Teacher 8282
First appearance 20th December 2013
Last appearance 22nd December 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Nevean Riley Mohamed

The unnamed Teacher led the Christmas nativity concert at Bessie Street School which both Simon Barlow and Max Turner took part in. The Platts were in one of their family crises at the time with David and Kylie's marriage in free-fall following her discovery that he had been responsible for a vendetta against his half-brother Nick Tilsley earlier in the year and most of the family not talking to David for the same reason. Kylie had been depressed and drinking and turned up at the school intoxicated.

The concert started late due to nerves on the part of some of the children and things got worse as Kylie got loud and obnoxious. The teacher had to step in and ask her to be quiet but as she got more and more out of control, she finally had to ask Kylie to leave. She took umbrage and decided that if she had to go, so did her son and she dragged Max off the stage in mid-song. The teacher watched askance as the entire family left the hall, arguing all the way.

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