Tim Nedwell
Tim Nedwell
Occupation Computer technician
First appearance 17th May 2012
Last appearance 18th May 2012
Number of appearances 2
Played by Simon Lawson

Tim Nedwell was a customer of Audrey's salon in May 2012. He arrived at the salon and asked Maria Connor if she could fit him in. Maria was having trouble with the computer but Tim, a computer technician was able to sort it out. In exchange, Maria gave him a free haircut, although Tim insisted on taking her out for a drink to say thanks. However, during their date at Nick's Bistro, Tim's ex-girlfriend Abi turned up and accused him of following her. It soon became clear to Maria that Abi was a dead ringer for her and she went home.

Simon Lawson also played an unnamed Punter just two months previously.

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