings page: On this dayCoronation Street’s debut in 1960 is covered
16th December to 22nd DecemberCover
2006 16 to 22 December
Same issueNews: 2006 on TV"The nation was hooked" in 2006 by Coronation Street in a review of television during the year and Lynne Perrie is remembered in a roll call
Same issueOh, baby!Ryan Thomas and Tina O’Brien interview on their Christmas storylines
Same issueSoap weekDid Jamie kill Danny? / I'm dying (Cilla) / Bev says her goodbyes / Steve's courting disaster…
Same issueWednesday highlights pageFrankie wonders if Jamie killed Danny
23rd December to 5th January 2007What a Christmas!Coronation Street is a Christmas Day highlight
Same issueSoap weekWhen a child is born / To mum… (David and Ivy’s diary)/ All ye unfaithful (Bill/Audrey/Maureen) / Merry hell! (Tracy/Charlie) / Bad tidings… (Violet's collapse) / Ding-dong, Danny's on a high / All Steve wants for Christmas…Is a New Year kiss from Michelle
Same issueSunday highlights pageThe Cilla storyline is a Christmas Eve highlight
Same issueTueday billings page: On this dayViolet Carson's death in 1983 is featured
Same issueWednesday highlights pageJason and the baby storyline
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe Funny Side of the Street is previewed
Same issueSunday billings page: Star of the dayBill Ward is profiled
Same issueWednesday highlights pageViolet's bad news
Same issueFriday highlights pageSoapstar superstar with Tupele Dorgu is previewed
Same issueThose were the daysPhotoessay of past Christmas TV Times covers including 1987 with with Hilda and Bet


Issue dated Title Content
6th January to 12th JanuaryCover
2007 6 to 12 January
Same issueNews: Runaway Chesney!Behind the scenes of Chesney's absconding, to be shown in two weeks
Same issuePayback timeBill Ward interview which mainly concentrates on looking back at his character
Same issueHe gets what he deservesKate Ford on the storyline
Same issueCharlie’s reign of terrorPhotospread of the character’s dark deeds
Same issueCorrie Contenders: Soapstar superstarnterviews with Jane Danson, Tupele Dorgu and Antony Cotton
Same issueSoaps Mr Wrong (Steve) / Au revoir, Janice / I want you back! (Jason/Sarah) / Dying for revenge!
Same issueFriday highlights pageTracy attempts to murder Charlie
13th January to 19th JanuaryWhat a week!Tracy arrested for murder - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueNews: sticky VickyVicky Entwistle's weight loss is 2.5 stone in three months
Same issueSoapsJust bad friends (Becky/Kelly) All by himself (Chesney) / Here they go again! (Audrey/Bill) / Charlie dies…
Same issueSaturday billings page:On this dayMaxine died in 2003
Same issueWednesday highlights pageTracy in court
20th January to 26th JanuaryI did it for my dadAnne Kirkbride interview on You Don’t Know You’re Born in which she goes back to her Irish roots and works on a farm - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWednesday billings page: On this dayTracy Barlow born in 1977
Same issueSoapsJailhouse shock / Dear mum, I'm running away / Educating Rita / Kelly's eye…
Same issueFriday highlights pageCharlie's funeral
27th January to 2nd FebruaryCover
2007 27 Jan to 2 Feb
Same issueNews: grapevineCottoning on - Antony Cotton is in talks to have own chat show after winning Soapstar Superstar
Same issueNews: Eye on the ratingsCoronation Street 's ratings up with 12.4 million for Charlie’s death
Same issueI’m the comeback QueenKym Ryder interview on her new-found success in the show
Same issueSoapsIt started with a kiss (Liam/Joanne) / One last chance? (Steve/Michelle) / The Eagle has landed (Roy) / David blackmails Tracy
Same issueSaturday billings page:On this dayVal Barlow dies in 1971
Same issueWednesday highlights pageDavid blackmails Tracy
3rd February to 9th FebruaryWhat a week!Sonny/Michelle/Sean storyline
Same issueNews: grapevineGood riddance! Wendi Peters leaving later in the year
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tThe murder spate in soaps including Charlie's death is disliked
Same issueSoapsNo Steve, no! / You're sacked! (Joanne) / You're fired! (Becky) / Whose side is Sonny on? - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageSean and Sonny's story is highlighted
10th February to 16th FebruaryWhat a week!Jason and Holly's story is highlighted
Same issueSoapsSonny's delight / Flaming Becky! / Home is where the heart is (Chesney) Baby, it's over! (Jason/Holly)
17th February to 23rd FebruaryNews: Some you like, Some you don't"Troublesome" David disliked
Same issueSoapsSonny's secret is out… Is it curtains for Becky? / Carla's on top / His lips are sealed (David) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
24th February to 2nd MarchCover
2007 24 Feb to 2 Mar
Same issueWhat a week!Michelle, Sonny and Steve's story is highlighted
Same issueDaddy’s girlRyan Thomas interview on working with the six babies who play Holly
Same issueSoapsLook who's back! (Leanne) / A bomb deal / She's my girl (Jason/Holly) / Marry me, Michelle
3rd March to 9th MarchCover
2007 3 to 9 March
Same issueWhat a week!Michelle, Sonny and Steve's story is highlighted
Same issueSpring soap specialOld rivals (Samia Smith and Kate Ford interview as their characters clash again) / Meet the Mortons (new family profiled), That’s rich (Jane Danson on her escort storyline) Whisper, whisper (short items on upcoming storylines)
Same issueSoapsVideo nasty (Jason) / Leanne's after Liam / Derek delivers the goods for Liz / The truth is out! (Sonny/Michelle)
Same issueSunday billings page:On this dayTommy Harris died in 2005
Same issueThursday billings page:On this dayThe programme's first wedding, Joan Walker to Gordon Davies, in 1961
10th March to 16th MarchWhat a week!Deirdre suspects Tracy - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tThe recent TV Times cover of Jason and baby Holly is liked
Same issueKeep on running!Vicky Binns on training for her first marathon
Same issueSoapsThe Connor killer! / Tape that! (Deirdre) / Underworld's revolting / Bonjour, Maman!
Same issueWednesday billings page:Star of the dayJane Danson is featured
17th March to 23rd MarchNews: Some you like, Some you don'tSean/Michelle/Sonny triangle is disliked
Same issueSoapsLeanne's a hooker! / Doreen's at home / She'll be the death of me (Deirdre/Tracy) / The Mortons move in
24th March to 30th MarchCover
2007 24 to 30 March
Same issueWhat a week!The Two-hander between Tracy and Deirdre is highlighted
Same issue‘She deserves everything she gets’Kate Ford interview on why she’s lost sympathy for her character
Same issueSoapsTracy stands trial / Leanne loses out / I want my mum! (Kayleigh Morton)
Same issueWednesday billings page: Star of the dayAnne Kirkbride (with the incorrect story about the 1981 wedding getting more than Charles and Diana's being repeated)
Same issueFriday highlights pageDeirdre takes the stand
31st March to 6th AprilSoapsKidnap drama / Joanne's illegal! / Innocent or guilty? / Love is blind (Liam/Leanne) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueThose were the daysBeverley Callard's career is highlighted
7th April to 13th AprilCover
2007 7 to 13 April
Same issueNews: Corrie on Edna!Dame Edna Everage wants a part in Coronation Street and claims that the theme music composer Eric Spear was an Australian friend of hers
Same issueNews: Some you like, Some you don'tMortons are disliked
Same issueHappy Easter!Ryan Thomas and Tina O’Brien interview on their Easter plans
Same issueSoapsLiz's love triangle / Goodbye Tracy / Home alone (Kayleigh/Finlay Bryant) / NOT the daddy!
Same issueThose were the daysA look back at the life of Tracy Barlow
14th April to 20th AprilWhat a week!Liam and Leanne - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsAnother Connor cover-up / The best man? (Liz/Derek) / She's my baby! / Jerry's stinger
21st April to 27th AprilNews: Soap Awards specialNominations for the British Soap Awards including Samia Smith, Rob James-Collier and Richard Fleeshman for sexiest male and female
Same issueStreet artist!Jayne Tunnicliffe’s art work which gets an exhibition in Manchester
Same issueSoapsBye-bye baby / Unhappy birthday / Vera's trip / Liars! (Paul/Liam/Carla) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWednesday highlights pageEileen gives up Holly
Same issueThose were the daysMeg Johnson is featured including a look back at her time as Eunice Gee
28th April to 4th MayCover
2007 28 April to 4 May
Same issueNews: grapevineRupert Hill is quitting Coronation Street meaning that there will be no Baldwins in the programme for the first time in thirty years
Same issueWill they or won’t they?Simon Gregson and Kym Ryder interview on whether their characters will get together
Same issueSoapsGoodbye Deirdre, hello Denise! / A new man for Violet / Rosie's loved up / Kiss me quick (Steve/Michelle)
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe Ken/Denise storyline is highlighted
5th May to 11th MayCover
2007 5th May
Same issueWhat a week!Leanne's escort storyline - "wait til you see who her client is"
Same issueThe Magnificent Sexy SevenRyan Thomas and Ron James-Collier included in a feature on “Britain’s favourite fellas" from Britain’s top shows
Same issueSoapsDeirdre, you slapper! / Steve's finances hit the bunker / Ooo, sir! (John Stape/Fiz) Brief Encounter (Paul/Leanne)
Same issueMonday highlights pageKen meets Daniel again
12th May to 18th MayNews: Car crash TVPreview of the action in the episodes to be shown in June of Paul and Leanne's car crash
Same issueThe soap star's superstar!Michael Starke interview, mainly on his daughter, Hayley, who is appearing in Grease is the Word
Same issueSoapsFlaming hell (Peacock's fire) / Marry me! (Kirk/Fiz) / Caught in the act (Michelle/ Steve) / Is the game up for Leanne?
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe latest turns in the Ken/Deirdre are featured
19th May to 25th MayNews: Trophy girls!Small item on Kym Ryder and Katherine Kelly cheering on Manchester United in the FA Cup final
Same issueSoapsAll for love… (Leanne/Liam) I want my Ken back / Let's get Fiz-ical! / My heroes (Jamie & Kirk rescue Claire) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
26th May to 1st JuneSoapsThe accused! (Claire) / I've got a new man, Kirky / Has Liz been rumbled? / I know your game… (Carla/Leanne)
2nd June to 8th JuneCover
2007 2 to 8 June
Same issueWhat a week!Monday's episodes are highlighted for the car crash
Same issueAnd the wan-ner is…Gok Wan on gowns worn by soap stars at BAFTAs including Tina O'Brien
Same issueCrash, bang, kidnapped!Behind the scenes photographs of the car crash filming
Same issueSoapsThe end of the road / Denise makes her move… / Liz's guilty conscience
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe car crash is featured
9th June to 15th JuneNews: grapevineBye, bye, Les: Bruce Jones's contract is not being renewed
Same issueNews: Get Shorty!Samia Smith and Tina O’Brien’s dresses at the British Soap Awards
Same issueSoapsRebel with a cause (David) / Stop that woman! (Claire) / Back together again (Ken/Deirdre) / Kirk meets his love rival
Same issueMonday highlights pageKen returns to Deirdre
16th June to 22nd JuneCover
2007 16th June
Same issueNews: Playing his cads rightQ&A with Sean Hughes on joining the programme
Same issueDaddy’s girlInterview with Simon Gregson on being a father both on and off screen)
Same issueSoapsThree's a crowd (Michelle/ Steve/Ryan) / It's such a perfect date (Pat/Eileen) / David's misbehaving again / I know you did it (Claire & Casey)
23rd June to 29th JuneWhat a drag!Beverley Callard on the no-smoking ban’s effect on her character and that of Steve McDonald
Same issueDavid Scissorhands!Jack P. Shepherd interview on David’s start at the salon and the development of his character - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsLet's make a baby! / Goodbye, Steve / Dearly undeparted (Blanche) / The Italian job (Leanne's restaurant) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
30th June to 6th JulyMonday highlights pageViolet and Sean are featured
Same issueSoapsThink positive! (Sean/Violet) / He's married, Eileen! / Sally's put in her place
7th July to 13th JulyWhat a week!Monday for Jason and Sarah's engagement
Same issueHappy Birthday Sally!Sally Whittaker Q&A on the character as she reaches forty - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsIt's over (Liz/Derek) / Welcome to Weatherfield, chuck! (Paul Clayton) / A week of celebrations on the Street (Jason & Tina engaged, restaurant opening and Sally's birthday)
Same issueWednesday billings page:On this dayCurly first appeared in 1983
14th July to 20th JulyCover
2007 14 to 20 July
Same issueDaddy Cool!Antony Cotton interview on his character's development and his forthcoming chat show
Same issueSoapsYou've got a friend (Casey/Ashley) / How could you? (Liz/Vernon) / Connor versus Connor / We quit (Restaurant staff)
21st July to 27th JulyWhat a week!The Sean/Violet storyline is featured - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMy guilty TV secretsFern Brittain says collapsing on the sofa with a glass of wine and watching Coronation Street is "heaven". She's pictured with the 31st May - 6th June 1980 TV Times with the Patricia Phoenix cover
Same issueSoapsThey're having a baby! / Deal or no deal? (Leanne/Carla) / Back for good (Liz/Vernon) / Kiss me, quick… (Ashley/Casey)
Same issueFriday highlights pageViolet and Sean are featured
28th July to 3rd AugustCover
2007 28 Jul to 3 Aug
Same issueWhat a week!Malta and Ashley cheats on Claire are highlights of the week
Same issueHello sunshine!Feature on the shooting in Malta
Same issueSoapsSleeping with the enemy (Ashley/Casey) / Happy birthday, Ches! / Sean spills the beans / Boy, oh boy! (Steve/Shania)
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe Ashley/Casey storyline is featured
4th August to 10th AugustCover
2007 4 to 10 Aug
Same issueWhat a week!Michelle and Steve back together
Same issueNews: Goodbye VeraHalf page item on Elizabeth Dawn quitting for health reasons
Same issueCasanova of the cobblesMalcolm Hebden interview on his character’s history in the show
Same issueSoapsIt's back on! (Steve/Michelle) Who does Norris love? / Wedding jitters / Dev's on the menu
Same issueMonday highlights pageMichelle and Steve back together
Same issueWednesday highlights pageAngela Hawthorne's funeral is featured
11th August to 17th AugustCover
2007 11 to 17 August
Same issueSoap Shocks Revealed!Upcoming storylines: Family at war (David and Sarah) It’s from my son! (Hayley) And that’s not all… (Peacocks/Casey, Liam & Leanne, Jim and Todd return, plus others)
Same issueMonday highlights pageFeaturing a holiday snap of Shania
Same issueSoapsDon't give up on Claire! / Now, get out of that one! (Steve/Michelle) / David's got eyes for Mel
18th August to 24th AugustWhat a week!Vera and Jack's golden wedding is featured
Same issueNews: Ca-tache-trophies!A photo essay of bad moustaches on TV over the years including Kevin Webster
Same issueCorrie's Golden CouplePhotospread on Jack and Vera over the years - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsLike father, like son (Paul Clayton) / It's a date! (Eileen/Jerry) / Rich pickings for Cilla? / I want to kill my mum!
Same issueMonday highlights pageDavid and Jason on the factory roof
25th August to 31st AugustCover
2007 25 to 31 August
Same issueThe perfect couple?Samia Smith and Rob James-Collier interview on the “inside story” of their characters
Same issueThose were the daysDenise Welch is featured including a look back at her time in Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsClaire smells a rat / Indecent proposals? (Norris/Emily) / Caught in the act (Jerry/Eileen) / I'm a father!
1st September to 7th SeptemberSoapsTa-ra, Mum! (Gail/David) / Marry me, Rita! / Sean's smitten / Woman in chains (Casey Carswell)
8th September to 14th SeptemberSarah’s Street shockerThe tribulations affecting the character over the years
Same issueSoapsThe wanderer returns (David) / We're having a baby! (Violet/Sean) / Molly's despair / That's my boy! (Hayley/Christian Gatley)
Same issueMonday highlights pageDavid and the doll
Same issueMonday billings page:Those were the daysA look back at Emily's 1980 wedding to Arnold Swain
Same issueWednesday highlights pageThe Hayley/Christian storyline is featured
15th September to 21st SeptemberWhat a week!The Monday episode for David's storyline is featured
Same issueSoapsTell the truth (Roy/Hayley/Christian) / Sean's smitten / Tyrone's shamefaced / Please don't DIE! (Sarah/Bethany) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe Bethany ecstasy storyline is featured
22nd September to 28th SeptemberWhat a week!The Hayley/Christian storyline on Monday is featured - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issue“It was evil, absolutely evil”Julie Goodyear interview to tie in with BBC show You can’t fire me, I'm famous about her short-term return to Coronation Street in 2002
Same issueHayley unmaskedJulie Hesmondhalgh interview on how little she’s recognised in the street
Same issueSoapsDavid's banished / The happy couple? (Jamie/Violet) / Three's a crowd (Tony/Carla/Liam) / The truth hurts (Hayley/Christian)
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe Hayley/Christian storyline on Monday is again featured
Same issueTuesday Highlights pageJulie Goodyear on posing on the bench outside the Rovers in 1970 is printed for the transmission of "You can't fire me, I'm famous" on BBC1
29th September to 5th OctoberWhat a week!Liam/Carla on Monday - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueVote now!Readers invited to vote in TV Times awards with Steve, Michelle and Liam named possibles for favourite soap star/sexiest male
Same issueI’m the Street’s Sourpuss!Alison King interview on the differences between the actress and the character
Same issueSoapsFight club (Roy/Becky/Jason in scuffles) / Tyrone's trapped / R.I.P Frank / Family affairs? (Liam/Carla)
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe Liam/Carla storyline is featured
Same issueThose were the daysBradley Walsh looks back on his career including Coronation Street
6th October to 12th OctoberSoapsFeeling the heat (Paul) / How could you, Dad?! / (Jodie/Jerry) / Up to his old tricks (David) / Tara, Ches!
Same issueFriday highlights pageCilla's departure
13th October to 19th OctoberWhat a week!Todd's return on Monday
Same issueThe rover returnsshort Bruno Langley interview
Same issueSoapsMum, I'm back (Todd) / Lessons in love (Rosie/John Stape) / No place like home (Chesney) / Bad Jerry!
Same issueMonday highlights pageTodd's return is highlighted
20th October to 26th OctoberCover
2007 20 to 26 October
Same issueThe most fantastic vibrant woman I’d ever metAnthony Booth interview about Patricia Phoenix for Britain’s Love Story programme on ITV1
Same issueHellraiser!Q&A with Jack P. Shepherd on his character
Same issueSoapsLet's go to bed… (Rosie/John) / Goodbye, Roy / Boy or girl? (Violet/Sean) / Back with a vengeance (David)
Same issueMonday highlights pageDavid, Jason and the scaffolding
27th October to 2nd NovemberCover
2007 27 October to 2 November
Same issueWhat a week!The wedding of Sarah and Jason is featured
Same issueNews: Kym's family funKym Ryder on All Star Family Fortunes
Same issueTogether forever?Feature on two soap weddings – one in EastEnders and Jason & Sarah in Coronation Street with a Q&A with Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas
Same issueSoapsOne wedding…and a funeral? / Puppy love (Liam/Ozzy) Give us a kiss! (Leanne/Paul)
Same issueWednesday highlights pageSarah and Jason's wedding is featured
3rd November to 9th NovemberCover
2007 3 to 9 November
Same issueTime for fireworksFeature on the Jamie/Violet/Sean baby storyline with interviews with the actors involved
Same issueSoapsYou're the donor, not the father! / Move in with me! (Steve/Michelle) / Here comes the guy… (David/Sarah's dress) / Lessons in love…(John/Sally/Rosie)
10th November to 16th NovemberNews: Blue belles!Stars at the National Television Awards including Tina O’Brien and Kym Ryder
Same issueHelen Flanagan – All grown up!Interview with the actress on growing up on the show since she made her debut at the age of nine - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsBack together again (Jamie/Violet) / David's on a mission / Claire kisses Kevin! / Little Madam! (Rosie)
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe Rosie/John Stape storyline is featured
Same issueWednesday highlights pageThe Coronation Street Family Album: Wedding special, is highlighted
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe Coronation Street Family Album: The Websters, is highlighted
Same issueThose were the daysThe TV Times cover for Children in Need with Coronation Street from 2004 with the Chesney/Kirk cover is featured
17th November to 23rd NovemberWhat a week!The storyline of Becky being framed by David is featured
Same issueShe ain’t so tough!Katherine Kelly interview on her character with mention of her friendship with Mike Tindall
Same issueSoapsSuspicious mind (Sarah/Jason/David/Becky) / Back for good (Ashley/Claire) / I'm the daddy! (Sean/Violet) / You slapper! (Fiz/Sally) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageFeatured are The Coronation Street family album: The Grimshaws and Coronation Street itself when Fiz slaps Sally
24th November to 30th NovemberCover
2007 24th November
Same issueTina shall go to the ball!Tina O’Brien and other soap stars in panto at Christmas
Same issueTheir royal highnessIn feature on The Royal Family at Work, Samia Smith on the day she met the Queen and Prince Philip
Same issueOh, babyQ&A with Rob James-Collier and Samia Smith on their character’s storyline
Same issueSoapsCaught out! (almost…) (Rosie/John) / Jim's back, so he is! / Sister act (Lauren Wilson/Violet) / I'm pregnant (Maria)
Same issueWednesday highlights pageThe Liam/Maria pregnancy storyline is featured
1st December to 7th DecemberWhat a week!Liam proposes to Maria on Monday
Same issueNews: Trouble? You bet!Feature on Jack Ellis and Matthew Crompton as they make their debut in the programme
Same issueSoapsYou're a liar and a cheat! (Jason/Sarah) / Bookies on the block / The ex factor (Jim/Liz) Marry me! (Liam/Maria)
Same issueMonday highlights pageLiam proposes to Maria on Monday
Same issueWednesday highlights pageJack and Vera announce they are selling up
8th December to 14th DecemberWhat a week!Ryan's stalker is revealed on Monday
Same issueTV Times awards resultsCoronation Street itself, Rob James-Collier and Alison King are the winners. The recipients are pictured and the stars interviewed
Same issueSoapsArrivederci, Weatherfield / My hero… (Jim/Liz) / I knew you were trouble (Jack/Paul/Tyrone) / Leave off…I'm Ryan's dad!
Same issueWednesday highlights pageJim deals with punters in the Rovers
15th December to 21st DecemberWhat a week!Sarah outsmarts David
Same issueNews: Our pictures of 2007Ryan Thomas and the baby playing Holly from the cover earlier in the year are pictured again
Same issueSoapsHello…son? (Maria/Alex) / I want you! (Rosie/John) / New beginning (Jamie/Violet) / You're busted, lad! (Audrey/David)
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe Underworld Christmas party is featured
22nd December to 4th January 2008Santa’s Little HelpersKirk and Chesney pictured as elves on the editor's page
Same issueSoapsNew Year, new start (Sarah/Beth/Jason) / A wanted woman (Becky/Kirk) / Holiday tragedy (Liam/Maria) / Mother of all problems (Michelle) / The ghost of Christmas present (Fiz/Rosie/John) Ice and a splice (Liz/Vernon)
Same issueSunday Highlights PageLiz's hen night is featured
Same issueTuesday Highlights pageThe Rosie/John reveal is featured
Same issueSunday Highlights PageSarah's departure is a highlight of the day
Same issueFriday highlights pageLiam and Maria in Lakes and The Funny Side of the Street are highlighted
Same issueThose were the daysPantos - Tina O'Brien and Bill Tarmey in the Coronation Street Pantomime are featured


Issue dated Title Content
5th January to 11th JanuarySoapsGoing down (Kevin) / Mum, meet my girlfriend (David/Gail/Tina) / We're off (Duckworths) / Clinging to life (Liam)
Same issueMonday highlights pageLiam in hospital asking for Carla
Same issueMonday billings page: On this dayHelen Worth born in 1951
12th January to 18th JanuarySoapsGoodbye, Weatherfield (Vera) / Conniving Carla / Sally feels the strain / I know the truth, Mum (Ryan) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueFriday highlights pageVera's death is featured
19th January to 25th JanuarySoapsMoment of truth (Michelle) / It's D-day for David / Is this love? (Darryl/Lauren) / Cornered by crafty Carla
Same issueFriday highlights pageCarla and Liam’s storyline is featured
26th January to 1st FebruaryWhat a week!Michelle and Alex Neeson’s storyline is featured
Same issueSoapsThe son is out… (Alex) / Gotcha! (Becky/Jason) / Kevin's home / R.I.P Vera - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageVera's funeral episodes are previewed
2nd February to 8th FebruaryCover
2008 2 to 8 February
Same issueWhat a week!Carla confesses to Liam that she loves him in Friday’s episodes
Same issueLove or lust?Interviews with Rob James-Collier and Alison King on their characters
Same issueSoapsBecky gets her man… / Here's your daddy (Michelle/Alex) / Is Lauren using Darryl? / I want you, Liam (Carla/Maria/Liam)
Same issueSunday highlights pageThe tribute programme Farewell Vera is featured
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe Carla/Liam/Maria love triangle is featured
9th February to 15th FebruarySoapsTeens at war (Alex/Ryan) / The toast of café society (Ken/Becky) / No ticket, no money (Jack/Dan) / We did it! (Liam/Maria) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWhat a week!Maria and Liam's wedding is featured
16th February to 22nd FebruaryCover
2008 16 to 22 February
Same issueWhat a week!Dylan Wilson’s birth on Friday is featured
Same issueNews: grapevineRob James-Collier is leaving the programme and will be seen for the last time at Christmas
Same issueNews: Vote for your favourite TV dogOzzy and Schmeichel are nominations in this poll
Same issueCorrie Wobbles!Ghosthunting with…Coronation Street: The programme goes to the Isle of Man as Kym Marsh, Tupele Dorgu, Katherine Kelly, Jack P. Shepherd, and Wendi Peters spend the weekend in haunted places
Same issueSoapsTony steals a kiss / Paul runs true to form / Three's a crowd (Gail/David/Tina) / Express delivery! (Violet)
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe ghost programme is featured
Same issueFriday highlights pageViolet goes into labour
23rd February to 29th FebruarySoapsSaving Amy! / Tattoo do nicely (David) / Moving in, falling out (Dan/Harry) / Don't take my baby! - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueFriday highlights pageJamie and Violet try to leave
1st March to 7th MarchCover
2008 1 to 7 March
Same issueWhat a week!The Alex/Ryan confusion episodes on Friday are featured
Same issueSoapsTug of love (Michelle/Alex/Ryan) / A pants day (Paul) / Kelly's hero (Harry) / I'm pregnant! (Tina)
Same issueMonday highlights pageTina’s pregnancy is featured
8th March to 14th MarchCoverTo be added
Same issueWhat a week!Gail and David’s confrontation on Friday is featured
Same issueSoapsChesney's taken into care / Tony shows his dark side / Ryan wants his dad / Has David killed Gail?
15th March to 21st MarchSoapsMarry me! (Carla/Tony) / Dan's the man for Leanne / you beauty, Roy! (Becky/Roy) / Would you like for me, baby?
Same issueMonday highlights pageTony proposes to Carla
22nd March to 28th MarchCover
2008 22 March
Same issueSoapsWelcome home! (Gail) / Beck where she belongs (Fiz) / Blanche is fuming / Burning desire (Leanne)
Same issueThose were the daysPast Easter covers including 2005 and 2006
29th March to 4th AprilWhat a week!Gail remembers her accident in Friday’s episodes
Same issueSoapsUp in smoke (Paul) / All by myself (David) / Saving Amy (Harry) / The odd couple (Becky/Roy)
Same issueThose were the daysTina Hobley is featured including her time on Coronation Street
5th April to 11th AprilSoapsExterminate! (Jason and the bats) / Meet Rick! / Gizz job! (Leanne/Dan) / Wing thing! (David) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageDavid's rampage is featured
Same issueThose were the daysMaureen Lipman looks back on her life, with Jack Rosenthal and as Lillian Spencer
12th April to 18th AprilCoverTo be added
Same issueNews: soap property ladderWhat houses and other places in the soaps would cost in real life. No 9 is £120,000 while Ian Beale’s house in EastEnders is valued at £400,000
Same issueSoapsI shall not be moved! (Roy) / Darryl's back on board / Put a cake in it! (Becky/Rick) / Gail's torment
Same issueMonday highlights pageLiz flirts with Harry Mason
19th April to 25th AprilSoapsI did it (Paul/Leanne) / Feeling the strain (David) / On again (Becky/Jason) / Kirky's new girl
Same issueWednesday billings page: On this dayRoy and Hayley's wedding in 1999 is remembered
Same issueFriday highlights pagePaul dobs Leanne into the police
26th April to 2nd MayCover
2008 26 April
Same issueWhat a week!Maria receives bad baby news
Same issue'Maria's story means so much to me'Samia Smith interview in which she reveals that the storyline of Maria's stillborn baby led her own mother to confess that she had been through an identical experience. She also tells of how she and Gray O'Brien are in a competition with each other as to who can bake the best cakes!
Same issueSoapsSecret rendezvous (Audrey/Ted Page) / You're under arrest (Leanne) / Let's get serious (Becky/Jason) / Maria's heartache
Same issueWednesday highlights pageMaria has to give birth to a dead baby
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe Grimshaw Family Album is featured
3rd May to 9th MayCoverTo be added
Same issueSoapsRelocation, relocation (house swap) / Love on the inside (Tina/David) / What's going on? (Gail/Audrey/Bill/Ted) / Bye-bye son
Same issueSaturday’s billings page: On this daySally Whittaker birth in 1963 is featured
Same issueSunday highlights pageClaire discovers that her bank account is empty
Same issueFriday highlights pageGail meets Ted Page
10th May to 16th MayWhat a week!Carla beds Liam
Same issueSoapsHe's gay, mam! / Cutting it (Natasha) / Just good friends? (Harry/Liz/Deirdre) / I want you (Liam/Carla) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageCarla beds Liam
Same issueThose were the daysSue Jenkins’ career is featured - also pictured is a young Richard Fleeshman
17th May to 23rd MayNews: Young guns!Soap stars at British Soap Awards including Michelle Keegan
Same issueJolly Holly!The winners of the British Soap Awards are listed
Same issueSoap gossJack P. Shepherd on liking the shiny suit he wore to the awards
Same issueSoapsBookie nookie / Hot property - not! (Claire/Sally) / Water disaster (Ken/Deirdre) / What's she doing here? (Michelle/Leanne)
Same issueFriday highlights pageSally and Claire’s house dispute is featured
31st May to 6th JuneCorrie callingInterview with Reece Dinsdale who admits that he never thought he'd end up in soap
Same issueSoapsI'm free! / Here comes the son? (Teresa Bryant/Finlay/Lloyd) / Eye eye… (Steve/Dan) / In too deep (Jason/Becky)
Same issueFriday highlights pageDavid’s release from jail is featured
7th June to 13th JuneCoverTo be added
Same issueWhat a week!Steve and Becky on Wednesday are featured
Same issueSoapsHappy families (Tina McIntyre/Joe McIntyre/Gail/David). Meet Carla's new IT guy / Their cheating hearts (Steve/Becky)
Same issueSunday highlights pageSteve being arrested is featured
Same issueFriday highlights pageRoy catches Steve and Becky together
14th June to 20th JuneSoapsWhy are we waiting? (house swap) / You liar! (Teresa/Lloyd/Jerry) / Just the job (David) / He has to go! (Carla/Liam/Underworld staff)
Same issueMonday highlights pageCarla blackmails Liam
21st June to 27th JuneSoapsSteve wants to marry you! (Lloyd/Michelle) / Party animals (Teresa/ Rosie) / The real deal? (Painting in the loft) / Becky's got the blues
Same issueMonday highlights pageClaire finds the painting in the loft
28th June to 4th JulyTo be added
5th July to 11th JulySoapsI'll get you for this! (Steve/Lloyd/Michelle) / Butt out! (Sally/Teresa) / Friends, reunited (Ken's reunion) / Sealed with a kiss? (Tony/Rosie) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueFriday highlights pageSteve/Becky/Michelle
12th July to 18th JulySoapsThe engagement's off! (Tyrone/Molly) / Move over! (Tony/Kevin) / Identity withheld (Fiz) / I won't marry you! (Michelle/Steve) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWednesday highlights pageMichelle punches Steve
19th July to 25th JulyCover
2008 19 to 25 July
Same issueSoapsTo us! (Tyrone/Molly) / Clarissa splashes out / Mother Teresa? / Look who's stalking!
26th July to 1st AugustSoapsDream Lover (Dev/Nina Mandal) / Ken's gay?! / Car wars! (Kevin/Tony/Jimmy Dockerson) / Street fighters (Liz/Clarissa Mason)
Same issueMonday highlights pageIs Ken gay?
Same issueWednesday highlights pageDev and Nina meeting at the golf club is featured
2nd August to 8th AugustSoapsThe road to hell (booze cruise crash) / Cooking up trouble (Teresa) / Don't mess with me (Jed Stone/Tony) / You've got male (sic) (David/Darryl/ Tina)
Same issueTuesday billings page: On this dayAntony Cotton born this day in 1975
Same issueFriday highlights pageKen becomes a writer
9th August to 15th AugustWhat a week!Friday’s episodes with Michelle and Steve are featured
Same issueSoapsCut out! (David/Tina) / What's your poison? / Deirdre, you slapper! / We're on - but I'm off! (Michelle/Steve)
Same issueMonday highlights pageKen/Deirdre row over his book is featured
16th August to 22nd AugustNews: Tatt-who?Match stars with their real-life tattoos, includes Kym Marsh
Same issueSoapsFeeling the strain (Tony/Jed) / Bye, my lover (Steve/Michelle) / Lord of the ring (Tyrone) / Back together again? (John/Fiz)
Same issueFriday highlights pageNorris finds an envelope from Emily
23rd August to 29th AugustSoapsStay away from our wedding! (Tyrone/Molly,/Jackie Dobbs) / Situation CRITICAL (Jerry/Teresa) / Risky business (Dev/Nina) / Jealous girl (Tina)
Same issueWednesday billings page: On this dayBernard Youens died on this day in 1984
30th August to 5th SeptemberWhat a week!Becky returns to the café on Friday
Same issueSoapsBad boys! (Ken/Roy) / Here's some punch! (Marcus/Tom Kerrigan/Sean) / Pucker up (Gail/Joe) / At death's door (Jerry)
Same issueFriday highlights pageRoy and Ken are questioned after being arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling
6th September to 12th SeptemberCover
2008 6 to 12 September
Same issueSoapsTogether forever? (Fiz/John) / Rough justice (Teresa/Mel/Charelle Glover) / Darryl lights Amber's fire / To our little secret (Tony/Carla)
Same issueFriday highlights pageDev/Nina/Prem Mandal
13th September to 19th SeptemberSoapsYou're nicked, mum! (Mel/Teresa) / We're rich! (Leanne/Janice) / Dream girl (Dev/Tara Mandal) / Kidnapped! - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageBecky/Jason
Same issueThursday billings page: On this dayPatricia Phoenix died on this day in 1986
20th September to 26th SeptemberWhat a week!Rosie shows Tony the pictures of Liam and Carla in Friday’s episode
Same issueSoapsDirty Harry / Honey, I'm home! (Michelle/ Steve) / We're in the money (Leanne/Janice) / Rosie reveals all! - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageGail gets it on with Joe
27th September to 3rd OctoberCoverTo be added
Same issueWhat a week!Tony out to murder Liam in Friday’s episode but the method of his demise is Coronation Street’s secret
Same issueSoapsWhere's Rosie? / Adios, Jerry / Is Liam for the high jump? / Moving in - or moving out? (Becky/Jason)
Same issueThursday billings page: On this daySimon Gregson was born on this day in 1974
Same issueFriday highlights pageLiam and Tony are featured
4th October to 10th OctoberWhat a week!Tony almost catches Liam in the act with Carla in Friday’s episodes
Same issueSoapsOn the rampage! (Becky) / Love hurts (Fiz/John) / Unhappy slapper (Janice/ Sally) / Kiss of death (Tony/Liam/Carla) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueVote now…...for TV Times awards 2008. Liam/Tony/Carla are highlighted as a nomination
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe fight between Becky and Jason is featured
11th October to 17th OctoberCover
2008 11 to 17 October
Same issueSoapsTony kills Liam / In danger? (The Websters) / You're my alibi (Becky/Steve) / Amber light
Same issueWhat a week!Tony’s murder of Liam is featured
18th October to 24th OctoberSoaps"I want Liam!" / Not my daughter! (Dev/Darryl/Amber) / Dress to impress (Tyrone/Molly) / Captive! (Rosie/John) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueWhat a week!John locks up Rosie in Monday’s episodes
Same issue’I don't have any regrets'Interview with Bruce Jones (to tie in with programme The Dark Side of Fame) who says that press stories of him giving stories away were wrong
Same issueFriday highlights pageJohn and Fiz go to Whitby leaving Rosie behind
25th October to 31st OctoberWhat a week!Michelle Keegan pictured for the National Television Awards on Wednesday
Same issueSoapsGoodbye, my lover / The not-so great escape / Becky's busted / Look who's back! (Peter/Simon)
Same issueFriday highlights pageSteve/Becky/DC Hooch
Same issueThose were the daysReece Dinsdale’s career is featured
1st November to 7th NovemberCoverTo be added
Same issueWhat a week!Wednesday’s episode with Rosie’s escape from John is featured
Same issueSoapsSuspicious mind (Maria) / In too deep (Steve/Becky) / Be a man! (Ken/Peter) / Free at last (Rosie)
Same issueMonday highlights pageJohn, Fiz and Rosie’s storyline is featured
8th November to 14th NovemberSoapsYou're not staying! (Peter/Simon) / Tara's keen / Hard times (Underworld staff) / No more Mr Nice Guy! (David)
15th November to 21st NovemberWhat a week!Hayley’s return is featured
Same issueSoapsHitting back (Michelle/Graeme Proctor) / Amber sees red / Double trouble (Steve/Becky) / Out of Africa
Same issue’The last year's been unbelievable!'Michelle Keegan interview on her co-stars, working with Jack P. Shepherd and Reece Dinsdale, and moving away from home - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
22nd November to 28th NovemberWhat a week!Will Steve dump Michelle?
Same issueSoapsMarry me…next week! (Carla/Tony) / You're the boss (Dev/Darryl) / Maria's relief / Undercover lovers (Steve/Becky) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
29th November to 5th DecemberWhat a week!The wedding storyline is featured
Same issueSoap shocks and surprises!A Christmas preview of the soap storylines including, for Coronation Street, Steve and Becky with Steve transforming the cab office into a "winter wonderland"
Same issueSoapsYou're mine at last… (Tony/Carla) / Sorry, son (Peter/Simon) / The waiting game (Steve/Becky)
Same issueWednesday highlights pageSally tells Maria about Liam’s affair
Same issueThose were the daysMartin Shaw is profiled, including a look back to 1968 and his appearance in Coronation Street as Robert Croft
6th December to 12th DecemberWhat a week!Is Maria going to be Tony's next victim?
Same issueSoapsThe wedding's off! (Tyrone/Molly) / Turf wars (Platts/Windasses) / You must believe me! (Maria/Audrey) / Salt with that, Dad? (Eileen/Colin Grimshaw)
Same issueWhat a fab TV year!TV Times awards - The winners are listed
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe Windasses arrive
13th December to 19th DecemberWhat a week!Maria/Carla/Tony
Same issueNews: Snap, Corrie, and pop!Alex Bain appears in an advert for Rice Krispies
Same issueSoapsShow stopper! (Peter) / Custard's the dish for Eileen / Rovers recruit (Poppy Morales) / Killer caller (Tony) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageJesse Chadwick arrives on the street
Same issueFriday highlights pagePeter being drunk at the nativity play is previewed
20th December to 2nd JanuarySoapsMurder in mind (Tony) / All I want for Christmas is you (Becky/Steve) / Merry hell! (Platts/Windasses) / Let's get physical (Lloyd/Liz) / Bright spark (Darryl) / Happy new year (Leanne/Peter) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoaps: Coming up in 2009Preview of forthcoming storylines
Same issueMonday highlights pagePeter announces he's given up drink
Same issueWednesday highlights pageChristmas Eve with Tony and Jed
Same issueMonday highlights pageLiz and Lloyd have a fling


Issue dated Title Content
3rd January to 9th JanuaryCover
2009 3 to 9 January
Same issueNew year, new loveUpcoming storylines on Steve/Becky, Peter/Leanne and Sophie
Same issueWednesday highlights pageJoe's money troubles mount up
Same issueSoapsBecky's heartache / Peter's pledge / Clear off! (Molly/Jackie) / News: Mistress Martha (Stephanie Beacham is joining the cast), Alison's off (Alison King is going on maternity leave) / Also starting with this issue: "This week in Weatherfield" has short highlights of each episode in the week
10th January to 16th JanuaryMy TV weekWedding daze: The editor chooses the Molly/Tyrone wedding storyline as one of his highlights of the week
Same issueSoapsYou dirty rat! (Steve/Michelle) / Sealed with a kiss (Leanne/Peter) / Groom and doom / News: "Molly's posh frock" was the work of Leeds designer James Steward / "Nurse Janice" (Janice Battersby is set to train as a nurse) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueFriday highlights pageGail suggests Joe moves into No.8
17th January to 23rd JanuaryMy TV weekMaria and Tony's storyline is an editor's choice
Same issueSoapsMaria's meltdown / Joe loses it / How do you explain this? (Sophie's pregancy test kit)/ Fiz sees John banged up / News: Tired mum (Jane Danson knows that her maternity leave will be exhausting), Suranne special? (Suranne Jones is tempted by a DVD spin-off offer so she can work again with Simon Gregson) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueNews: What's next for…Andrew Sachs is to appear in Coronation Street as Norris's brother
Same issueFriday highlights pageMaria confronts Tony
24th January to 30th JanuaryMy TV weekMartha Fraser's appearance in the show is an editor's choice
Same issueFrom Malibu to ManchesterInterview with Stephanie Beacham “I’m more like her than most of the people I’ve played” - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueKen’s lovely ladies!List and photos of Ken’s previous wives and girlfriends
Same issueSoapsDead end? (Maria/Tony) / Puppy love (Ken/Martha) / You'll pay for this, Windass! News: That's my girl (Ryan Thomas on being a father)
Same issueMonday highlights pageMaria knocks down Tony
Same issueTalking to TV TimesA look back to Jack P. Shepherd's interview from October 2007 on David's storylines
Same issueFriday highlights pageKen and Martha
31st January to 6th FebruaryCover
2009 31 Jan to 6 Feb
Same issueMy TV weekCarla realising that Tony is a murderer is an editor's highlight
Same issueLose weight, feel great!Antony Cotton, Katherine Kelly and Michelle Keegan join Eamonn Holmes for weight loss and health tips to tie in with The Feelgood Factor on Saturday
Same issueWhat's cooking, Corrie?Brian Turner suggests healthier options for the Rovers, kebab shop and Roy's Rolls
Same issueSoapsStuck on the middle (Tina/Gary/David) / Sophie's choice / Eileen's fears / My husband, the killer / News: Old school (Sharon Duce is joining the show), Family Planning (Craig Charles would like member of Lloyd's family to appear)
7th February to 13th FebruaryCover
2009 7 to 13 February
Same issueAn officer and a confused lady!Ryan Thomas and Katherine Kelly on their proposal storyline
Same issueSoapsTony's torment / Turf wars (Kevin/Sally) / Spoilt for choice (Jason/Steve/Becky) / News: Sachs signs (The actor signs on to play Ramsay Clegg) / Liz: Beverley Callard says quitting was a life saver
Same issueMonday billings page: On this dayBryan Mosley died in 1999
Same issueTim Healey’s TV TimesPhotos of past appearances including his parts in Coronation Street
14th February to 20th FebruarySoapsMove over, Mr Gordon / It has to be you… (Becky/Steve) / Get some clothes on, Ken! / No sex, please! (Sophie) / News: prop idols (Stephanie Beacham takes a souvenir prop from every show she works on) / Glad to be grim (Samia Smith on being dowdy as widow)
Same issueMonday highlights pageBen and Sophie's purity vow is featured
Same issueFriday highlights pageKen in a kimono is featured
Same issueGeoffrey Hughes’ TV TimesA look back at his time as Eddie Yeats and doing Saturday Night Fever with Thelma Barlow in 1978
21st February to 27th FebruaryMy TV weekTina doing a bunk before the trial is an editor's highlight
Same issueSoapsTina does a runner! / It started with a kiss (Ken/Martha) / You cheapskate! (Becky/Steve) / Getting to know you… (Tony/Luke Strong) / News: Stape's back! (a preview of a storyline from the end of March)
Same issueMonday highlights pageKen is almost caught out
Same issueFriday highlights pageBecky falls out with Liz and Steve
28th February to 6th MarchMy TV weekTina reappearing at the trial is an editor's highlight
Same issueSoapsYou cheater, Peter! / Michelle's shattered / Tina comes clean / Norris camps it up / News: Daisy, daisy (Alison King's baby and other baby news) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe resolution of the trial
Same issueTV Times classic coverPatricia Phoenix in March 1971
7th March to 13th MarchCover
2009 7 to 13 March
Same issueWedded Blitz!Interview with Simon Gregson and Katherine Kelly on their characters and their relationship to each other.
Same issueMr and Mrs McDonald”Mr & Mrs” style quiz with Gregson and Kelly on their characters
Same issueSoapsHigh times (Steve/Becky) / Bye bye, Barlow (Leanne/Peter) / Lloyd hurts Liz / You traitor (David/Joe) / News: A bunny story (Leanne the rabbit makes its debut next week)
Same issueWednesday highlights pageKen advises Peter to put his son first
Same issueTV Times classic coverAnne Kirkbride from March 1990
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe wedding
14th March to 20th MarchSoapsStrong words (Luke/Tony) / It's him or me! (David/Gail/Joe) / Art failure (Tara/Dev) / The cheek of it! (Liz/Becky) / News: signing on (Katherine Kelly's new contract), No return (for now) (Bradley Walsh turned down offer to return)
21st March to 27th MarchSoapsHalf cut (Peter) / Trouble on the menu (Sally/Molly) / Maybe baby (Julie/Kirk) / Foetal attraction (Tony/Maria) / News: sister act (Gracy Kelly - Katherine's sister, is to appear in Doctors), It's a boy! (Jane Danson and Robert Beck have had a second son) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageFire at the flat (mistakenly previews next weeks’ Monday episodes!)
Same issueTuesday billings page: On this dayLynne Perrie died in 2006
Same issueAnne Kirkbride’s TV TimesThe actress looks back on her career in the programme
28th March to 3rd AprilSoapsDon't die, Son! (Peter/Simon) / Lessons in love? / (Fiz/Chesney) / News: Jack's new girl (Rita May casting announced), Puppy love (The dog who plays Eccles, Tess has had seven pups and her niece Mavis will take over temporarily)
4th April to 10th AprilCoverTo be added
Same issueMy TV weekFiz visiting John is an editor's highlight
Same issueFrom space to Weatherfield!Craig Charles filming Red Dwarf on the Coronation Street set with Simon Gregson making a cameo appearance
Same issueSoapsPlease, Sir! (Fiz/John) / Smashing grab (Jason/Julie) / Be wine (Peter/Michelle) / Bad back together (Gail/Joe) / News: Cried out (Chris Gascoyne on his "emotionally draining" crying scenes), Rosie's loaded (Compensation of £150,000 results in a spending spree)
11th April to 17th AprilCover
2009 11 April
Same issueHappy BunniesChris Gascoyne and Alex Bain interviewed. Alex got to keep the chocolate used in the photoshoot
Same issueTV Times Easter specialPast TV Times covers including, for Coronation Street, 2004 and 2007
Same issueSoapsI want you! (Ken/Martha) / He did what? (Dev/Tara) / It's a deal (Gary/David/Tina) / Kindred spirits (Jack/Connie Rathbone) / News: Best Bet (William Tarmey's dream exit would be Jack being asked by Bet Lynch to help run a bar in Spain) / Corrie on tap (Coronation Street ale will be on sale in the summer)
18th April to 24th AprilSoaps revealedUpcoming storylines including Michelle/Peter/Luke, Fiz/John, Ta-ra Tara, Ramsey Clegg and “Decisions/Decisions” (Ken/Martha)
Same issueSoapsCold feet (Steve/Becky) / You've been framed! (Tara/Dev) / You're pulled! (Jason/Julie) / That's my boy (Maria/Tony) / News: Summer lovin' (Antony Cotton on his upcoming storylines) / Busted! (Becky will be caught in possession of class A drugs)
Same issueWednesday highlights pageBecky thinks Amy should know the truth about Tracy
Same issueSarah Lancashire’s TV TimesIncludes a look back at Raquel
25th April to 1st MayMarathon woman!Vicky Binns interview on running the London marathon
Same issueSoapsThe Daddy of all secrets / Starting over (Steve/Becky) / In too deep? (Fiz/John) / Come away with me! (Martha/Ken) / News: Birth fears (Samia Smith nervous about filming her upcoming birth scenes) / Oh, brother! (Malcolm Hebden and Andrew Sachs are filming their parts at the moment) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageCan Ken put Martha out of his mind and plod on with Deirdre?
2nd May to 8th MayAspects of loveWilliam Roache interview on “Life, love and loss” - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsYou're the one that I want! (Ken/Martha) / David plays the long game / Not the greatest ID-a (Eddie/Anna/Roy) / Get out of my house! (Eileen/Julie) / News: A Dunn deal (Ian Dunn signing a contract to play Vinnie Powers), Simply Glowing (The Stephanie Beacham skincare collection is launched) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday billings page: On this dayEileen Grimshaw made her debut in 2000
Same issueFriday highlights pageBlanche is Peter's houseguest
9th May to 15th MayCover
2009 9 to 15 May
Same issueBritish Soap awardsInterview with soap stars including Ryan Thomas. Helen Flanagan is also pictured
Same issueRoss and Brand did me a favourAndrew Sachs interview. His wife had suggested to Coronation Street’s producers some years before that Andrew might play Norris’s brother. He signed for the role just before “Sachsgate” broke. He was also offered the part of one of Angela Hawthorne’s ex’s.
Same issueSoapsIndecent Proposal (Dev/Tara)/ Winner takes all (Eddie/Roy) / Get him out! (Eileen/Colin) / What a week for Norris! / News: baby joy (Samia Smith's expecting a baby) / The Rover returns (Gabrielle Drake is to be in Coronation Street for a second time)
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe naked Dev photo is a highlight
16th May to 22nd MayCover
2009 16 to 22 May
Same issueTorn!Kym Marsh, Craig Kelly and Chris Gascoyne interviewed on the love triangle storyline
Same issueSoapsCruel blow (Fiz/John) / Cot in the moment (Tony/Maria) / Michelle, my belle (Peter/Michelle/Luke) / Dead and buried (Eileen/Colin) / News: Slug surfaces again (the character is to return), Hear hear! (Jack Duckworth is having hearing aids fitted)
Same issueMonday highlights pageRamsey turns up
Same issuePrunella Scales' TV TimesThe actress recalls Coronation Street in 1961 but mistakenly says she was only in two episodes
23rd May to 29th MaySoapsSummer lovin' (Luke/Michelle/Peter) / The accused (Ryan) / In the frame (Gary) / Women at war (Sally/Fiz) / News: Dear Jesse (John Thomson returns to the programme) / Popping off (Sophiya Haque leaves)
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe pub quiz is featured
30th May to 5th JuneCoverTo be added
Same issueLife after VeraElizabeth Dawn interview on why she left the show and how she is enjoying a life of relaxation
Same issueHot summer lovingUpcoming soap storylines including the Molly & Kevin and Jason & Tina romances
Same issueSoapsMoving on (Luke/Peter/Michelle) / Well, hello… (Bill/Pam Hobsworth) / You've been shamed (Anna/Eddie) / Partners in crime (David/Gary) News: Just desserts (Tony's comeuppance will feature later in the year) / Cheating heart (Vicky Binns on Molly's affair)
Same issueTuesday billings page: On this dayBetty's arrival in 1969
Same issueFriday highlights pageBetty and Poppy fall out
Same issueGabrielle Drake's TV TimesFeatures her 1967 appearance as Inga Olsen and her new appearance as Vanessa
6th June to 12th JuneSoapsThe accused (David/Audrey/Gail) / On on her ear (Poppy) / False alarm (Maria) / Dread letter day (John/Fiz) / News; She's back (Sunita returns) Changing faces (Dearbhla Molloy cast as Helen Connor replacing Sorcha Cusack)
13th June to 19th JuneSoapsMiss Moneybags (Rosie/John) / Dear Jesse / Slimy Slug / Racing heart (Molly/Kevin) / News: Freda's back (next month) / Sean's new love (Andrew Langtree has been cast as Leon)
Same issueRetail therapyHelen Flanagan her own shopping habits (she has eight wardrobes) as Rosie goes on a spending spree - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMonday highlights pageJohn gives Rosie £150,000
20th June to 26th JuneMy TV weekFiz chains herself to railings is an editor's highlight
Same issueSoapsYou slapper! (Kevin/Molly) / Caught in the act (Jason/Tina) / Bedding the boss (Rosie/Luke) / Unchain my heart (Fiz/John) / News: Big Mac reunion (Jim and Andy McDonald are returning) / Oh no he isn't! (Gray O'Brien will star in Panto this Christmas)
Same issueFriday highlights pageJesse returns
Same issueAndrew Sachs' TV TimesIncludes his appearances as Ramsay Clegg
27th June to 3rd JulyCover
2009 27 June to 3 July
Same issueFrom murderer to midwifeInterview with Samia Smith and Gray O’Brien on filming the birth scenes
Same issueSoapsKiss me quick (Kevin/Molly) / You're not hia-ed (Kirk/Jesse) / Inside story (Gary/Eddie/Anna) / Beach babe (Maria/Tony) News: Imogen keeps it in the family (baby Imogen playing the Connor baby is the sister of Emmerdale actress Sophia Amber Moore)
Same issueFriday highlights pageMaria goes into labour
4th July to 10th JulyMy TV weekSally thinks Kevin's hotel booking is for her is an editor's highlight
Same issueTina’s mum tipsTina O’Brien gives advice to Samia Smith on motherhood
Same issueSoapsWhat's going on 'ere, then? (Molly/Kevin) / Suspicious mind (Helen Connor/Tony) / Hammer horror (David/Jason) / Dream lover (Sean/Leon), News: Romanian romp (forthcoming DVD) / Luke's leaving (later in the year)
Same issueFriday highlights pageKevin and Molly take their affair a step further
11th July to 17th JulyBecky’s frock horror!Becky’s wedding dress and other dreadful wedding dresses on television
Same issueSoapsTrail of deceit (Slug/DC Hooch) / Jailhouse rock (Fiz/John) / Ashley's agony / Connie's kingdom / News: Viva Weatherfield (Beverley Callard is back from Spain after a four month break), Coward's role (Suranne Jones is appearing in Blithe Spirit)
18th July to 24th JulySoapsYou tart! (Helen/Maria) / Niece to meet you (Freda) / On the rob (Joe) / Rooftop protest (Claire/Ashley) / News: Doctor's rota (Ian Reddington is to appear in Doctors) No Corrie-ing on (Reece Dinsdale is leaving the programme)
Same issueMolly Sugden's TV TimesIncludes Nellie Harvey ("Even when I was busier than ever, I had to go back. Otherwise, they might have stopped asking me!")
25th July to 31st JulySoapsWheely angry (Chesney) / It's a date! (Steve/Becky) / A fond farewell (Tony/Maria) / Paying the price (Joe/David) / News: Baby number two (Simon Gregson is a father again), Cheesy new role (Sean Wilson is opening up cheese making business)
1st August to 7th AugustSoapsSmash and Grab (Joe) / Home front (Jason buys No 12) / Rock horror (Fiz/Sally) / Shell's back! / News: Cutting back (William Tarmey is reducing his workload on the programme) / Brotherly love (Ryan Thomas wants Bruno Langley to return)
Same issueMonday highlights pageBecky's attempts to buy a wedding dress
8th August to 14th AugustCover
2009 8 to 14 August
Same issueSoap’s greatest weddings ever!Top ten weddings including Ken and Deirdre in 1981, Jason and Sarah in 2007, Mike and Linda in 2000 and Steve and Karen in 2004 (which is first in the countdown). Also a “Did you know” on Joan and Gordon in 1961
Same issueSoapsMore than just good friends (Maria/Tony) / Putting up (Joe/Gail) / For better, for worse / News: The curse of Carla (Alison King is returning to the programme), Corrie gets googled (The set can now be seen on Google street view)
Same issueTuesday billings page: On this dayAlan Halsall was born in 1982
15th August to 21st AugustCover
2009 15 to 21 August
Same issueNew season previewFor Coronation Street it’s Jason/Tina, Carla’s return and Leanne/Peter/Luke
Same issueSoapsSnap trap (Steve/Becky/Slug) / Face off! (Jason/David) / Cheshire cats (Websters/Molly) / The ex factor (Jim/Liz) News: New Nick (Nick returning but not played by Adam Rickitt), …and a new hunk for Michelle (the programme is looking for a new boyfriend for Michelle)
22nd August to 28th AugustSoapsSex bomb (Ashley/Claire) / Ruffled feathers (Jesse/Eileen) / Good riddance (Norris/Ramsay) / You're nicked (Jason) / News: Marry me, Maria! (Tony is to propose to Maria) / Rita takes a break (Barbara Knox is leaving for a short period for health reasons)
29th August to 4th SeptemberMy TV weekThe Kevin and Molly affair makes for an editor's highlight
Same issueSoapsSave our son (Ashley/Claire/Josh) / Home run (Connie/Jack) / Back in bed (Kevin/Molly) / RIP Ramsay / News: Tired but happy (Jane Danson back but is suffering a lack of sleep with her new baby), C'mon baby (Samia Smith is expecting)
Same issueMy secret affairMichael Le Vell on his enjoyment of the affair storyline - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
5th September to 11th SeptemberSoapsGotcha! (Lloyd/Slug) / Moving on (Jack/Connie) / A reunion on the menu? (Peter/Leanne) / Queen of the crop (Jason/Sean) / News: Michelle's new man (Kenny Doughty joins the programme), Corrie: the musical! (composer and lyricist Trisha Ward is working on this project for 2010)
Same issueSunday billings page: On this dayKatherine Kelly joins in 2006 (this was an error as she had joined the programme in the February)
12th September to 18th SeptemberCorrie on holiday!The filming in Romania for the new DVD
Same issueSoapsFarewell, Ramsey / Three's a crowd (Luke/Rosie/Michelle) / Cheers, Jack / Back together, again (Peter/Leanne) / News: Norris's new helper (Janice Connolly is joining show) / Lloyd's bonk (Lloyd/Teresa are to have a fling) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
19th September to 25th SeptemberSoapsLate change (Norris) / How could you? (Chesney/Fiz) / David's date (David/Zoe) / You're dumped! (Rosie/Luke) / News: Tale of the unexpected (Carla returning)
26th September to 2nd OctoberCover
2009 26 Sep to 2 Oct
Same issue‘A baby wasn’t part of the plan!’Tina O’Brien on life after Coronation Street with Ryan Thomas
Same issueWedding cells!Jennie McAlpine and Graeme Hawley on their characters and filming the wedding
Same issueSoapsYou're fired (Luke/Rosie) / You can't hia her! (Julie/Jesse/Eileen) / Jail break (Fiz/John/Chesney) / That loving feeling… (Molly/Kevin) / News: Hello again, Mary (Patti Clare is returning to the programme) / Bye Bye, ben (Lucien Laviscount leaving and Sophie to have a lesbian affair)
Same issueFriday highlights pageKevin and Molly's affair, saying "it'll all end in tears. Probably at Christmas."
3rd October to 9th OctoberSoapsMaking a stand (Fiz at Sally's meeting) / This could be ours! (Peter/Leanne) / Lovesick Lloyd / Risky business (Kevin/Molly) / News: Cancer shock (Sally Whittaker says she's determined to do the storyline justice) / Karen stays away (Suranne Jones ruled out returning to the programme)
Same issueFriday highlights pageEmily and Ken celebrate their birthdays
10th October to 16th OctoberCover
2009 10 to 16 October
Same issueFrom motherhood to mayhem!Alison King interview on her return after maternity leave
Same issueSoapsThe con is on… (Luke/Rosie) / Teresa packs a punch / Suspicious mind… (Tyrone/Kevin) / Indecent proposal (Tony/Maria) / News: Guest role (Sabina Franklyn is joining the show in a guest role) / Jobs for the girl (Graeme Hawley's four-year old daughter likes the programme)
17th October to 23rd OctoberMy TV weekThe editor highlights the storyline of Carla's blackmail of Tony
Same issueSoapsRosie's ruined / A gem of a lie (Molly) / When the boat comes in… / Leave Weatherfield - or I'm going to the police! (Carla/Tony)/ News: That's my girl (Sally Whittaker's daughter is appearing in Waterloo Road) / Baby news (Rupert Hill and Jenny Platt are expecting, as is John Thomson's wife)
Same issueRobin Askwith's TV TimesIncludes Coronation Street in 2007. The actor lives in Malta where his scenes were filmed
24th October to 30th OctoberMy TV weekThe editor chooses Jake Harman entering Michelle's life
Same issueEast of WeatherfieldPhotoshoot of the Romanian DVD filming over two weeks
Same issueSoapsFlashing landing (Jake/Michelle) / 'I know you're cheating' (Pam/Molly) / Secretary Sal / 'I killed Liam!' / News: Calendar boy (Rob James-Collier and Julie Goodyear are in Calendar Girls in the West End) / Rover's Return (Keith Duffy returns and Christopher Colquhoun and Rula Lenska are joining) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueFriday highlights pageTony's confession
31st October to 6th NovemberSoapsRoy's dilemma / Come away with me (Michelle/Jake) / Hello, Granddad / Marry me! (Gail/Joe) / News: New Nick (Ben Price been cast as Nick) / Secret millionaire (Kenny Doughty was financed at drama school by rich American)
Same issueFriday highlights pageJoe and Gail's engagement
7th November to 13th NovemberSoapsTogether at last (John/Fiz) / It's her or me! (Eileen/Jesse) / Cough up! (Joe/Rick Neelan) / Keep quiet or I'll kill you! News: Bargain hunter (Katherine Kelly shops for clothes in charity shops) / 'I shun limelight' (Antony Cotton keeps low profile in real life)
Same issueJohnny Briggs’s TV TimesIncludes his time as Mike Baldwin
Same issueCorrie’s big splash!Filming the water fight between Tony and Roy- the cover of this issue mentions this feature
14th November to 20th NovemberMy TV weekTony out to kill Roy is the editor's highlight
Same issueSoapsMurder in mind (Tony) / By George, she's smitten (Blanche/George Wilson) / I'm selling up (Joe/Gail) / News: No cheers for Vicky (the adverse public feedback to the affair storyline) / Corrie a drain (Debra Stephenson found working on the programme exhausting)
Same issueFriday highlights pageThe golf match
21st November to 27th NovemberSoapsA close shave (Molly/Kevin/Sally/Sophie) / Life's a drag (Becky/Claire) / Words of warning (Gail/Audrey) / Rot in hell (Tony/Michelle) /News: Twin peak? (Johnny Briggs talks of returning as Mike's twin brother) / Ayesha of Arabia (Ayesha Dharker is to star in Arabian Nights) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
28th November to 4th DecemberCover
2009 28 November to 4 December
Same issueChristmas in SoaplandA sneak preview of the upcoming Christmas storylines: O Come All Ye Unfaithful (Sally/Kevin/Molly) You shall go to the ball (Pantomime) Grandad v Grandad (Ken/George) and “Also in Weatherfield this Christmas” (Other storylines)
Same issueSoapsSeeing double (Graeme dressed as Liz) / The odd couple (Becky/Claire) / The oldest swinger (Dev) / I'll make you pay (Rosie/John) / Corrie news: Tupele quits / Friends reunited (Shobna Gulati on her return)
5th December to 11th DecemberMy TV weekSunita's return is a highlight for the editor
Same issueA year of TV Magic!The TV Times awards includes Coronation Street getting editor’s choice for programme of the year
Same issueSoapsVisiting doom (Carla/Tony) / Grandfather Christmas / Full throttle (Becky/John at the pantomime rehearsal) / Dev Vs Sunita / Corrie news: Mum's the word (Ben Price's mum told him Nick's past when he got the part) / New romance for Michelle (Kym Marsh on her storyline with Michelle/Ciaran)
Same issueWednesday billing page: On this dayCoronation Street started forty-nine years ago
12th December to 18th DecemberSoapsHoliday Horror (Websters) / The charmer (Lewis Archer) / Dev gets the elbow / The truth hurts (Carla/Michelle) / News: Rogue's return (Craig Kelly would like to return some time in the future) / Roy's role (David Neilson on why Roy is popular
19th December to 1st January 2010Christmas season!Contents page portrait of Michelle Keegan in her panto costume
Same issueSoapsNicking a kiss (Nick/Tina) / Oh yes she does (Amy swears) / Audrey's Xmas cracker (Lewis) / Caught out (Michelle/Jake/Ryan) / I've got cancer
Same issueSaturday Highlights pageStars on the Street is highlighted
Same issueChristmas Eve Highlights pageThe Rovers pantomime is highlighted
Same issueNew Years Day highlightsSteve/Becky dinner and pregnancy
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