The Co-op Reception Rooms were the setting for the wedding reception of two Coronation Street residents, 44 years apart. In 1925 Minnie Carlton and Armistead Caldwell had their reception there and the venue was also booked by Albert Tatlock and Alice Pickins for their wedding reception in September 1969. In the event, the latter wedding ceremony didn't take place as the car belonging to the Vicar, the Rev. Vernon Lingard, broke down between Eccleston and Weatherfield and another wedding was waiting to use St. Mary's Church.

Albert suggested to all concerned that they go to the Co-op for the reception and come back for the wedding service. There, the bride's son Douglas Pickins took a fancy to Emily Nugent but a mix-up occured when he asked Minnie Caldwell the name of the lady and was told Elsie Tanner, thinking that's who he meant. As the reception wore on, the vicar still couldn't be found so the cake was cut and telegrams were read from Fred Tatlock, David and Irma Barlow and Jerry Booth. Alice realised her marriage wasn't meant to be, even when the vicar turned up at the reception, apologised and offered another service on Monday morning. Albert refused as they’d agreed to part and Alice went on the honeymoon to Morecambe alone.