Terry slade
Terry Slade
Occupation Strip club manager
First appearance 23rd April 1973
Last appearance 25th April 1973
Number of appearances 2
Played by Paul Freeman

Terence "Terry" Slade was the manager of a strip club in Featherstone Road who hired Ernest Bishop to photograph his girls for some publicity pictures for a stage show in 1973. Ernie turned the job down as he considered strip clubs offensive to women, and so Emily, who was feeling pushed out of the business by Ernie and assistant Rita Littlewood, took on the assignment behind Ernie's back.

Though disapproving of the profession herself, Emily completed the assignment professionally, albeit nervously. Terry supervised the session and chatted away to Emily, approving of the fact that she had taken on the assignment rather than her husband due to women seeing beauty better than men. Terry let Emily direct the strippers, his instructions only going as far as having well lit photos. He also tried to bounce ideas off an increasingly jittery Emily, including using balloons instead of ostrich feathers - a notion he had to dismiss as he had neither the balloons nor the puff to blow any up. While they waited for Vicki to arrive on stage, Terry tried to find out more about Emily, asking her if she had been in the stripper game herself and whether she was doing a foreigner behind Ernie's back, receiving two emphatic "no"'s from an embarrassed Emily. Only when Terry revealed that he had been "relentlessly" crossed in love - revealing a vulnerable side to him - did Emily begin to relax.

Terry knew Rita from her club singing days was described by her as being loaded.

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