Tea house peel street

1970: Ena, Minnie, Handel Gartside and George Mulliner dine

The Tea House was a small eatery situated in Peel Street. Handel Gartside took Minnie Caldwell there on two occasions in July and August 1970 when they were getting re-acquainted following Handel's return to England after 33 years living in Quebec. Minnie passed up her usual Wednesday trip to the market to go out with Handel, and was embarrassed when she was spotted there by her market friends Miss Merryfield and Mrs Toft, afraid that they would tell Ena Sharples about her male companion.

A few days later, Handel and Minnie paid a second visit to the Tea House, this time accompanied by Ena and Handel's friend George Mulliner. Ena had agreed to go along with the expectation that Handel was paying the bill. Although ostensibly a double date, Ena was unimpressed with George's talk of meteorology and, to her own surprise, ended up chatting away to Handel about fine singing voices, leaving Minnie feeling left out.

The Tea House was seen in Episode 993 (29th July 1970) and Episode 994 (3rd August 1970).

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