Ted Teddington was a thuggish man who was employed by Tyrone Dobbs to play the incongruous part of an elf when he and the neighbours turned Coronation Street into Lapland for a cancer-stricken Hope Stape at Christmas 2015. Tyrone was already heavily in debt when he organised the festivities, desperate to make the little girl happy for what could have been her final few months. Consequently his cheque to Ted bounced and the man turned up at Webster's Autocentre demanding payment. At first Tyrone didn't recognise him which Ted sarcastically said was understandable as he wasn't wearing a pointy hat but once put right he was given a demand for cash within two days or he would be sued. Tyrone wondered aloud what kind of elf would say such a thing.

When Tyrone failed to pay, Ted turned up unannounced at 9 Coronation Street with a demand for his money once more, revealing to a shocked Fiz Stape that he was owed £1,500 for his services on Christmas Day. With the promise that she would go to the bank later in the day and write Ted a cheque, Kirk and Beth Sutherland ordered Ted out of the house. Under the impression that Tyrone had organised the whole Lapland festivities by calling in favours from mates, she then learned that their bank account was £4,000 in the red before Tyrone finally admitted exactly how much debt he was in.

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