The victoria hotel and spa

2016: Tracy Barlow and Robert Preston in the hotel reception

The Victoria was a hotel and spa which was the venue for a wedding fayre in February 2016. Tracy Barlow, owner of Preston's Petals, ran a stall there with the help of Robert Preston. Also in attendance due to the former being a wedding planner, Michelle and Carla Connor were none too pleased to discover the company they had. As a late Valentine's Day surprise for Tracy, Robert secretly booked the wedding suite for the couple but when he went upstairs to prepare the room, and Carla too disappeared from the fayre (to fetch her painkillers), Tracy abandoned her stall to follow Carla. Tracy had recently learned that Robert and Carla had had a one-night stand during hers and Robert's brief separation and suspected they had organised a secret tryst in Carla's hotel room. Confronting Carla in her suite and seizing her medication and mobile phone, Tracy told her enemy that she knew about their fling but soon realised that their reasons for leaving the fayre were innocent.

Scenes set in The Victoria for Episode 8839 (15th February 2016) and Episode 8840 (15th February 2016) were recorded at the Midland Hotel in Peter Street, Manchester.