Ted, along with his colleague Kathleen were mourners at the funeral of Charlotte Hoyle. They quickly recognised John Stape who, unbeknown to all, had earlier in the year stolen the identity of emigrating teaching colleague Colin Fishwick and was thus able to re-enter the profession from which he was banned due to his criminal record. Charlotte, who knew both men, found out about the deception and loved the “living dangerously” aspect that it brought to their lives. Tragedy struck though when the real Colin returned from Canada and found out what was going on. In a heated argument, he collapsed and died, and was buried by John and Charlotte under building works beneath Underworld. Charlotte, in love with John, started to pester and stalk him and he had no option but to try and carry her along.

Charlotte though started to insist that John leave his wife Fiz and attacked him with a hammer inside No.5. He defended himself and struck her down with the same instrument in a panic when she tried to leave and tell Fiz what was going on. He left her body by the rubble at the site of the tram crash which had occurred the same night, thinking she was dead and was stunned to hear that the rescuers had found that she was alive. The staff at Weatherfield General diagnosed severe brain damage and her life support machine was switched off. Charlotte had introduced John to her parents Alan and Dorothy as "Colin", her fiancé, and he was forced to sit on the front pew at the funeral service as he was “almost family”. When Ted and Kathleen recognised him, he managed to get away from the Hoyles and speak to them in his own persona. Outside the crematorium though, they heard Alan addressing John by the name of "Colin" and he hurriedly explained that Alan was "gaga" and called his own wife "Bernard".