Tim Nicholson
Tim Nicholson
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 2nd May 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Terence Harvey

Tim Nicholson was the solicitor who attempted to clear up Richard Hillman's financial dealings after his death. Gail Hillman was hoping for some good news as neighbours such as the Duckworths and Emily Bishop had lost money but Tim, when he visited 8 Coronation Street only had bad news. Police investigations had shown a trail of fraud and malpractice all along the line. Although Gail was a joint director of Kellett Holdings, Richard's main company, there was no proof that she was a party to these mis-dealings and therefore wouldn't be held liable however Richard had set up joint accounts and taken out loans which included her name and she now had £40,000 worth of debts. In addition, he didn't actually own the flat development at The Ridings and, even if he did, the bank would have first call on them. In addition, Emily might lose her house (in the event, this didn't prove to be the case) and the Duckworths lost all sight of their £20,000 investment.

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