Thornton Street

Will Chatterton makes a call from Thornton Street

Thornton Street was a Weatherfield street which was the site of a major fire in June 2013.

The conflagration was started by a dropped cigarette and saw six houses gutted. Paul Kershaw was one of the firemen in attendance and his brave actions resulted in the saving of a young boy, Paddy Kinsey who was trapped in the upstairs of one of the houses. Paul, seeing a child’s bike out the back, thought there might be someone inside. He went in there and pulled Paddy out as his mother, Megan screamed in hysterics at the front. Just seconds after Paul emerged, the floor collapsed.

In August 2017, Will Chatterton dropped the car keys to Michelle Connor's vehicle down a grid in the street. He had obtained them the day before when he had doped her drink and trussed her up in the boot, leaving the car and the terrified lady herself in a garage overnight.

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