Tom Finlay
Tom Finlay
Occupation Youth football team manager
Spouse(s) A wife (divorced)
Children Jordan
First appearance 5th February 2016
Last appearance 12th February 2016
Number of appearances 5
Played by Daniel Casey

Tom Finlay was a man who flirted with Leanne Tilsley while dining in Nick's Bistro during February 2016, and although the pair exchanged telephone numbers, Leanne was reluctant to call him. Their next encounter was at a football match in which her stepson Simon Barlow was a participant. It was a complete surprise to Leanne that he was the team's manager, and Simon accused her of flirting with Tom. He became incensed when friend Kyle began making fun of him.

During the match, Kyle fell to the ground writhing in agony after being tackled by Simon and after it was established that he had in fact suffered a broken leg, he was taken to Weatherfield General. Simon was initially adamant that Kyle's injury was an accident, he later confessed to Zeedan Nazir that he hurt Kyle on purpose for badmouthing Leanne. After learning from Tom that Kyle's injury was so serious he may never play football again, Leanne made the decision to report him to the police and gave them a full statement listing the circumstances of all his recent violent outbursts, but after Simon had been released after questioning, Tom called round to their flat and explained that one of the boy's parents had recorded footage of the tackle, which proved that it was entirely accidental and Simon had, in fact, being telling the truth.

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