In December 2012, Tyrone Dobbs did what he thought he was a favour for Fiz Stape by fixing her boiler but his amateurish efforts resulted in her being hospitalised by carbon monoxide poisoning. Tommy Duckworth took the blame for the job to avoid Tyrone’s fiancée Kirsty Soames finding out that he was seeing Fiz and Chesney Brown, not knowing of this deception, and furious at his sister’s condition, reported Tommy to the Health and Safety Executive.

Tommy was subsequently visited by two inspectors from H&S: Trevor Seymour and his note-taking colleague Terry Barrett. They interviewed him about the task he undertook which placed Tommy in a difficult position as he hadn’t been the one to carry out the task and it had been made quite clear to him by all and sundry that there was a possible criminal charge hanging over him.

When Tommy stated that the fear of what he might have done to a friend was greater than a threat of imprisonment, the inspectors let him off with a warning.

Terry was a non-speaking role and therefore not credited