Tom 2014
Occupation Builder
First appearance 3rd March 2014
Last appearance 5th March 2014
Number of appearances 2
Played by Luke Harris

Tom was a builder working on a mill conversion job for Pat Phelan. He took delivery of Phelan's car when it was returned from being serviced and later commented that it was strange that the man himself has not been on the site, not knowing that Gary Windass had viciously attacked the man a few days before after finding out that he had blackmailed his mother Anna into sleeping with him. Gary thought he had killed Phelan, who had subsequently disappeared, and therefore he was on edge when Tom made the comment and snapped his head off. Owen Armstrong, who knew all about the events, sent Gary away and made the excuse to Tom that the lad was tired.

The character's second appearance was non-speaking and therefore uncredited.

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