Tom K
Tom Kerrigan
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 6th February 2008
Last appearance 24th April 2009
Duration 2008-2009
Number of appearances 69
Played by Philip McGinley

Tom Kerrigan is a member of the Connor family.

He was first seen on the Street in February 2008 for his cousin, Liam Connor's stag do, he returned to Coronation Street in June 2008 and in September of the same year, Sean Tully made a pass at him. Tom helped Liam and his sister-in-law Carla create a new T-shirt business, Lad Rags. Since Liam's death, he had been helping Liam's widow Maria as they both now owned Lad Rags. Maria tried to set Tom up with hairdresser Natasha Blakeman but failed as Natasha has a crush on Tony Gordon, and Natasha noticed Tom's crush on Maria.

Tony told Tom that Maria knew that he had a crush on her, and Tony warned Maria away from him. Tony later offered to buy Tom's share of Lad Rags. Tom agreed to this and gave Tony the share, much to Maria's disproval, but later was fond of the idea.

Before leaving Coronation Street, Tom had a fling with Kelly Crabtree as it was her birthday. He never returned since.

Background informationEdit

  • The character initially appeared for a short stint in February 2008 before returning on a permanent basis in June that year.
  • The character was axed and written out of the soap in 2009.

First and last linesEdit

"Ah... Uncle Baz, how'ya doin'? Aunty Helen." (First line)


"Come on, there's a ginnel outside wi' your name on it." (Final line, to Kelly Crabtree)

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