Tom 7803
Occupation Barman
First appearance 17th February 2012
Number of appearances 1
Played by Martin Beard

Tom ran a country pub which Gail McIntyre and Audrey Roberts called into when they got lost while doing a "powerwalk". He annoyed the two of them when he broke off serving them their order to take a mobile phone call. While they were waiting, they were surprised to bump into Lewis Archer who they had last encountered when he had absconded with £4,000 conned out of Barlow's Bookies. Lewis tried a pathetic attempt at convincing them that he was his own twin brother - Hugh - but it failed when the barman called him by his real name. Lewis asked the two ladies to take a seat while he paid for the drinks and he would then explain everything to them but he used to opportunity to slip out, Tom confirming that he had left the premises.

Credited as "Barman", the character's name was given in dialogue by Lewis Archer.

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