Taxi Driver (Episode 7173)
Taxi Driver
Occupation Taxi driver
First appearance 28th September 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andy McHugh

The unnamed Taxi Driver was dispatched to Highfield Prison to pick up Fiz Brown in September 2009.

Knowing that she couldn't go ahead with marrying inmate John Stape without the blessing of her brother Chesney, Fiz clambered into the car in her wedding dress and asked to be taken to Coronation Street, Weatherfield.

Realising that his joke about taking her to Gretna Green was in bad taste, the driver had just pulled away from the main gates when Fiz spotted Roy and Hayley Cropper's distinctive Morris Minor heading towards them and told the driver to stop the car. The Croppers had brought Chesney with them, initially believing that they'd missed the wedding.

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