The host with the most
Pardon the Expression
Episode number 21
Episode The Host with the Most (aka "Night to Remember")
ITV broadcast date 7th March 1966 (Monday)
Writer Harry Driver and Vince Powell
Director Michael Cox
Designer Peter Caldwell
Previous episode The Gaolbirds
Next episode Whose Baby Are You?


Wally Hunt's house is being decorated, his wife is staying with her mother (a combination which Hunt finds unbearable) and Miss Foster, his secretary, finds that the hotels are fully booked. Leonard Swindley jumps to the conclusion that Hunt has been thrown out by his wife and, as a sort of apology to his boss, offers to put him up for the night. Hunt reluctantly accepts. Swindley's new flat is underneath the flight path to the airport which necessitates the wearing of earmuffs during the night however he tries to make his guest feel welcome with an elaborate meal of Steak Diane but the preparation goes wrong and the meat is burned to a crisp in an explosion of alcohol. Things then get worse when Swindley twice accidentally locks his boss onto the flat's communal balcony in the night and on both occasions Hunt has no recourse but to disturb Swindley's elderly neighbour Miss Pledge, who thinks most men are only after her for one thing. Hunt endures scars from these encounters when Miss Pledge tells Swindley that she has an intruder - the first time Swindley attacks him and the second time a thrust from Miss Pledge's mop sends Hunt over the balcony and onto some greenhouses below. At 4.00am, Hunt gives up and goes back to spend the night in his office at Dobson and Hawkes, only for the bed that Swindley makes up for him to collapse underneath him...


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Commercial releasesEdit

This episode was included in Network DVD collection Pardon the Expression - The Complete Second Series, released on 24th August, 2009.

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