Talisa Grady was a young voluntary worker, originally from Carlisle, who Dev Alahan met in India when he was in the country visiting relatives. Dev was quite taken with her, and helped her to escape a marriage she wanted out of. Back home though, he was unable to be honest with either his feelings or Julie Carp who confidently expected a proposal of marriage when he returned.

Talisa turned up unexpectedly on the doorstep of 7 Coronation Street and was invited to stay. Friendly and outgoing, though somewhat bohemian in her tastes, she puzzled Julie who was unable to work out if this young woman was a threat to her or not. She had learned yoga in India (from a man who came from Birmingham) and taught it herself. Julie found a place for her to teach, far away enough in Macclesfield but her plan backfired on her when it gave Dev the idea of getting Talisa a similar placement at V Court Fitness which he part-owned.

Someone who disapproved of Talisa was Mary Taylor who felt that Dev was being unfair to Julie and lectured him on the matter. Talisa was settling herself into the community when Julie's ex, Brian Packham, noticed the growing intimacy between her and Dev and alerted Julie, as he wanted to resume his own relationship with the latter. In no time at all, Julie overheard Dev making a declaration of love to Talisa. She confronted the pair over the dinner table that evening when Talisa dropped a bombshell that even Dev didn't know about - the reason her marriage had broken up was due to her coming out as gay. Julie thought that Dev's shock was hilarious, sent Talisa on her way and finished with Dev herself.

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