Terry goodwin
Terry Goodwin
Spouse(s) Suzie Birchall
First appearance 25th April 1983
Last appearance 4th May 1983
Number of appearances 4
Played by Terence Hillyer

Terry Goodwin married Suzie Birchall while she was in London between 1979 and 1983. Suzie left Terry after only three months of marriage when he beat her and blamed his temper on him having just lost his job. Terry desperately wanted to get back with Suzie, pursuing her to the point of obsession. When he got Suzie's address in Weatherfield from her flatmate, he went up to get her back. He was met by a resolute Suzie and her protective friends, but Suzie's landlady Elsie Tanner didn't believe that Terry had attacked her and left them alone to sort out their differences. In "persuading" Suzie to return to him, Terry hit her and bruised her face, but she still refused to leave Weatherfield.

A few days later, Terry broke into No.11 while Suzie and Elsie were out and lay in wait. On seeing Suzie this time, he was more aggressive, disconnecting the phone so she couldn't get help and threatening to drive into a wall if she didn't return to him. Suzie didn't know what to do but then Elsie made a timely return home and stood up to Terry, laughing off his threat of suicide. When Terry tried to grab Suzie, Elsie separated them and let Suzie run off to get help. Suzie returned with Alf Roberts and Eddie Yeats but a defeated Terry agreed to leave quietly, persuaded by Suzie's show of force that she wasn't playing hard to get. He then surprised her by admitting that he didn't have his car with him and he was bluffing by threatening to kill himself. They agreed on a divorce and parted ways for good.

Terence Hillyer also played the more regular part of Sean Skinner from 1994 to 1997.

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