Tom meeker
Tom Meeker
Occupation Health inspector
First appearance 10th June 1974
Last appearance 17th June 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by Donald Gee

Tom Meeker was a public health inspector who responded to a complaint from Maggie Clegg at the Corner Shop that Stan Ogden was keeping a donkey next door at No.13. Meeker gave Stan 48 hours to remove the donkey Dolores, which was being kept there in violation of the public health act of 1936 section 93. Stan assured Meeker that the donkey would be gone shortly as a couple of friends of his were meant to collect it.

After the deadline had passed, Meeker returned to No.13 and found Dolores still in residence. Stan tried feigning ignorance of her presence there, but found himself threatened with a summons if he continued to contravene the act. Meeker's visit came at the worst possible moment, coinciding with Hilda's return from her working cruise holiday. Unfortunately for Stan, Hilda seeing the donkey and the health inspector was just the tip of the iceberg; while Meeker was giving him a telling off in the yard, a Policeman turned up to issue Stan with a summons for a drink-driving offence, and Michael Ryan's subsequent arrival to collect Dolores revealed to Hilda that Stan had had lodgers while she'd been away. As usual, after returning on cloud nine Hilda was brought crashing down to Earth with a thud.

Credited as "Inspector Tom Meeker".

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