Tom Georgeson was born in Liverpool on 8th August 1937. He has built up an extensive range of film and television parts of which his four-episode appearances as press photographer Eddie Royle between October 1974 and March 1976 were one of his first television roles. He has also appeared in Doctor Who and also had a part in the final episode ever of the seminal police series Z Cars in 1978. He first came to widespread public attention for his role as Dixie Dean in the Play for Today: Blackstuff and its 1982 follow-up, award-winning series The Boys from the Blackstuff. From thereon in he has appeared in regular roles in many major series such as Juliet Bravo, G.B.H, Between the Lines, Liverpool 1 and Bleak House.

On the big screen he had a part in the highly successful 1988 film A Fish Called Wanda where his character's name of "Georges Thomason" was a play on words on his own name.

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