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Television man
Television Man
Occupation Television Repairman
First appearance 27th January 1961
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jack Woolgar

When Elsie Tanner was expecting a visit from a Television Man to return her fixed set and had to go out, she left the key to 11 Coronation Street with Florrie Lindley. She also left a note with daughter Linda Cheveski to tell her and when, in turn, she and husband Ivan also had to go out, Linda pinned the notice to the front door. A passing Thief saw this and presented himself to Florrie as the television man to get at the key. He quickly entered No. 11, ransacked the house and left with £6 that he found in a mantlepiece jar which Elsie was saving to buy herself a new coat. When the proper TV Man, smartly attired in a white coat rather than the thief's scarf and cap, bought the set back to No.11, he had no idea of the problem his expected arrival had caused. A short time later, when the residents of the Street were evacuated to the Mission of Glad Tidings when a gas main exploded, Elsie made sure she took the precious television set with her.

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