Tim Sullivan (born Germany 21st February 1958) worked as a director on Coronation Street with 17 episodes to his credit between November 1987 and May 1988.

He attended private school and Cambridge University, later hoping to get into film and television. It was while working as a chauffeur to Anthony Andrews on Brideshead Revisited that he met Derek Granger, the producer of that series and a previous producer of Coronation Street. He encouraged him to apply to Granada Television as a researcher. While there, he began scripting series ideas and became a director, also working on Busman's Holiday, Stop That Laughing at the Back and The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes.

He wrote and directed the 1995 movie Jack And Sarah, and his television work includes Thatcher: The Final Days and an episode of Cold Feet.

Episodes directed by Tim SullivanEdit

1987 (3 episodes)

1988 (14 episodes)

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