The ghost of batsworth castle walks again
Pardon the Expression
Episode number 28
Episode The Ghost of Batsworth Castle Walks Again
ITV broadcast date 2nd May 1966 (Monday)
Writer Charles Hart and Peter Bishop
Director Michael Cox
Designer Roy Stonehouse
Previous episode Rustle of Spring
Next episode The Sailor Home From The Sea


Dobson and Hawks' annual staff outing begins harmlessly as a day trip to a stately home, Batsworth Castle. But Leonard Swindley and Wally Hunt are mistaken for distant relatives of the Duchess and invited to spend a weekend at the castle by a reluctant Duke, while they think that they have won a prize as a result of their “lucky number” on their guide book being picked. The Duke plans to put into operation his usual plan for getting rid of unwanted guests – his nephew Reginald is phoned and asked to pose as the ghost of Sir Percy Batsworth who was racked and thrown into the moat (still attached to the rack) in 1603 and it is said that on certain nights he emerges from the moat and walks into the east wing of the castle. That night, as the wind howls and the Owls hoot, the Duke’s plan seems to be going well: Wally Hunt is scared witless by the apparition of the man in Elizabethan dress while Swindley just keeps missing sight of the spectre. However he does overhear the Duke and the Butler, Crumbling, chuckling over the success of their plan. Telling Hunt what he has discovered, the two men laugh and scoff…until Hunt puts his hand straight through the "ghost" and a trembling Crumbling, suitcase in hand, tells them that Reginald has phoned to say that he cannot make the appointment – the ghost is real! The three men run out of the castle as fast as they can while the Duke tries to entice the spectre to make appearances to order to up the visitor numbers.


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This episode was included in Network DVD collection Pardon the Expression - The Complete Second Series, released on 24th August, 2009.