First appearance 28th May 2007
Last appearance 1st June 2007
Number of appearances 3
Played by Will Norris

When Violet Wilson served Tam in the Rovers one evening in May 2007 she immediately took a shine to him. While she was busy serving other customers, Tam asked barman Sean Tully whether Violet had a boyfriend. Sean was somewhat unreceptive and sensing he'd touched a nerve, Tam and his friend left the pub.

He returned the following lunchtime to find Violet working again and asked if she would join him for a drink. Violet told him that she didn't in fact have a boyfriend and the pair arranged to meet later that evening for a meal. They ended up back at Tam's flat and the pair sat and spoke openly about relationships. Tam admitted he'd done his time with the lads and was ready to think about settling down with the right person. Giving the signals that she was as keen to become intimate, Violet suddenly had a change of heart and told him that they shouldn't take things so quickly. After telling Tam that it wasn't his fault, Violet abruptly left.

List of appearancesEdit


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