Tipsy Woman
Tipsy Woman
First appearance 29th November 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Meg Johnson

The unnamed Tipsy Woman was a guest at the opening night of the Capricorn Club in November 1972 along with her husband. Rita Littlewood was part of the cabaret that night and her repertoire included Big Spender during which she walked through the audience stroking the hair of the men suggestively as part of the act. The woman, as her name implies, had had more than a few drinks and she told Rita to get her hands off her husband. When Rita didn't react immediately, the woman repeated the instruction with, "you brass-faced bitch" added as a coda. A shocked Rita stopped singing and asked the woman what she had called her. When the insult was repeated, it earned her a slap across the face from Rita and a fight broke out. Enjoying the proceedings were Alf Roberts and Alderman Rogers, special VIP guests, who had been championing Alf's cause as the next Mayor of Weatherfield and they knew full well what the exhibition would do for the chances of Alf's rival and Rita's partner, Councillor Len Fairclough.

The part of the Tipsy Woman was an early role in the programme for Meg Johnson who would return in 1981 in the regular part of Eunice Gee.

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