From the blurb from the 1985 packaging:

Britain’s best-loved TV serial started life on December 9, 1960. Granada Video now invites you to celebrate CORONATION STREET’S Silver Jubilee with Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner, Annie Walker and many other known and loved residents of the street. Alice Hughes, born in CORONATION STREET in 1942, left for a new life in Australia. Now she returns for a fleeting visit with her daughter and joins Betty Turpin, Hilda Ogden, and Ken and Deirdre Barlow, in their reminiscences of The Jubilee Years.


Alice Hughes (née Taylor), a former resident of No 13 Coronation Street, establishes herself as having been a teenage flame of Ken Barlow's, before moving to Australia in 1960. As she reunites with Ken and meets Betty, Hilda, and later, Deirdre, they tell her about some of the happenings in the Street since her departure.

Storylines and moments shown in flashback include:

Alice Hughes also enquires about Ena Sharples. Ken Barlow tells her that Ena died "a couple of years ago", the first mention of the characters fate.


Regular Cast:

Guest Cast: