Tim Wade
First appearance 14th July 1971
Last appearance 28th July 1971
Number of appearances 3
Played by Ray Barron

Tim Wade was an old college friend of Ken Barlow and Dave Robbins. When Ken and Dave got back in touch with each other in July 1971 they reminisced about their old band, "The Seven City Stompers", and decided to get it going again. Dave contacted all of their old friends but aside from Tim, they were all "under the thumb" of their wives and too settled into mid-life respectability to take up their old instruments. Tim was the drummer with Ken on trumpet and Dave on guitar and this electic trio practiced in No. 3's back room. This caused complaints from Albert Tatlock and daughter Beattie Pearson in No. 1 although Minnie Caldwell in No. 5 had no objections and enjoyed sitting down to listen to a free concert. Beattie's patience snapped and she reported the noise to the police. PC Dancy investigated and found no criminal matter to be investigated but, after having a strum himself on Dave's guitar, told the trio to take it easy. Ken jokingly suggested they try for a concert in the Rovers but Tim said they played so badly the customers would drink more to anesthetise themselves. When they tried to go professional, pub managers criticised Ken's playing and he was dropped by mutual consent while Dave and Tim looked for a replacement.

List of appearancesEdit


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