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Note: All details below are taken from the "England" edition of TV Times.

Note: As per 1997 onwards, many of the soap page articles were generically focused on the storylines and contained little additional information from the actors or anyone else concerned by way of opinion and usually just repeated information concerning what was going to happen within the episodes. A comparison between the headline of the articles and the episodes shown that week will illustrate what the article refers to and no further explanation below is necessary. Where the headline is not explicit enough, the information in brackets contains additional information.


Issue dated Title Content
2nd January to 8th JanuarySoapweekBar wars / I'm off, Kev / Sleep on your own! (Steve McDonald/Becky McDonald) / Til debts us do part? / New year, new me... (Resolutions by Simon Gregson, Katherine Kelly and Michelle Keegan)
Same issueMonday billings pageTalking to William Roache - a quote from a 2006 interview with the magazine
Same issueThursday highlights pageCoronation Street is previewed
Same issueMaggie Jones' TV TimesA look back at the various roles that the actress played before her death
9th January to 15th JanuarySoapweekThe ex factor (Dev Alahan/Sunita Alahan/Matt Davis) / Scary Mary's back in town / Farewell, soldier / The truth hurts (Sally Webster tells the girls about her cancer) / Corrie news: Love triangle (Kym Marsh) / Battered Bell (Steve Bell after boxing training)
Same issueThursday highlights pageCoronation Street is previewed
16th January to 22nd JanuaryMy TV WeekEditor Ian Abbott includes Coronation Street as one of his highlights
Same issueTV News: Jailbird Tracy's backThe news that Kate Ford is returning to the show
Same issueSoapweekSingle minded (Steve/Becky) / Rosie boobs / Bed debt (Joe McIntyre/Rick Neelan) / Bye bye Ty... / Corrie news: Nick 4 Carla? / Maggie's tribute - her memorial service) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
23rd January to 29th JanuaryMy 20 years on the StreetPhoto essay as Simon Gregson looks back on his two decades in the programme - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapweekBreast intentions (Rosie) / Trash dash (Janice Battersby/Trevor Dean) / No going back? (Dev/Sunita) / I'm pregnant! (Becky/Steve) / Corrie news: Margi's back / Nigel Havers|Nigel]] plays the villain
Same issueFriday billings page: On this dayThe magazine mistakenly states that Christopher Quinten joined Coronation Street as Brian Tilsley in 1979 - his first appearance was in Episode 1872 (27th December 1978)
30th January to 5th FebruaryMy TV WeekIan Abbott on Betty Williams' birthday
Same issue'I miss Stephen so much'Keith Duffy interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapweekBaby love (Steve/Becky) / Betty's hot news / Last goodbye (Joe/Tina McIntyre) / Back on the booze / Corrie news: Street send-off (Blanche Hunt to get an on-screen funeral) / Going nowhere (Helen Flanagan says she can't envisage qutting the soap)
6th February to 12th FebruaryCover
2010 6th to 12th February
Same issueBliss and HeartacheMichelle Keegan and Helen Worth are interviewed
Same issueSoapweekShame on you (Peter Barlow/Leanne Battersby) / Happy families (Sunita's aunts visit) / Marry me, Tina... / Death in the Lakes / Corrie News: Parental puzzle (Katherine Kelly on what sort of mother Becky would make) / Tone it down! (Michelle Keegan told to lose her fake tan)
13th February to 19th FebruarySoapweekConjugal fright (Sunita/Dev) / Gone voyage (Sean Tully/Eileen Grimshaw/Jesse Chadwick) / Game over? Audrey Roberts/Norris Cole/Lewis Archer) / Secrets and lies (Gail McIntyre/Tina/David Platt) / Corrie news: New arrivals - Cherylee Houston and Ian Puleston-Davies are joining the programme
20th February to 26th FebruaryMy TV Week:Flame rekindledThe Dev and Sunita storyline makes Ian Abbott choose Coronation Street as one of his picks of the week
Same issueAn actor's life for meInterview with Craig Gazey in which he talks of his love for the theatre and his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapweekWomen at war (Jackie Dobbs/Molly Dobbs / Dev-il you know (Sunita/Dev) / Body of evidence (Joe's body is found) / Corrie news: McDonalds to adopt / No return (Sally Lindsay is too busy to return to the programme)
Same issueMonday highlights pageCoronation Street is previewed
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street is previewed
Same issueFriday billings page: Star's choiceHollyoaks actress Gemma Merna would like to swap soaps
27th February to 5th MarchI love blue PeterInterview with Chris Gascoyne - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapweekShattered dreams (Becky's baby loss) / Losing battle (Peter) / Falling in love again... (Dev/Sunita) / In the frame (Gail arrested) / Corrie news: Unfinished business (the upcoming return of Tony Gordon) / Love for Lloyd (upcoming debut of Cheryl Gray)
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street is previewed
6th March to 12th MarchTo be added
13th March to 19th MarchMy dinner with WinnerKym Marsh on her appearance on cookery show Michael Winner's Dining Stars
Same issueSoapweekBurn, baby burn (Kevin/Molly/Tyrone) / Family reunion (Peter and Simon Barlow) / You're fired! (Kelly Crabtree) / Prisoner cell block heartache (Gail) / Corrie news: Rob's new role (Rob James-Collier to join new show Downton Abbey / American Dream (Keith Duffy wants to be a successful actor in the United States of America - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSusie Blake's TV TimesIncludes a look back at her time as Bev Unwin
20th March to 26th MarchSoapweekI'll stand by you (David/Gail/Audrey) / Look who's stalking (Norris) / Jealous girl (Sophie Webster/Sian Powers) / Sisterly love (Jesse/Eileen/Julie Carp) / Corrie news: June's May Days (June Whitfield is to guest star in the programme / Corrie on stage! (the programme's 7,000 plus episodes are being abridged as a stage show)
27th March to 2nd AprilCoverTo be added
Same issueCover storyThings looking up for troubled Corrie clan says editor Ian Abbott
Same issueHappy families!Chris Gascoyne and Jane Danson interview about their characters and their own Easter plans
Same issueStep inside, luv...Jennie McAlpine interviewed as she takes part in the celebrity game show The Door
Same issueSoapweekJealous guy (Jason Grimshaw/Nick/Tina) / High drama (Aadi Alahan/Graeme Proctor) / Tat-too's company (Sian/Sophie) / Baby blow / Corrie news: When Rupert met Sarah… (Rupert Hill is appearing in a stage play) Samia's a fit mum (the actress on losing weight after giving birth)
Same issueMonday highlights pageJohn Stape being sacked
3rd April to 9th AprilEgg-cellent chat-up line!Easter photo special with Craig Gazey and Rachel Leskovac and short interview - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapweekYou slapper! (Audrey/Rita Sullivan) / My sleeping beauty (Trevor/Carla) / Push off! (Sophie/Ryan Connor) / Marry me! Corrie news: Fleet-ing visit (James Fleet is to join the show in a guest role) / Staying put (Keith Duffy is not leaving as per some reports)
10th April to 16th AprilSoapweekDouble trouble (John) / Family affairs (McDonalds/Windasses) / It's a boy! (Molly/Tyrone/Kevin) / It started with a kiss… (Sophie/Sian) Corrie news: Philip bags part (Philip McGinley is to appear in a Jonathan Harvey play) / Who's the daddy? (Vicky Binns on not knowing herself who the father is of Molly's baby)
17th April to 23rd AprilMy TV weekMolly and Tyrone's car crash is Ian Abbott's highlight
Same issueSoapweekWhere's our son? (Gary Windass/Anna Windass) / Death trap (car crash photo special) / I love you too! (Sian/Sophie) Corrie news: Bring back the Battersbys! (Vicky Entwistle wants the return of Bruce Jones and Georgia Taylor) / In the beginning… (The Road to Coronation Street, at this stage called Florizel Street, is announced) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
24th April to 30th AprilSpring soaps revealedFor Coronation Street, it’s the return of Tony Gordon, and Tracy Barlow, as well as Michelle Connor getting together with Ciaran McCarthy, Tina with Graeme and Roy & Hayley Cropper's legal wedding, Vinnie Powers reaction to Sophie and Sian, and Cheryl's secret, plus four quick summaries of other plots - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapweekFree love (Audrey/Lewis) / Moving on (Tyrone/Molly) / Holiday hell (Norris/Mary) / Down and out cold (Tina/Graeme) Corrie news: Jack the leaving lad (William Tarmey is retiring) Robert's brief role (Robert Daws to appear in a guest role as Gail's lawyer)
Same issueIan McKellen's TV TimesIncludes a look back as Mel Hutchwright, the actor admitting he was nervous to be in the programme
1st May to 7th MayCoverTo be added
Same issueCover storyPreviews the Kate Ford interview
Same issue'Having a baby is the best thing I've ever done'Kate Ford interview about motherhood and her return, both in a short spell now and at the end of the year for longer
Same issueSoapweekThe great escape (Norris/Mary) / Family planning (Steve/Becky/Dawn Coghill) / Take two (Kirk Sutherland/Izzy Armstrong) / Tears for Blanche / Corrie news: Adoption dream (Katherine Kelly would like to adopt a child) / Relatively speaking (Craig Gazey would like Graeme's back story to be explored)
Same issueMonday highlights pageThe death of Blanche is featured


Issue dated Title Content
1st January to 7th JanuarySoapweekHard cell (Becky) / Back in the firing line (Gary) / Kiss and make up (Sally/Tyrone) / New year, new start! (Sally Dynevor, Kate Ford and Katherine Kelly on their New Year resolutions)
Same issueMonday billings page: Star's choiceJulie Goodyear, who would like to take on Becky if Bet Lynch returned to the programme
8th January to 14th JanuarySoapweekLean on me... (Nick/Peter) / The great escape (Claire) / Chris plots revenge / No Joy / Corrie news: 'Massive' departure (Beverley Callard hints at her leaving story) Eddie exit (Steve Huison is leaving the programme)
Same issueWednesday preview pageThe unforgettable Pat Phoenix, is shown again on ITV1 at 7.30pm
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street is previewed
Same issueFriday billings page: On this dayJack P. Shepherd was born in 1988
15th January to 21st JanuarySoapweekIt's a steal (Eileen) / Frank 'n' flirters / Gary cops it / Beer and loathing (Nick/Peter) / Corrie news: Mr and Mrs Trouble (David and Kylie to wed) / Goodbye, Graeme (Craig Gazey quits)
22nd January to 28th JanuaryMy TV WeekFiz's storyline is highlighted by the editor
Same issueTV News: Corrie's cool caféBlack and white photos by Rob Evans of the cast for an exhibition to mark fifty years of the programme for charity
Same issueSoldering onInterview with Mikey North
Same issueSoapweekSoapweek - Marching orders (Gary) / Prime suspect (lloyd) / Cheque, mate (Eileen/Lloyd) Breaking point (Fiz) / Corrie news: Sally's new man (Jeff Cullen) and Early departure (Kym Marsh is going on maternity leave) - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueHelen Worth's TV TimesA photoessay look back at the archive with the actress
29th January to 4th FebruaryCover
2011 29 January to 4 February
Same issueMy TV WeekEditor's preview of The Betty Driver story
Same issueThe wonder of BettyInterview with the actress who says she has never done a two-hander scene with William Roache in her forty-one years of the programme and would like one
Same issueSoapweekConfession time (Peter/Leanne) / baby blunder (Rosie/Jack) / Bar wars (Tracy behind the bar) / Where there's a will / Corrie news: Computer dates (Ken and Deirdre's Bedtime Stories previewed) / Max is mad about the girl (Max George, Michelle Keegan's boyfriend, is supposedly jealous of Craig Gazey)
Same issueMonday billings page: On this dayChris Gascoigne born in 1968
Same issueTuesday highlights pageThe Betty Driver story is previewed
5th February to 11th FebruarySoapweekA date with duplicity (Sally) / making plans... (LLoyd and Cheryl) / Don't go! (Sophie/Sian) / Suspicious mind (Peter/Leanne/Tracy) / Corrie news: The rover returns (Philip Lowrie is returning to the programme as Dennis Tanner) / Staying put (Katherine Kelly has "no plans to quit")
12th February to 18th FebruaryCover
2011 12 to 18 February
Same issueMy TV week:Cover storyEditor Ian Abbott chooses Coronation Street as a highlight
Same issueBlessing or a curse?Q and A with Jane Danson and Chris Gascoyne on the wedding storyline
Same issueSoapweekFriends reunited (Tina/Xin Chiang / Websters at war / Staying put (Steve/Becky/Tracy) / Wedding HELL! / Corrie news: Todd returns / Break time (Sally Dynevor doesn't want Sally Webster to be reunited with Kevin)
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street is previewed
19th February to 25th FebruaryMy TV Week: Money for nothingIan Abbott chooses Coronation Street as a highlight for the Steve/Becky storyline
Same issueSoapweekYou're nicked! (Eileen/Owen) / Julie, madly, deeply / Personal services (Carla/Maria) / We're in the money (Steve/Becky) / Corrie news: Killer ambition (Graeme Hawley wants John Stape to be the programme's most prolific serial killer ever) / Low hopes (Mikey North wants Gary to spiral even more downwards)
26th February to 4th MarchMy TV week: Meet the outlawsIan Abbott chooses Coronation Street for the David/Kylie storyline
Same issueSoapweekThe answer's no! (Frank/Maria) / How could you, Becky? / A match made in HELL (David/Kylie) / Armstrong v Grimshaw / Corrie news: A weighty role Elizabeth Tan on her fears of putting on weight in the Granada Television canteen / Million dollar man (Bill Ward in a West End role
Same issueMichelle Holmes' TV TimesIncludes a look back at her time as Tina Fowler
5th March to 11th MarchMy TV weekEditor Ian Abbott chooses Coronation Street for the Tina/Graeme/Xin storyline
Same issueTV Times news: Danny's match of the dayCoronation Street wins 4-1 in a charity match with Emmerdale for Macmillian cancer appeal in memory of Gavin Blyth
Same issueTV Times news: Corrie's Graeme is in the frameCharity auction of Coronation Street cast pictures raised £9,000 for the Coronation Street 50th anniversary appeal
Same issuePage turners!Stars recommend books to mark World Book Night. Katherine Kelly recommends A Thousand Splendid Suns
Same issueSoapweekStaged fight (Graeme/Tina/Xin) / Baby talk (Hope Stape comes home) / Hair today… (Kylie/David/Audrey) / Almighty fall (Sophie) / Corrie news: Model showing makeover of No.1 for the Ideal Home Show
12th March to 18th MarchCover
2011 12 to 18 March
Same issueSpring soaps revealedStorylines previewed include: Sham wedding (Graeme/Xin) / Chris moves into the Street / Can't buy Kev love? / Liz's dream comes true? (Liz/Jim) Also, Dennis returns, Hour long London episode, Stephanie Cole joining and James Cunningham returning
Same issueSoapweekHappy Christmas! (Graeme/Xin) / Brief encounter (Sally/Kevin) The mother of all bust-ups (Liz/Tracy) / Rough love (Chesney/Katy) Corrie news: Ghostly role (Richard Fleeschman in Ghost the Musical / Hair hair! (Sally Dynevor no longer has to wear a wig as he own hair has grown back)
19th March to 25th MarchCover
2011 19 to 25 March
Same issueCover storyThe background for this issue's cover
Same issuePrize falloutInterview with Michael Le Vell and Sally Dynevor on their storyline and what they would do if they won £200,000
Same issueSally and Kevin - the way they were…A look back at the couple's storylines over the years
Same issueSoapweekI'm in the money! / And she's off! (Janice/Trevor) / Daddy's home (John Stape back) / Wild at heart (Becky/Kylie/Liz) Corrie news: Staying put (Paula Lane has signed a new contract) / Roving reporter (Nigel Pivaro is now a journalist)
26th March to 1st AprilMy TV WeekBecky snatching Max is a highlight for Ian Abbott
Same issueThe last DuckworthInterview with Chris Fountain who regrets not working with William Tarmey before he left
Same issueSoapweekRock on, Tommy! / Sal puts her foot down / Mother's ruin (Tracy/Amy) / The great getaway? (Steve/Becky) Corrie news: Signing on (Jack P. Shepherd has signed a new contract) / Beating the booze (the Peter Barlow alcohol storyline has led to 10% of veiwers cutting down their drinking - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
2nd April to 8th AprilMy TV WeekGraeme and Xin's wedding day is a highlight for editor Ian Abbott
Same issueSoapweekA hitch in time? (Graeme/Xin/David/Kylie) / Messy business (Maria at Underworld) / Cashflow crisis (Jim McDonald buying the Rovers) / Corrie news: Positive feedback (Brooke Vincent is pleased with public response to Sophie/Sian storyline) / Prop idol (Katherine Kelly struggles to find props to work with in the Rovers)
9th April to 15th AprilMy TV WeekLiz's departure is a highlight for editor Ian Abbott
Same issueLast ordersInterview with Beverley Callard as she leaves the show
Same issueToo tight. Too short, Liz!A look back at some of her infamous costumes
Same issueSoapweekClocking off (Maria/Frank/Carla) / Mum's the word (Sylvia Goodwin) / Girl talk (the Windasses) / It's a stick-up! (Jim) Corrie news: Frozen asset (Chris Fountain has given up skating) / Baby love (Kym Marsh has had a baby girl, Polly)


Issue dated Title Content
7th January to 13th JanuarySoapweekOh, Danny boy... / Stella wants answers / The accused (Owen/David) / The daddy of all shocks (Tyrone/Kirsty) / Corrie news: Marathon woman (Paula Lane is running the London Marathon) / Charlie's angel (Charlie Condou is to be a father for the second time)
14th January to 20th JanuaryMy TV weekIan Abbott chooses Coronation Street for the Steve/Becky/Tracy storyline
Same issueSoapweekLashing out (Owen/Faye) / A friendly warning (Rita/Gail/Sally)/ Hard work (Eileen/Lesley Kershaw) / Caribbean queen (Becky/Danny) / Corrie news: Going nowhere (Kate Ford has no plans to quit) / Comfort zone (Georgia May Foote says she has become a better actress since joining the show)
21st January to 27th JanuaryCover
2012 21 to 27 January
Same issueMy fond farewellInterview with Katherine Kelly on her time in the show and being described by Tony Warren as "the Elsie Tanner of her day" / Highlights and hangovers: a look back at some of Becky's storylines
Same issueSoapweekCandid camera (Carla/Peter/Frank) / Howdy, partner! (Sylvia/Milton Fanshaw / Tough love (Paul/Eileen) / Leaving on a jet plane? / Corrie news: Staying or going? (Kym Marsh on whether her contract is being renewed) / Frank farewell (Andrew Lancel on his regrets to be leaving)
Same issueMonday highlights pageSteve and Tracy's wedding is a highlight of the day
Same issueTuesday highlights pageFarewell Becky is previewed
21st January to 27th JanuaryCover
2012 28 January to 3 February
Same issueMy TV week: Cover storyThe trial storyline is highlighted
Same issueSoapweekSplit decision (Steve/Tracy) / The accused
4th February to 10th FebruarySoapweekCapital gain (Rosie/Jason) / Simons says 'no' to Carla / House of horrors (Tina/Tommy) / Home alone (Katie) / Corrie news: Dream girls (Katherine Kelly's list of people she'd like to work with) / Bumpy ride (Georgia May Foote doesn't miss her prosthetic maternity bump)
Same issueFriday highlights pageCoronation Street is recommended with the Sophie/Jason storyline
Same issueIan Puleston-Davies' TV TimesThe actor looks back over his television career
11th February to 17th FebruaryTV News: Love is in the air"The hottest couples in soapland" includes Tina and Tommy, and Tyrone and Kirsty as Coronation Street 's contributions - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapweekThe love rat returns (Lewis) / The new life of Brian / Sad parting? (Sylvia/Milton) / Marry me! (Tyrone/Kirsty) / Corrie news: Alfie's girl (Vicky Binns is on stage in Alfie) / Reality's a no go (Helen Flanagan insists she will not appear on a reality show)
Same issueSaturday billings page: What's HE been in?A look back at Marshall Lancaster's career and his time as Slug in Coronation Street


Issue dated Title Content
16th July to 22nd JulyMy TV weekIan Abbott chooses Coronation Street for the storylines of Kylie's funeral and Leanne's pregnancy
Same issueSoapsGoodbye, my lover... / I'm sew into you (Jenny/Johnny) / Expecting trouble (Leanne) / Latest news: Lucy Fallon on power-walking and the friendship between Brooke Vincent and Rhea Bailey
Same issueWednesday billings page: What's she been in?Denise Welch is profiled, including her time as Natalie Horrocks
Same issueMagic MomentsA look back to the events in Episode 7124 (20th July 2009) when the Barlows attended the Alcohlics Anonymous meeting / Blanche's best barbs: A selection of the character's famed one-liners
23rd July to 29th JulySoapsCold front (David) / Just a jealous guy (Johnny/Jenny) / Family planning (Leanne/Michelle) / Latest news: Jack P. Shepherd on missing Paula Lane and Richard Hawley on enjoying the Johnny/Jenny storyline
Same issueTV Times talks to Beverley CallardShort quote from an archive interview
30th July to 5th AugustMy TV weekIan Abbott chooses Coronation Street for the storylines of Todd thinking Sarah is Callum's killer
Same issueSoapsThe truth hurts (Sean/Todd/Billy) / She needs a hero... (Gemma/Macca/Craig) / It was Kylie... / Latest news: Les Dennis is quitting and Connor McIntyre thinks Phelan will get his comeuppance
6th August to 12th AugustFrom Saint to SinnerInterview with Ian Kelsey (Vinny Ashford) who speaks of his previous roles and his commute from home in Brighton to Manchester.
Same issueSoapsBistro battle / Copping out on Craig / Fling of fire (Maria/Aidan) / Latest news: The return of Peter and Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne / An exhibition of Coronation Street sets, costumes and memorabilia is going on display in Glasgow from 27th August to 1st January 2017
13th August to 19th AugustCover
2016 13 to 19 August
Same issueCover storyPreview of the story behind the week's cover
Same issueThe bumpy road ahead...Simon Gregson, Kym Marsh and Jane Danson are interviewed about the Steve/Michelle/Leanne storyline and how it might develop in the future
Same issueSoapsShady lady (Maria/Luke) / Consumer champion / (Gemma/Norris) / I'm pregnant! / Latest news: Shane Ward's girlfriend is pregnant and Paula Lane has given birth to a daughter, and Ben Price on working with Brooke Malonie
20th August to 26th AugustMy TV weekIan Abbott chooses Coronation Street for the storyline about Nick and Leanne
Same issueSoapsThe weigh forward... (Bethany) / Secret lovers... (Sharif/Sonia Rahman) / Please don't go! (Nick/Leanne) / Latest news: Catherine Tyldseley would like Eva to have a catfight scene with Maria and Shayne Ward would like Aidan to have some scenes with Phelan
Same issueTV Times talks to Shayne WardA quote from the actor from an interview about his debut in 2014.
27th August to 2nd SeptemberSoapsThe truth hurts (Nick/Leanne) / Crime out (Beth/Craig) / Break-in bad (Maria/Caz) / Latest news: Paul Loughran is joining the programme and Catherine Tyldesley is releasing a single in November
Same issueMagic MomentsMention of the National Television Awards of 30th August 1995 when Angela Griffin won Best Newcomer and Julie Goodyear received a Special Recognition Award
3rd September to 9th SeptemberSoapsMini break-up (Todd/Billy) / Hair tactics / Paternity battle / Latest news: Samia Ghadie has married and Wendi Peters is joining the musical Wonderland - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
10th September to 16th SeptemberMy TV weekIan Abbott highlights Coronation Street for the Maria/Caz storyline
Same issue'It's good to be back'Interview with Paul Loughran who appears a guest character Darryl Parkins.
Same issueSoapsSmacker shock (Maria/Caz) / Sinking Phelan / Thief and bad dad / Latest news: Paula Lane has had a second child and Ryan Thomas has advised his acting brother Adam not to quit his role on Emmerdale
17th September to 23rd SeptemberSoapsHome and a stray (Sharif/Sonia) / Freddie, steady, no / Rip-off street / Lastest news: Matt Milburn joining the programme and Bhavna Limbachia's hobby of upcycling old furniture
Same issueMonday billings page: TV Times talks to Sue CleaverThe actress on kissing scenes with Charles Dale
24th September to 30th September'I'm a nice guy, honest!'Interview with Bruno Langley who talks about his song-writing and poetry and how he keeps in contact with Ryan Thomas
Same issueSoapsPayment protection (Sharif/Alya) / Maria's new grief case / No way out (Todd/Phelan) / 9,000 not out (the 9000th episode) / Latest news: the return of Daniel Osbourne, Adam Barlow and Brian Packham
1st October to 7th OctoberSoapsSmelling a rat (Eileen/Vinny/Phelan) / True bromance (Steve/Tim/Tommy Orpington) / Murder in mind (David/Macca) / Latest news: Toyah Battersby returning and Ryan Thomas will be in panto this Christmas - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
8th October to 14th OctoberCover
2016 8 to 14 October
Same issue'David is on a mission to kill'Interview with Jack P. Shepherd in which he talks about how draining the scenes involving Kylie's death were
Same issueSoapsGary) / Baby blow / Latest news: Sair Khan wants Alya to have an older boyfriend and Lucy Fallon on her friendship with Colson Smith
15th October to 21st OctoberSoapsThe rover returns (Peter) / Faking it (Mary/Beth) / Dead end? (David) / Latest news: The return of Rosie Webster and Tina O'Brien on being dubious at first about the Sarah/Gary storyline
Same issueMagic MomentsA look back at the events in Episode 6927 (17th October 2008) when Liam Connor died and the three different endings that were filmed
22nd October to 28th OctoberMy TV Times WeekIan Abbott chooses Coronation Street as a show he'll be watching for the Michelle pregnancy storyline
Same issueBack for good?An interview with Chris Gascoyne about his return to the programme and what he has been doing in the meantime, including appearing in Endgame with David Neilson - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueMany happy (and not so happy) returnsA look back at the actor's previous stints in the show in the role of Peter Barlow
Same issueSoapsReaching out (Peter/Ken) / Kiss this love? (Gary/Sarah) / Baby blow (Amy/Michelle) / Latest news: Mikey North on preferring to work in a cafe than a gym and Katherine Kelly states that working on the programme made her a better actress
29th October to 4th NovemberFarewell to a legendA tribute to Jean Alexander who died on 14th October - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueThe best of HildaMemorable moments including the "Muriel"
Same issueClassic quotesFour of Hilda's classic lines
Same issueStar tributesTributes to the actress from Michael Le Vell, Julie Goodyear, William Roache, Helen Worth, Jennie McAlpine, Antony Cotton and Kym Marsh
Same issueSoapsAffair cop (Sharif/Yasmeen) / Is this love? (Gemma/Alex) / Nightmare on Coronation Street (Maria) / Latest news: Jack P. Shepherd on how it was planned to have cockroaches in the sewer he had to crawl through and Helen Worth doesn't think Gail will get a new fella in a hurry
Same issueTV Times classic coverThe issue from October 1988 with Julie Goodyear is featured
5th November to 11th NovemberCover
2016 5 to 11 November
Same issueWinter soap previewUpcoming storylines for all the soaps. For Coronation Street, those featuring Michelle & Leanne's pregnancys, Phelan's flat scam, Peter's return, Maria's charge for murder, Toyah's return, Michael's departure, Adam & Daniel's return and Bethany's unequited love for Gary are detailed.
Same issueSoapsLonely heart (Bethany/Sarah/Gary) / Squaring up (Michael/Phelan) / Bad blood (Maria/Aidan/Caz) / Latest news: Brian Capron is in panto and William Roache on acting out Ken's stroke
12th November to 18th NovemberMy TV Times WeekIan Abbott chooses Coronation Street as a show he'll be watching for the return of Adam and Daniel
Same issueThe fabulous Barlow boysInterviews with William Roache, Samuel Robertson and Rob Mallard on the return of Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueSoapsYou've bin framed (Maria) / Hit with the in-laws (David/Gary/Sarah) / At home with the Barlows / Latest news: Wendi Peters says she the door is open for her to return and Les Dennis is to appear in the stage musical She Loves Me
Same issueTV Times talks to Tina O'BrienThe actress talks about how well she gets on with Lucy Fallon
19th Novemberto 25th NovemberMy TV Times WeekEditor Colin Tough chooses Coronation Street as a highlight for Eileen's reaction to Phelan's scam
Same issueSoapsBaring his sole (Daniel) / My fair lady (Gemma) / Taking off? (Phelan) / Latest news: William Roache wants to be the first soap centenarian and Sair Khan would like Alya to become a business mogul
26th November to 2nd DecemberMy TV Times WeekEditor Colin Tough chooses Coronation Street as a highlight for Mary's breast lump storyline
Same issueSoapsMarry! / Breast intentions / Can you dig it? / Seeing dead / Latest news: Michelle Collins is to appear in a stage play and Kate Ford is pleased about Chris Gascoyne's return
3rd December to 9th DecemberSoapsStay away from Leanne! / Holy Mary! / Let's spend the night together... (Aiden/Maria) / Latest news: John Michie would like to reprise the role of Karl Munro and Sally Dynevor has become the patron of the Beechwood cancer care clinic in Stockport
Same issueThursday billings page: On this dayAlan Bradley dies when hit by a Blackpool tram (the piece inaccurately claims that the episode gained the programme's highest-ever audience of 27 million viewers
Same issueMagic moments: 27 years agoAnother look back at death of Alan Bradley
Same issueMagic moments: Corrie in BlackpoolFive occasions which have featured the resort in the programme
10th December to 16th DecemberCover
2016 10 to 16 December
Same issueTV Times Awards 2016Jack P. Shepherd came third in the viewers' poll for Favourite Soap Star
Same issueCorrie's Christmas crackers!A preview of the Christmas storylines as Tina O'Brien and Lucy Fallon are interviewed abou them and their own Christmas plans
Same issueSoapsA groom with a pew / We're having a boy! / The end of the toad? (Phelan/Andy) / Latest news: Rhea Bailey on the abuse she's received and Catherine Tyldesley would like Eva to be free and single
17th December to 30th DecemberMerry Christmas!The contents page pictures Aidan (in Santa hat) and Maria
Same issueFestive soapsToyah's back! / 'I love you' (Aidan/Maria) / Hey Jude / Anna's descent / Death wish (Bethany) / The Near Year in soapland... (a short preview of upcoming storylines)
Same issueTuesday 20th December highlights pageHilda Ogden's Last Ta-ra - A Tribute to Jean Alexander is previewed
Same issueFriday 23rd December billings page: TV Times talks to Chris GascoyneA look back to a 2012 interview with the actor
30th December to 6th January 2017SoapsPhelan the hero / Roy's risky new recruit / You dirty rat! (Eva/Aidan/Alya) / Latest news: Jane Danson wants Nick and Leanne to stay together while Georgia Taylor admits to agonising about returning as Toyah
Same issueMonday billings page: On this dayAlf Roberts died in 1999 just six weeks before the actor who played him, Bryan Mosley did the same


Issue dated Title Content
7th January to 13th JanuarySoapsPeter under pressure / Caught on camera / A tragic loss / Latest news: Charlie Condou is to appear in The Crucible and Connor McIntyre is looking forward to the storyline of Eileen and Phelan's wedding - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
14th January to 20th JanuaryShe's in love!Q&A interview with Sue Cleaver on the Eileen/Phelan storyline and wedding in which she admits to calling Connor McIntyre "my Connykins"!
Same issueSoapsRaging with grief (Steve/Nick) / Nathan grooms Bethany / Curtains for Phelan? / Latest news: Kevin Kennedy would like to return to the programme and Sally Lindsay hasn't ruled out a comeback either
21st January to 27th JanuaryMy TV Times WeekEditor Colin Tough chooses Coronation Street as a highlight for Michelle's storyline
Same issueSeven rising stars for 2017Harry Visinoni is highighted as someone to watch
Same issueThe story I had to tellKym Marsh tells of her own baby tragedy in 2009 and how it impacts on the recent storyline of Michelle's stillbirth.
Same issueSoapsBarlow versus Tilsley / Caught on camera (Adam/Johnny/Aidan) / A woman on the edge (Michelle) / Latest news: Catherine Tyldlsey would love Will Smith to join the programme while Sue Cleaver would like a painting from talented artist Connor McIntyre
Same issueWednesday highlights pageJack P. Shepherd is nominated for one of the National Television Awards
Same issueThursday billings pageHayley Patterson first appeared in this day in 1998
Same issueMagic moments: Valerie Barlow dies!A look back to the events of Episode 1047 (27th January 1971) together with Anne Reid's acting life after leaving the programme.
28th January to 3rd FebruaryCover
2017 28 Jan to 3 Feb
Same issueCover storyPreview of the story behind the week's cover
Same issueMy shock returnGeorgia Taylor on why she decided to return to the programme
Same issue20 years of ToyahA look back at the character's storylines
Same issueSoapsKev's gold rush! / Where there's a will (Ken) / Toyah's baby dilemma / Latest news: Katy Cavanagh is in a play in Bolton and Ben Price on how much he likes working with Chris Gascoyne
Same issueFriday billings page: On this dayEpisode 17 (3rd February 1961) was the last live episode of the programme shown until December 2000
4th February to 10th FebruaryMy TV Times WeekEditor Colin Tough chooses Coronation Street as a highlight for the return of Rosie Webster
Same issueGrowing up with RosieInterview with Helen Flanagan on her return to the programme - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issueA whole lot of Rosie...A look back at the character's time on the programme since Helen Flanagan took over the role in 2000
Same issueSoapsRosie returns! / Ask me a question... (Nick/Leanne) / Cheating on Chesney / Latest news: Suranne Jones has been cast in new programme Gone and Kerry Bennett is joining Coronation Street
Same issueMagic moments: Corrie 's Minnie and her purrfect co-starA look back to 1974 and Margot Bryant's revelation that Bobbie the cat had been replaced since the original moggy had died
11th February to 17th February90 years young!A tribute to June Brown looks back over her career including her part as Mrs Parsons in Coronation Street
Same issueSoapsFool for love (Adam/Rosie) / Seal of disapproval (Ken/Daniel) / Bethany in danger / Latest news: Ben Price has quit and Katie McGlynn states her fashion sense is nothing like Sinead's
18th February to 24th FebruarySoapsStay away from Nathan! / Boy and pain / Latest news: Brooke Vincent on her recent stage role and Christopher Harper isn't worried about a negative reaction to his character
Same issueTV Times classic coverThe issue from February 1974 with Barbara Mullaney (now Knox) and Peter Adamson is featured
25th February to 3rd MarchSoapsGuess who's coming to dinner? (Sarah/Bethany) / We shall not be moved / Mum's the word! (Sinead/Daniel) / Latest news: Helen Flanigan has extended her contract to a full yaer and Lucy Fallon found her recent kissing scenes nerve-wracking
Same issueMonday billings page: TV Times talks to Georgia TaylorThe actress on her first day filming after her return
4th March to 10th MarchCover
2017 4 to 10 March
Same issueCover storyPreview of the story behind the week's cover
Same issueSpring Soap PreviewA quarterly review of the upcoming storylines includes: Michelle versus Steve / Barlow in turmoil / Maria's back! / Bethany in danger / Also this spring... Faye / Gail & Shona / Todd & Phelan
Same issueSoapsA man with a plan (Peter)/ Women at war (Sally's protest) /Adam on the ropes / Latest news: Sally Dynevor still gets surprised by her storylines and Helen Flanagan on her weight control success
11th March to 17th March7 things TV has taught meSherrie Hewson looks back at her career including the scene from Episode 3535 (30th April 1993) when Ken Morley as Reg Holdsworth stripped naked for the scene in which his waterbed leaks
Same issueSoapsDinner with the devil / Deal or no deal? (Johnny/Maria) / Sinister seduction (Michelle/Nick) / Latest news: Julie Hesmondhalgh approves of the storyline splitting up Roy and Cathy while Brooke Vincent doesn't want the character of Sophie defined by her sexuality
18th March to 24th MarchSoapsDump Daniel! / Family planning (Nick/Leanne/Steve) / He's been framed! (Peter/Chloe Tipton) / Latest news: Simon Gregson thinks Steve could become a stalker of Leanne and Nick while Michelle Collins believes being labelled a soap star is a stigma
25th March to 31st MarchWomen at WarA feature on an Emmerdale storyline also looks at other troubled relationships in soaps between mothers and daughters and uses Fiz and Cilla as one of the three examples
Same issueSoapsMy cancer's back... / Phelan flips! / Back off, Dad! (Ken/Peter) / Latest news: The return of Gina Seddon and Kym Marsh's latest contract to stay on the show
Same issueMagic moments: Deirdre jailed!A look back to the 1998 storyline plus three other personal trials that the character faced in her time on the programme
1st April to 7th AprilCover
2017 1 to 7 April
Same issueCover storyThe background to the week's leading article
Same issueWho pushed Ken?William Roache is interviewed about the storyline along with a guide to the suspects (Phelan, Peter, Tracy, Adam, Sinead & Adam) and a "danger rating assigned to each one - Phelan is highest with 5 with Peter lowest at 2.
Same issueSoapsYou liar! (Bethany/Mel Maguire/Nathan) / A friend in need... (Kevin/Erica) / Peter the destroyer / Latest news: Derek Griffiths is to quit and Adam Rickitt is to appear in Hollyoaks
8th April to 14th AprilMy TV Times WeekEditor Colin Tough chooses Coronation Street as a highlight for Michelle and Robert's storyline
Same issueThank you, Winston ChurchillAn interview with Tristan Gemmill who talks about his career and how he was drawn to acting by a chance part as a schoolboy in Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years in 1981.
Same issueTristan's progressA look back at the actor's television career including his appearance as Will Griffiths in 2000.
Same issueSoapsYou're nicked, Barlow! / Saving Sally / Robert or Steve? / Latest news: Julie Hesmondhalgh has won 'Best Actress' in the Manchester Theatre Awards and Lee Boardman is to appear in Bancroft alongside Linus Roache
15th April to 24th AprilPaddy's dream loversIn an interview with Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness, he chooses several iconic television couples and rates Stan and Hilda Ogden as his all-time favourite on Coronation Street.
Same issueSoapsShona's secret revealed! / Nathan gets nastier / Adam arrested! / Latest news: The return of Denise Osbourne and Jude Appleton as well as the debut of Phelan's daughter, Nicola / Christopher Harper running the London Marathon in aid of the NSPCC
Same issueMonday billings page: On this dayDeirdre Barlow released from prison in 1998
TV Times Coverage

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