Tina wagstaffe
Tina Wagstaffe
First appearance 31st March 1986
Last appearance 19th May 1986
Number of appearances 7
Played by Rosalind Bennett

Tina Wagstaffe was a young woman who called at the Builder's Yard in March 1986 to offer Curly Watts and Terry Duckworth a furniture removal job. Curly fell for her and asked her out to Peter and Susan Barlow's 21st birthday party, and was stunned when the attractive girl said yes. Not used to having a girl to treat, Curly pushed the boat out, getting a taxi to the party and back instead of taking the van. Curly's friends were amazed he'd got a pretty girl to go out with him, particularly Terry who tried (unsuccessfully) to chat her up.

Curly went out with Tina for a while but by October that year she had dumped him.

List of appearancesEdit


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