Tim Dowd

Tim Dowd started his career as part of the production teams on Supergran, Harry's Game and Robin of Sherwood working as first assistant director and unit manager. He moved to directing work in the late 1980s on series such as The Royal, Casualty, Runaway Bay, Boon, The Famous Five, Heartbeat, Emmerdale and The Royal today. He has been a director on Coronation Street since November 1994 with 183 episodes to his credit including two episodes co-directed with Ian Bevitt and one double episode co-credited with Pip Short.

Episodes directed by Tim DowdEdit


1994 (7 episodes)

1998 (16 episodes)

1999 (16 episodes)


2000 (12 episodes)

2001 (4 episodes)

2002 (9 episodes)

2003 (2 episodes)

2006 (10 episodes)

2007 (10 episodes)

2008 (14 episodes)

2009 (16 episodes)


2010 (15 episodes)

2013 (5 episodes)

2014 (10 episodes)

2015 (8 episodes)

2016 (16 episodes)

2017 (13 episodes)

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