The big hotel
Pardon the Expression
Episode number 19
Episode The Big Hotel
ITV broadcast date 21st February 1966 (Monday)
Writer John Finch
Director Michael Cox
Designer Michael Grimes
Previous episode The Home Help
Next episode The Gaolbirds


Leonard Swindley and Wally Hunt are in London for the purpose of exhibiting Dobson and Hawkes dressware at a trade fair at Olympia. Mr Hunt has told his beloved wife that such visits are hard work and far too strenuous for her, meaning that he intends to enjoy himself in the capital. He orders Swindley to obtain two models for the clothes - by which he means plastic dummies - but Swindley assumes he means catwalk models and the willing porter of the hotel, used to helping with such requests, gives him the telephone number of a callgirl agency in Mayfair. Two girls, Dawn and Samantha, are sent along to Swindley and Hunt's hotel rooms. Things look bad but get even worse when Mrs Hunt turns up, concerned for the stress that her husband will be suffering over the trade fair. Hunt passes off the girls are Swindley's affair and the little man, somewhat out of pocket, is beleaguered by the girls for their fees...


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


Commercial releasesEdit

This episode was included in Network DVD collection Pardon the Expression - The Complete Second Series, released on 24th August, 2009.

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