The Life and Loves of Elsie Tanner is a direct to video spin-off which was released in 1987. The video dealt with the assumed death of Elsie Tanner, following the real life passing of actress Patricia Phoenix on 17th September 1986.

Anne Cunningham reprised the role of Linda Cheveski, who had last appeared on Coronation Street in 1984. Two other cast members from Coronation Street Eileen Derbyshire and Johnny Briggs appeared as their characters Emily Bishop and Mike Baldwin respectively. Other cast members receive credit for archive footage featuring their characters.


A divorced Linda passes through Coronation Street and reminisces with Emily Bishop and Mike Baldwin about Elsie's colourful life.



  • The canon of the video special is in question. When Philip Lowrie returned to the role of Elsie's son Dennis Tanner in 2011, Dennis stated that Elsie Tanner, along with Bill Gregory had both died in a car crash sometime in the mid-2000s, whereas the video hinted Elsie died just recently. This also puts into question other things mentioned in the episode, such as Linda's divorce from Ivan Cheveski.

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