The sailor home from the sea
Pardon the Expression
Episode number 29
Episode The Sailor Home From The Sea
ITV broadcast date 9th May 1966 (Monday)
Writer Christopher Bond
Director Michael Cox
Designer Peter Caldwell
Previous episode The Ghost of Batsworth Castle Walks Again
Next episode How to Succeed in Business Without Really Frying


Leonard Swindley has never been allowed to forget that Leading Seaman Roger Bell once saved his life, albeit from the sinking of a vessel on the boating lake at Skegness, but he sets out to repay the debt by putting up with one of his visits every five years or so. Mr Swindley has just been installed in Dobson and Hawks' show-flat for the purpose of displaying their home furnishings when Bell decides to pay him the latest visit. With him comes trouble: Brigadier Hawk is on his way to inspect the flat when a voluptuous Mrs Joan Bell arrives to stay with her husband. Swindley worries when a second, older Mrs Shirley Bell turns up - with the Brigadier due any minute. Mr Hunt is made aware of the problem and joins in Swindley's efforts to get the Brigadier out of the flat before the two women (who are happily flitting from bedrooms to kitchen to bathroom) actually catch sight of each other. Things get even more complicated though when a third Mrs Bell - the French Michele – arrives at the door. Mr Hunt manages to get the Brigadier away before any real harm is done and before Roger arrives back and realises that his bigamous game is up. He escapes using the flat balcony as Miss Sinclair arrives to be taken out for dinner by him and the three women all suddenly meet and realise that they have been duped.


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Commercial releasesEdit

This episode was included in Network DVD collection Pardon the Expression - The Complete Second Series, released on 24th August, 2009.

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