Tilly Eaves
Tilly Eaves
Occupation Charity worker
First appearance 21st November 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sadie Shimmin

Tilly Eaves was a bold, brashy acquaintance of Hayley Cropper whom she had shared a tent with in Mozambique whilst they were engaged on a charity project at an orphanage. The pair met up shortly after their arrival back to England as Tilly had accidentally taken a bag that belonged to Hayley and she came to Weatherfield to return it.

The pair sat in the Rovers reminiscing about their time in Africa and in particular, about Olaf their project leader - who Hayley had developed strong feelings for - and one of the reasons why she so desperately wanted to return. While the pair were chatting, Tilly received a text message from Olaf and a surprised Hayley took the opportunity to read his message when her friend popped outside to have a cigarette. Probing Tilly for answers, she made Hayley realise that Olaf was a womaniser and not the perfect man she had illusions of. As the two women clashed about principles and morals, Tilly told her to "wake up and smell her own sanctimony" and a devastated Hayley left the pub.

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