Taxi driver 3192
Taxi driver
Occupation Taxi driver
First appearance 25th February 1991
Number of appearances 1
Played by Joseph Ley

The unnamed Taxi Driver operated a black cab which picked up Reg Holdsworth and his wife Veronica from Manchester Airport when Veronica flew in unexpectedly from New Zealand in February 1991. Reg instructed the driver to take them to Hillside Road but Veronica told him instead to go to Coronation Street so she could confront Reg's "mistress" Rita Fairclough. The driver dropped them off next to The Kabin, ignoring Reg's instructions to drive on. He was eager to be rid of the argumentative couple, commenting to Reg that he ought to add an extra £5 onto the £9.50 fare for the damage to his ear drums.

The driver appeared in Episode 3192 only. His cab was seen at the end of the previous episode, picking up Reg and Veronica at the airport, but the driver remained off-camera and non-speaking.

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