Tom hopwood
Tom Hopwood
Occupation Shopkeeper
Sibling(s) Elsie Hopwood
Bertha Hopwood
First appearance 15th December 1986
Last appearance 16th September 1987
Number of appearances 25
Played by Len Marten

Thomas "Tom" Hopwood was a shopkeeper and Sally Webster's uncle who formed a close friendship with Hilda Ogden in 1986 and 1987. He was introduced to Hilda when he visited Sally to give her £50 as a wedding present and, immediately drawn to Hilda, he took her to his allotment. He was later introduced to her bad side when hen asked her out to a Co-op dance and then told Doctor Lowther she'd be unavailable for work before she'd given him an answer. Hilda told Tom she didn't want him interfering in her life but he was quick to realise his error and apologise so they made up.

Tom was a semi-regular presence in Hilda's life in 1987, escorting her to a tea dance where Phyllis Pearce stole him as her dancing partner. Hilda acted out of jealousy by refusing to go dancing again but she realised she was being stupid and made up with Tom. A different matter entirely was an upcoming week in Rhyl for the Over 60s club for which Tom invited Hilda along - Hilda agreed as it was all above board but she was a woman of principle and only went along as she was convinced that Tom's intentions were honourable.

Later in the year, Tom decided to sell up and retire. He asked Hilda to come along with him to view a bungalow in Formby which he was thinking of buying. The real point of bringing her along was to show off the home he wanted them to live in together - as man and wife. When he saw that Hilda liked the bungalow, he came clean about his plan and proposed, adding that he was leaving Weatherfield with or without her. Hilda turned his proposal down - she'd never betray Stan - and decided to stay in Coronation Street for the time being.

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