Taxi Driver 1054
Taxi Driver
First appearance 22nd February 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by Cyril Varley

The Taxi Driver was an unnamed character who drove Annie Walker to the Brookside Motel which Annie was due to open in her (much sought for) capacity of representing the Licenced Victualler's Association. At one point in their journey on a dual carriageway, the mayoral Rolls Royce, driven by Billy Walker on a joy ride and containing Irma Barlow, Elsie Howard and Alan Howard, was side by side with the taxi with the occupants laughing and waving at Annie but she failed to notice them.

Although the episode in which the character appeared was videotaped in colour, the location sequences were shot on black and white film as a carry-over from the ITV Colour Strike which had ended a couple of weeks before. As the character was only seen on location, all of his scenes were therefore in monochrome.

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